Monday, July 15, 2024

One Million Cones … er … comments

It’s 4,509 days since Arseblog News launched and we’ve just hit 1,000,000 comments.

By our maths, that means you’ve been posting at a rate of one comment every six and a half minutes for nearly 12 and a half years.

Clearly, you’re a talkative bunch!

A big thank you to everyone for correcting our typos and pointing out the glaring errors; you’re the sub-editors we never hired. We will not go into detail about how many of these ‘glaring errors’ are just to keep you guys on your toes 😇.

We love writing for you and, by and large, you’re a very forgiving and supportive audience. That’s quite something given we’ve all lived the good, the bad and Bradford away together.

Public forums can be difficult beasts to wrestle – *does side eyes at Elon Musk* – but when your community buys into your ‘comment policy’ things are made much easier.

So again, thank you. We also know that some of you get frustrated with the moderation, but this is a consequence of cleaning up 10 years of Internet bollockery from people who have zero interest in discussion or debate, and are only trying to troll or wind other commenters up.

We do our best to release any comments held as quickly as possible, please don’t take it personally (unless you’re one of the aforementioned wankers), and it is for the good of everyone that we stay on top of this stuff.

We weighed up doing a “top 10 comments from down the years” round-up, but that seemed like an awful lot of hard work when the only one that came to mind was this…

We never did find out how much Ryo Miyaichi likes cones.

Anyway, as you were. And wherever Ryo is these days, we hope he’s got as many cones as his heart desires.

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The best supporter blog on the interwebs, thanks Blogs.

David C

You are the 1,000,001 commenter. You missed by 1, haha!


1,000,000+ 1
He has real Arsenal DNA

Johnny 4 Hats

700,000 are from me

Anders Limpar

You think you’ve managed a million down votes yet? 😛

Lord Bendnter

Hahhaa love that comment, feels like it was only yesterday!
Love the blog and community. Arseblog and AVP are my daily routine


Alien vs predator?


Ryo is 30yo and plays for Yokohama Marinos, by the way.


Good stuff!

Original Big Dave

Cone but never forgotten.


How many cones does he have in is collection now?


I heard he just signed a new cone tract

Death by 300,000 Passes


Skinny Ricki

Brilliant site. Reflects the best of the Arsenal family.


Ryo is a man who thinks from the shoulder.


In an unfunny world some of the stuff that goes on here just makes me laugh out loud 😂 Thanks Blogs and the team you da best !


Rambling Pete had some of the best comments.
Miss him.


PS> A Rambling Pete Retrospective might be in order.


Kow Chin Baz also pasted up some crackers.


Actually, Pete came back a couple of days ago!


Wow… I missed that.
Will look for it.


T’was lovely.


In which article did Rambling Pete reappear…?


How about a “By the numbers”?
E.G: Highest post count. Number of posts that are utterly irrelevant to the topic. Number of times the phrase; “John Terry is a cunt” has been used. Correlations between “Bendtner” and “Row Z”.
Etc, etc.


First site I read very morning. Love it. Brilliant work Mr M and your trusted and knowledgeable team. Here’s to the next 1,000,000

Teryima Adi

Arseblog is addictive in that good way. Keep up the great job.👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾💪🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾


Any chance to publish the 1st comment ever?


It was probably wenger out 🤣

Death by 300,000 Passes

I might very well be wrong here, but I think it should be this one:


Thank you, Andrew and the team. I cant tell you how much it means having a community like this while being an overseas supporter.


Congratulations Arseblog. A Fantastic achievement for the blog to be so successful and all the more remarkable considering your refusal to sell out to annoying advertisements. Bravo


Always fun going through all the comments especially when things are going right and we are winning games. Painful going through on the other occasions.
Rambling Pete wherever he is, then shouts out to fat gooner, I always enjoy scrolling down to his honest opinions.
Thanks to everyone over at arseblog and arseblog news and all gooners here who make it an enjoyable experience

Merlin’s Panini

That is still my favourite ever comment on Arseblog news.


Thanks to all the great posters on here, and to you Blogs for creating and maintaining!

djourou's nutmeg

while im not a fan of moderation, im sure a lot of time and good will was required to moderate a million comments, as to write all these articles and figuring out ways to keep the blog dynamic and interesting for readers. you’ve always promoted cool interactions and have reacted more than well to certain comments you necessarily didn’t have to. so thank you for that! as arsenal fans people here tend to comment on the subject of the article and not the article in itself, but i do like paying attention to that since it’s very easy to influence… Read more »


a round of thumbs up for everybody! and here’s for a million comments more!

A Different George

Just a small correction. When you said “glaring error,” didn’t you mean a “clear and obvious error? Check complete.


Don’t care how big aftv gets this will always be the OG


I do remember, I think the first goal Ryo scored, was very Henry-esque, as he cut in on his right foot and curled one into the far net……and then….nothing.


I think you’re thinking of Park Chu-Young, which was also the only goal he scored, and it was beautiful. As far as I can tell Ryo only ever scored a penalty in a pre-season friendly against Nagoya Grampus, having been given responsibility for taking it by Mikel Arteta – no idea what happened to him.


IIRC, was doing well out on loan (Wigan???). Some Neanderthal got pissed off with having rings run around him and decided to Do Something About It.
Ryo never got that blistering pace back after a long recovery process.

Merlin’s Panini

He did score a nice goal on loan at Bolton. Perhaps that’s the one you remember?


i prefer the flamini has the right to bare arms that comment


i miss the *boilk*s and mad tangent rambles of the boilk blog days!!! it was beautiful unique writing and combining it with arsenal content made my day every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Master Floda

12 years ago some of us still had hair on their heads instead of their backs and ears and the *boilk*s weren’t that bad. But John Terry was, and will always stay, a massive cunt.


That was my favorite comment of all time. Glad to see y’all honored it appropriately. Thanks for all the great work over the years!

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