Thursday, April 25, 2024

Arteta: Saka contract a matter of time

Mikel Arteta has hinted that Bukayo Saka is close to agreeing a new deal at Arsenal.

The England international is under contract at the Emirates until 2024 but the club are keen to tie him down for longer and to reward him with a pay rise to reflect his development over the last two years.

The Gunners also want to ward off attention from big-name rivals, a number of whom have been monitoring his situation in the hope of stealing him away.

Speaking after Saka scored to help Arsenal to a 2-0 pre-season friendly win over Everton, the boss was asked about negotiations with the winger’s camp.

He replied: “We will try and we both have the same intention and it’s a matter of time.”

On Friday, it was reported that Saka is “happy” at Arsenal and that salary details were being discussed.

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We really need him, once in a generation player!

We love him, he grew up with us, get it signed!

Johnny 4 Hats

I like that we’ve got this news out now.

Any potential signings need to know that he’s here for the long haul.

Nice work Mikel!

Chipper 49

That’s excellent news to hear. Preferably not too much time though.


Several English media will. Be fuming after he signs. This is Gunner. Born and Bred. Everyone wants a piece of him. Sorry for them!


yeah a lot of them really are wankers aren’t they


They really are. The mirror and sky hate us.


They all hate us.

Why, I’ve no idea. After all the trophy scoops we’ve given them.

🏆White Hart Lane ‘71
🏆Wembley ‘71
🏆Wembley ‘79
🏆Wembley ‘87
🏆Anfield ‘89
🏆Highbury ‘91
🏆Copenhagen ‘94
🏆Highbury ‘98
🏆Wembley ‘98
🏆Cardiff ‘02
🏆Old Trafford ‘02
🏆Cardiff ‘03
🏆White Hart Lane ‘04
🏆Cardiff ‘05
🏆Wembley ‘14
🏆Wembley ‘15
🏆Wembley ‘17
🏆Wembley ‘20

Yet they hero worship those dust mites up the road. They’re almost as deluded as the Spuds themselves…..


You have a much higher opinion of them than I do! 😁


Yes, please.


Sign da ting!


His next deal (after this new one) should take him to the highest earner bracket at the club, wonder what this one will be?


I suspect he will be on 200k ish. So second highest in the squad behind Jesus. Sounds about right for his age. Next contract he would no doubt be highest earner if he continues his progress

A Different George

I think it’s a question of money / term. The longer he is willing to sign for, the higher the pay.


I wonder if our mate Berlingoon still thinks Arsenal should perhaps consider the possibility of ‘cashing in’ this summer.

Yep. You couldn’t write comedy like it if you tried.

Like a lot of silly season daft stuff on here, I would normally have let that one go, but as fruitcake posts go, that was exceedingly high on the nut content and definitely deserves a recollection.

Brady’s bunch

I’ve no doubt he will sign a new contract, the fear would be in a couple of years if we’re not challenging his head might understandably be turned

Teryima Adi

Just a matter of days, and we shall be winning lots of trophies. We have it in us.


Have some faith, brother.

If we sign Zinchenko, add Tielemans and eventually sort out someone decent to replace Cedric as Tommi’s back-up, that’s a squad to be reckoned with, in my book.

The media will still probably write us off, but then they always will, no matter what.

And anyway, what the fuck do they know, apart from producing tomorrow’s chip paper? What this club achieved under Wenger alone is more than the Spuds will ever achieve in the next 50-100 years, never mind 20.

Teryima Adi

Just give him a £150000 pound a week salary and a 5 year contract. End of story


I’d pop him on £200k a week for a five year deal.

This lad is our best player, we need to look after him. 😉👍

The Real Vieira Lynn

I would be very interested to know what Saka’s demands are, especially after we gifted Eddie 100K…I would suspect that he would want at least double that, if not more, depending on the term length…like I said before, we simply can’t allow him to remain unsigned come the end of the TW or this could become a disastrous situation




A symbol of climbing out from struggle to the rebirth of a squad.

He epitomises the performance, humility and positive mental traits that are becoming a trademark.

Mikel will forever have my respect


English media always like speculating unnecessary future transfer for young arsenal players forcing the player to feels they are important and this affect their performance for the club. Saka at this stage of his career should still be loyal to arsenal and no one should even consider or talk a transfer away from away about him yet. I noticed this only happen to AFC and not other clubs, they always want to create a saga for young players till they become unstable at the club… and I still don’t know why arsenal will always fall for this kind of scheme.

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