Friday, December 2, 2022

TV selections made for August/September

The broadcast schedule for Premier League games in August and September has been released this afternoon, impacting the following Arsenal games.

For those looking to book travel etc, these are the new dates.

Bournemouth v Arsenal

Date: Saturday August 20th, 17.30
Channel: Sky Sports

Arsenal v Fulham

Date: Saturday August 27th, 12.30
Channel: Sky Sports

Arsenal v Aston Villa

Date: Wednesday August 31st, 19.30
Channel: BT Sport

Man Utd v Arsenal

Date: Sunday September 4th, 16.30
Channel: Sky Sports

Arsenal v Everton

Date: Sunday September 11th, 14.00
Channel: Sky Sports

Brentford v Arsenal

Date: Sunday September 18th, 14.00
Channel: Sky Sports

Full details here.

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Looking forward… COYG


I think Fulham is 17.30, not 12.30…and I don’t think Everton is on Sky. It’s Sunday cos of Europa League, not TV


Are they not televising the Palace opener?

Alan Sunderland

The kickoff time was already set for that game, think the ones above the times have been changed for tv.


oh you better believe that one is set in stone- carragher and neville have rented eagle costumes


And they’ve learned the lyrics to Glad All Over


I think the Away Boys should start learning ‘Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life’ for our Away Victory Anthem. 😊


I hope we smash the shit out of Brentford just to see the salty faces of those two karaoke cunts.

Alan Sunderland

They were enjoying themselves no end that night. Hope we give Newcastle a couple of hidings this season as well, they were giving it plenty as well.


Yeah, Ant and Dec, the little scabs.

I remember the wife’s mother once calling them ‘the new Morecambe and Wise’ and whilst I managed to button my lip, I couldn’t help but shoot her a look that said “Mum, you come out with a lot of shit, but this time you really are having an absolute fucking laugh, aren’t you love?”


What is the point of BT except to annoy me?


To employ Michael Owen


whats that buzzing? oh just michael owen


The fucking weasel.

Merlin’s Panini

Ah the good old TV fixtures. Messing with the schedule for the Murdoch money.
Just saw the non-league fixtures too. I didn’t realise Oldham Athletic were non-league now. 30 years ago they were a Prem side. Goes to show we can’t take anything for granted.


I have this question for people in U.K. Do you guys have to subscribe to all providers separately to watch all games? Or do you get some all-in-one pack ?

Brady’s bunch



Sky sports, bt sport and amazon are all different subscriptions. No saturday 3 o’clock games are televised


Ohh.. that sucks! I think other country viewers get far better options then. For instance, PL games are available in a streaming platform in India, the platform cost is like 15USD per year (not sure whether they show all games in a season though. i think they do) I live in Singapore, and here I get all games for around 17 USD per month.


I live in both the UK and the US and it is frustrating as a viewer in the UK. In the US, across the various streaming platforms and network/cable stations, I think it’s safe to say that you can see any match at any time. And with no Match of the Day available in the US, you can sort of do your own by watching highlights on YouTube on the Premier League channel


The abundance of choice in the States is incredible. Mind you, that pretty much goes for everything over there. I love the States. 👍😊🇺🇸


Yup, it’s all about choice and convenience. NYC is the crown jewel of that; there’s always someplace you can get whatever you want whenever you want it. That’s the major reason I gain a stone when I go to the States but fortunately I lose it again when I return to the UK.


I live in Nigeria.

For $20 per month, you get UCL, EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, etc.


Bundasliga? On supersport? Nope.


Not so long ago, it all used to be on Sky.
Then somebody thought there needed to be “competition” rather than a “monopoly”.
Whoever that was, fuck you and the horse you rode in on.
Oh. And the “fuck you” bit? That’s with a fucking cactus you piece of shit.


We get fucking ripped off, mugged off and tucked up like a nation of absolute turkeys. And yet we all still go back for more each season, because there is no alternative – unless you can find a stream, that, nine times out of ten, probably isn’t legal. Compared to the States, the UK Sports coverage has always been – and I suspect always will be – an absolute joke. Your average Englishman, Irishman, Welsh and Scot are just as passionate about football as your average American is about baseball and American football – yet our televised consumption of the… Read more »


See how we go, but if the media at the moment is anything to go by, I think it’ll be more mute button Chez Qwaliteee when watching us on the box again this season.

I thoroughly recommend it, especially if, like me, you start losing the will to live having to listen to the relentlessly blatant anti-Arsenal bias coming out of the traps of those usual suspect brain dead Northern knob-rots.


I’m trying to date the photo at the top of this article. Can anyone help me?


Pre season, 1938/39. George Allison’s current League Champions of 1937/38, Arsenal’s fifth title in eight years.

Some of the players are; George Male (balding guy looking down) a smiling Ted Drake and the tall Herbie Roberts on the right. The short guy just between them is Wilf Copping (one hard little sod by all accounts) and the guy looking directly through the camera lense is Alf Kirchen.

El Mintero

What was it like on the terraces back then Qwally, did you go every week before you went off to fight gerry? 😂


I suppose the fact that there may well actually be elderly Arsenal fans who can remember Arsenal in the 30’s and 40’s, reading your somewhat flippant remarks about a generation that saved Europe from Nazi tyranny, is beyond you.

And anyway, shouldn’t you be busy slagging off our new signing from Manchester City before he’s even kicked a ball?

Or are yet concocting even more ways to put your foot on your mouth?




Apparently BBC’s first football broadcast (Arsenal vs Arsenal Reserves)


Thanks for this. Great article.

I stand corrected – the photo was indeed taken late ‘37 and not ‘38. They were Champions Elect.

Oh well, only one year out! 😂👍

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