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Adidas extend Arsenal deal until 2030

Arsenal have confirmed that Adidas will continue to supply the club’s kits until 2030; a six-year extension on the current agreement which was due to run until the end of the 2023/24 season.

The news will no doubt be welcomed by supporters who’ve been impressed by the quality of the designs for each season’s trio of kits in recent years, not to mention all the associated training and leisure wear ranges.

We’ve yet to get details on the financials but we can assume that there’s a nice bump in the amount of money that Arsenal will receive. The current agreement sees us earn around £60 million per year which, at the time of signing in 2018, was the third highest kit deal in history.

“We’re delighted to agree a new partnership with adidas until 2030,” said Arsenal’s chief commercial officer Juliet Slot. 

“The long-term nature of our extension means there’s a real commitment to build on this brilliant collaboration, with a strong focus on growing women’s football and developing our sustainability strategy.

“Since we’ve been reunited, we’ve driven initiatives and investment in our local communities, and developed exciting and bold product ranges for our players and supporters alike. We’re proud of the progress we’ve made together and we’re excited to take our partnership forward.”

Kasper Rorsted, chief executive officer at adidas, added: “The work we have done with Arsenal has broken new ground in football partnerships and both on and off the pitch Arsenal continues to be at the forefront of the sport. We’re truly excited to continue to support both the men’s and women’s teams, delivering the very best for the athlete.

“We believe in helping the local community in London, investing in the causes and issues that matter most to them, and through exciting products and authentic storytelling, we’re looking forward to celebrating the rich and diverse Arsenal fanbase globally in the years ahead.”

On a related note, it was revealed last night that this season’s black away kit has, for the first time in the club’s history, been more in demand than the new home strip.

Arsenal’s shirt sponsorship deal with Emirates Airline is also coming to a close at the end of the 2023/24 season and we wouldn’t be surprised if that relationship is also continued.

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Johnny 4 Hats

I get the stability you get from a long term deal, but it often seems like by the time these sorts of gargantuan deals end, the money is laughable due to inflation and the stock of football rising.

But yeah, sweet. So much better than Puma!

Brady’s bunch

The kits have been fantastic the last couple of years and I’m delighted to see more Arsenal kits at my son’s training meetings which is a sign of the progress we’re making as there was a time where they were noticeably absent from the youngsters.


Been a bit hit and miss I think. All of last years kits were bang average. Not a fan of the home or third jersey this year. 2020 had a few decent ones. 2019 was poor. Pretty disappointed with Adidas’ efforts so far gotta say. But that’s just me!


I can’t get a size L for love nor money


You offered love?!?!


Hopefully there is extra money to pay for Saka’s and Saliba’s pay rises. I didn’t realise it was £60 a season, that’s more than I expected. And my son bought the black away strip, looks great!

Boy Bastin

There’s probably quite a big performance-related element built into that sum though. Any sponsor is unlikely to pay out the same amount regardless of how the team in question did in the league, cup wins, European qualification etc. If so, it’s unlikely that we’ll have received the full amount every year since the deal was agreed.


They make classy kits and the deal should ensure we have sufficient financial levers to exploit if needed, innit.


Could we please drop the “Visit Rwanda” logos though?

Left Testicle

Why shouldn’t anyone visit Rwanda?


It’s not the people or the country, Rwanda is a beautiful country with amazing hospitality. It’s the regime linked to genocide and the aggressive theft of assets that continues in DRC. That’s before you start considering how that deal was sanctioned and the morality of paying millions to a western football club when the country has high levels of poverty and poorly funded infrastructure.


Well said!!

Teryima Adi

Thanks for the education, Bro.🙏🏾


As I was to understand it, there is no way to have put a regime in in Rwanda that wasn’t associated with the Genocide. The Rwandan genocide was awful and brought about by the west interfering and playing the tribes off against each other. The regime that took over was very young in terms of age as most of the men had been killed. I think it is fair to say that the country has learnt a great deal from what it went through and they even have a genocide museum/memorial which doesn’t sugar coat what happened. As far as… Read more »


I also worked there, hence feeling like I should speak up on the subject.

The Rwandan regime continues to fund milita in DRC. This very recent UN report pretty much sums up the situation that’s been going on for 20 odd years.

It Is What It Is

It’s an economic lever. Govt pays 25-30m, and people get (mostly) untaxed tourism income. Why else would they risk a public outlash, knowing people will just research Rwanda?

They could pay Chinese engineering firms for infrastructure, but then people will cry about China’s stranglehold and human rights record.


Massive human rights violations is a decent starting point


Now or in the past?

It Is What It Is

What year do we start recording human rights violations from? How long before these violations stop being referenced generally.

There are people that would rather cling to plane landing wheels, left in situations where amenities and infrastructure barely exist anymore, that would feel their rights have been violated.

Boy Bastin

I suspect we’ll only drop it if there’s a substitute deal of similar financial size to replace it. On a purely financial level (and there are, of course, human rights considerations around this as well) it would be daft to do anything else.

Teryima Adi



Genocide in the past.


Kind of hoped we’d go back to puma so I could save a few quid.


Puma sucks. Three stripes feels good. A.F.C.

Boy Bastin

If the financial side of the new deal keeps us in the top group of kit deals – as we have been with the current one – then that will be a good piece of business, given that our sponsors have had little return, trophy-wise (or indeed even top rank European football), whereas most of the other teams in the top group of kit sponsorship have offered better returns (so far, anyway).


Has Man United won any trophy since Adidas started their 75mill deal with them?🤷🏾‍♂️

Teryima Adi

Wow. Thank God Arsenal is an irresistible global brand. Long may the union(with Adidas) continue and its attendant cash flow.


adidas must’ve been bowled over by our sensational away shirt sales. Plus our Women’s team possess Lioness’ key players – excellent advertisement for them.


So another 8 years with Adidas, let’s see thats (counts fingers) another 600 kits and training tops to come then.


Would be nice if we could lose the Emirates sponsorship. Let the Ashburton Army share their name with the stadium. I vote we see how much JVC would pay to sponsor us, imagine the lovely classic kits!! Don’t think Dreamcast would be quite as good.

Ellis McPickle

Right! Something less busy would be great or they could at least knock off that “fly better” bit. The O2 logo was so perfectly minimalist. It’s probably just the nostalgia or yearning for simpler times but those kits look so classy… especially *that* yellow away kit.


“JVC and Arsenal, the perfect match”


The first kit was great, possibly our best ever (as good as 1986).
Now, 4 kits in and each one has been progressively worse. Hope Adidas can buck their trend.

Don Danbury

I much preferred/prefer Nike design 🙁

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