Thursday, December 8, 2022

Arsenal 3-2 Liverpool – player ratings

A pulsating game at the Emirates saw Arsenal lay their recent Liverpool hoodoo to rest with a 3-2 win of huge significance.

The Gunners took the lead early on through Gabriel Martinelli, but some twat scored for them, and while it looked as if the teams would go in level at the break, Bukayo Saka put us ahead just before the break.

Roberto Firmino equalised again in the second half, but Mikel Arteta’s men were the better side, and Bukayo Saka’s late penalty secured the three points to put us back on top of the table.

Here’s how the players rated this evening.

Read the Arsenal 3-2 Liverpool report and see the goals here

Arsenal 3-2 Liverpool – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Aaron Ramsdale. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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What a performance! Think I’ll have a shot of Saliba to celebrate.


Always significant beating our bogey team! Great sign.


A cumshot ewww thats taking it too far

Mayor McCheese

Oh dear.


It took klopp 60 min to take salah off, because hecouldn’t fine him in tomis pocket




@Dada is that Setswana in detecting?


Wasn’t sure about Tomi at left back when Tierney was available but he was my man of the match. Nothing went past him. To think that we have such options in defence is just a big credit to Edu and Arteta. They have revamped this squad in a magnificent way.

Fireman Sam

Tomi is pure class!


The implementation of acquiring versatile world class players and being willing to shuffle them accomplishes 2 major things. The players have more options of getting on the pitch. The team has more options when injuries or scheduling requires. Arteta is a master manager and even better strategist in many ways

Akaanan Jijingi

He was scrambled in tomis pocket


The fact that spuds were looking to sign Tomiyasu when we went in for him and to top it of they had to sign emerson effin royal for a lot more money gives me.mich rejoicement and happiness.

Determination Cultured

Yup. Klopp didnt realize. Spent 60 mins counting the number of players he had on the pitch. Why are we playing with 10 men? He baffled. Coaching team baffled. Kept him occupied from finding a quarrel with mikel


Great dummy by Gabi for the second goal


So good, he should have that recorded as an assist.

Waitrose Egg for Omelette

Yup..yup…initially I tot it was Jesus who did the dummy…only realised it was Gabi when I saw the replay….If it was Jesus I would say very very impressive, for a centre back to have that awareness and vision, just WOW…


And how the hell is he in that position when their defence isn’t even close to getting back!? Total football and unbelievable work rate.


Saka is a champion!


To come back from that hurt to be our PK taker and taking them with aplomb against some of the best goalies in the league! Incredible mentality.

But my word, what a player Martinelli is! Klopp must be DYING to coach him! And we only paid 6M for him, too. Fucking unreal.

Red Arrow

When things were going badly we focused on the expensive flops in recent seasons. But now we can also appreciate the good value buys like Martinelli, Tomiyasu, Saliba and Jesus to name a few. So great to win vs Liverpool. COYG


I just shows his character and mental strength. He didn’t score those penalties against any team? He scored them against Chelsea, United and Liverpool in very decisive moments in the game.

Blade Gunner

Smashed those mugs


I personally think Ben White’s performance has gone under the radar slightly. I thought he was absolutely brilliant


He was very good today and a standout for me too.

Alan Sunderland

Agree, he’s probably been our player of the season so far for me.


I’ve mentioned my concerns about White’s attacking/forward passing contribution from the right in some of the earlier games. I said then that I hoped it was just a matter of settling on the right and building a rapport with Saliba.

Boy, did that come good today – excellent game from the big fella, especially when he skinned that wannabe tattoo-artist-cum-drug dealer and scooted down to the by line to put in that cross!


His ball control and first touch is very, very good. I can see why people suggest he could play DM, but for me, he’s too important in the back line, whether that’s RB or CB.


Totally agree, he’s been probably our most improved player of the season so far, Tomiyasu is brilliant at left back as well, actually he’s brilliant everywhere, what great defenders we have.


Ben WHITE WHITE WHITE! Always comes over to the fans with Ramsdale. As does Odegaard and Xhaka. Nice moment when his song was sung by the North Bank. I was a naysayer hold my hands up.

Happy to be wrong.


Totally. Clearly a 8.5 or above rating. And Tomi was dominant. Credit to Arteta and recruitment. Odegaard’s assist for first goal superb but thereafter lightweight in challenges and missed an open goal. Must develop Viera and Smith Rowe to replace him later this year please.

Martin Ø’Nelly

Agree that ESR and Vieira must be developed. Options are always good. Although MØ did not have his very best match yesterday it is baffling that you do not see his importance also this time. Pressure, creativity, work morale etc. He is one of the really important pieces of the Arsenal transformation. Recommend that you stick to Fred Flintstone if you can get that right.


Totally agree, a top, top centre half as well as a top, top right winger – never seen any one player with all those qualities.


I’m not English, so no real skin in the game, but wouldn’t you want to take the White/Saka combination into the national team?

Gaby! Gabi! Gabé!

Common sense has no place in national teams!


And Martinelli /Jesus combination?

Skinny Ricki

This will live in my memory as long as it’s intact! I believe today was the coming of age of the next great Arsenal team. What a performance from these lads… and We’ve Got Super Mik Arteta??

Olawale Olayemi

Saliba, what an attacker 😂


Anything is possible this season. I mean both league and Europa. We are that good.


Easy tiger – great fighting display today but we have GOT to work these moments of sloppiness when we gift teams a way back into matches. Citeh are the benchmark for us now – We are that good – but we now need to become clinical.


True, but we’re improving as the season develops, I mean today was a step up on Old Trafford.

GG Gunners

Old trafford was just not our day.The performance and chance was there, we just didn’t win.

Dr Zebra

From cynical to clinical!

Exit the Lemming

We are improving so yes, let’s enjoy that but both Man City and Chelsea (maybe still Liverpool if I’m honest) are still miles ahead of us in terms of consistency and squad depth.


Like our consistency in winning 8 games out of 9?
Liverpool are busted and Chelsea are a work in progress. We are better than either of them.

Exit the Lemming

In the last five seasons Liverpool have won 7 trophies and Chelsea 4. We’ve won 2 (one of which was the training session open to the public a.k.a. Community Shield). You familiar with the concept of sample size?


Ya gonners


All about Tommy for me, completely bossed it.


Same! that was such a great defensive display! Loved it!!


Good God but that lad is a proper defender – no fuss, just solid solid solid. And has a great eye for the counter-attacking release ball too.


In my life this is the most excited I’ve ever been to see us play. What a journey this is. Wasn’t around for the early 2000s but glad to be here now! COYG!!!!


Arteta need to get rated. Making Tomi cover Salah is a master stroke. That’s a 9.5


Completely agree, nobody saw that coming.


That’s for damn sure, nobody saw it coming and it worked perfectly. Brilliant move by Arteta




Would love to have a manager rating on here. Arteta gets a 9 just for how angry he made Klopp


Martinelli unplayable today! I’d give a 10 to Arteta for placing Tomi on the left. He stole Salah’s lunch money!


According to the ratings we were not so good. Just an awful big win!!!


For me, Ben White, Saliba, and Tomiyasu had 8.5 performance! Those three were simply outstanding… Tomiyasu is such a great defender, number of headers, interceptions, and foiling dribbles that was simply magnificent! Saliba snuffing out that chance for Diaz, getting a touch before Nunez on that cross, and headed back pass to relieve the pressure at crucial moments are equivalent to making an assist as a forward in my book lol

It Is What It Is

Foiling dribbles….got the ball of Salah with a stepover at one point. Solid player, Timi.
Anyone at the games can be proud of themselves for the applause every time we concede, drowns out the away supporters, and the away team know they’re stuffed. Keep it up fandom.

GG Gunners

I loved the way Tomi won the first duel over Salah. That was satisfying.


I am being such an insufferable cunt to many people now. We are back.



Exit the Lemming

You were an insufferable cunt long before this


No argument there


I think tomiyasu was one of our best players today. What a performance and not even on his preferred position


I think he could play upfront and in goal at the same time….he’s that good!


Seems his preferred position is “on the field “! Coyg!


Wait till you see him play as a striker!

Rafer Austin

We should try him as defensive midfielder when Partey gets injured. Sambi lacks experience

Finsbury Park Gooner

Love this comment 🤣👌




10/10 to Mikel Arteta for starting Tomiyasu and then bringing Tierney to switch to a back 3 which let us control the last 10 minutes.

Alan Sunderland

Might be interesting to start a game with those 5. It would be hard to drop one of the midfield or front 3 though.


No fear, no silly mistakes, so much classy football and incredible teamwork. Brilliant!

They were all superb, but I’m just going to say Tomi is such a pro & makes it look so easy.


10/10 for the god damn process.
They want us to say we’re going to win the league because they can lord that over us if it doesn’t happen. They hate when we tell them the truth ie it’s fuckin brilliant watching this team grow all the time regardless of how the season ends.


Trust the process


And fuck all the slimy shit-bags who screamed for Arteta’s head all of last season.
Note how they’ve all crawled back under their respective Spud-coloured rocks!


10/10 Mikel Arteta…….from rookie coach to elite manager


I’m definitely biased, but I think Tomiyasu deserves to stay as LB. He’s looked so determined to win back his spot and he was absolutely whopper today. He is maybe our best defender but he can come inside to play like Zinchenko does.
Feel bad for Tierney as I think he reacted similarly to losing his spot, but there’ll be plenty of games for him. The Cedric days are over!


Tierney is a casualty of the system. Arteta wants his LB to tuck into midfield to support attacks, which is decidedly not KT’s strength. He is AMAZING at getting to the byline and zinging in crosses, but unfortunately that’s not what MA wants.


To clarify, I feel for him. He is a top class player (when healthy, which admittedly also is a mark against him) and he will be good wherever he goes at the end of this season that uses him the way we did until this season.

Exit the Lemming

KT is nowhere near surplus to requirements

Exit the Lemming

Agreed, KT is effectively crossing (brilliantly) to a target man we haven’t had since Giroud.

Trixie Popsicle

‘Absolutely whopper’…… wtf is that?!!!


GM was a 10. Unbelievable work rate. Forced Trent out of the game. Wow
doesnt he have to be in the Brazil World Cup team?

thought xhaka almost showed some of the old xhaka but didn’t. Good for him.

the personality of some of the players gives one confidence they will always compete.

very pleasing game. Now off to the artic circle. Will that game be on turf or grass?


Artificial turf as in most of Norway these days (unfortunately)

Holdings New Merkin

It’s because it’s minus degrees for a lot of the year a minimum 4 months if snow.
I know, because I live in Norway


So if I do a cruise up there you saying I can watch ball in the summer?


10/10 for the fans. I could hear the stadium on the other side of Finsbury Park!


Just immense, this team. Gabriel has shown he is shaky at the back at times this season but the team is so resilient to always respond and atm it looks like they can really go the distance. Martinelli, Saka and Xhaka today, wow. And Jesus just always sets the tone with his tenacity. COYG!


1/10 for Jurgen Klippety Klopp. A team like his at his disposal and they’re sitting in 11th place.


Not sure why you’re getting the downvotes. I think Klopp is one of the most insufferable managers I can think of. Lovely when they’re winning, vile when not

Exit the Lemming

Be careful what you wish for. Imagine having to listen to one of the heir apparent Stevie G’s post match whine fests.


Someone get Michael Oliver a watch that works please


Best atmosphere at the stadium for a long time. The way the fans reacted after each conceded goal was brilliant. Well done to the team, an absolutely brilliant 3 points.


Klopp waxing lyrical in his interview all week about how good and wonderful Martainelli is. Martainelli’s interview went on for 98 minutes and all he said was “yes!”


MOTM toss-up between Martinelli and Saka. Tomi’s ability to play any position across the back (and perhaps defensive-mid too?) makes him a hugely valuable asset. Here’s hoping he stays healthy.


And White. And Tomiyasu.


I’d give it to Tomi. PLaying on the ‘wrong’ side and utterly smothering Salah?
That alone gave the entire team the lift it needed.


Tsimikas is some cunt alright. Deliberately elbowed Jesus and acted like it wasn’t intentional at all. Those kind of incident should have a retrospective ban really.

Holdings New Merkin

Was disgusting.

Guns Up

I thought the shove on Martinelli out of bounds was even worse. Reminded me of when Debuchy had that done to him and was lost for a huge chunk of that season. Dirty shit.


Proper scuzz-bucket.

Aleksander Włodarz

The big hurt is gone, finally! Let the good times roll 👍🏻

Flaminis studs

I Added a point for ødegaards “captains yellow card” in injury time of the first half. Arsenal were slightly rattled, Liverpool broke forward, myself and 10 Arsenal fans around me were screaming for someone to take a yellow for the team which would hopefully lead to half time and a regroup.
Ødesgaard did just that, hacking down (some guy) , and instead of just seeing out the half we defended the free kick, countered and scored a pulsating counter attacking goal.
I’ve never been more proud of a yellow card 🥰

It Is What It Is

Same, clapped the fuck out of that yellow. Was lucky not to get one for serious peeling agains spuds. Just glad Xhaka didn’t have to make that tackle, might have been more than a yellow.


Glad Tomiyasu was given a run, really helped stabilize us defensively. We have one of the best squads in the league with our top 15-16 players (normal starters with Tomiyasu, Nketiah, Tierney, Smith-Rowe and Viera). If we can stay relatively healthy and avoid major injuries to key players no reason we can’t keep the pressure on City for the title.


Tomiyasu, Legend! Shut down Salah and then Firmino.


Have some Liverpool fans on my socials saying the ref won us the game. HAHAHAHAHA


Fun facts:

Arsenal had 46 touches inside the box vs Liverpool. That’s more than in last 5 matches vs Liverpool combined.

Today was Liverpool’s lowest ever xG in a single game under Klopp.

Exit the Lemming

Yet they still scored twice away from home?


I think Thomas partey was immense for us today, that rating doesn’t do him justice. But boy do we have a team now. Another unsung hero was tomiyasu on that left side. But martinelli is our tormentor in chief. Thank you boys for making my weekend. Come on gunners believe!!!!

Morrisey fan #1

Have to Confess I was worried when I saw Tommi at LB but he looked brilliant. So versatile that fella.

Man Manny

Brentford away, Crystal Palace away and Liverpool; three matches we have flipped from last reason already. From 0 points to 9 points! That bodes well for the season.

Sir Me

11/10 seeing Klopp whine post an Arsrnal vs Liverpool match for a change

Pastor Simon

10/10 for everyone including the coaching crew, the ref, the var and all the fans that were present today.

The noise was deafening!

Akaanan Jijingi

Tomi Tomi


I’m gonna nit pick here. Liverpool’s first goal did not need to be scored. Gabriel tried to take down a lofted back as he ran diagonally toward the box. He just got a piece of it and moved it away from Saliba who would have otherwise gotten to it.


Upon re-watch we pretty much gave them the openings for both their goals. I’ll tell you why that’s a good thing. 1. We helped Liverpool score both its goals and Arsenal still won. How crazy is that? We still won. 2. The mistakes being made can be remedied.

That’s a 2022 win-win.


Anyone else thinking Tomi deserves a run at LCB? Not writing Gabriel off or anything, but he has had a few shaky moments and it feels like Tomi could strengthen us in there. Apparently he plays there for Japan so I reckon he’d slot in easily…


I think it would be a good idea for Arteta to try that option, say in a EL game.


Agreed. Tomi could use a bit of additional work and also needs to be rewarded for his performances.

Goodly Morning

I was wrong about Arteta, Edu and White. I was wrong about Pepe and Aubamayang. Happy to admit it. What a team and great vibes. I loved Arteta as a player and I wasn’t sure ifbit was all too soon for him as a coach. But now I think I love him even more as a manager!


Fair play fella – good on you.


Add kroenke to the list.

Determination Cultured

I would have put the peb straught down the middle (height around shoulder).,

Keepers never dare to stay still during high pressure pens cos of the ‘i did try my best’ effect. I think. 🙂


Odegaard needs to practise shooting on target when he finds himself in the proper position. No excuse for him to put that ball wide, and immediately after Firmino tied the score. It’s not the first time he’s failed to put away such opportunities.


I’m sure he’s all too aware of what that miss meant… and what he needs to do!

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