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Arsenal fined by the FA for player behaviour at Oxford

The FA have confirmed that Arsenal have been fined £40,000 after players surrounded the referee calling for a penalty during the 3-0 win over Oxford United in the FA Cup third round.

The Gunners denied the allegation that players acted in a disorderly manner, requested a hearing and subsequently saw the decision upheld by an independent Regulatory Commission.

Given the FA this week “fundamentally disagreed” with the same Regulatory Commission when it decided that some two-bob manager wasn’t consciously racist when he clearly was, it’s nice that they’ve been able to find some common ground – hating on Arsenal.

We’re still waiting to hear what punishment is being dished out We were also fined £40,000 for a similar charge relating to player conduct in the 0-0 draw with Newcastle on 3 January.

Like in the Oxford game, several players complained about a penalty not being given for handball. If anything, we were more guilty on that occasion, so we’ll probably have to reach for the chequebook again.

Since the double charge landed on Vinai’s desk, there have been plenty of similar incidents involving Premier League clubs. It looks as though Wolves, Nottingham Forest and Fulham have been given the Arsenal treatment.

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karl g

I guess the FA only watch Arsenal matches, as we’ve seen many more than 4 players surrounding referees in other fixtures.

It must be a coded message because Arteta called decisions in the Newcastle match “scandalous”.


Captain Inglaterra and co free to do as they please…:
Corrupt, bias kunts!


Unconfirmed reports that Arsenal have been charged by the FA for having an offensive word “arse” in their name.
The arsenal fan base is perplexed that Tottenham haven’t been charged for a similar offence despite Tottenham = shit, and shit = Tottenham


What’s the fine for the FA employing ONLY arses then?


It’s corruption. No other word for it.

djourou's nutmeg

it’s not surrounding a referee what’s being punished, im guessing you don’t know how charges are pressed or in which situations or anything, really.

and it’s fine if you don’t, i don’t either, but this kind of thing always evolves into a conspiracy theory about how the FA hates us and the media hates us and everyone is biased and against us and blah blah which is so boring and childish and biased itself that i cannot stand it anymore. yes they’re dumb as heck and take shitty decisions and they do it with everyone, not just us


“They do it with everyone, not just us.”

City…? No
Man Utd…? No
Spurs….? No

Still, you believe what you want to believe mate….🙄

djourou's nutmeg

city and spurs were fined by the fa last october, united in november. still you believe want to believe, wont expect you to reason when you can’t even google things up


In the meantime: Man Shitty – Sp?rs 0-2 HT


Well this is not aging well


yeh I saw half time score, sent my manc mates a couple silly messages, got to work, saw the end score….. needless to say wasnt happy. Those spurs scum just couldnt do Arsenal a favour could they.

A Different George

They were genuinely terrible; their two goals at the end of the first half were completely against the run of play (the first was just a bad error by the City keeper and defender).


What do expect from that lot?

Spursy cretins gonna Spursy.

Heavenly Chapecoense

I wanted Spurs to beat Man City to extend the gap between us and city. Will give some money to a charity to compensate for having wanted Spurs to win.


Will they charge Spurs for not controlling their players at the end of the derby? Even though it incited a fan to kick one of our players? I think I know what the answer is. Cheating Cnuts.


Fat chance like title chance!


They probably figure that sp*rs have been punished enough by being sp*rs.


Shame we can’t insert a clause that forces them to put the £40k into training the officials.


or just into the compensation packages for those they should sack


Literally one rule for us, one rule for everyone else.

Boy Bastin

Pretty pointless all round really. Let’s just hope after the second instance we don’t have any more. It’s just an unnecessary distraction and there’s always that risk we’ll get something more than a fine.


I love Lokonga’s face here. He’s literally thinking “this is hilarious, this guy is straight up bent!”


He’s acclimatized rather quickly.


Unpopular opinion but as a ref myself (different sport), I’m all for disciplinary measures against football teams. Accept a decision and don’t surround the ref like a pack of hungry and mad wolves. I agree that we got some stick from the FA lately – maybe more than other teams. But I’d like differentiate between the principle stated above and our treatment. And yes, PL refs at times have been horrible the last few years! But there is a difference between valid criticism and the general behavior of the role models that football players are. There is no comparison to… Read more »

Emi Rates

As long as those measurements are applied equally then that’s fair enough. They aren’t at the moment though.


100%! Hence, I said there is a difference between the principle and the facts on the ground.

Emi Rates

I think there’d be so much gained by all parties if the FA and the PGMOL (especially them) were more transparent, accountable and generally more communicative. The fact that they aren’t, that they just act like some polit bureau, means they have made a rod for their own back.

Just for the record, I’m not one of the people who downvoted you. I totally agree with what you said.

Kentish Gooner

There needs to be a level playing field though mate. It’s like a bumpy fucking mountain range at the moment.


i’ve been an official at several levels for a sport other than football and been criticized by coaches, supporters, and players. i’ve even been threatened with bodily harm because someone lost their temper with a decision i made. in every instance i was able to calm all parties down and move them on by explaining my rationale for these decisions to those involved and impacted. the issue at hand here is that the refs and their governing body are unwilling to discuss the rationale for their decisions, and the fact the rules seem to change from one game to the… Read more »


Pro football is not a ‘contact sport’. Only contact allowed by rules is shoulder to shoulder.

karl g

Surely they should explain what this is really for. I cannot be for the actual offence, if nobody else plays by the same rules.

Twice seems to indicate they are sending a message to Arsenal alone.


I too am a referee with decades of experience ( no sport, just father of three). My sanctions and punishments may not always be the best, but they are consistent across the board. Simple things.
-Caught doing drugs? have enough to share.
-Caught in Mums underwear?wash it before returning
– Support Spurs? Beaten within an inch of you life and forced to watch Harry Kane read a bedtime story on repeat.

Kentish Gooner

The FA can, frankly, go fuck themselves.


Hahahahahaha you cunts xD
Dish out all the fines you have, not use VAR on obvious mistakes and let them kick us….
We will still win because we are the mighty ARSENAL

Kentish Gooner

Question: where does the money go for these fines? Where’s the £40k going, towards grassroots football? To train the next generation of referees? On installing VAR in every football stadium? I’m intrigued…


I’m glad you asked, and it’s actually a very interesting answer.
So all fines collected by the FA, for cards, sanctions and other infractions are put into a trust during the season.
Each team is responsible to pay said fines within a 14 day period or face more fines.
At the end of the season this hopefully large pot is calculated, with minor costs deducted and the final amount is sent via bank transfer to Mike Deans offshore pension in the Cayman Islands.


Had me for a second there mate


I think it might be used as funding to facilitate the costs incurred by medical experts trying to repair Gary Neville’s brain.

Bits of it keep falling out of his mouth.

Kentish Gooner

That’s not his brain, that’s just shit.


Well, he is, after all, the all-original Shit For Brains.

The fucking weasel was at it again tonight, as the Spuds went into full on Spursiness by throwing away a two goal half time lead to ultimately lose 4-2.

“Game on..!!” he cried like an excited school boy when City scored their first goal.

The idea of us winning this title must be giving him nightmares.

A Different George

In fairness, that was also the reaction (if not the actual words) of Lee Dixon on the NBC feed. And I’m pretty sure Dixon would be very happy to watch a parade in Islington this spring.


I think that’s the definition of “Shit for brains”.


this just in: unaccountable and opaque regulatory body upholds initial ridiculous decision


I have since lost count of the number of incidents I have seen involving other clubs’ players surrounding the referees in various games and NO action or fines have been implemented. Nothing. The fact that Arsenal have been singled out for this crap is corruption on a massive scale. As I have stated before, I hope the club have kept a subsequent file on incidents involving other clubs – and lack of punishment – in order to take this matter up with the relevant authorities and even, if necessary, the High Court. Why should Arsenal be treated like this and… Read more »


Seriously, there has to be a legal angle here.


Being fined £40K is nothing. But I am worried if we keep getting fined then eventually we might have a points deduction. 3 times already is a lot and if it continues it is a bit of a worry

karl g

On top of this, Richarlison has escaped a charge for his various actions on the field. Can all players start doing this now?


Any sanctions being handed out to Richarlison, having shoved Ramsdale in the face? Could argue his actions prompted the fan to think he had a Green light to attack ( I use the term loosely as I think we can all agree that Stephen Hawking could have managed better)…


The next time someone gets sent off for “raising their hands” to another player, let’s compare to this. What is the difference,? It is literally what this ugly, poor man’s (original) Ronaldo did.


What about United surrounding the linesman after the offside call against city? Or Sp**s after the final whistle on Sunday. The anti-arsenal agenda is in full effect. Let’s win the league and drink their tears #COYG


Newcastle fine came through on 13th January btw. on the @FASpokesperson twitter
£40k as well.
Arsenal accepted that one by admitting it, but contested the Oxford one.
I await the FA meeting minutes to see what was actually said by the players…or i doubt they will even bother releasing it. cnuts


The FA is just a big barrel of bollix. Still no charge for Richarlison and that lot? 😤

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