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FA charge Arsenal AGAIN, this time for Oxford incident

Arsenal have been charged by the FA for failing to ensure players “conducted themselves in an orderly fashion” during the 34th minute of the 3-0 win over Oxford United in the FA Cup third round.

It is the second charge of this sort in the past week and our third of the season. The previous charges related to stoppage time incidents against Newcastle United at the Emirates and Leeds United at Elland Road.

Honestly, it took us a while to remember what happened in the 34th minute at Kassam Stadium; the game was so dull in the first half we were slipping in and out of consciousness.

After referring to the liveblog, we can confirm that it’s because we called on referee David Coote to award a penalty after Sambi Lokonga’s shot was blocked by the arm of an Oxford player. He dismissed our claims. As the game was being hosted by a League One ground, there was no VAR available to review the action.

From the pictures, it looks as though Gabriel Magalhaes, Kieran Tierney, Mo Elneny and Sambi were the main offenders.

Given the regularity with which we’re racking up these offences being picked on, we can assume a big fine will be coming our way.

Various reports earlier in the week also claimed the FA will investigate allegations of suspicious betting patterns around the booking of Oxford’s full-back Ciaron Brown. He received a yellow card for a second half foul on Eddie Nketiah having earlier fouled Bukayo Saka twice and Takehiro Tomiyasu.


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The F(ucking).A(rseholes).


It’s almost as is its psychological warfare.


The F(uck) with A(rsenal) as much as we can


They literally acknowledged they made mistakes against us, and then punish us for complaining about them.


The club needs to ask these arseholes to explain why they keep using us as a scapegoat. Unless some of the players have said something completely wrong to those incompetent refs, there’s simply no good explanation. It possibly can’t be only because the players surround the ref because we see that week in week out.


how much of this is because they want to charge arteta and can’t find a reason


Presumably the referee will form.part of the Oxford suspicious betting enquiry?
Oh, sorry, course not.

Horse breath

Gonna get absolutely shafted on Sunday 😂


This really has the stench of foreshadowing, doesn’t it?


What a load of bollox always arsenal…. What about the other teams like man utd do it week in week out


A joke….


“Scandolous” even


But less funny


Maybe the officials should learn to do there job properly got lazy since vat most of the refs are useless


*all of the refs


I think they expect footballers when they ask for a penalty to be wearing suits, a top hat and say “excuse me sir, could we have a penalty old chap”. These people have lost touch with football.

It’s not like the players decked the ref and it wasn’t excessively asking the ref…jeeze.


What’s the point of the English FA? English coaches are shit, English referees are shit, English VAR is shit, and now these precious little cunts are getting offended every time their shit decisions are criticized.
Fuck them.

too funky in here

very well put

Kevin Edwards

Maybe we should charge the PGMOL /FA for allowing crap referees to officiate week in week out worst referees in Europe.


there’s a case to be made if a club is relegated over contentious officiating decisions that the standards of officiating unfairly undermined the club’s profitability… but that would require a serious investigation of PGMOL and the FA… so, its about as likely as me finding a bar of gold on the sidewalk.


Err, The Manchester City coach kicked a water bottle at the opposition’s dut out and was not punished by th FA. If I was Arsenal I would take a look at all previous incidents by other managers and teams and then record them and take the FA to court. Chelsea took the FA to court and this stopped the FA from unfair harassment. They have not asked Chelsea for money since they lost their case in court. Arsenal need to grow a pair, get good solicitors and take the thriving FA to court, like any other business company would do.They… Read more »


Those fuckers. Did they charge Spuds and Chelsea for failing to ensure managers “conducted themselves in an orderly fashion” during their last match together?


I just watched the highlights of Fulham Chelsea. Plenty of players from both teams were surrounding the ref regarding the Felix red card (lols) I wonder if either of them will be punished…

Positive pete

keep appealing & instigate an enquiry as to why other prem clubs aren’t being punished for continually hounding the ref.There’s a lot of them.Then pay the fine & carry on regardless.F** k em.


It’s like a bowler at Lord’s turning to the umpire appealing ‘how’s that?’ for a plumb LBW. And then getting flayed alive for their effrontery by the International Cricket Board.

I thought debating was encouraged at Oxford.


Arsenal the latest to get their cancel culture treatment if anything they don’t like.


At the FA too. A LOT.

Mass debating, if you will.


When you see the replay, there is no debating that an Oxford hand stopped the shot on goal though.

I want to see all other teams being fined for similar offences now. This was just 4 players.


Arsenal should be ashamed! Ours is the only club that ever has players go up to a referee to argue. Must be all the foreign players at Arsenal. You would never see a true English club do this. Of course the foreign manager is a big negative influence too. The players are acting just like their manager. Arteta needs to go. We need someone who carries themselves with the dignity required of a manager. Someone who always stays calm and never yells. And of course, above all, someone English. Like that Alex Ferguson.


Funny post, except that Scottish ≠ English


That’s a part of the satire, I’m guessing.


Oh bollix…

Teryima Adi

Are you Jonathan Swift or George Orwell?The satire hits hard.😀



Brady’s bunch

This is becoming a f**king joke now

Emi Rates

Can someone charge Oxford United for attempting to bring football back to the 1980’s?


How about charging them for making teams play on a pitch barely suitable for a dog park, let alone passing a football?

Oh wait, that would suggest they care more about the quality of the actual football than pointless disciplinary procedures

Brian K.

Do we get a trophy for accumulating these?


Considering we’re the only ones getting charged, we should be breaking a record by the end of the season.


That would explain why sp*rs are so well behaved.


This smacks of a vendetta , maybe because we called out the refs


Alright what’s really going on here m8


It’s the consistency that’s the issue. More accurately, the lack of it.


Weren’t Newcastle surrounding the ref against us as well?

I’m still waiting for a player from another team to get 2 yellow cards in one go! Or what about play being taken back as far as they did to disallow Martinelli’s goal against United… Thought not.


This is the crux of the problems with our ‘perceived treatment’ from the refs. Anyone who isn’t a Gooner just labels me as a moaner when I talk about how poor we have been officiated. Then when I mention remember when Martinelli was booked twice in one passage of play I just get that awkward silence and the conversation then moves on lol!


Not to mention the different laws for Saka. The poor sod needs to lose an eye he before he can get a free kick

A Different George

I have thought a lot about that double booking for Martinelli, trying to view it as if I were a neutral (I was furious at the time). The problem is that both cards were shown for pretty clearly bookable offenses (the first was trying to stop a throw-in, the second an intentional and obvious grabbing of a player). But there is no doubt that Martinelli would never have committed the second if he knew he had received a yellow for the first. Oliver chose not to stop the play to give Martinelli the first card, as that would have disadvantaged… Read more »


For me it showed that Oliver was annoyed and let it cloud his judgement. I’ll change my mind if it ever happens to another team, but don’t hold your breath.


And I have watched thousands and even millions of matches where worst offenses happened at same intervals but the player only gets one booking because it will be double Jeopardy. Many Arsenal fans have seen our players harassed and bullied and other teams come in with same strategy (stoke, bolton etc) to injure our players and even some Arsenal fans want our players to be bouncers and wrestlers to win games. “Aggression is not the intention to injure the next player but to press to win the ball.” Until I watch a game that a player is booked twice, there… Read more »


Yes Karl Newcastle players did exactly the same actions, yet nothing for them. It makes it all look the more ridiculous really.


Newcastle is owned by people who are famous for suing anyone who says anything bad about them. Well, I mean, you’re grateful if you’re only sued by them.


The fix is in. Expect more targeting of Arsenal by the FA and their piss poor officials. Easier than sorting out the mess that they create by their ‘officiation’ of matches.


They might start charging ARSENALS for scoring goals too

Super Mik.

Do the FA and their inept officials hate us? Our players can’t even question the ref as to why decisions like these handballs are ignored or strangely not noticed. Players from other teams do the same yet they go unpunished.

steve Palmer

The FA bring charges against members of the Arsenal, because they ask for rulings which cameramen found fit, to show the the watching world. Some would wonder, why the FA are making it look like, teams playing against The Arsenl that foul, handball, are inocent of their actions, very hard when cameras records all that Arsenal claim for. The FA have an agenda, and its shown, not for the first time, recorded and when shown afterwards, is blatent evidence of match fixing.

Gunner J

At this rate we will be charged for being top of the league.

Teryima Adi



Don’t you think we have been?


Fair enough.
Let’s see them impose similar fines on all of the clubs from now on.
They won’t of course.
The FA offer English football nothing except a shambolic mess.
Cannot even make a refereeing decision when they have VAR and the time to assess these decisions.

Adney Toams

Yep, the clue is in the letters “FA”




Fascinating how no one else is getting carpeted like this, yet it goes on all the time.

Although the Newcastle penalty claim for handball was an either way call. The act from the Oxford player was deliberate and should have been given.

Teryima Adi

The FA have found a gold mine in Arsenal.😳😳😳


The FA ought to be a little careful here. It would be easy for a video analyst to review which teams are getting these charges, how often and for what incidents, and compare it to incidents that aren’t being called out by the FA. Over time would could have enough data to run an analysis on whether any patterns are emerging, and why exactly they are if so. I’m not implying bias. I’m just saying if there is bias, it would be incredibly easy to spot. And the risks of that for the FA – reputational, financial – could be… Read more »


There is bias. The FA are and alway have been spuds and northerners. They are also corrupt. They don’t care, in their little brainless heads they are untouchable.


you think they’ll actually engage in any kind of self reflection or critical analysis? this is the fa we’re talking about, not a group of rational or good faith actors


They’re accountable though. Sep Blatter thought he was above the law – wrong.

If Arsenal can collate enough evidence of blatant corruption, they should take the FA to the High Court.


Top post.

I’ve been saying this for ages; Arsenal should be keeping a highly comprehensive file of not just our so-called punishments, but clear misdemeanours committed by other Premiership clubs that go unpunished.

If and when enough evidence becomes clear to make a case – if it hasn’t already ffs – we (Arsenal) should then take the FA to the High Court. Sue the corrupt fuckwits for every penny they’ve got.


Amen to that…it’s bizarre – unless or players are exeptionally filthy mouthed – don’t think so though – I and several other noticed the Newcastle lads surrounding the ref – you would think the FA would need some sort of justification, otherwise, from outside it looks biased to say the least.

Teryima Adi

Maybe the FA is broke?🤦

Peter Cechs helmet

It’s definitely broke. Unfixable I’d say.

What the fuck is going on- I don’t think I’ve ever seen a man u game where at least half a dozen of em crowd the ref at every opportunity.
Fuckin tits to em I say., with bastard hairy nipples.


But the rotund fella at Chelshit is the one splashing cash on anyone putting on anyone who looks like they cab kick a ball


They hate us cus they anus?

Ray's ice cream Parlour

They are a disgrace to their profession


They are dishonest to their federation.

Sir Me

Hope there are stipulated maximum penalties for these alleged ‘offenses’. Because given a free hand, the FA would relish docking us precious points when we inevitably establish an unassailable lead towards the last 5 games of the season.

Lord Bendnter

Haters gonna hate


I feel its just distractions. Instead of seeing their corrupt acts and hatred for us, let’s just beat sp*rs 2 nil and Manure 3 nil, and have the last laugh. The media criticizes us against Newcastle, and challenges us that we are in for a huge run but check the BHA and Newcastle teams, they are not at our level. They make City look invincible even when everyone is seeing the cracks. Remember, if you think beating the current Chelsea team is a big deal, ask NF. For now, my biggest challenge is Manure not City because things are beginning… Read more »

Boy Bastin

Two in a week – are we going for a record? We do need to be careful though with the type of games coming up, particularly against Sp*rs where the atmosphere will certainly be hostile. Passion and commitment is fine but if we let them, or poor refereeing, provoke us too much there may be red cards as well as another charge – which is what we don’t need at this stage.


I suggest we put together a compilation video of similar events (should be easy, there must be at least three every week) that weren’t fined.
Then get our legal lads to send it to the FA, accompanied by a letter saying; “push this and we’ll see you in court you incompetent, biased fucksticks”.


They aren’t even being candid with their agenda anymore. Desperate and pathetic.


Imagine England winning a trophy and the tw*ts at FA celebrating like it’s their achievement. Maybe some folks at FA is still bitter at the penalty loss to Italy? They can feck right off.


It’s 1990/91 all over again. Love it.

Theses clueless cunts have clearly got a vendetta against us. An absolute farce. You couldn’t make it up if you tried.

No problem; what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

I still hope we go in like a fucking express train at those scum bags on Sunday.



Hey FA it’s cause the refs are dogshit. Focus on your own failings you clowns then try to lash out against the most fun club in the league. The NFA, No Fun Assocuation


The English FA in revenue deficit?


Is there any reason the Premier League can’t go DIY with referees? Create their own referee association?

I mean the creation of the EPL was literally 20 or so teams breaking away from the Football League, with the amount of cash flowing through the EPL, surely they could just give the FA and PGMOL and big middle finger and do it themselves?

They could get the best referees from international football. Ensure transparency and accountability.

I don’t understand how the biggest league in the world has some of the worst officiating in world football. Baffling.


No doubt there are a huge amount of legalities I don’t understand around this. I’m over simplifying. But dam I would love for the the EPL to say fuck you to the FA and PGMOL.


So last night both Chelsea and Fulham surrounded the referee for the Felix sending off. By rights, there should be punishment!

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