Sunday, September 24, 2023

Confirmed: Arsenal sign Jorginho from Chelsea

Italy international Jorginho has signed for Arsenal from Chelsea in a deal reported to be worth £12 million.

The 31-year-old moves to Emirates Stadium on a one-and-a-half year deal and will provide cover in the midfield. He has been handed the number 20 shirt.

The Gunners had hoped to secure an ambitious deal for Brighton’s Moises Caicedo but turned their attention elsewhere after two offers were dismissed out of hand.

To be fair to Jorginho, he’s been on Arteta’s radar for quite some time – links date back to September 2020 – and will add huge experience to a young squad as they gear up for a title challenge.

During his time at Chelsea, the player won the Europa League, Champions League, Uefa Super Cup and Fifa Club World Cup and played in five domestic finals.

He also anchored Italy’s midfield as they triumphed at the European Championships in 2021.

Realistically, if Thomas Partey stays fit, Jorginho’s game time is likely to be limited to the Europa League. That job would have fallen to Mohamed Elneny but it was confirmed this afternoon that he’s undergone surgery on his knee and will be sidelined for an ‘extended period’ of time.

On the decision to recruit the Chelsea player, Arteta said: “Jorginho is a midfield player with intelligence, deep leadership skills and a huge amount of Premier League and international experience.

“Jorginho has won in his career, but he still has the hunger and huge willingness to contribute here. We are so pleased to sign Jorginho and welcome him and his family to the club.”

Welcome to Arsenal, Jorgi.

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Olawale Olayemi

Welcome Jorgy! Hope you prove all your doubters wrong


I understand the frustration people are having because we bid for Caicedo and ended up with Jorginho. But that’s no excuse for some of the insults I have seen hurled Edu’s way on social media. It’s just crazy. I have come to understand that half of the time we don’t really know what is going on behind the scenes. We only ASSUME based on tidbits that we are fed. Most of the players Arteta brought in, I wasn’t sold on them. But look at the likes of Zinchenko, Odegaard, and Jesus today, how they are thriving. He definitely knows more… Read more »


I think if he was coming in from somewhere else nobody would be complaining.

I’m just happy we managed to get somebody. Real disaster would have been getting nobody.

He’s obviously a quality player he might just surprise people. They all seem to be we’ve done quite well given the circumstances, and kept our powder dry for the summer.


Exactly..if we had signed him directly from Napoli, people would be saying that is a shrewd move.


it is a shrewd move tbh 🙂 hopefully


I hate how the transfer window especially the end of them has some of our fans view Edu and the other higher ups. People were going mad when we didn’t sign a midfielder in August when we started well and we’re already top. Now 5 points clear with a game in hand and people are calling for Edu to be sacked when he’s played a major part in bringing in a lot of these players who have got us to this point. I think this window has been a solid 7/8 out of 10. Compare our bench now to the… Read more »


ESR, Tomi, Tierney, Vieira, Trossard, Turner, Kiwior, Holding, Jesus and Jorginho all at least decent back-ups to the current first team. Add in Balogun and we’ve got a pretty good second 11.


Mate, some of the things I saw people tweet at Edu today! You’d think he was a serial killer. So unfair.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Ironic that Jorginho was probably hand-picked by Mikel two years ago. Edu probably just the middle man but receiving all the backlash.

Goodly Morning

People aren’t rational.


Nothing against the man ,but I hope he doesn’t get much game time . Because that means Thomas Partey has stayed fit.
I can understand the logic of the signing in the current circumstances. However it’s coloured by the all too vivid memories of too many past their prime Chelsea players stinking the place out in recent years . Hopefully he will be the exception ,even if only because of the law of averages !


I dunno i’d like to see the minutes spread around a bit so we have a choice


I know what you mean, but I kinda don’t care. Jorginhio getting minutes could show he is out performing Partey. Highly unlikely I know, but if he arrives with a point to prove and plays a blinder it’s only good for us.
But no injuries please!

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

I never ever wanted or thought I’d see Jorginho in an Arsenal shirt, but he’s here. I will trust the process, it has got us here afterall.
As for Edu insults, I haven’t seen them, but surely Edu and his team already know that Arsenal fans are idiots online. I’m sure it doesn’t bother him. Plus a few good games from Jorginho and all will be forgotten


Pretty much all fanbases are idiots online as far as I can tell, that’s why I stay here, mostly. The idiot ratio here is the lowest of any community I have ever seen, and the few around tend to get humiliated rapidly so it’s entertaining more than irritating. Love my fellow Arses!


Aye, this is the best online arsenal community. Just goes to show what a strong set of guidelines, good moderation, and a positive group mentality can achieve. We’re not all gonna agree on everything. I understand folks reservations about this deal, but I like that for the most part on here we can be respectful in debate



Nainsley Aitland Miles

I don’t know why people are going after Edu. Mikel has enough power already to have significant input into signings.


What has Edu ever done for us?! #EduOut!

What about getting Ødegaard for a snip from Madrid?

Well apart from getting Ødegaard for a snip from Madrid, What has Edu ever done for us?! #EduOut!



Exactly, i was on the receiving end of some stupid replies. Part of the reason we’re top of the league is because the decision making of Edu and Arteta.


I completely agree. Let’s see what happens and be positive.


Yup. Especially Qualiteee

Charles Charlie Charles

I’ve followed this site for many years and to be fair to him Q has probably forgotten more about Arsenal than most of you on here will ever know. His love for the club is unquestioned yet some of the abuse he puts up with just for having a different opinion and the courage of his convictions is uncalled for. He doesn’t get much wrong and when it came to Arteta he had the balls to freely admitted that he was wrong. I make him right this is an underwhelming signing and Jorginho is as much a gamble as any… Read more »


I see. That makes it right to lambast every other supporter here with passive aggressive commenting. I bet there are a lot of arsenal fans here who’ve forgotten more abt the club then he ever knew. It’s okay to have an opinion, but it’s definitely not okay to go to war and abuse the management (which is actually well well ahead of its performance targets). Tell me if anyone here thought we’d be 1st come end of Jan. But no, let’s hate on everything cuz ppl smarter then ourselves are running the club and actually doing a good job of… Read more »

Charles Charlie Charles

I saw some of the comments you left for him were passive aggressive. Go to war? Hating on everything? He has been as excited this season as the rest of us! He was merely taking our bidding strategy to task? Is that such a tabu subject? We could and should with the backing of the Kroenkes have signed the targets that Arteta identified in the first place, but because Edu went in with foolishly low bids that we all of us knew would be rejected out of sight, it alerted Chelsea and we were then easily topped in a bidding… Read more »


Cheers Charlie 👍 🍺


😂 😂 😂 😂 😂


Insane take. He is abusive to many other commenters. Who gives a flying fuck how much he knows about Arsenal. As if that has any bearing on how to speak to other people. Or is this qualities burner acct

Charles Charlie Charles

Well my friend you’ve just vindicated everything I’ve said with your overly aggressive response. Some of us find Q’s knowledge very enlightening. He has actually shared some very entertaining and informative anecdotes which the more discerning amongst us have enjoyed. And your somewhat tiresome and immature accusation of me being a Qwaliteee burner account further highlights the kind of kneejerk ignorance that sadly resides within a good number of you and the very thing Q has to endure when voicing his opinions.


“Is this Qwaliteee’s burner account?”


Nice try mate! 😂
😂 😂


Let’s get the league and shut up all the haters and doubters for good! Cmon lads!!

Charles Charlie Charles

There may be doubters on here, often with a good cause, but I have yet to see anyone on here who hates Arsenal.


That’s the face of a man who has a chance of completing the set with a premier league trophy. Whose bank balance is secure and despite being out of contract in the summer, has landed right on his feet here. Jesus, this guy. How lucky can you get in your career. He’s not even close to a generational talent and yet he’ll leave the game as one of the greats. Speechless.


What’s the big problem – his age or the fact he’s coming from Chelsea?


both… 😑

Emi Rates

Age doesn’t have to be an issue, some players have a lot of mileage left after thirty, but Chelsea is never a good look. With very few exceptions that’s where all the cunts go.


I trust Arteta. Jorginho is a decorated veteran. Hopefully, his winning mentality and experiences lift the boys to their full potentials! I believe he won’t be like other Chelsea pensioners turned Gunners of the past! COYG


Jorginho is an upgrade on Partey in some ways, and he will be used in scenarios where he is deemed a tactical fit. This one will surprise us all. And we should have learnt by now to doubt a bit less, after Ramsdale & White transfers, and Nketiah extension proved the majority opinion wrong.


I don’t know how to feel.. have to trust the experts..

Bleeding Gums Murphy

I get you but I’m getting me head round it. I hope it still means in the summer we buy Rice. In the mean time if partey is injured Jorginho can sit in front of back four. When Jesus is back the first 11 picks itself. The bench is turner, kiwior, Jorginho, nketia, esr, vieira, trossard, Tomi, tierney. Very decent me thinks. COYG


That’s exactly the point – dropping small beer on a short-termer for Jorg means that we CAN go in for Rice in the summer. Keeping our powder dry.


Is ESR not injured?


This is one of those deals that will either be stroke of Genius or a bullet to the foot. I see myself 2029, telling some kids the story of this season /transfer window; …After almost 20 years of waiting to win the league title, Arsenal were cruising at the top of the league with 19 games played and a 5 points advantage over their closest rivals. They even had a game in hand and a young, exciting team. The one problem the club had was that the squad was razor thin, needing reinforcements in every compartment. We got a young… Read more »

Steve T

Eye for a Defence splitting pass? He holds the record for most passes before recording an assist

John C

How many assists does Partey have this season?


A decent cover for midfield. An upgrade over Elneny IMO. No penalties for him though, please.


At this precise moment, and for a month or three to come, any competent footballer is an upgrade on Elneny.


That’s one thing he is good at


That’s Saka’s duty no question.




It was at this moment that he knew… He f***** up.


Mixed feelings but better than no cover at all. 18 months, so he could conceivably be sold in summer for a nominal fee if we get Rice or another DM in. Hope he doesn’t take our penalties lol


41/48 isn’t all that bad tbf.

Johnny 4 Hats

I’ve said my piece in earlier articles. I don’t like this transfer. But the hypothetical has turned into reality and the lad is a gooner now so I will support him 100%.  I just think we look back on this day in five months time and think “what if…?” The thing that was so exciting about Mudryk and Caicedo was that we were adding exceptional players to positions we already have exceptional players in. Ramsdale said “Trossard is here to take someones shirt.” Jorginho isn’t here to take anyone’s shirt. He’s backup. Simple as. And he’s ageing and likely in… Read more »

John C

To be fair he made 15 starts and 3 as sub in the league for Chelsea but without Kante doing the running of 2 players alongside him he’s not great in a 2.

Maybe with Zinchenko coming to join him as well as Xhaka and Odegaard let’s hope he can do a decent job for us


Let’s just hope he doesn’t have to do a decent job for us and we can keep his slow arse glued to the bench.

Johnny 4 Hats

But he will have to play, and play a lot.

We are only halfway through a season and it’s February tomorrow. We have a lot of games to catch up with and Europa League matches too.

This idea that he’s just a “break glass to operate” player is ill informed.

And I don’t think he can do half of what TP’s role dictates.


He can play in the Europa. We should be rotating heavily for that. This season is all about the league. Partey stays fit, J doesn’t play at all. And I agree with you. He’s not even in Partey’s solar system anymore in terms of quality. I don’t think people understand how slow this guy is. He’s a good passer, but he’s also losing his ability to influence (progressive) with that passing. I’ve watch them play a few times this season and J has lost a step without a doubt. And man I dislike him and I dislike the blue fks… Read more »

John C

I think he can just not with the same level of physicality and that can be limited by the fact we often play with a midfield 4.

You don’t need to be quick to cut off passing lanes or make interceptions. He’ll be very good in games where we dominate the ball.


Games where we dominate the ball and teams play direct counter attacking football against us? You remember when we used to play Xhaka as a #6?

John C

I’m pretty sure Jorginho was 3rd in the balon d’or and has been a no.6 his entire career so he’s not an amateur. Let’s hope he does well for us when he gets on the pitch




Looking at the stats, only three Chelsea players have played more minutes than him this season. I don’t get the “can’t get into one of the worst Chelsea teams” narrative. While he is 31, we are buying one of the first players on their team sheet. It’s not like we’re buying Aubameyang!


So he’s been a key feature of the 10th place team? Do your nightly prayers for Partey’s health!


Add to that this current Chelsea side is possibly the most expensive football team ever assembled


You completely lost me on your 4th para.. aren’t you overthinking this just a little bit.


Mikel was one of the big drivers of this deal and has tried to sign the player before, I don’t think there’s any chance of Mikel going anywhere any time soon, to be honest. Hopefully Mikel has a master plan for him and Jorginho surprises us all, then we can share in a huge yummy humble pie together.

John C

His big weakness is the physical side of the game. Technically and tactically he’s exceptional, which is why he’s played in Champions League and Euro winning sides.

If he comes on and we’re dominating I’m sure he’ll be fantastic. He’s also a snidy little shit that I’m sure will help buy cheap fouls and break up the opposition play when we need it.


I also worry that this lack of decisive action in the market will push Arteta away from the club. He will be looking at Pep’s seat at City and it probably looks a little more inviting after the last few weeks of frustration in the market. 

If Arteta’s expectation is that Kroenke will spend as much as a sovereign wealth fund/nation state/Todd Boehly he’s in for a massive disappointment. I doubt that was his motivation in joining Arsenal.


Steep decline like Maldini, Buffon, Totti… I’m all for it!


You lot act like he’s on a 5 year contract and stopping in us from any summer business


Exactly. We got cover for TP while leaving the account with enough to get Rice in the summer. This will turn out to be a smart move, 7/10 chances are.


Brighton refused to negotiate. It has nothing to do with the club and its ambitions. Overspending by 30-40 million on a player we haven’t needed (to be 1st) just to appease “the fans” doesn’t make any sense. Also, not sure why Arteta would be frustrated. I guess the three players we signed mean absolutely nothing.

Emi Rates

I’m having a hard time seeing this guy as a gooner and my support for him pivots on how he performs. As for now I’m on the fence but even if he should be good I don’t think I’ll ever warm to him. I hope he does well for us and gets us to where we want to be but when his time here is up I’d like him to slip away quietly through the backdoor.

The Far Post

I’m sure Arteta had a say in the deal, and he has a plan for how to use Jorginho. I’m not worried about that.

On the other hand, we are also scarred by the Willian experiment, so I can see why J4H might doubt. Am betting on the idea that Arteta would be right at least 50% of the time, i.e. wrong on Willian, right on Jorginho :).

Brady’s bunch

He’s signed now so I’ll park my discontent for the season , hope he does well for us.


Same here. We went into the window needing a winger, a left-footed CB, and midfield cover. We haven’t historically done a great job in January because of how difficult it is, with clubs not wanting to lose good players in the middle of a season. We signed players to address those three needs, so I have to applaud the club for taking action when in past years they have sit still. We brought in a young player with a good trajectory and some decent club and international experience, an experienced PL attacked who can rotate with our key boys up… Read more »


Before anyone loses their shit consider the following It’s for a relatively low fee (around £12m) and to cover for Partay. I actually feel better about this deal than the Caicedo deal as Brighton were asking waiting for around £80m which is derisory amongst other things. It’s for 18 months so we’re not stuck with him for ever, it’s literally as a cover for the six months and until we can find more suitable options It’s not the signing we wanted but the signing we needed Let’s see what happens and it’ll be great to finally have an Italian on… Read more »


Agree with this. It gives us good cover for a – relatively – modest fee.

Nope it’s another Portuguese speaking Brazilian!

Merlin’s Panini

We’ve had Italians before. Vito Mannone for one.
Martinelli is also Italian/Brazilian. He just chose the other team.

John C

Let’s hope he’s given a fairer welcome than Willian.

He wouldn’t have been my first choice but if you need someone to help you play 300,000 passes when you’re 1-nil up he’s probably your man, an upgrade on Elneny.


Willian had a very fair welcome. We all loved him after his debut vs Fulham

John C

But patience was in short supply

Master Floda

Because he turned out to be shit (for us). And that’s not the fault of the fans.

John C

He was given about 2 months before that verdict was given, he was hounded out of the lineup by Christmas!


And a generous 2 months it was… he was fking terrible mate.

Emi Rates

He hounded himself out of the lineup by being awfuL. And then his gobby wife who found life so difficult while her husband kept humping us for 200k a week.

Good riddance!

Merlin’s Panini

He’s a different player to Elneny. Elneny is all commitment and running. Jorginho is all guile. Like Arteta in some ways but without as much attacking threat.

John C

And that might be a better fit for us and our positional play.

What we don’t want for the player at the base of our midfield is someone who’s out of position or runs beyond the ball. What we do want is someone who will hold and is good on the ball, he might be perfect for us.


I honestly don’t get all the criticism. It’s not the most ideal deal, and I believe Edu and Co should have had better back up plans for our midfield. But he’s an adequate player and will effectively replace Elneny for the rest of the season. Add to it Arteta’s past interest and his winning pedigree, not a bad replacement at all.
Just DON’T make him take penalties though! Never!


Welcome to the red side, Jorginho.

Will be very useful in the dressing room with his leadership. Something tells me he is going to be good friends with Granit and help our Europa league campaign greatly. Let’s see how it goes.


Here’s to hoping that is all we really need him for. If we need him to come in and start in the Premier League then we’ve had injuries to either Xhaka or Partey. Great cover – but obviously not a player to challenge our first 11.

Emi Rates

We have enough leadership and it’s proven. This Chelsea new boy needs to shut up, keep his head down, work hard on the pitch and not upset the balance.

That’s it!


comedy signing

The Beast

comedy comment


3 vital positions all now covered. Great transfer window.

Dr Zebra



It makes sense of coure but so strange. Maybe we can have John Terry in the management, Diego Costa is cheap option as a striker, Rory Delap could help and so does the good old Joey Barton. /irony/

Emi Rates

You forgot Roy Keane.


Underwhelmed initially, but the stats don’t lie, quality player, ok he is in his 30’s but we need experience to help the inexperienced. Now a Gooner so let’s get behind him. COYG!!


Sounds like a good piece of business. Welcome to Arsenal Jorgi!

Boy Bastin

Welcome to him.

We have added to the squad in this window and that’s a plus, but whether those signings are what’s needed in the second half of the season only time will tell. Let’s hope so.


Welcome Mr. Tumnus!


My heart says “We’re buying a Chelsea reject in his 30s?!? Jeez – have we not learned anything?” But my head says “Proven winner of multiple trophies, technically sound, decent defensive midfield performance stats (tackles, dribbles & interceptions), Mikel is a long-time admirer. Not an exciting move, but a clever move that’ll give us solid short-term back-up in a problem area, while keeping the cash in the coffers for the summer.” He may end up being a legend, a bench-warmer or a Willian-style abject failure. But right now, with zero games in our colours to judge him on – I’m… Read more »

kampala gooner

I’m not as negative on this as the general feeling seems to be. He’s a technical gifted player. Show them what you got son.


We needed a midfielder, we signed an established ucl and wc winner. He’s been there and done that at the very top level. 1,5 years, 13m. Cover for partey and xhaka. Not bad. Now let’s win the league, that’s the one trophy Jorginho doesn’t have, it’s meant to be


Would I have preferred a younger player? Yes. And it’s well documented we did try, we tried to pay over the odds for our main midfield target but his club were never going to sell. For now, we need a stop-gap who can step right in, we need his experience with Elneny injured, we need someone to play number 6 in the Europa League matches who isn’t named Sambi. Fingers crossed Partey stays fit for the majority of the league matches we have left, wrap him in cotton wool and put him in an oxygen tank in between league matches,… Read more »


People far too wedded to blockbuster signings. We clearly tried for Caicedo but are not going to pay stupid money for someone who has only played just over 20games in the Premier League. I trust the process and pay no attention to people posting on edu out hashtags. Proven backup and a definite upgrade on Super Mo.


Well, it’s done, and to be fair he does look keen in the interview. It’s not a signing I would’ve wanted but he’s in the shirt so I’ll be supporting him 100% and we’ll see how it goes. Hopefully he plays a blinder and I’ll be eating humble pie for the rest of the season. Now lets smash Everton and their scummy new manager, I’m so glad this transfer window is over.


Now the dust has settled this looks like a sensible, well thought out short term solution. We can still go for our sexy big signings in the summer. He could do a job, and will provide extra experience and winning mentality – the length of contract was reassuring.

Yes, Caicedo would have offered way more cover to both Xhaka and Partey positions, but we did our best (as we did with Mudryk).

The bench looks way stronger anyway.

We’re in the run in now lads……..👊


Welcome aboard Jorgi.


Have heard Chelsea are getting Enzo Fernandez. How was that not our target?

Mass Gooner

105++ for Enzo? Don’t think that was on our radar.

Wed have gone for Rice / Caicos / even Jude for that kind of stupid money


You are joking, right?


Haha in my defence I wasn’t aware of the figure. I do think though that we have a unique opportunity and Jorginho doesn’t strike me as the sort of player that’s going to help us make the most of it.

Arsene Wenger's Secret Lovechild

Because we don’t try to steal other people’s signings without a squad building strategy…


£105 million for someone who had a great World Cup. I remember James Rodriguez having a great World Cup, he wasn’t much to shout about in the premier league.

Eric Blair

Insane amount of money.


This is decent enough signing giving the day & circumstances. He’ll provide depth, quality, experience & isn’t on a 3/4 year deal. Get long term targets in the summer but for the hear & now this will help. A surprise RW signing now tonight would be nice


Welcome Mr. Tumnus


Just don’t faun over him too much…


I think this is a great addition. I suspect he will be more regular than we think. He is an extremely intelligent midfielder. Let’s not forget he is a Sarri invention in Naples and Sarri ball is very much within the Guardiola type of play.


I like this move. It’s midfield cover, but he brings some things we don’t have: he can help us manage leads in a different way to “throw on Rob Holding”, for example. As much as we love Elneny, Jorginho’s an upgrade on him. This has been a good window.


This is an excellent signing and we’ve had a great window. Probably more by luck than planning Edu has now twice avoided squandering huge amounts of money on unproven wonderkids. Instead, we’ve signed two experienced footballers who can both hit the ground running and provide much-needed back-up to the first eleven. Just like Mudryk, Caicedo would have been a massive gamble, something we didn’t need in a title race. And come the summer that big money can be spent on a proven talent like Declan Rice. Edu has faffed around all this month and made himself look pretty useless; but… Read more »

Bleeding Gums Murphy

I like it fats. I’m with ya.


This is an excellent signing and we’ve had a great window.


Probably more by luck than planning. . .

Edu has faffed around all this month and made himself look pretty useless. . . . Let’s just hope that we don’t have to use the new players too much[.]

Ffs, even your positivity is really insulting and negative. I guess you just can’t help yourself.


He’s got a point, more luck than plant, wanted mudryk and caceido, bid for them but reverted on trossard and Jorginho.


Am i the only one who thinks it’s weird we’re loaning Sambi? We were desperate for midfield reinforcement, but with the injury to Elneny and the Sambi loan were actually one less midfielder to call on. I know Sambi hasn’t been tearing it up, but you could still play him in Xhaka’s roll, as an 8, which doesn’t expose him so much positionally.


I get the feeling that the Sambi situation is not healthy. He’s clearly not rated by Arteta at this point. He needs a change of scenery, maybe he can play enough for Palace to unlock his talent, which is surely there. Even if he never plays for us again, at least it could increase his value.


By his petulant attitude at City it’s obvious he’s not happy at the club. A spell away will do him good


On the bright side we went into this window needing cover for key areas of the pitch and got that in almost every area with two versatile players and a real veteran in Jorginho. However, don’t like how we extended Jorginho by a year on the wages he is on to be a backup and won that we will be looking to upgrade on this Summer if we go for Rice or back in for Caicedo or someone at their level and age profile. We also extended Elneny for a year so will have both of them on the books… Read more »

Nainsley Aitland Miles

£50m outlay for Jorginho, Trossard, and Kiwior has the makings of very shrewd mid-season business.

All fairly low-risk signings but give a vital injection of quality to the backbone of the squad which will be stretched come the Europa League campaign.

Plus Jesus to return in a few weeks in time for the Europa League run-in will be LANS.

Very satisfied with our business this month.

Steve T

26m + 21m + 12m = 50m???

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Guaranteed fees without add-ons.

Trossard £20m.
Kiwior £20m.
Jorginho £10m.

Don’t include add-ons yet as they may not be achieved.

Steve T

I thought we were finished with rummaging through the Chelsea bins .. disappointing

Death by 300,000 Passes

Edu looks scared. Like most of us.


someone should play him back those interviews he gave about 6 months ago


This is quite a good signing, He is a proven winner and has that mentality along with Zinchenko and Jesus. We need that to kick the youngsters on to the finish line so they can be proven winners also. Then in the summer get the likes of Rice to really strengthen the team, by then we will hopefully Premier league championship.


Ok Jorginho is not much worse than Elneny guys. Chill out.


But but….i like Elneny. I like HIM, maybe more than the player Elneny.




People saying this is a bit of a Kallstrom, let’s hope so. If he’s barely needed but scores an important penalty in a trophy winning season then we’ll all be happy.


He can’t be any “kind of a Kallstrom” without a dodgy spine on arrival.

The Iceman

I’ll admit my initial reaction was a gut sinking feeling….. But having sat on it for a bit now, I’m actually thinking we played a blinder given the cards that have been dealt. We need to appreciate all the signings we have made this window are purely because of where we are…. To remind evryobe TOP of the bloody league!! Even kiwior feels like a nacho Monreal situation; brought forward but planned for summer window initially. We all saw this play out beat for beat the previous summer window just gone. Literally… Every step. Swap raphina for mudryk…. Add unplanned… Read more »


no penalty, please! 😬


If you look at his statistics over the last 2 years, they are better than Partey’s. I’d still rather Partey be fit and playing, but I’ve no problem with Jorginho if he isn’t. He has so much experience as a winner. Look at the mentality Zinchenko and Jesus have brought to the club. Jorginho can only add to that. I’d rather Rice arrive in the summer as a long term player. Come in you Gooners!


Good signing. A PROVEN player in FPL for just 12 million. I like it. Obviously we going to go big for a ‘proper’ midfielder in the summer transfer window.

Rumor has it that Boehly tried to hijack the transfer by placing last minute 22 million bid… before realizing that Jorginho already was at chelsea 😉

Der Kaiser

Greatest depth I can ever remember at Arsenal;- 1) Ramsdale ( 2) Turner) 3) Tomiyasu or 4) White ( 5) Cedric) 6) Saliba ( 4) White) 7) Gabriel ( 8) Kiwior or 9) Holding) 10) Zinchenko ( 11)Tierney) 12) Partey ( 13) Jorginho) 14) Xhaka (8) Kiwior) 15) Saka (16) Nelson) 17) Odegaard (18) Smith- Rowe (19 Viera) 20) Martinelli ( 21) Trossard) 22) Jesus ( 23 Nketiah ) 24) Bagolun returns in Summer 25) Patino returns to eventually succeed Xhaka As I see it that is 25 quality first team players May then sell Soares and Holding but buy… Read more »

Charles Charlie Charles

Welcome to Arsenal Jorginho

The Arsenal

Good Business. Just annoying because we have been burned before with Chelsea pensioners, but i see this one differently. Added winning experience around the squad is always welcome. I think we are harsh on the club sometimes for being too ‘safe’. We could have broken the bank and spent 200million on Mudryk and Caicedo but we played it safe and instead were very pragmatic to buy a defender, midfielder and forward for a quarter of the price. When we win the league and then buy Rice and Caicedo in the summer for less money Edu will be a genius again.… Read more »


Welcome to the Arsenal , Jorginho! He is one of us now!
I am in the minority here in that i am happy that Jorginho is here and thankful that 75m bid for Caicedo didnt go through. Although I am generally in the camp of spend money and make things happen, that just felt way too much. My assumption is Jorginho is supposed to be a backup for Partey… I dont understand whats not to like about about someone like Jorginho for a backup!

Mikels Arteta

Can we still call him Mr. Tumnus?


Welcome to the Arsenal, Jorginho! He is one of us now! I seem to be in the minority here. I am happy that we got Jorginho instead of Caicedo for 75m! I am generally in the camp of spend money and make things happen but 75m for Caicedo seemed quite ridiculuous. Anyways, Jorginho is backup for Partey, I dont understand whats there not to like about this. PL experience, proven winner, skillful, a bit slow but Cesc used to be slowest yet the most influential in dictating the game anways.. Traore is really fast but just that.. pace isnt everythingI… Read more »


Do you know how amazing this deal could potentially be? We’ve signed our first Italian in AGES and he’s an intelligent one. An able back up to Partey and helps us a lot in controlling games which has been our issue even when we are ahead. To top it off, he has leadership skills that will surely benefit our young Gunners. Plus can you imagine the next DM we buy having to learn from both Partey AND Jorginho? Idc about those insulting Edu, but I’m determined to see out the first 5 years of this so called “Phase One” process… Read more »

Eric Blair

OK everyone, toys back in the pram, let’s get behind him and the rest of the team.

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