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Arteta provides fitness update on Partey and Smith Rowe

Mikel Arteta says Emile Smith Rowe will not be fit to face Everton at Goodison Park on Saturday while a decision on Thomas Partey’s involvement will be made today.

Smith Rowe made his return from groin surgery last month but is thought to have suffered a minor setback and won’t be risked in the short term.

APartey was substituted at half time of the 1-0 defeat to Manchester City a week ago complaining of a rib issue. While a scan has confirmed the injury isn’t serious, it’s clearly still causing him a bit of an issue.

“Let’s see, that one is still a doubt,” said Arteta when asked about the Ghanaian in his pre-game press conference.

“Let’s see today how he comes in and if he’s able to train with the team today or not and then we’ll make a decision.

“He’s not ruled out and it’s nothing very significant but it was significant enough to get him out of the game [at the Etihad] which for Thomas is a bit unusual. Hopefully, he will be fine.

On whether Smith Rowe will be available, he added: “Not yet.”

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Bad news if TP not available, our points per match is far higher with him playing. At least now we have a higher level back-up than Sambi, though would still prefer TP to be playing by far.


Though good timing to an extent, it is Everton rather than a team higher up the league. But would still prefer TP to be on the pitch.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

That stat is highly skewed as it goes back to last season when both first choice full-backs Tomiyasu and Tierney were also injured for long spells, and before Saliba, Zinchenko were added to defence.


This season per Sash on Twitter:

Arsenal lost 4 games all season.

United (A) – TP didn’t play

PSV (A) – TP came on when losing 1-0

Brighton (H) – TP didn’t play

Man City (A) – TP went off HT when it was 0-0

He makes a difference.


Fking eh he makes a difference. He’s a world class player! Get fit Tommy!


Wow – those stats show how important Thomas is to our success, and how badly we have struggled without him. However, in all those games we didn’t have a guy who won the Ballon d’Or bronze only 15 months ago to deputise. Though I would dearly want Partey to play every game, I’m not longer crapping myself every time he’s a doubt for the next game.

Santi’s Thigh Grab

Everton is actually a good side for Jorginho to break his duck with Arsenal. If Partey plays, it won’t be for the full 90.


Don’t play him, stick him on the bench. We bought Jorge for exactly this situation. Let’s see what he’s got left in the tank.


Fully agreed. We rushed Partey back last season and it costed us during the run-in. Jorginho is more than capable to steady the ship for a couple games, so we can have a fully fit Partey for City’s visit.


Didn’t see Jorge in training though

Boy Bastin

That’s certainly an option. No point paying pretty good money for a “senior”, experienced, player and not using him if needed. I don’t think he has any injury/fitness issues so give him a run out (for at least part of the game at least).


… and if we drop points, you will now blame someone. If Partey is fit, he plays through to the last game that confirms the EPL trophy.
No experiments. You would have said same with Martin O. He had an injury and Vieira came to our rescue against a good Brentford side in an away match.

We bought Jorginho as a back, a backup he will be. He comes in when we ve won the game.

Boy Bastin

That’s nonsense. If Partey is fully fit, that’s fine but if there’s any doubt then he shouldn’t play (he doesn’t have a great injury record, does he).

If we buy any player he should be ready to play (and I assume that Jorginho is). If we’re not confident of playing him because we may drop points we shouldn’t have bought him in the first place!

P/S I’m glad you know what I would have said about Martin O (because I don’t). It must be a great gift.


you seem pleasant


Hopefully enough for Everton, hopefully enough for most opponents which would take some of the pressure off Partey

Not much wrong with the team around him, should help …

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Seems sensible. I really like the J20 signing but perhaps not the ideal match to make his debut.

Banana-skin fixture, early kick-off, new manager bounce, frustrated hostile crowd.


I hear you, but we’re a different beast this season, and Everton are a poor side who have just shipped out one of their best players.

Sit it down, control the game, protect Partey, solid 2-0. Back on the bus/private jet.

Boy Bastin

On paper that’s right but a new manager can sometimes bring about a quick improvement as players are not only playing for a place in the team but very possibly for their future at the club.

Santi’s Thigh Grab

Let’s not generalize, we are playing Everton, who are currently second from the bottom, Dyche has beaten Arsenal once, they sold their best attacking player and they brought no one in. If we can’t dominate this team from start to finish then we aren’t winning the league. It’s ok to be confident that if we play our game we should come out on top. The manager will make sure the squad puts in the hard miles on the pitch. Additionally, players like Zinny and Jesus won’t allow anything less. We are a different sauce this year, I don’t see the… Read more »

Merlin’s Panini

He’s a seasoned professional footballer who’s won the Champions League and Euros. He’s not going to be phased by Everton.

Luton Gooner

I feel like Arteta’s “let’s see” is more, let’s see if Jorge is ready to start and carry out the tactical instructions rather than any real concerns about Partey.

A Different George

A lot of this stuff about Jorginho’s “waning” physical abilities and how much he has left surprises me. Whether you think he was crap or a genuine Ballon d’Or candidate, he never relied on pace or winning physical duels. There is zero reason to think he won’t play about the same way as he has been playing. I think that will be valuable, but I understand the argument that he will slows the game compared to Partey (as he would have in his best years).

Boy Bastin

It’s a “wait and see” with Partey then but it would be good to have him at Goodison Park.

On paper, Everton certainly don’t look too much of a threat but sometimes there’s a bounce in performance when a new manager, particularly one like Dyche, arrives so Partey would be a useful addition.

Man Manny

Jorginho signing suddenly makes a lot of sense. I must confess I hadn’t watched enough of him to know what he’s about. All that came to mind was his queer way with penalties. I have watched a Youtube compilation of his games this season now, and I am confident he can hold his own in the absence of Partey tomorrow.
Trossard is there also, so ESR loss is not that worrying. Great job, Edu and Co.
To the title oh ye Gunners!


Have to feel for ESR, such tough luck with the injuries. If he can get back to his level of a couple of seasons ago and provide that spark off of the bench that can be huge for us in the run in.

Definitely a great opportunity to rest Partey (or at least not start him) even if he can go and let Jorginho come in. Away matches are never easy in the PL, but with the big matches coming up it is key to have a fully healthy Partey for those.


I’d say the key to the Jorginho/Partey decision rests on whether Jorginho has had enough time working with the rest of the team to figure out each player’s movements. If so, then give Partey a few extra days of recovery. If not, then keep him in the side for tomorrow.

We play fast-and-slick, and that requires well-drilled understanding of relative positions in different phases of play. I’ve absolutely no doubt that Jorginho will click with the rest of the team, but three training sessions may not be enough for him to be fully up to speed on this front.


Actually, I’m gonna amend that: If Partey is fine, he plays. If Partey is not fine, then Jorginho plays. If Partey is marginal, then and only then does the above apply.

Santi’s Thigh Grab

That’s fair. J20 may also get some instruction during the game from a coach so he gets a half to watch it in action. One thing we know, Mikel will put out the side he believes will win the game in a controlling and dominating performance. The man hates losing but he’s always looking for the performance.


We’re going to have 90% possession against a horribly defensive and motivated Dyche Everton. This isn’t going to make for great viewing, but hopefully we can scrape a scrappy win.

Eddie with a 2 yarder off his arse or Trossard from the bench.


I’d take any kind of win, but I hope we rip them apart. 3-0 would be nice and why not? We are good enough.

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