Thursday, September 21, 2023

Arsenal 5-0 Wolves – player ratings

Arsenal finished off a fun season in a fun way, beating Wolves 5-0 today thanks to goals from Granit Xhaka, Gabriel Jesus, Bukayo Saka and Jakub Kiwior.

It was a nice way for the season to end, and for the Swiss international to score a couple on his final appearance was really nice.

Here’s how the players rated this afternoon.

Read the Arsenal 5-0 Wolves report and see the goals here 

Arsenal 5-0 Wolves – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Aaron Ramsdale. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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10/10 arseblog, thanks Andrew and team, we go again next season with towards 100 points


Hear hear! 👏

Tommy Gunner

The starting Arseblog 11 is well up there but they need a bit more strength in depth * cough guy who was on “liveblog” duty today


Thanks Arseblog definitely. But whoever wrote those corny player comments above need to be replaced.


I went through a lot turmoil during theae past two years but two that kept me going was welcoming my daughter who turned one on the very day we lost against Citeh. And secondly the unexpected ascendancy of The Arsenal.

I consider myself a very lucky man indeed. This blog and the genuine passion for the club and team and comraderie kept me going.

To the blog and our fans, let’s it going you don’t know how much you inlfuce and impact peoples lives.

Thank you.


ESR hardly involved and still manages to get an assist. Hope he stays and has a big next season with us


That was an accidental assist. It bothers me how long ESR takes after a medium-long term injury to be himself.


Oh no I accidentally assisted a goal in the premier league!!!! What if I accidentally score one next time??? Send help


Thanks Mr Blogs and team for all your work over the course this incredible season!


What’s with the downvotes?


Imagine being a fan of a rival team and going to effort of downvoting things like this. Sad life 😔

Mark Lankester

Thanks for the work you do for the fans. Special season. The one if only is…
If Saliba had stayed fit would we have held onto our lead? No bottling or choking. Just the wrong injury at the wrong time.


without doubt

T. House

The other if only is the points that kept vanishing via VAR oopsies. Those add up to approximately the difference between City and Arsenal.

Exit the Lemming

I beg to differ:Man City had 7 ref’s decisions overturned by VAR that went against them this season while they also had 3 in their favourArsenal had 7 ref’s decisions overturned by VAR that went against them this season while they also had 5 in their favour


So what? How many of the Citeh decisions turned out to be complete bollocks afterwards?

Pat Rice and Beans

Nice win to close this surprisingly good season. At some point I thought Xhaka would depart scoring a hattrick, but a brace was a good way to send his farewell to terraces.

In ‘not so positive points’, it seems it was the end of the line for KT in Arsenal colours. And don’t think Arteta could pull a White with Kiwior at left back, but it was a nice experiment.

Exit the Lemming

Kiwior will never be a left back and losing Tierney will now be almost inevitable but a huge mistake.


Huge thanks to Blogs although I have no interest in rating you today ! All your work is so appreciated along with the rest of the Arsebloggers on here ! Roll on next season I’m very proud to have watched a great set of lads giving us an immense season What ifs buts and maybes but we enjoyed the ride ! Granite Xhaka ? Thank you for being a Gooner & a true competitor ! Have a great summer everyone !!!


10/10 for everyone including the subs, 12/10 for the crowd which was fantastic all season long (and I was proud to make it across the pond for a couple of matches and be a part of it), and 15/10 for Blogs for another wonderful year of insight and commentary.


Thoroughly enjoyed the season. Champions league, St totteringham day, over 80 points, 2nd only 5 points behind shitty. Progress too glaring. Let’s build on it. We could have done better but it is what it is. Congratulations to the Arsenal.


Finishing above Man U Is quite nice too. 😀


That Bournemouth game will be remembered for decades. A new home ground song too. And one of the great away kits.


17 points ahead of Liverpool, 40 ahead of Chelsea. 88 goals scored in the league, five players in double figures in all comps with two more on 9. The new stadium skin, a new atmosphere at the ground, a team in the ascendancy, most of the good young talent on new contracts. Even more exciting times ahead


Thanks to everyone at Arseblog, it’s been a fantastic season and let’s do it all again next year.! Except not winning, let’s not do that again.


Thanks to you, Andrew – and to all your team – I’ve really appreciated this site and your commentary this season. Will be back for the next one!

Alex Nagy

Fantastic way to finish up after a few disapointing weeks. Love this club, the squad, the unity and especially Mikel. Have a good break blogs!


Thank you Granit. You’re my captain over the past years, and will commemorate the (probable) departutre by finallly buying your kit 💪❤️


I feel like he will be talked about in a similar way to Peter Storey

Exit the Lemming

As a Porn baron?


After turning his arsenal career round, with today’s “oh Granet Xhaka we want you to stay” song, if we’d won the league this year they’d be buying the rights to Granet the movie.

Exit the Lemming

With Dolph Lundgren as the star and Captain Scarlet as Mikel Arteta.

Ray's ice cream Parlour

Bonus – Leeds go down (ha, ha, ha)

Exit the Lemming

….and Leicester. Worst Premier league champions of all time. back where they belong

Merlin’s Panini

What a great win. Not quite sure why we’re not rating subs today, but ok. Finishing 5 points behind City in the end doesn’t look as bad as the last few weeks have seemed. I know City dropped the pace after winning the league given they have fingers in other pies but credit to our lot for a season that surpassed all expectations and made us dream for a long time. A nice way to sign off and let’s hope we begin next season in this form. The summer is going to be extremely interesting given we’re losing our de… Read more »

T. House

Thanks blogs for another excellent season of Arsenal coverage.

Exit the Lemming

Who down voted this….James?

Aleksander Włodarz

Great work from the Arsblog throughout the whole season 👏. Ps guess every Gunner would swap that one 5 0 for five 1 0… Hopefully the last games (Arsenal win, ManCity lose) will set the tone for the next season. Wish the team went for the pre seasonal two week training camp in Austria like in the good old days…

Aleksander Włodarz



We’re in pot 2 gang. Awesome news.

Exit the Lemming

Pot might help yes from the reality of the CL

Finsbury Park Gooner

10s for everybody, but Xhaka gets an 11


Even the ref was okay!!!


10/10 Jorginho, after that horrendous attempt, telling the fans to shut up because he can’t shoot 🤣

El Mintero

So long Granit. Player of the year for me. And a brilliant captain for us last 7 years, even if not “official” last couple of seasons we all knew you were our captain. When you played, we won. Thank you for everything.

Exit the Lemming

(Not entirely convinced his leaving is a done and dusted deal….) Granit’s final two seasons were far and away his best


Thanks Blogs! This was a fun season! My wifey became a fan. She got mad after we couldn’t keep the lead. Thank-you Granit! And thank you for the entire team for the performance and the groovy style and lots of wins. Next time lets not lose to fucking City, lets not let them control and thank-you Edu and Mikel for showing intent in January transfer window!

Exit the Lemming

Any oil rich nations out there looking for a cut price deal on wannabe English champs?


Norway comes to mind…. could Norway buy us? Please? We already have one norwegian “owning” the pitch. Why not? And a sneaky Haaland transfer, as he wants to join for patriotic reasons? 😀

Exit the Lemming

Citeh win it by 5 points. Brighton then Forest. There’s six lost without even a whimper of resistance. Liverpool and West Ham away. There’s another four surrendered from two goal winning positions. I need to lie down I think. Getting too emotional and resentful about what should have been but it really doesn’t matter how you slice this up, dissect the pieces, analyse the living shite out of: young team, squad depth, injuries to key players, tiredness, Win the brown labrador getting worms. We bottled this.

89 again

Disagree. Also, crying time is over. Look forward.

Kahara Mzamil Uthman

Thanks to Arteta for squard expansion with great players

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