Friday, September 22, 2023

Report: William Saliba agrees new Arsenal contract

Just when you thought it was going to be a quiet Saturday, we get an Orn Bomb of epic proportion.

David is reporting that Arsenal have agreed terms with William Saliba over a new contract.

What more is there to say?

Having already renewed terms with Bukayo Saka, Aaron Ramsdale, Gabriel, and Gabriel Martinelli, it looks as if the future of another key first team player has been secured.

Saliba was an outstanding performer for the Gunners last season, until injury halted his first campaign in red and white, but after this latest update, we no longer have to fear it might be his last.

Enjoy your Saturday, folks.

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Up the fucking Gun!!!


Huge news! I was critical of some of his previous treatment, but with him signing this it has all paid off. Well done Mikel and team. Already one of the best defenders in world footie. Massive news!


I think the way the loans played out and adding him into the team last season was a master stroke

I know some would have had him involved in 2021/22, but we had Gabriel and just bought White, so there might not have been as many minutes there for him

I’d say it’s worked out very well indeed, bar his injury, that we need him to come back from just as strong as he was at the start of the season, ideally


A lot of the criticisms about how Saliba was treated assumed Saliba was an petulant, immature child who would no doubt lash out at the club because he was angry or some such bollocks

In reality he is a mature head on young shoulders, who knew at the time he needed those loans (because he said so repeatedly! People just ignored that and ran with their own narratives).


Great news. Finally! Now, find the DM that we dreamed of……

Mayor McCheese

It is huge news! Something to savor, especially because today there really isn’t anything else noteworthy happening in football.

Johnny 4 Hats

Wow, now everyone is tied down. Such a far cry from always thinking Fabregas, Nasri, RVP, Sanchez… are on the brink of leaving for a bigger club. This might seem like a dig at Wenger and I don’t mean it to be. But when a manager creates a true pathway to glory and is able to present a project that has undeniable allure, the signatures come fast and strong. I don’t think Arsenal has been this attractive since we moved to the emirates. In fact, I actually think we might have more pull now than we’ve ever had. And some… Read more »


Yep I’m with you on this J4H. This is a massive statement. I haven’t been this excited about a CB signing with us since big sol all those years ago.
These are indeed the good times. COYG!!!


This is a huge one. I agree, I think with him in place and looking one of the best young (maybe all age) defenders in world football (along with the others locked down) it’s now an even more attractive project. This is massive, been worried about this for a couple years…

Johnny 4 Hats

Forgot to loan him
Loan him
Loan him
Write him off
Loan him
Play him
Freak out about his contract
Relief! He signed!
Scared that it’s too short / too expensive

Just another day being an Arsenal fan

A Different George

Sure, but have Arsenal signed Declan Rice yet?

Johnny 4 Hats

I think Rice gets done in the next few days. There just doesn’t seem to be any competition. I thought United would go hard but there hasn’t been any noise.

The only thing I worry about is City moving in once their CL campaign is done. But they’ve just signed Kovacic and have Rodri and Phillips so I doubt it.

But while we were marinating our Rice, I think Caicedo is slipping away.

Chelsea now looking like favourites to land him. God knows why. Big mistake if he goes.


J4H have we not learned the lessons of Mudryk? I will not believe Rice is an Arsenal player until the guy in this comment section whose name is currently “Pat Fried Rice with Egg” changes his name to “Declan Fried Rice with Egg” – then and only then will it be official.

Compañero de clan Arroz

I don’t believe in Caicedo. Buying him will be negocio caido.


I can’t believe you would come here beneath my comment about a guy who has the word Rice in his username, with the Spanish word for Rice in your username, and completely ignore what I wrote.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Credit to Kroenke too. Saudi Arabia being attractive recently tells me that money has a clear pathway to glory as well.



I’m afraid with Saliba – as with our other recent big contract renewals- it’s actually a case of rewarding a world class talent with a salary befitting them.

Then again, your grasp of anything, football related or otherwise, is pretty limited.


Odegaard and Benny Blanco next and maybe Tommi.

Bill Hall



Good news keeps coming

Ordnance Dave

Funny how FatGooner doesn’t comment on the good news

Bleeding Gums Murphy

You leave our fats alone. The blog would not be the same without him.


He’ll show up soon enough when you least expect it – like the evil fairy in Disney’s ‘Sleeping Beauty.’

Bill Hall

There was no need for that


No, there was.

Fats dishes it out; he ought to be able to take it back.




No words




Duh duh duh duh duh duh duh



I hope his back has mended though.

Public Elneny Number One

Excellent news and if Inter win tonight its a goodly Saturday for me


It’s a win/win for Gooners everywhere tonight.

City win = United tears and make no mistake, they (the Nevilles Keane Fergie and their annoying fans) will be GUTTED.

City defeat = the tears of Pep, Grealish, Rodri and Haaland.

Cheers! 🥂🍾😂

Santi’s Thigh Grab

Tis truly a win win for the neutrals.

Heavenly Chapecoense

I tend to be obsessed about eliminating the last mosquito that stung me so I am all for Inter.

Billy bob

Glad it’s tears for the ManUre lot, I hate them more than the state funded oil slick


I mean honestly, would you swap that incredible season we’ve just had –

Finish 2nd and secure ECL football after being top for 90% of it, Liverpool at Home, Utd at Home, Chelsea Home and Away, Spuds Home and Away, that Nelson goal and all the great goals and other great moments from Odegaard, Xhaka, Saliba, White, Saka, Martinelli, Jesus, Partey, Gabriel and Ramsdale

– for a fucking League Cup? 😂


Inter won’t win tonight oh. Except when Arsenal is involved I am a Gardiola fan every day. Relentless pursuit of excellence. That’s what he personifies. That’s what I am also hoping his protogee Arteta’ grows into.


You’re such a big fan, you can’t even spell his name. 😜

Naked Cygan

Has anyone ever told you that there are other fans who love football in non English speaking countries and English is not their first language? Not sure if you knew that.


English, for your information, is spoken in countries all over the world, smart arse.

Naked Cygan

So based on your logic people all over the world should be able to have perfect English spelling skills to your standards?


And by your logic, we should all automatically know the nationality of each and everyone we converse with on here?

Look mate, if people can’t handle a bit of banter without resorting to hair splitting, that’s their problem.

Naked Cygan

If you get off on correcting people’s grammer and spelling then I guess I won’t spoil your hobby. Carry on!


guardiola means guardiola in any language… 😜


Guardiola isn’t an English surname, so I’m not really sure why English ability would have anything to do with it.


Who cares.


I do.


Then go on and support City.
I can’t understand how a fan can support two teams in football, not to even talk of two teams from the same league.
It doesn’t make you a fan but someone who just enjoys good football.
A fan supports and is loyal to a team.

Johnny 4 Hats

We have to support the team we like the manager of?

Well, consider me an Al-Ittihad Club ultra.


so to love a team means to hate the others? sad to learn that i‘m not a fan… 🥲


Totally agree. These people who have to bask in reflected glory are a joke. I remember this bloke I knew, also a Gooner, going out and treating himself to a Blackburn Rovers shirt – after they won the title in 1995.

Like WTF! Why, just why….??!!

Seriously, when it comes to other clubs, I’ve got a soft spot for them all – and that’s a quiet little stretch of quicksand…..

They can all go to hell.

There’s only one club for me – The Arsenal.


It’s amazing how easy it is to pursue excellence when you’re running a club whose transfer budget is larger than Latin – American debt.
Funny how Pep jumped ship at FC Cuntalonia as soon as it looked like they were going to have to work within a budget.

A Different George

I don’t like Man City and their “project” either and Pep’s Barca certainly had some amazing advantages (Messi, if nothing else) . But there is no one in football–including every other manager with the possible exception of Sam Allardyce–who doesn’t think he is a great manager; it just makes someone look stupid or blind not to recognise this.


I suppose this is what makes sportswashing so effective and hard to combat – it’s hard to argue against the genius of a person like Guardiola and what a financially doped up team is capable of producing on the pitch.

A Different George

Exactly. Compare PSG, where there really is no argument that their success is completely dependent on buying big players and paying outlandish salaries, with endless turmoil and a new manager every season or so. It’s not really sport is it–just sportswashing. In contrast, City have been well-run, with smart deals (though, of course, if their manager in fact really wants someone, they will get that player). And they have built a real team that–as much as Ferguson’s United or Wenger’s Arsenal–is clearly something more than the individual players, however talented. City look a football team, a great football team, and… Read more »


Yea I can’t lie, watching Peps Man City is the best I’ve ever seen.
But the financial doping going on there is next level.
Super Mik has a massive job on his hands and a can’t wait to see how he does it. Re -signing Tequila et all is a fantastic start to the summer. COYG!!!!

Mikels Arteta

Lol ‘sportswashing’

Billy bob

Just like mouriniho, only good at a club with money – has the audacity to call himself the speical one!! Seriously!!!!


If you’re a true supporter, the team picks you, not the other way round. So it’s kind of weird that you support two teams in the same league.


I’d rather focus on Denver Nuggets winning their next match / clinching the NBA title. That would mean KSE had a Superbowl in 22, a NBA title in 23… and will do whatever it takes to achieve their Holly Trilogy with a PL title in 24! including splashing cash ruthlessly on players Arteta (rightfully) needs and deserves based on 22/23 performance

Cliff Bastin

It pains me to address this but Stan has been injecting funds and backing the manager very well these last few windows.


And an Avalanche Stanley Cup last year as well. Have to say: that is an impressive record, across sports, development models, and financial rules.

VAR will solve all the problems

Also don’t forget they also won the Stanley Cup with Avalanche two season back. Kroenke’s teams are winning it all. They ranked second in best Sporting Empire according to Forbes. Hope winning becomes an addiction for them and they inject more money into Arsenal.


And last year the mammoth won indoor th lacrosse league and may do it again. Then there is the electronic game team in la that I think on their league two years ago for thos not old and not in the USA, the nuggets winning the nba has been a pipe dream for decades. The nuggets had some very good teams in the 80’s very good. But there was the laker problem and the while the nuggets were very good the magic lakers were all time great. Nuggets could never get past them. Same thing a couple years back when… Read more »

Naked Cygan

Actually Inter winning is not good news for us. If I am not wrong, inter winning will put them in pot 1 for the Champions League group stages. If Man City win, then Inter go in pot 2 and Feyenoord will be in pot 1. I would rather pull Feyenoord from pot 1 than Inter, but that’s just my opinion.


Am I the only one who misses the old good days when we had 2 types of info: “X club interested in y player” and ” X club signed y player” and that was it….
Now it’s “Rice wants Arsenal, Rice has the pen and still waits for the printer to print the contract, Edu changed the cartridge so it’s almost done, Rice signed the contract but Arteta didn’t like the signature so we wait but it’s almost done, Rice took a selfie at the Emirates, BREAKING: Rice is an Arsenal player, waiting for the the club to confirm”

Tankard Gooner

Personally I quite enjoy the printer cartridge-esque parts of a transfer story.

Johnny 4 Hats

Also, it saves me from calling very questionable 0891 numbers who claim, on teletext, to have important transfer information. And all for only £2.50 a minute.

My parents were so angry….


I used to look up the Box Office number in one of my Dad’s match day programmes when I was a primary school kid. I’d then call them up. Just to hear a voice answer “Hello, good morning, Arsenal Football Club?”

The old man used to roll his eyes and then chuckle when the itemised bill used to drop on the mat.

“What on earth are doing phoning up the Arsenal? They’ve got a girl in reception – not Liam Brady!”

Point taken. You wouldn’t do it again though… 😬

A Different George

No one gave you David Ornstein’s private number?

Mayor McCheese

It’s why we have a Canon on our shirt.


Ur not the only one. I really dislike Fabrizio’s style of constant updates and incessant tweeting, but I especially hate that he is so accurate and mostly first to break news. His credibility is unshakeable. Wish he was just a passing fad like the arsenal horse or mole or Bell.


That’s “arsenal dot horse”


Turns out that is actually still available.

Johnny 4 Hats

I really want to know why pretty much all transfer information has been entrusted to just two journalists.

Who on earth did Fabrizio and David have to sleep with to get first refusal on every big story?

I’m going for a circle jerk involving Jorge Mendes, Kia Joorabchian and Sepp Batter. Sorry Blatter.

Bill Hall

What a horrifying thought 🤣

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Its hard to follow Fabrizio just for Arsenal news, he tweets every 10 minutes and everything gets lost in the shuffle.

I’m quite new to twitter and still figuring it out but I’d love to know if theres a way to just filter his Arsenal tweets as notifications?


Delete Twitter and be at peace

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Haha, not a bad idea!

Emi Rates

Or never join in the first place.


Here’s how I deal with it. I just use Arseblog as source for transfer news. You don’t miss anything of any importance and you get punctual updates so that you’re never out of the loop (see article above, 1 hour between original Tweet and story apearing).


Spot on. Went bonkers previous seasons reading transfer “news” from others, especially one site that focus ball clubs in the capital city…… yikes…. Much better just focusing in Arseblog…. Hairs regrowth


In the summer of ‘82, I remember going on holiday and learning via the morning papers that we had signed Tony Woodcock. He was in International duty with the England World Cup squad and there was a great picture of Tony being given the bumps by fellow England lads Kenny Sansom and Graham Rix; all three of them in that brilliant Admiral England kit – (white shirt with thick navy and red stripes across the shoulders and thin blue line just below across the upper chest) Until then, there had been maybe one or two quiet rumours in smaller articles… Read more »

Nacho Cheese Kalevra

Phew 😮‍💨


Great news!


Great news bit also can’t believe the people apparently genuinely had The Fear that this wasn’t going to happen


that people*


I confess I had. This dragged on for too long for my taste.

But it’s done now, couldn’t be happier!


Very odd you getting downvotes for this.

The idea that Saliba was gonna exact his “revenge” by refusing to extend was internet fanfiction, a total fantasy

Naked Cygan

I will admit I was one of the people who thought this might not happen and I am glad and happy to admit I was wrong. Just felt that sending him on loan might have pi$$ed him off. I still wouldn’t be surprised if there is something in his contract that would allow PSG to sign for an agreement amount down the road. But great news for us, he stays and if we have to sell him in a few years we get a nice chunk of money 💰.

Alberto Balsam Mendez Rodriguez


now onto signing 10+ players*

*Between the mens and the womens teams


Fuckin’ excellent


Absolutely thrilled by this he is a special player that will only get better and has the potential to become one of the best in the world …

made my Saturday complete …


I’d say he is one of the best in the world already.

No one could hold a light to us until he picked up that injury – that’s when we lost the title.

You cannot overestimate his importance at the back; everyone else has a better game with Big Willie in the side.

PSG, City, Real, Utd, Chelsea, Newcastle – fucking ALL of them – will be sick to the stomach with this news. 🤣


Fantastic news. I’m heading out to drink massive amounts of tequila.

Tankard Gooner

Nananana nana nana!


The good stuff too

Salibas bank account

Lets Go!

One of the most (if not the most) important business we had to do this summer.

The importance of keeping our young and excellent players can not be overestimated.

With him, Saka, Ramsdale, Martinelli and Gabi here for the long run we can build on our excellent season. White and Ødegård next please (even though not anywhere as urgent)


Yesss, can’t wait to see big Willie next season tearing it up.

….it’s too good of news to even worry about how it sounds! COYG!


Probably our best signing of the summer

Tankard Gooner

PHEEEEEEWWWWWW! Must say, personally have been much more invested in the Saliba situation over the last few weeks than any Declan Rice stuff. So so relieved this is done!!

Martin R

I agree. Much more important than signing Rice. 👍


CIES football observatory values him at 84 million euros – £72 million which goes to show how far he has developed as a player. Sending him back home to develop was a master stroke by Arsenal.

At 22 years he is a massive talent.

There seems to be a different approach to Arsenal – no messing around waiting for contracts to expire before they do something.

It’s all looking good for Arsenal.


Arteta has waved his magic wand again.

Seriously, I’ve been supporting Arsenal since 1971 and I’ve never known the club to be able to keep its top stars in the same way as now.

It’s almost unprecedented.

Peter Cechs helmet

Tits on a stick!! Yippee!!


Arguably the best signing we’ll make this summer.


One of the most important 🤫

The Only Olivier is Giroud

Ta da da da daduh ta duh! Ta da da da daduh duh! Ta taduh daaahhh duh! Ta daduh daaahhh duh! Ta dadadada daduh DAH- SALIBA!


GET IN! 💪🏻❤️

What’s the French for va va vroom?

Best news since – well since last week when Saka signed!

Just get a couple of strong mids, another defender and a target man striker and we are near complete.


I think the target man striker might probably have to wait until this time next year.

We can’t do it all in this window – and marquee signings, as a rule, rarely happen in January.

We will, however, be in an ultra strong position next June where we can make him the main target – we can then buy an absolute top drawer worldie.

One to look forward to. 😉


GET IN!!!!!

Ladies and Gents, make no mistake, this is THE signing of the summer.

Anything else now is a beautiful bonus.

We are sipping champagne in the sunshine in the garden Chez Qwaliteee.


Cheers! 😊👍


🥂 🍾 🥂 🍾 🥂 🍾 🥂 🍾 🥂 🍾 🥂 🍾 🥂 🍾 🥂 🍾 🥂 🍾 🥂 🍾

Heavenly Chapecoense

Enjoy mate, it’s been long since Ozil signing.


Is that really the best you can do? 😂


Great news


It’s a great day a great day! Eat mud psg

I miss santi cazorla

Hell yeah

Merlin’s Panini

Yes! This was the contract I really wanted to see signed the most. Fuck you PSG.
Great to have our big Willy tied down for four years. It must’ve been hard to be out for the last couple of months but he’ll come through. Glad we’ve pulled this off.




Aaaaand… Relax.


Trust Sky Sports to come out with “In principle”

Fucking City loving wankers.


British media are sycophants for money and power, is it any surprise they’re riding that?


Fucking get in! Have a beautiful day gooners ❤


That’s as big as Declan Rice signing (if that happens..)


It’s bigger


Great news. Now the panic and Saliba criticisms, all based on unsubstantiated rumour waffle, can be put away again. Y’all know who you are.


They still think they were right – last summer they swore Saliba would never play for the club, this time they swore he wouldn’t extend. Online waffle makers

Heavenly Chapecoense

Saliba did voice his unhappiness about his situation at Arsenal and things like forgetting to send the paperwork for his loan did happen. You are making an unsubstantiated statement about unsubstantiated rumours. Even Henry said Saliba didn’t get a minute to prove himself. The manager realized he was wrong about him, period. Plus Saliba was an Emery-time buy. You come as a new manager and need to make place to buy your own players. This can affect your assessment of things. Capello did same to Henry at Juve and later recognized he was wrong. If Henry was loaned to Arsenal… Read more »


Mate, give up; Fats is the undisputed Devil’s Advocate on here.

Plus, his Edgar Allan Poe-esque creations of airhead doom and negativity are hilariously more entertaining.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Got it, if you think I am not here to express my own view of an anxious devoted fan who likes to confront the uncomfortable truth.

The Beast

The truth being that we’ve wrapped up all of our major contract extensions, without incident, before the transfer window opened in earnest? Why does that make you uncomfortable?



Man Manny

His body language was always that of someone who is enjoying his surroundings and the people around him. I am glad it’s settled now. We can now focus on adding more parts to this emerging footballing force rather than replace.
Next season should be interesting. Let’s hope City’s long season and the further aging of their key players tip the scale in our favour.

A Different George

City’s front three tonight will be Grealish, Haaland, and DeBruyne. On the bench will be Foden, Alvarez, and Mahrez. Etc.


That’s why I’m glad we’re keeping ESR and why I also laugh at people who, because we might buy Rice and Caicedo, would have us sell Partey.

We shouldn’t even be thinking about selling Xhaka or Balogun. We need that squad depth.


Damn. You just broke my notgivingashitometer.


You might not give a shit – but it’s a major factor why they won the Premiership and we didn’t.

Quality squad depth.


Yes man! Great news. Could be one of the best defenders the premier league has ever seen, not that I want to put any pressure on the lad.


Also, imagine being Man Utd and buying Maguire for €87m watching Arsenal pay €30m for Saliba. Quite incredible really.


Rumours abound that Maguire could be on his way to that sitcom up the Seven Sisters road.

A match made in comedy heaven.


Hahah!!! Slab’ed the Spud. It’s perfect.


Maguire is spursy enough already! Should be funny to see just how spursy he can get!


He’s got some stiff competition – Romero, Perisic (with the most ‘Tottenham’ face since that super cunt Chris Armstrong), Dier, (Ditto), Skipp, Tanganga, Richarlison.

I mean, it’s a real total utter cuntfest over there – even by their cretinous standards.


Anyone else been holding out on feeling too much love for this lad!? The fear of losing him after a couple years on loan, then coming in and being an instant starter, half the spine of the team. It all seemed too perfect!… If he’s signed, we’re in very good shape… Even if half our players want away next year, their value is so high we’re in a great spot to sign quality replacements. But I don’t see anyone wanting out… COYG


Felt exactly the same. Plus the “Saliba Ultras” were going on a bit too much, and that own goal header early in the season was just what everyone needed to settle down and see his human side again. Now we are all in the same boat together and fully behind him.


Yeeeeeeeeerrr fuckin Haaaaaaaarrr!
Get in !!!


Go on Big Willy!


It’s not an April Fool’s Day joke, right? Just checking.


Fantastic surprise! With only a year remaining on his contract, I had resigned myself to him leaving. New signings… lovely… but this was the most the most important biz for Arsenal this summer. Fucking whew!

Luton Gooner

Good news!

But 4 year deal? He has a year left anyway, so basically have to go through this whole rigmarole next summer too.

Come on Willie, give us one summer with no Saliba drama!


What grade of math are we talking about here?


Cream buns and pennies, by the look of it…..


Just to help you out, he’s signed a 4 year contract, so no, we won’t have to go through all this again next year. We’ll have to go through it all again in 2 and a half to 3 years.

Teryima Adi

Awesome news


It’s a very good strategy from Arsenal.
By securing our best players to long term contracts before we make any signings it shows top players like Rice there is security at Arsenal – in the past there has always been that doubt whether we could hold onto our top players and now that Saka, Martinelli and Saliba have signed (Odegaard will also follow) it removes that doubt.


A SALIBArous outcome


What great news! Now let’s get Rice and some others done early this Summer to have the squad set nice and early.


Holy shitt. Yesssss!!! Like a new signing.



Bill Hall

It was probably done days ago but announced on the day of the CL final to take our minds of shitty winning everything!

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