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PSV 1-1 Arsenal – player ratings

Arsenal’s Champions League group stage concluded with a 1-1 draw with PSV Eindhoven this evening.

Mikel Arteta fielded a much changed side, and Eddie Nketiah nabbed his 6th goal of the season to put the Gunners ahead at the break.

Yorbe Vertessen equalised for the home side early in the second half, and both sides had chances with PSV hitting the post, Arsenal denied a goal for offside even though the offside player didn’t score it, and a late save denying Leandro Trossard a last-gasp winner.

Here’s how the players rated this evening.

Read the PSV 1-1 Arsenal match report and see the goals here 

PSV 1-1 Arsenal – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Aaron Ramsdale. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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That reserve keeper looked decent. Still quite young too I see. One for the future maybe.

Tomaury Bischfeld

Good option if Arteta needs a sub in the 57th minute or in the 76th minute because another keeper would suit the game more. Always good to have competition in every position. Let’s follow the young lad’s progress.


I see what you did there!


better than our current starter. no Doh! moments.


Easy tiger…


Poor Quinten Timber – not rated by Arteta, we now know – caught a nasty stray yesterday.




Just very poor from Arteta, no reason for any of those subs to take place. He’s going to cost us at some point.

Emi Rates

Finishing first in the group. Fucking crap. Arteta out!


We were first before this! I don’t want him out, but then if I was being unreasonable you wouldn’t have had to put words in my mouth.. I just want better protection for our beautiful boys.


Bayern, a real European power house playing a nothing game against a nothing team but still have their top players playing. This is what big teams do, get used to it because that’s what we are now.


I’m receptive to that to a point, but Bayern play in a non-competitive domestic league, their circumstances are different. Meanwhile, we’re bringing on our last starting quality RB as well as a guy who had to be taken off from fatigue a few days ago. What end does that serve?


I really don’t get it. And why not give some players a chance that never get one? So important for their development and could prove massively consequential for us if (touchwood) a slate of injuries mean Walters for example needs to slot in in the Premier league at some point. Why not see what you have there and even increase those players’ value should they end up being sold? I generally always trust Arteta knows a lot more than I do but this seems so stupid it honestly makes me think I might sometimes give him too much credit


You don’t get it because you were not in any of the numerous meetings and discussions this week about the game and who should start and where. The reasons why things were done the way they were have not even entered your brain because you don’t know what they are. We can discuss and wonder why a certain player started and another did not, but you last sentence is too stupid for words.

Greg in Seattle

Amen brother


Welp, I guess we can shut the comments down, we aren’t in the meetings so no point discussing – they did what was right. Probably the end of the podcasts too.

Exit the Lemming

Will there be a VAR for fan opinions introduced to be monitored by TexasRed?


If you just came here to insult people maybe do it elsewhere. If you came to have an honest discussion maybe avoid childish name-calling and do something better than just saying “you don’t know because you don’t play for or coach Arsenal” because none of us here do and yet we still come here to debate our opinions. Oh and the last sentence wasn’t a serious statement, if you didn’t get that maybe you should avoid commenting on people’s or sentences’ intelligence.

Mathew Lionnet

They just got thumped 5-1 at the weekend…


Friend, they’ve won 12 titles in a row, miss me with their weekly results.

Exit the Lemming

…and won the last one on the last day of the season in the 89th minute.Probably the most urgent procession in history ever…


Bayern had sportsmanship to play for, same as Real Madrid. Ancelotti talked about that I think before the game that taking Union Berlin seriously and playing a strong lineup is about the integrity of the competition i.e. if they do not beat UB (and same with Bayern and MU), they put other teams in a worse position as if they get beaten, UB/MU takes a leap on the table and gets into Europa. Nothing like this here though, both teams position were set in stone before the match and the result of this game had no effect on the standing… Read more »

Exit the Lemming

I think their 5 – 1 pumping the week before at Eintracht Frankfurt contributed more to Tuchel’s team selection than them being a ‘real European power house’ Yes, they’re currently woeful, but Man Utd are still a much bigger club than Arsenal on a global scale.

Emi Rates

I was joking because I thought you were too.


Haha no, the rotation stuff really does get under my skin.

Emi Rates

I was hasty when I read your post. I thought you meant the initial line up who are normally our subs. You meant the first choice players we subbed on at sixty minutes. I agree, there was no need for them to play today. They would have been better tested.

See? I got there in the end. ;).


All good friend 🙂

Andrew Schulz

Happy to see the gloves on a GK for a change. Surprised we didn’t manage to bring on Raya at LB he needed the minutes.


Doesn’t matter but… did everyone else think the Kiwior goal 100% should have stood?


no rules are clear anymore. The ref make stuff up off of general guidelines.


That’s in the league, not Europe, where the refs actually seem to read the rules before a match, not during.


I don’t know the rules but what I’ve seen so far watching other games is this is offside if Gabriel attempted it, then missed, then Kiwior scored. But this one is Kiwior scored before the ball got to Gabriel.
Just like if someone through on goal but offside, then fouled by opponent, it will be called back as offside. Shouldn’t this also treated like that? It’s offside, but the goal happened first, so it’s a goal.


Gabriel is offside in the first phase of play and makes a move towards the ball, therefore he remains offside until the phase of play has passed (it hadnt) or until an opposing player touches the ball (they didnt). For once the officials were correct in their initial assessment, probably because this crew doesn’t work for Howard webb.

Exit the Lemming

If Kiwior or Gabriel are both directly in the keeper’s line of sight, the keeper cannot be expected to know whether Kiwior or Gabriel will attempt to play the ball when the cross is still in motion. If either player is in an offside position then the ref will deem them to be interfering with play and if Gabriel, who didn’t play the ball. motions to play the ball, they will simply double down on that assessment


Gabriel is offside and looking to play the ball, therefore it’s offside- doesn’t matter if he makes contact or not.


Arteta out! He fielded a mediocre team for a draw. We are top of the group n almost top of the league. Not acceptable. He’s just not a good manager. We need Emery as our coach. Edu this is under par. Just playing with fans. Not done.

Sorry guys, wanted to be pundit for a moment, but turns out I’m a fan with decent expectation. Pardon me for the pun, I’m a believer.

Coyg, gooner for life. Good night.


Unless Artetas instructions for the second half was “practice your low block” it was possibly the most lacklustre half I’ve seen an Arsenal team give for a long time. Dead rubber or not I lost count of how many times they lost possession to PSV on the counter.


Eddie scored a great goal but… and it’s a large one – we just cannot press properly when he’s jogging around didn’t sweet f/a up in the front 3/4. His work-rate compared to Duracell Jesus is just shocking – especially as you’d think he be even more energetic as the ‘second choice’ striker?

A goal every half dozen games and zero effort anywhere else on the pitch just does NOT cut it at this level. End of…


Every counter attack died at nketiah’s feet because he won’t even try to hold the ball long enough to incorporate the rest of the team. Selfish play and we should be looking for an upgrade come summer


Buy Bakayoko to back up Saka pls … he’s got the pace, the tricks, the dribbles, the vision and the pass. plays a bit like Citeh’s Doku


Or give Reiss Nelson the playing time he deserves ?

Crash Fistfight

He can be backup for the left-hand side.

I thought he was really good today, by the way.


With the precious few minutes he’s been given, Reese never, ever disappints – the lad deserves more.

steve bould's hair

and give birth to the great Bukayoko Saka


The performance reminded me of so many away Europa League matches over the last five years or so. Not awful, but nothing inspiring and showing our limited depth in certain areas. Odegaard really needs to bury those clear cut chances he has and could have won it at the end. Of course the outcome was relatively meaningless. Was hoping to see Nwaneri get in for a run. Hope that is the last time we have to see Cedric on the pitch in an Arsenal shirt.

Crash Fistfight

Odegaard could have won it at the end?

Exit the Lemming

Not only is he missing chances, but missing ones he never had in the first place…

Scott Rice

Why. Cedric had a decent game


He was all over the place and his failure to maintain any sense of position directly led to the equalizing goal.

Exit the Lemming

I thought he was fine but really has no future at the club. He’s the Portuguese Elneny


Odegaard in unerring most of the time. If you’ve ever played football you’ll know that when shooting under pressure sometimes you miss! And sometimes the shot is on target but the goalkeeper does what they spend many hours training to do and makes a good save.


Great finish from Eddie , did that most important thing well tonight (in contrast with his more highly esteemed colleagues against Villa)

Left Testicle

‘Not on long enough to rate but nice to see him back’ is ESR’s default comment.

Greg in Seattle

Along with “Remember that one great stretch of five games he had three years ago?” Worried he’s already peaked.


Bit late to the party here, but it was one great season he had, not a stretch of 5 games. Worth sticking with him in my opinion.


“10/10: Finishing top of the group, and coming through this game without any obvious problems”….
Would tend to disagree seen how Mo’ Elneny left the pitch😮‍💨


I think blogs means to the 1st XI.


Yeah I sure hope Elneny is fit again for next season’s Carabao Cup 😉

Exit the Lemming

Of Elneny’s entire skillset, the highest rated by Arsenal is his complete lack of ambition. I’m sure he could get a lot more playing time at other premier league clubs.


Let’s put a bid in for Bakayoko


Cedric more at fault than saliba for the goal- what position is he playing there? Attacking midfield? No idea, but he left elneny and saliba with three men to mark between them on the counter attack, directly leading to their equalizer. Also probably half to blame for mo’s hamstring injury after that required run.

Jim Carnegie

For me, marks for Kiwior and Trossard far too generous. Both struggled with any positive contributions few and far between.


If Cedric didn’t dive in to intercept and just feigned interception and then jockeyed then sprint to cover the channel.

Then it would have been 1.5 people covering. Saliba fully in position and Cedric recovering.

Since Cedric dived in and took himself out of the game it became 0.5.
Saliba compromising his positioning to cover opposition Striker AND Winger.

I just hope that any repercussions for Cedric shows the level Walters needs to keep to even get into the team.

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