Arsenal refusing to break wage structure for Nasri


The future of Arsenal midfielder Samir Nasri remains heavily in doubt with the Gunners hierarchy refusing to break the club’s wage structure to keep the Frenchman at the club.

Speaking to Arseblog News a source close to the club revealed Nasri has requested wages in excess of £110, 000 with talks officially breaking down between the player and club at the end of April.

With the future of Cesc Fabregas also uncertain the Arsenal board must move quickly to make a decision on presenting a final offer to Nasri, with the source admitting that Wenger has made preparations for life without the 23-year-old while also revealing that Nasri is currently more likely to depart than sign a new deal at the Emirates stadium.

Nasri, a £15.8 million signing from Marseille in the summer of 2008 is about to enter the last 12 months of his current contract, with manager Arsene Wenger admitting at the beginning of the month that the club were at loggerheads with the playmaker over his wage demands.

Following rumoured interest from Manchester United stirred by fellow French international Patrice Evra, Wenger made the following retort on French radio last week:

“One thing’s for sure: we’re not selling him to Manchester United,” Wenger told the French radio station RTL.

“Are we still in discussions with Nasri? Yes, but we are still in disagreement over the financial contract on offer, which we haven’t settled. We are trying to extend his deal.”

Analysis of Arsenal’s finances suggests the Gunners boss has a £35 million budget at his disposal to spend this summer, without player sales, and that includes any wages and contract packages. The board are also eager to offer Robin Van Persie a new deal at the club, with Wenger remaining bullish over the club’s wage structure.

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Not too sure I will be that bothered about him going now, demanding and refusing £110k a week for half a good season.

Vinay Rahi

Astonishing that he’s asking for that much money after half a good season. Even if he stays it’ll leave a bitter taste. Have to say I’d be really saddened to see Cesc leave, you can tell he truly loves the club.


as a Rovers fan it is commendable to see you stick to your guns..the AGENTS are taking clubs for a ride.UTD are nearly half a billion in debt as LFC yet they will think they can carry the storm.. it is gross injustice to all clubs who don’t want to get into debt..


No player is bigger than the club, if he doesn’t like our final offer then we have to sell. Shame as he could of been one of best players post the invinsables


Na na na na, Na na na na, Yeah yeah yeah, Goodbye


– Yeah, yeah, yeah
+ Hey, hey, hey


Agreed, he’s a goner, not for long a gooner.

– Nasri
+ Gervinho

That’s about breaks even, though. We need still to add quality to the squad.


If you do not pay him the money the cost of getting a replacement on a like for like basis will be more expensive. Wenger must tie him into a long term deal. At least he can sell him off in the future if need be. This guy is young and has loads of promise. If Fabregas goes he will be a ready made replacement in the central midfield.


Why cant AW just give him the money (its only 6 million over 5 years) and then extend the years by 1 more year so we can sell him later. getting someone else will be very difficult and it might not work either

Tuan Nguyen

Just let him go!!!! He has stayed with us for three years, be brilliant in just only a half season, now he asks for double of his wage????… Let him go..

Akin Odunsi

Let him go, he is ungrateful … just half of the season and u see urself as a big star? what tha heck, go man …

Sanchit Shorewala

I just think that the talk of his brilliance has gone to his head, and he thinks he will be wasted at Arsenal. He should really learn from Cesc and RvP, but well. I won’t be sad watching him leave. No player is bigger than the club, and especially not after half a good season. Cesc has given us 6 years, and even though he has been lauded as one of the most brilliant midfielders, he hasn’t complained about his wages or refused a contract. Bye Samir, nice having you here, but if you want to leave as a mercenary,… Read more »

Michael Muomaalah

Nasri should realise that he’s nto going to be sold to an English club and thos wages will not be offered by a club outside England! He doesn’t even deserve that much

Vinnie Chase

They don’t need to offer that much. We have 50% tax in the UK. He can earn more money in many countries with much lower wages.


It would be far more expensive to replace him than give him the contract he wants.


Not necessarily true, and more than likely false. In any event, we could find out in a short while.


Perhaps. But breaking the wage structure for a player who has performed 6 months would cost more in the medium-long run because pretty soon you’ll have your entire team saying they want more.


I keep seeing how we’ve a £35m transfer kitty…. Surely we’ve a larger fund of cash to pull from?

We’ve spent next to nothing on transfer over the last few season – but have made £40m from the sales of Toure and Ade, £3m from each home game not to mention cash from property sales.

£35m (plus wages) amounts to no more than two established signings.


If he does go, which is looking more and more likely, it’s another sad indictment of the modern game. The sad thing is, he could be another Alex Hleb story.


No way, Nasti scores goals. He’ll be successful where ever he plays. This is all about value for money.

Arsenal Bob

Nasri is a good when he’s good, but is ineffective imo when he’s not on fire…for all his nifty footwork. If the stats on the PL website are accurate he has only made 1 (one) assist in the EPL season 2010/2011. I dont watch many players outside the EPL but there must has to be better AMF than him. As an example van der Vaart for the sp*ds scored 13 goals (vs SN’s 10) 9 assists (Vs SN 1) in 28 games (vs 30+2 for SN) and he only cost €9m!!! I would be surprised if there were not players… Read more »


As someone mentioned above, even if he isn’t paid as much money by a club in another country, he’ll still end up with more due to lower taxes. At first I was sad to hear that Nasri could leave but now its getting more and more annoying. He cannot seriously expect that much money from Arsenal. I can’t see us selling him to another English club so Spain seems the most likely destination. Imagine Nasri playing for Real Madrid. That would actually be an incredible team. Saying all that, if Nasri sees the light and lowers his demands, I’d welcome… Read more »


Football players are paid net of tax. The clubs have to pick up the tab.


Not usually, no. I believe it’s a trend that some clubs are pioneering with their top earners (City…) and some have campaigned for (Arshavin…), but tax is included in salary.

It’s true that a replacement would cost more than the £20k p/w difference in wages but The Arsenal is one of the few clubs that can stand by our principles on issues like this. I hope.

Take it or leave it Samir.


Hate to see him go, but there does come a point when you have to say, “enough”. If he’s after silly money, then it’s time to show him the door and wish him well at his new club.


Nasri is a fat ponce, I’d rather have a workhorse on the wing like Willian who is similar to Valencia of Man utd.


Let the greedy bollocks go. Plays well for half a season and thinks he’s gods gift.


It’s so sad to see how players ground their careers with their hands, you can’t achieve much when you are always changing clubs. It is disgusting to hear that his reason to leave the club is a financial one, it doesn’t make any sense, he should have come up with a story like this “Get some top class players to complement the team because we really need to start winning” the whole fans will be behind him and he can even slightly demand for an increase in pay. Cesc is one of the longest serving players in the club and… Read more »

Rudy zarsoff

Should get Samir to call hleb & flamini. Muppets!

Carl E Gooner

Hleb, Flamini, Reyes…. I could go on but you get the picture. He looks like a lesbian too


Eh. I dont know. Nasri was probably my favourite player last season. He was more than good for the most of it, even if he wasnt as consistent as RvP. I would love to see him continue playing for Arsenal, and I do think he’s worth the 115k salary, and maybe a bit more. BUT, I think that a player that wears the Arsenal crest should not behave like that. Blackmailing the club, making threats about leaving for ManU, those are simply untolerable actions. Not towards the club, not towards the fans. I hate to say that, but after this,… Read more »


Completely agree. He was my favorite player last season as well but his contract bullshit has my hoping he leaves.


good i see gooners on here saying they annoyed at him and he should leave. THANK YOU! hes a ignorant fool, no respect, you do one HALF a season and you think you deserve a massive wage and us to break the wage barrier for you? HAHAHAHA U SCUM BAG


It’s massively disloyal to disrespect Arsenal while inviting/enjoying interest from a main rival- contact negotiations or not. It’s a display of ego-centric cuntishness (eg. Cashley Cole) that is inexcusable. Seeya Samir, don’t let the door hit ya in the ass on your way out of the Emirates. IMHFO He must grovel to stay at this point.


I agree with Bob: If we sell Nasri and try to replace him it will cost about the same if not more than just matching his wage demands. We should have at least three players making 100K per week if we want to compete. I think Nasri, Cesc and Van Persie are those three players.

Then bring in another forward like Hazzard and maybe the Argentinian winger and we are great moving forward. Then Wenger can concentrate on the centerback position and maybe an experienced keeper.


Honestly, fans just need to leave the guy alone. Let’s see what he actually does and then make judgments. I’ve seen some of his french-speaking interviews and he’s an intelligent guy. I personally think he’s just struggling with whether or not he will be able to win here. It’s the reason he came here in the first place.


What are Cesc and RVP actually earning? 90K a week? Many people are talking about parity with Cesc but obviously the demands are well over that. I always thought Cesc was on 100K+ but I must be wrong.


Don’t know if its true, but I read in the Mirror Man Utd is offering Ashley Young 138k/week or £34mil/year. If its true, Man Utd has just ruined negotiations with Nasri because he’s worth more in my eyes. Paying footballers these wages is disgraceful when so many other people are suffering. Government should tax the clubs if they can afford to pay these wages – like tax a 1mil for every 1K over 90k/week. They would reduce the spending deficit very fast in the first few years before clubs like Man Utd couldn’t afford the tax! And they would reduce… Read more »


All the pay rises wasted on shite like diaby and denilson. Just give Nasri what he wants, for fuck sakes.

[…] Posted by Ronnie11 also is the nasri prob solved with arsenal??? Not even close […]

AB Komeh

I thank Arsene should actully offer Nasri what he wanted to stop him going on a free or on the chip to any club, after he signs then we sell him the following week to Man U, for 25M if they are so desperate for him.
Does this remind you of a certain Ardebyor? Hleb! Etc they always regret leaving don’t worry guys


offer him to man city… in return for silva.


Nasri is off to ManUre, it is a done deal…my source doesn’t often get a sniff but when he does he is always right. 🙁 sad but true


He’s shown his true character. If he wants to be another mercenary, sell him to Man City.


don’t be so weak, if nasri won’t sign a reasonable contract don’t play him for a year and then his career’s worth shit. ruin the greedy tosser, for half a good season what a joke.