Nasri in Arsenal squad for Liverpool game


Arsene Wenger gave the clearest indication yet that Samir Nasri is on the way out of Arsenal by announcing he was in the squad for tomorrow’s game against Liverpool.

Last weekend the Arsenal manager said he expected nobody to leave, then sold Cesc Fabregas. Speaking at his pre-game press conference, Wenger said, “He is in the squad tomorrow and available to be picked to play”.

It remains to be seen if Arsenal are willing to take the risk of him picking up an injury that could scupper a deal, not to mention the questionable motivation of the player, but the state of Arsenal’s squad could force Wenger’s hand.

Rosicky, two games into the new season, is being ‘rested’ because of a little niggle, Song is suspended, while Wilshere and Diaby are injured, leaving Aaron Ramsey and rookie Fred Frimpong as the only available central midfielders.

Earlier, Man City boss Roberto Mancini said he hoped the deal to bring Nasri to the Middle Eastlands could be completed without delay.

“I hope that we can close very quickly now”, he said at his  press conference. “I don’t know the latest because my focus is on the game”.

It looks like any deal will have to wait until after tomorrow’s game.

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Bring him on with 30 seconds to go, and let him suffer the crowd’s wrath.
If Gunnersaurus could trip him up when he’s being subbed on, that’d be fantastic.


HAHA!! That would be something…

Chris Thompson

i wont Wenger out and a English manager in who in there right mind lets this best players go? if Nasri not happy at Arsenal unlucky i would make him see out his deal at our club and sell him in his last year. we wore a big club at one point but not no more :-/


Bahahhahahaha. I love it, people who ‘wont’ an English manager, but who can hardly use punctuation or spell simple words. Classic thinly veiled racism.



Nasri is in his last year, that’s what the big fuss is about. They don’t want to lose him on a free transfer. Have a little faith.

Real time

Wenger has made our club a laughing stock. Oh what a wonderful position we find ourselves in. Through no fault of his of course because Arsene ‘knows what he is doing’.

So do I he’s slowly destroying our club (the playing personnel side) and leaving his footballing legacy in tatters.


I don’t know what to say, this is becoming too much


I just read in one of Today’s papers that Chelsea are in for Mata and I bet they wont pussy foot around, the checkbook will be out and they’ll have him singed him.Why is Wenger dithering so much when it was obvious that Cesc and Nasri would leave.


Though I still think Nasri is a cunt, I think rather than boo him, we should make him feel a bit welcomed (maybe it might change him). I personally think he is making the biggest mistake of his life and his footballing career, I mean why go there when you have the key to a world class club in your hands, simply baffling!!!
We all know its about money, but there should be a line somewhere…


Agreed, we definitely need to get behind the whole team, a win for the arsenal is what we all want isnt it.

But if he plays like a cunt whos about to leave we can let him know after the final whistle.


The whole Nasri thing makes me sad. Both him and Cesc leaving the club because they don’t think they’ll win anything with us. I know the situations are totally different, with Nasri a lot of it is the VAST sums of money he’ll earn. It’s a business decision as much as anything. But ‘club loyalty’ is something only Fans show, with one or two exceptions. A devils advocate might say, If one of us were playing for Marseille and PSG came in offering us twice the salary while spunking a load of cash on top quality ‘galactico’ signings. We might… Read more »


Totally disagree, where did Fab say he wanted to leave because he couldn’t win trophies with us? He did mention his biggest regret was that he hadn’t lifted a trophy as Arsenal captain, that speaks volumes for the player. He was a great captain and a World Class footballer. We should be thanking him for his contribution nbot quoting the Daily Mail (or whichever sh*t newspaper said he wants to leave because, “he can’t win trophies with us”). As for Nasri, what can you say, the goons at Abu Dhabi Utd have offered him more money than sense so fair… Read more »

Alex Fisher

I personally find it difficult to equate a pay rise in the normal working world and a pay rise in the football world. Of course, going from an offer of 90/100k to 200k is a gigantic difference, but either way he’ll be extremely rich. In the working world of course you accept a rival offer as most of the time the extra cash has far more relevance. Here it doesn’t, which is why the analogy doesn’t hold up. He also won’t be a first-team starter with the sort of regularity he will be with Arsenal. In fact, there’s every chance… Read more »


True it may not represent what we define as “normal” as he (and all other footballers get a quite daft salary), but I believe it is still a valid point. I agree he will be extremely rich but Arsenal will not break their wage structure for one [albeit greedy] player nor do I think they should so we have no choice but to sell him. Why doesn’t the analogy hold up? If before he could only buy 1 private jet, now he can buy 2, that is still relevant. As you earn more, your tastes change (don’t worry I’m not… Read more »

Alex Fisher

Fair enough, the only reason I made the point was that in the normal world many people would choose a rival’s increased offer out of necessity or for a fresh challenge. While chances of success would go up for Nasri, he’s limiting his options in terms of making a continuous impact in the way he did at Arsenal (for a bit anyway!) I can only see it in the eyes of pure greed. I do see what you’re saying though, just wanted to make the case that the mentalities are worlds apart. Although as much as I think the Nasri… Read more »

Alex Fisher

Finally, given how pampered and well looked after players like Nasri are (especially while the rest of the world suffers through the recession), there should considerably more loyalty than there is in comparison to our every day jobs, most of which are far less secure than those of Top-Drawer footballers’.
Of course that’s not the reality, sadly, and is one of the reasons my love for players as a kid compared to now has gone from full-fat to semi-skimmed (if you were random like me and used to milk to describe your feelings).


im not complaining if nasris LANS.


In the US, this sort of nonsense is why managers/coaches are almost never allowed to be in charge of player acquisition and squad management. A general manager and a healthy team of assistants are charged with acquiring through several channels the players for the now and for the future. Liverpool is instituting this model under their new ownership. There is a frightening level of group think and faith placed in one man at Arsenal. I think he placed all of his eggs in Cesc, which was stupid because Cesc was always going to leave. Its time to move on, because… Read more »

rectum spectrum

arsene has a vision for the club, a certain philosophy that has spoiled us with some amazing times. he needs to have the final say on the players brought in, to be sure he can continue to have the teram play his way. any other prem clubs where player aquisitions are outside the scope of the manager – they don’t fair so well. and the managers don’t usually stick around so long….


We had that with David Dein, but I really don’t see any footballing acumen in Gazidis’ tenure thus far. He’s no doubt a very good business man with marketing focus, I’ve been seriously doubting him as the man to run a football club.


Lets give Wenger a nother pay rise he`s only on 7 million a year , he needs rewarded for making so much money for the shareholders.

rectum spectrum

try to be original


Hey, he trains every day just like all the other players. If he’s willing to help us get a win against the Mugsmashers then I’m willing to cheer for him. You never know, maybe he’ll realize that he’s been acting like an idiot.


Don’t blame Arsene for Nasri dragging his feet over a move. It looks like Nasri doesn’t particularly want to go to City and prefers United, Barca or Real. Barca and Real aren’t interested, and Wenger won’t sell to United, so that leaves City. As Nasri doesn’t really want to go to City, he’s dragging his feet in the hope another big team comes up with an offer before the window closes. Don’t be surprised if this one drags on until deadline day. There’s also the possibility that Nasri doesn’t sign for anyone and we have him for another season. Then… Read more »


Evra’s a cunt


O I hope he does play the little cunt I can’t take no more


Depends on if/how he plays.

Plays well, I’ll remain impassive, maybe even cheer him.

Plays like a sulky cunt and it’s pure venom.


He’ll go tonight.


Fucking laughable. I’m dreading tomorrows game…

Usman Aminullahi

Arsene wenger need 2 buy defender like cahill or samba & centre midfilder like mata or kaka. Bt he is just promisng us dat he will buy whereas d tym is goin.


Well said, GOONERMONKEY. I enjoyed your mini-bog. I hope the fans won’t boo Nasri, not so much because we’ll need him on Saturday (even though we will) but because I’d rather have him regret leaving Arsenal than being desperate to get out of I realize he’d deserve it -if I just hope that the fans can rise above that. The absolute worst thing that could happen is if we boo him, he scores a goal, and we start cheering him on. That will only serve to make us look like massive cunts. Whatever direction the fans choose to go, I… Read more »


heh, thanks. Bloggs has competition!! I had to stop myself from going on a massive rant.

The bottom line is, a few years ago we were the Invincibles, now we’re the inconceivables.

Still it ain’t over till the fat lady sings and other clichés.


Wenger, Wenger, Wenger. The man behind the scene, the actor and director. Take heed lest U fall. What u r doing at da club currently is not da best. Leave Nasri on da bench and sell him 4 1.1 million to nothingham forest.


How for the love of #&%¤! Can we only have two cm going in to the new season? Does Whinger even know what he’s doing? I mean Arsenal having injuries? Thats a new one. This is ridiculous!


We were told to judge him after 2 years a little over 2 years ago. His youth were coming to fruition he had hoped. Now, it seems he’s embarking on a new youth project. He’s stringing us along, as then, to believe he’s making real attempts at star players, all the while ushering multiple small young players in the back door. He’s intent on bringing this club success. He just believes both financial and trophy success will be achieved this way. The only reason he says that he’s after players is because the fans want to believe that. If we… Read more »


We could use him all season, IMO. But tapping tappers have turned his head.

With the injuries we have though, you’re right. #howdiditcometothis?


We definitely could, and I hope he does start. Considering all things, I think this line-up could look good tomorrow:

Szczesny; Sagna, Djourou, Kos, Jenkinson; Vermaelen, Ramsey, Nasri; Walcott, RVP, Arshavin


I think playing him would be crazy regardless of our need. The atmosphere is tense enough at the emirates as it is, his presence will only make this much much worse. He will pull out of challenges for fear of injury scuppering his move. He has no motivation for winning as he will soon be playing for one of our main rivals. The risk of injury is a concern for us as well, given the amount of money we stand to recieve atm. His value takes a huge drop if he was to be ruled out for a couple of… Read more »

El Prof

Nasri playing against Liverpool will be like a new signing.

Buchi Onyegbule

nice one prof


Loving the caption for the picture


Hmmm.wenger!seriously ί dnt even know wat 2 say.why he’s being so tight-fisted 2 both d fans & club’s detriment, ί dnt know.other clubs r busy strengthening their squads n wenger is rather busy depleting his and coming out everyday 2 tell d fans he’ll soon bring in new people.A̶̲̥̅ whole lotta questions ί wuld av luved wenger 2 answer,really! Well once A̶̲̥̅ gunner always A̶̲̥̅ gunner!aint got ₪☺ choice mates.

paddy brady

imo nasri has not left yet all the reports are saying mancini is trying to rush the deal through .may be nasri is still waiting to see who aw is going to bring in b4the window closes . remember last season when shrek did the same at manure- now you know what the AFC board are like no news leaks out of there plus all the negative press. we are not privvy to what goes on until you knowbetter aw does not want nasri to go hopefully he stays and becomes an ARSENAL great for gods sakekeep the faith and… Read more »


Paul Scholes is a cunt

[…] Wenger’s decision to include Samir Nasri in the squad for tomorrow’s visit of Liverpool has already provoked great debate amongst Arsenal […]


Fuck Nasri we can win without him
Sagna, Djourou, Kos, Vermaelen
Ramsey, Frimpng
The Ox
Walcott, RVP, Arshavin

Arsenal Whinger

Speechless, just speechless. We’re really in a downward spiral at the moment, actually more a suicidal crash and burn with explosions and everything.

I think Lansbury should be given a chance to start tomorrow. 1-0 to the Arse. C’MON YOU GUNNERS!

Arsenal Whinger

Maybe a good time to try something different tomorrow. C’mon Arsene, how about a 442 with RVP and Arshavin up front, The Ox and Walcott on the wings? Where’s my phone, I’ll ring Arsene right now. Oh, I forgot, he doesn’t listen to anyone, let alone the fans. I mean, what do fans know? We attend/watch games, spend hundreds, if not thousands a year, see the OBVIOUS problems with the squad, and can easily point out what needs fixing. Nope, fans know nothing. Wait, hold on, it’s ringing, ‘Hello, Arsene? You there mate? Yeah, about tomorrow. Have you thought about… Read more »


We don’t need to break the wage structure to pay him a higher salary, we gve Henry a 5 million signing on fee when he signed his last contract. We sold him a year later for 16m.

Lord Teddyears

The guy is a cunt but the minute the red and White goes on we love him and the team.

Fuck Liverpool fuck udinase fuck manu

We Are Arsenal

Ps evra is a sheep fiddling cunt and so is Nasri

Robin van pursestrings

Wenger should raid Everton for Cahill and Arteta. 2 experienced players in the Prem league and relatively cheap I’d have thought as Everton are broke