Thursday, September 28, 2023

Wenger allowed on bench for Udinese showdown

Arsene Wenger will be allowed to sit on the bench for Arsenal’s second-leg Champions League qualification with Udinese tomorrow night.

The Frenchman had been handed a two game ban for allegedly flouting the rules of an initial suspension, but after lodging an appeal has had the punishment postponed until UEFA’s Appeals Body holds a review.

A statement on reads as follows:

“The UEFA Appeals Body has granted a stay of execution to the appeal lodged earlier today by Arsenal FC and their manager Arsène Wenger.

“The Appeals Body will take a decision in due time, but not before Arsenal’s UEFA Champions League game against Udinese Calcio in Italy on Wednesday.

“Following the play-off first leg match between Arsenal and Udinese last week, the UEFA Control and Disciplinary Body yesterday banned Wenger from carrying out his duties at Arsenal’s next two UEFA competition matches and fined the club €10,000. Without today’s decision by the Appeals Body, the manager’s suspension would have taken effect for the play-off second leg at Udinese.”

Arseblog News believes that when Wenger’s appeal is heard by UEFA he will likely have the ruling overturned.


According to Sky Sports, Arsenal and Newcastle United have both been fined £30,000 for failing to control their players during the fractious 0-0 draw at St James Park on the opening day of the season.

Players from both sides were embroiled in a brawl after Joey Barton accosted Gervinho in the penalty box and attempted to quote George Orwell in linguistically inaccurate French.



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Common Sense: 1 – UEFA: Can Still Fuck Off


If he is eventually banned, he should stay completely away from the stadium, watch from the comfort of his own home, and post tactical ideas on twitter. Which Pat Rice could then follow. This would be almost entirely undetectable by even the Sky cameras.


LMAO love this idea


My vote is for smoke signals

Mike Hawke

We should go with blimps. I like blimps.


Send ravens like game of thrones

Uncle Pat's Rice

After Weds night it might not matter until next season.

It’s a farce anyway, it will definately be overruled by appeal


Cmon if were bailed out we are back in with a shout of winning the Europa league, would anyone consider taking this after our indifferent start to the season. Cl spot up for grabs


In saying that I’m confident we can win, arshavin hat trick paying $48 bucks but then will we sign anyone? Surely someone on heres girlfriend is ms wengers Brazilian waxer, or someone is in charge of walking the voyuers cats on weekends and can get a straight answer from the professor just for those that read arseblog news that we will actually sign someone to put our minds at ease.



i rather we end up in the europa league, its much more possible to win it then to waste time in the champions league as barcas definately gona win it again


“After Weds night it might not matter until next season.”

That’s the spirit!

Uncle Pat's Rice

you feeling confident then?


Yes. We have Song/Gervinho/Frimpong available so stand a fair chance. Just need Theo and Arshavin to turn up and it’s all good. Away goals are in put favour don’t forget. Not being complacent, but I am confident.


it would matter wouldn’t it? We’d be in Europa league if we lost wouldn’t we?
And then when we go out on purpose we’d have a clean slate for the CL again next season (i hope). Anyway, here’s hoping we can kick some arse tomorrow.


Djourou, Traore, and Rosicky also back


stay of execution?

Aaron Creighton

Must be getting shot at dawn. UEFA are cunts, just like Nasri! CUNT!


Come on get behind the team FFS!


Are back in Medieval europe?


We score one, they need 3, FFS we do have a good chance!


Perhaps the name Slaughter and May (or Slaughters for short) intimidated the English speaking members of the UEFA Appeals Body, as it had done in the past with Eduardo’s ban?

Disappointed love

We can’t buy a goal at the moment.


What’s a goal?

She wore

I ve just realised prince Phillip of hill-wood was right we are idiots!

Lord Teddyears

Fuck em we are Arsenal and for tomorrow we will all put our trust in Arsene for fuck sake you lot he has sorted this type of shit before.

Its the sausage smugglers on the board should feel our fucking wrath Ivan and stan should be strung up by their collective ball sacks and fired from the stadium at the idiots in White knob smugglers lane.

Ivan Itchianus

Stan who, never heard of anyone by that name? 😉


Well said


‘it’s like a new signing!’

Ejiro Esiri

who exactly is the idiot?


I salute, Lord Teddyears!

Mr Teddy Ears

What is Va Va Voom a board member being fired by his nut sack across london

PS Come to think of it Nasri is a horse faced lesbian cunt

el blondo

Nasri is a cunt




I fucking hate sp*rs


And stoke man, fuck stoke


I want you all to remember what I’m about to say, especially when things are tough like they are today.
We could be spurs.


And we could be bringing in adebayor, like they are… Oh how the mighty have fallen.




Fuck yeh. Cunts.

The pope


Maybe when Frimpong has the ball outside the opposition area, instead of shouting shoot the Emirates crowd could shout #DEEEEEENCH?

I’m joking of course – the home ground consider it impolite to raise ones voice.

[…] whereas Song and Frimpong are not barred by the suspensions in the Premier League. The Boss has also seen his suspension withheld for the time being until the UEFA committee can get together, smoke some weed, get high and toss […]


Maybe it’s all the coffeeeeeee I’ve drank this morning. Maybe because it is Hump day But I’m feeling more positive today. No more bile, worry, vitriol or frustration for me (I’ll save that up for September, heh). Lets hope for the performance and the win tonight. Then see how our cash is spent. Shit start to the season. But ManUre had a shit start last year and they won the fekkin league…. We’re the Arsenal. We’ve had worse spells than this in our 125 years. We will overcome. Our Frimpong Who art THE Frimpong Hallowed be thy boots Let… Read more »

[…] this weekend and neither Frimpong nor Song will be eligible. As was somewhat muttered yesterday, Arsene Wenger will be able to sit on the bench during the match as UEFA have agreed to postpone his touch-line ban, how gracious of them. In terms […]

micky readman

now then lads, do any of you think that uefa will find some way to fine/ban arsene from something that happens in tnites game???


UEFA= unexplained errors farcical amateurs!!!!





micky readman

RVP will light the touchpaper tnite!!!!




vox in Oz

Reading now that everton have been offered 27 mio for the pair. Arteta and Jagielka…Arteta is this a bit desperate?… And we’re offering Bolton 16.6mio.
Udinese will go down like chumps tonight. Frimpong will rule mid field. RVP will put two away. Done.

Alan Quinn
Ivan Itchianus

I want to feel more positive about this game. I cant help feeling it’s a lose lose situation.

If we win tonight the board and manager will feel vindicated and not spend any money.

If we crash out if cl tonight nobody will want to sign for us 🙁

Hope I’m wrong.

Regardless… Come on Gunners !!!


We’re fucking out of this!


I’ll wind my neck in.

Thanks for proving me wrong the boys.

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