Match Report: Tottenham Hotspur 2-1 Arsenal


Kyle Walker was the hero for Tottenham Hotspur as his long range strike handed Harry Redknapp’s side a 2-1 win over Arsenal in the first North London derby of the season.

Spurs had taken a first half lead thanks to a controversial strike by Rafael van der Vaart before Aaron Ramsey equalised just after the re-start. Unfortunately, despite pulling off a string of terrific saves throughout the game, Wojciech Szczesny will no doubt have a sleepless night after the winning goal slid through his grasp with 18 minutes remaining.

Boosted by the news that both Gervinho and Theo Walcott had passed late fitness tests, Arsene Wenger fielded the pair either side of Robin van Persie in an attacking line-up which saw Andrey Arshavin again drop to the bench.

Francis Coquelin was handed a second start of the season in the centre of the park, Kieran Gibbs started ahead of Andre Santos while Alex Song continued his partnership with Per Mertesacker in the centre. Mikel Arteta and Aaron Ramsey were charged with being the team’s engine going up the energetic Spurs foursome of Luka Modric, Scot Parker, Gareth Bale and Rafael van der Vaart.

You could sense the electric atmosphere even just watching on television. A combination of 30 degree temperatures, the later kick-off and booze turning the crowd into a baying monster of noise.

From the outset Spurs began knocking balls over the Arsenal defence, three inside the first five minutes, although Arsene Wenger’s side settled and found composure on the ball. Young Coquelin was a noticeably lively presence, on several occasions breaking up play and laying off neat and tidy passes and setting up counter-attacks.

It was a tactically interesting half, far from spectacular, but reminiscent of the early rounds of a boxing bout. Plenty of jabbing, but nobody ready to commit to a knockout blow. Both sides had chances, Szczesny making two solid stops from Parker and Van der Vaart while Theo Walcott’s deft curling effort resulted in a flurry of Arsenal corners.

At the back Alex Song was doing a great job of numbing the threat of his close friend Emmanuel Adebayor, the Cameroon international following the lanky attacker all over the field. The man from Togo was dangerous, but never inside the box. In midfield Arteta and Ramsey looked heavy-footed, particularly the latter. Playing high up the pitch his passing in and around the Spurs box was hesitant while the heat seemed to take its toll on his ability to track back. He did play one great raking cross-field ball to Van Persie who subsequently rolled Kaboul and earned a free-kick. Arteta, fancying his chances, shot over.

As the half hour mark approached Arsenal were growing in confidence. On 28 minutes Van Persie nipped past Kaboul again, laid the ball back to Gervinho and a goal beckoned. The Ivorian though scuffed his effort wide. It was to prove costly. Despite dictating the pace of play, the Gunners were caught five minutes before half-time.

Finding space on the edge of the area, Emmanuel Adebayor clipped the ball over Mertesacker for Van der Vaart. The Dutchman appeared to take the ball down with the aid of his arm before calmly tucking the ball across Szczesny into the back of the net. 1-0 to Spurs against the run of play as the half-time whistle blew.

As the second half started it was clear what Arsenal had to do. Score. A. Goal. It wasn’t long coming.

Good possession and movement saw Arsenal move the ball around the pitch for what felt like two or three minutes. Eventually Alex Song darted down the left side whipping the ball across the box for Aaron Ramsey to smash the ball home from a yard out. It was a Freddie Ljungberg run and finish and did much to make up for the Welshman’s poor first half. 1-1 and something to build on.

Six further minutes of intense pressure followed, Arsenal were really on top. Spurs looked nervous, ragged even, but of course then created a guilt edge chance. Szczesny saving from Adebayor in a one-on-one. Top save. Top, top save.

The chance though changed the momentum of the match, having been on the back foot, Spurs took heart. Van der Vaart, who looked to be limping was removed after 62 minutes for Sandro, before Sagna turned his ankle and smashed into the advertising hoardings forcing Wenger to send on Carl Jenkinson as a replacement. It looked a nasty injury to the Frenchman, he was in obvious agony as he lay on the side of the pitch and was stretchered down the tunnel.

On 71 minutes Yossi Benayoun replaced Walcott, with Wenger perhaps realising that Jenkinson would need cover. Immediately Spurs scored.

After sloppiness from Arteta failing to cover a Spurs throw, the ball was cleared by Song only to fall to Kyle Walker who struck a ball goalwards, first time from 30 yards out. It dipped, it swerved, but it was still close to Szczesny and it went straight through him. He’d had a great game up to that point, but he knows he should have saved it. 2-1 to Spurs and another mountain to climb.

Bale should have put the game out of sight on 75 minutes. Panicked (a word too often used to describe the Arsenal defence) by a long ball over the midfield, both Song and Mertesacker hesitated and before Bale shot just wide.

In the final ten minutes Arshavin was thrown on for the lackadaisical Gervinho as Wenger sought an equaliser. The game opened up with Arsenal pushing forward and Spurs hitting on the break. Szczesny was forced into another decent save from Defoe on 83, then Sandro headed over from the resulting corner.

You wanted to see a period of concerted effort and possession from Arsenal, but with Ramsey and Arteta’s passing lacking anything of the creativity of Nasri and Fabregas we looked laboured. Song, Benayoun and Arshavin decided to join in the malaise each giving the ball away when it was easier to find a man in a red shirt and with Mertesacker deployed as an auxiliary, but not being fed the ball the Arsenal fans watched on helplessly as their side squandered he remaining minutes.

Indeed, rather than use the five minutes of injury-time to go forward, Arsenal were time and time again pushed back into their own half. In the dying embers of the match two corners were finally forced, but as you’d expect with our set pieces there was no threat.

Game over. Game lost. No lack of effort, but certainly a lack of quality and again individual defensive errors made the difference.

That’s a fourth loss in the league out of seven games and with Arsenal lying in the bottom six with two weeks to stew over the bitterness of a derby defeat it’s going to be a long and painful wait.

A very, very, very long and very, very, very painful wait.

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Johnny Massacre


And painful.

Like a Spurs-shaped penis rogering us.



If Alumnia or Fabianski let in the shot that made it 2-1, us fans would have crucified them.


Prediction of fatuous, smug self – satisfied Sun back page headline: “Van De Vaart hands victory to Spurs”. Wankers.

Eric Irish gunner

Van de vaart the cheating jippo


Arsenal have made Mondays even more fun this year 🙁


Another loss… Heavy… Not really pissed if or angry just like oh well… And that is truly sad indeed… Gone are the days that I used to scream and shout after losses, gone are the days when I used to shed tears after losses… I care but at the same time I don’t care anymore… We all know what the teams faults are… Everyone can see it in plain sight but nothing is being done about it… Personally I want Wenger out because he can see that our style of play and our formation is not working yet week in… Read more »


yeah sure ramsey scored a good goal but he was ridiculously poor. i mean seriously he couldnt pick out a pass to save his life…. but all the fault of the management this sink or swin treatment given to the young players is killing them even before they have started.


I agree with you James. Ramsey was a bit shit today, but there’s no reason that he should have that much pressure on him. Fabregas should still be on the team leading the way, but since he was a major contributor at the age of 16, the fact the was 23 when he left makes you think he was a grizzled veteran!

We didn’t get the best of Fabregas and we’re not getting the best of Ramsey now. The fact that we are all clamoring for 18 yr old AOC tells you how screwed up things really are.


Load gun, point at own foot and fire. Well, whaddya know….?

Shame for SZCZ. Were it not for him…well I don’t wanna even go there.

Uncle pats rice

Trying to think of the premier league clubs we could get three points from ….. Not many

Eric Irish gunner

Thinking that meself everyone wants to play us what the fuck was up with Ramsey today, walcott was a fucking joke and gervinho was bad I hope it was because of injury AoxC was not on the bench because he must feel shit if Walcott starts before him, I heard Walcott wants contract talks soon I say extend it on less fucking money till he earns it, well done scz could of been more


Walcott is a bigger worry than Ramsey. I just have a feeling that Ramsey will improve, but Walcott is 23 now. he’s not a young player anymore. for the amount of hype he gets, he will never live up to it. I think we should sell him while his value is still high and some gullible team will be dumb enough to buy him. Maybe QPR? Don’t get me wrong, he has his moments and i like him because I’m a Gooner and I like all of our players. But Theo is never going to be a great player, just… Read more »


I think we played well, much better than in a few of our wins (and there have only been a few)! Yes we lost but if the opposition was different such as one of the mancs or chelsea we would probably feel less hurt by the defeat. Of course the timing of it with all our other problems doesn’t help but I’d say performance was ok, result was terrible! But we played as a team and came back very well right after half time – I think the game changed once Sagna went off…..same thing happened at Blackburn. Some days… Read more »

Lord Teddyears

Have to agree with you sagna off and then monkey cunt bale came into it and we lost. I don’t think we played badly but the bench was very very thin. Where the he’ll is our dog eating north Korean ?


Well at this rate difficult to see van persie penning a new contract. 8 games in and we have already concedded fighting for the title. By Wengers own standards that is just not arsenalistic…


We’re below Stoke, Norwich, Swansea and QPR. Shit.

Alistair Coleman

It’s incredible that I’m not desperately upset by the result. THAT’S how far we’ve fallen. Sort the defence out, Arsene


yeah its somewhat expected.


Just sometimes you have to say we were not good enough and without any excuses. We played well at times but we seem to say that a lot lately. One step forward three back again. Work tomorrow can’t wait.


Mixed feelings really! Coquelin looked good, sczenzy played well but no creativity, a hesitant defence and an inability to take chances! Same old! How can we expect to keep van persie when frankly a top 4 position is beyond us this year without more investment in January! Between now and then we’ve got to change our playing style to be more compact otherwise we risk being out of the running completely soon! Not good!!

She wore

And now the negative anti wenger brigade will come out in full force again, their worse than spurs fans in my eyes, can t fault the effort today but we do lack quality- the thought of not finishing in the top 4 will force the board to spend


The wenger out brigade are worse than spurs fans, but you later admit that we suffer a lack of quality. Who’s responsibility is it to bring in the quality? Look around at the players that have left and compare them to the players we have. Ask yourself who buys and sells the players, then have a good think about wether people are really that bad for questioning the manager? For me, Wenger out is now not such a terrible scenario. We have no world class players who we are scared will follow him out the door. Fresh ideas are needed… Read more »


sorry to harp on about it, but this is a team of players we have sold and who are still playing. the only position i couldn’t think of was keeper, because we haven’t had a good one to sell for ages. far better to what we currently have.

lb cole
cb gallas
cb toure
rb eboue
mf fab
mf nasri
mf flamini
mf hleb
fw adebayor
fw anelka

Dave Gooner

Really? Happy to see most of those guys move on to be honest. Ca$hley (bread head), Gallas (soft in the head), Toure (past it), Eboue (a liability), Fab (wanted out, whiney), Na$ri (good when you’re 4 – 0 up, nothing special otherwise, I’ll take 25m every day of the year for him), Flamini (meh), Hleb (ditto), Adebayor (selfish c*nt, and a disruptive force in every club he has played for), Anelka (another selfish c*nt)

Bottom line – if you don’t want to wear the cannon, then move the fuck on.

Liam Brady's Number 7 Shirt

It seems like this year we are suffering from the worst luck I have ever seen as an Arsenal fan. Walkers goal was JAMMY and a shame as Szczesny had an immense game. Look haggard at the back again. We really miss Vermaelen and Kos too. Mertesacker looks so immobile, he’s really starting to worry me. Arteta, Walcott and Gervinho were anonymous. Colquelin had a decent game but again we missed Wilshere. When Jenkinson came on I shit myself, he is brutal.
Feel strangely numb about Arsenal at the moment. We need a spark, something.


What in the name of Dennis was injury time all about? The lads seemed to need one of those big flashing Wily Coyote ACME signs on the pitch. But instead of ‘Free Birdseed’, how about ‘Cunts’ Goal – This Way’.

And even if that fails, just aim for the biggest thing in the ground lads. You’ll find he’s German and one of ours.

Alpha T

We lose to the spuds and I’m not surprised, depressed or angry! Am I still a gooner? I stopped watching from the 80th min cos I didn’t believe we would come back!

The only positive that we can possibly take from this season, is the club will have ‘no’ other choice but to strengthen significantly to improve things next season!
It’s over!!!!


a better performance, at least better than what we’ve seen so far this season with obvious improvement from Coquelin, but Arteta again was steuggling to find players moving into space for him to lay off to. Song as a makeshift centreback is by no means ideal and Mertersacker is far too slow. As others note: where are the impact subs that can change a game for us, who was on the bench who could snatch a late goal? And how often did we get the ball to RVP in the 6 yard box? Wenger’s days are numbered as his outdated… Read more »

The BearMan

Arteta looked his age in this game and lost for ideas. Ramsey who craves the Fabergas role reminded us how much we miss Wilshere. Apart from a well taken goal, he gave the ball away and appeared hasselled throughout. No clear thought by either player.

Wenger has to work harder with the defense, we are still very weak at the back. Much work needs to be done as to often the goal keeper is left exposed.


I thought Arteta was very good in possession, didn’t give up the ball nearly as much as Ramsey, defended decently. That being said, we lacked the incisive ball today–don’t know if that’s on the midfield or the fact that our wingers didn’t have a good game. Plus Assou-Etokto is one of the very few LB in the world with the pace to keep up with Walcott.

four years and waiting

oh and we have sorted the keeper situation have we like f**k we have.cant drop him only cover is flapianski…come on wenger time to go …for four seasons we have asked sought the defence why didnt we buy given or friedel anybody?still we look for decent cover at centreback..simply the worst team since i dont know when ,goinn down????????


I believe this is the worst squad you have ever seen sense you became a fan in 2004

Eric Irish gunner

Think so and what was the story with van persie fucking defending a corner with mertersacker up front it’s all gone fucked up

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Eric, Mertesacker is so fucking big that it should have been obvious to all of his teammates why he was up there. Perhaps it was even discussed as a possible tactic in such situations. We needed a goal badly. It would have made little difference if we had let a third in, but a hell of a difference if we’d scored one. Getting forward he offered us a different tactic, when our usual ones were failing. The pity is that our defence and midfield didn’t have the wits to try even one long ball aimed for his head/chest/left bicep. As… Read more »

She wore

If you don t play in the champions league you lose money, same goes for empty seats at the grove, you also lose tv money and shirt sales the less success you have, change of plan needed by an incompetent board , I don t know much but I do know you have to speculate to accumulate , it’s not rocket science is it?

Yar She Blows

Perfect example of what’s wrong with this team. A game against fucking spurs, SPURS, and Van Persie, Walcott, Gervinho, Ramsey, and Arteta all decide to not show up. We have a team full of players who duck and hide when it gets tough. Also something to keep in mind, without SZCZ this year we would have tasted more than one lopsided defeat, and I’m not sure we would have won at all. We probably aren’t even in the champions league without his penalty save at Udinese. We are seriously reminding me of a bottom three team whose keeper is pulling… Read more »

Bob T

We lost 2-1 to a, dare I say it, a very good sp*rs team at Shite Hart lane. One goal was dubious, the other SZCZ should have done better with. Although it hurts, especially to them, it’s a game that either team could have won 2-1.

Alpha T

True, but nowadays we seem to be the one that always loses!
How many away matches will we lose all season? At this rate it’ll be double figures.


ok, but are you happy with that? Do you look at the team and realise that we have no world class players left and may scrape some results if luck goes our way? Wenger has shorn this team of talent. We’ll win some this season when luck goes our way and lose some when it doesn’t. Absolutely no chance of top 4.


Really pleased we won today, we have been know to slip up against teams in the bottom 6.



As this comment is hidden i hope you can still see my reply – Fuck off you tottenham cunt

Lord Teddyears

Enjoy the Europa league Cock Boy !!!


We will, and the CL next season, which is more that you will, as you’ll not be in either


You wanna get yourself out to Thailand. They got cunts out there that fire ping pong balls and cunts that can whistle the Blue Peter theme.

But you’re the first known cunt that can predict the future. Cunt.

Eric Irish gunner

Haha ckassic

Eric Irish gunner



It is plain to see how we came to this: poor transfer window dealings (should have told Barc 50 mill or nothing, NOW, and told Cesc: you have 4 years left, you signed it – and sold Nasri right off once he was a threat to leave), mis-managing players positioning and use (Gherv is an open field player, is why he can’t hold the ball 1v1 very often, Arshavin is not a winger, etc…), and injuries… holy hell! Injuries have us in such a bad place. Not one fan or Arsenal hater would disagree that if we could have fielded… Read more »

Dave Gooner

100% agree with all of this.

Esp the ‘Oh and one last bit’ bit. I’m well past tired of Theo’s media, book signings, all that other bullshit – time he was copped on that he is massively failing to deliver at Arsenal. Maybe the promising sight of the Ox might cop him the fuck on…Less book signings, more time at footie practice Theo.

Eric Irish gunner

Fucking spot on

La Gooner

Still it doesnt take away the fact that Sp*rs are massive CUNTS and that Chezny had a great game…


Ramsey despite the goal was utter shit


this is the worst arsenal team i have seen in a long while. all summer long ,all we had to do was buy defenders..this is what happens when the manager spends more time talking about things instead of actually making changes. what will wenger’s excuse be this time??? like all great men ,they never know when to stop we need a new manager .period.wenger has passed it but am sure the board will never do anything ,instead they continue support a manager whose plan is flawed. keep up the good work arsene,maybe next time ,the board will increase you wages… Read more »


Wenger will keep his job as long as the books are in the black


I just find it very bemusing that even if we play well, we still lose and cannot even get a point from the games, we cannot draw, its either win or lose..WHY!!!


They didn’t beat us,we beat ourselves.


Its that what stings the most. By the time the second half came you just got the feeling vP and Walcott had given up. We have three quality players – and yes they are quality – played out of position. Gervinho, Walcott and Van Persie. Why for the love of money can Wenger not see that?!


4th time in a row we lost against spurs. worst than losing to a league 2 side. i need some vodka…

La Gooner

me too…scotch…neat…


Just feel quiet resignation these days. You know this manager isn’t going to improve the defending, isn’t going to change the formation or the high line. He’s had his time, he was great at spotting talents like Vieira, Pires, Henry … I could go on and on and on, but the game has changed, everyone knows about these sorts of players now, and he hasn’t moved on at all, difference is he’s bringing in Gervinho and Jenkison instead. He is yesterday’s man but he’s such a cult figure at board and fan level that we’ll be watching this happen over… Read more »

Double '71

2-1 to those fucking marsh dwellers at shite hart lane – where is the passion, commitment and pride? We lack all of the basic qualities necessary for premier league football. We are one-paced & pedestrian going forward and leave all of our defending to the back four. What happened to defending from the front? I think it is time for every member of our coaching staff to take a long hard look at themselves right now. We have become gutless and there is nothing in this side for the opposition to be afraid of. Get it sorted Arsene or the… Read more »


At least in the last few years we had ‘beautiful football’ to console ourselves with. Now we win less and don’t even look good doing it. What has become of Arsenal Football Club.

Yosi was never going to change the game for us, Arshavin’s never gonna beat the Spurs back 4 at this stage, why not put on Park who has a knack for scoring?!


While it is easy to make decisions when emotions are running high, I think if the board decides that they might as well look at a future after Wenger…they should do it now. I mean start figuring out who will replace him eventually and let him carry on till the end of the season. If we finish strongly it’ll be a great send off….if not at least there will be change to look forward to! The club is in a good position financially and despite the poor start should be alright for this one even with lower expectations. You don’t… Read more »

gunner 4 life

Pep Guardiola’s contract ends in june 2012, n though his agent recently reiterated his happyness at barca, as he himself said before extending the contract for one more year with barca that he is open for new challenges, why cant we reserve him for next season n prevent him from signing a contract extention…….
but the problem is how to tolerate these performances till seasons end.??????


Keeping Wenger and not spending means we will get worse. Firing Wenger and not spending means we will get worse and not enjoy good football. The bottom line is we have to spend; there is no debate. We need players, now, or January rather. What’s frustrating is that Wenger’s ability to discern talent is as sharp as it ever was, he’s just too god damn cheap. He spent a lot of money on AOC, but I think we can all agree that this kid is gonna be special. The problem is that most of the other guys he has bought… Read more »


Arsenal are going to lose RVP.
Then gervinhio will be promoted to take his place and will become eto in that position.


Hehe arsenal are over! Spurs top 4 and all u bit*ches know it inside but to scared to admit. Enjoy Europa league!

Dnt worry according to Arsene you can still win the league hehe. Shitty club. The whole world is laughing at Arsenal FC


You’ve won against us before but still managed to get into the CL only once and even then we finished above you. Arrogance is only good when you have something to back it up with. Otherwise it’s just flimsy bravado. If being finished equals being in the Europa league then you’ve been finished for how many years now? 😀 Some of you just ask for it! The whole world might be laughing at us now, but more than half the world doesn’t even know that you exist. Work on that and we’ll talk when you’ve figured out that predictions don’t… Read more »


If you are, as i assume you are, a sp*rs cunt, then how are you enjoying the europa league yourself? If you’re not a sp*rs cunt, and just simply a cunt, then fuck off. You cunt.

Lord Teddyears

Are you friend with Samir Nasri as hes a cunt and you are a little Nasriesque

Eric Irish gunner

Well said and Arry rednapp your a top top cunt

r hackney

if any body needed proof that this team is average at best , its today . spuds get dicked by citeh , we huff and puff , and without some good saves we could have lost this game by 4 goals . we bid 8 million for cahill get told to fuck off ! so we do ! and buy mertersaker , a proper donkey who ends up at center forward and leave the south korean striker on the bench . wenger is a headless chicken who needs to step down

Avenell Road

Are you nuts? Have you been watching any football at all this season? So Mertesacker is shit you say? Saying that we should have bought Cahill or Jags instead of BFG is media generated ignorance! Cahill is utterly crap in the crappiest side in EPL. Shipping in 4 or 5 goals a game. Yeah! Let’s get him instead! Stupid fucking moaning.


this is arsenal team is basura . when will diaby ever be fit to play through a whole season when will vermahlen be fit to play through a whole seaon when will djourou be fit to play through a whole season when will squillacii be fit to play through a whole season when will arsenal change. The board continue to pay players whom have never been fit to give us a whole season. Played- 7games .lost 4, won 1,drawn 2 and we continue to support a manager who will never change. keep up the good work arsene.the greatest manager in… Read more »


We’ve won two and drawn one.


Since losing the carling cup final we have played 17 league games and only won 4, gaining 18 points from a possible 51.
The problem can’t all be blamed on losing Cesc and Nasri, its more deep rooted than that and Arsene doesn’t seem to have the answers.
Today was an improved performance but we are lacking creativity in midfield, the defence is never going to gel with the constant injuries and playing RVP as a lone striker is just too predictable.


Good bye cruel world…


That last paragraph seemed to go on and on and on, for ages and ages and ages.

r hackney

its mind boggling as to how wengers brain must work ! we pay good money for a striker then leave him on the bench and play a defender up front ! meanwhile pat ( i dont really know the fucks going on ) rice just sits and nods .wake up gooners ! we need new staff and quick . papering over cracks doesnt fix the crack


Why do people keep saying it’s still early in the season? It might be true but we have now played nearly 20% of our games with only seven points to show. I fear that one injury to RVP will see us struggling big time.

willy young

sadly no surprise my wife has noticed how I dont get upset when we lose any more. It ‘s because it happens a lot.

Could we get relegated? JW & TV probably wont play again this season

Not sure where we go from here but telling Wenger he will only go on his terms means we are doomed until 2014 let’s hope we ares till in the EPL by then

Johnny O

Hangeland is a better bet than BFG defence is awful. Something still wrong in training basic errors eg short corners again !


I don’t mind the BFG. he’s not great, but he isn’t help by our midfield losing possession so often. And our forwards lack finishing; Gervinho and walcott jsut aren’t good enough. Compare our forwards to the other good premier league teams; there’s no comparison.

Man City: Balotelli, Aguero, Dzeko, Cunt, A. Johnson
Utd: Welbeck, Rooney, Chicharito, Nani, Giggs,
Chelsea: Drogba, Torres, Anelka, Mata, Sturridge
Spurs: Adebayor, VDV, Bale, Defoe,

Chamakh's Sh*t Lid

No penetration today, for all the possession we lacked someone who can find players in and around the box. Arteta and Ramsey both struggled to do exactly that. Arsenal had 62% of the ball and yet Szczesny was the busier keeper. Perhaps Wenger should consider changing formation as this clearly isn’t working.

On a positive note I thought Coquelin played well and with the emergence of Frimpong as well there is a glimmer of hope.


When a player like Jenkinson comes on then I knew its all over. I still think Frimpong playing that role will have been better than Jenkinson. Arteta and Ramsey were appalling. Like most fans I wasn’t expecting a win


Great win today but in fairness could have gone either way. From an outside perspective (rose tints removed) Wenger has to go. His obsession with building a team on a shoe string has to stop. The board and share holders ain’t gonna say shit coz Wenger makes them so much money. CL every year brings in 30 odd mill but He NEVER spends, even tho he just made 50 mill on fab and nasri. Artetas alright but nowhere near replaces either. I think the clubs intentions are clear. Make as much money as possible and appease the fans by bringing… Read more »


On a more ‘positive’ note, we didn’t get a red card and Wenger wasn’t sent off… Progess!


Arteta struggled, Ramsey was piss poor giving away possession much of the time. The Ox should have played in preference to Walcott. I don’t think RVP is effective playing aloneat the top. What is going on? How much shit luck can we endure before Wenger is shown the door?


We have built a squad of players who aren’t vocal, are too nice, too soft and basically don’t care enough, except RVP, SZCZ and Jenkinson, who celebrated more on the bench than most players on the pitch. I can think of only a handful of players in our squad that I would deem worthy of wearing the red an White: SZCZ, Vermaelen, sagna, wilshere, RVP… I dont understand how we’ve got ourselves in this situation especially seeing that The Invincibles squad was the exact opposite of what this team is. Car crash in slow mo…