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Wenger hails exceptional Arsenal, loves Rosicky

Arsene Wenger has hailed Arsenal’s performance as they knocked five (5!) past the world’s greatest team that the media has ever seen.

Despite going 2-0 down, to a flukey deflection and a penalty won by a shocking dive by a player booked twice already this season for ‘simulation’, the Gunners showed their mettle by coming back to demolish their North London neighbours.

“It was a performance full of everything you want from your team,” Wenger told Sky Sports.

“It had team spirit, technique, resilience. It was an exciting game, we had a difficult start but kept going and showed great character again today.

“When you’re 2-0 down against a team in front of you with the quality they have, you need something exceptional.

“We refused to lose today, we kept going and in the end I think we had too much quality and drive.”

And he was also full of praise for the performance of Tomas Rosicky, whose effervescent presence in midfield was a reminder of the player we hoped we were signing all those seasons ago.

“I love Tomas Rosicky, personally, as a man and as a player. He’s like van Persie. When he can be not in and out and can have consistenency because of freedom from injury he’s a fantastic player.

“Everyone loves to play with Tomas Rosicky.”

Wenger admitted he was fearful for Theo Walcott after his poor first half display but left him on for tactical reasons.

“I was scared for him because he missed some controls and passes and the fans were on his back but I felt  he could come back into the game, it was important to have a player who make straight runs behind them because we have good passers in midfield.”

He’s taken some stick recently, but credit where it’s due today. End product, two great goals and some actual character to respond to the problems he had in that first half.

Final word to Wenger, “Arsenal is alive more than anyone thought before the game. Our spirit, our drive, our style, everything was perfect.”

He didn’t go on to finish up with “And let’s not forget that Sp*rs are cunts”, but we choose to imagine that he did, like Homer and donuts.

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What an exceptional display and I wish I had placed a bet on Tomas, Theo and Sagna scoring, would have been a millionaire.
Come on your Gooners!

Runcorn Gooner

Shows what we can do once we are away from the ploughed fields of
the last few weeks.
Look at Sunderland at WBA on a decent pitch.


I bet the media didn’t see that whipping coming. They have been backing Spurs and shitting on all the other teams in the league when they run into a bad patch.. That whipping is a reminder that Arsenal rules London and the sports newspaper writers are rubbish..

Ian allinson's tache

Yes spurs are indeed cunts

Cygan's Left Foot

Simple and to the point 🙂 .

Here are some more,

Arry Boy got acquitted of tax evasion, but today could not get out of Arsene Charge.

Hi 5-2 all of you Goons.

5-2 years and counting.

the best to last >>>>>>>”5PUD2″.

Any more?????


Nice one mate!

So happy today not just cos of the result. But because they refused to lose and they played for each other. Well done boys!


Simple maths
5-2 = 3 points for the Arsenal

Runcorn Gooner

Liked the way camera closed in on “Class is permanent” several times
………… Just to rub it in.
51 years without a title….. make that 5-2
Are the T shirts available yet?


Username justified!(finally)


I LOVE ROSICKY TOO. I feel like he’s been steadily performing better and better and was certainly due a goal. What a day to get it! Fantastic performance from all of our midfield today without exception. Bennyoon was class as well and Arteta perfect passing as usual.

Incredible turn around from Walcott. Totally different player in the second half.

Wenger’s team selection baffled me to be honest. I was confused be Gervinho’s and AOC’s exclusion but Wenger did the right thing.


He scored 1, it easily could have been 3. Has he renewed that contract yet?


I have to say I have always liked Rosicky, no matter what others have said. As I saw it, he delivered his usual “work like a trojan for 90 minutes” performance, but happened to get a goal this time too.
Also, much has been made of RvPs hold up work for Theo’s first goal, but Tommo’s magic pass forward to RvP, removing the entire Spuds midfield and most of their defence from having any part in what happened next, was the important bit IMHO.

Ace McGoldrick

Yeah fair play to Theo. Wanted him off at half time but he responded brilliantly. THAT is mental strength!



You wanted him off at HT? I wanted him off at 16th minute, the mistake at that point was worse than the others he made earlier, but what do I know eh? And the way he played today, running behind the defence makes me feel he actually should be granted his wish of playing as a striker. Plus, he lacks the full ingredients of a winger.


Was well out of order that dive!! Mr Bale Aka the Uboat commander!!


Great performance! Even sweeter to go 0-2 down and come back to smash 5 in!


I wonder why Wenger doesnt criticize opposition players when they dive/cheat and we still win.

For all his faults as a bad loser he does have grace in winning.


Perfect day, I want to see this week-in-week-out, especially against Milan
Even if we don’t get through to the CL I want to be able to say we put our hearts into it.


Nice post, but I’m not sure you’ve grasped what ‘final word’ means…

Malaysian Gooner

And the injury curses haunt us again. Both Tomas and Vermaelen will be out of Wednesday game and a doubt for Saturday as well. Dammit!


There is no game on Wednesday, I think even Wenger forgot the Milan game is AFTER we play Liverpool 🙂 Hope Rosicky and TV5 are fit for the weekend!


Maybe he meant the friendly games, in which case it is not such a bad thing if Tomas and Thomas are not available for their respective countries.


Yes that makes a lot more sense, my mistake then. Forgive me for not caring about the internationals. In a way I am glad they’re going to miss out on the extra unnecessary game and can work on their fitness for our big games ahead.

Malaysian Gooner

My bad. I forgot about that!



Ah. So that’s the sort of injury that makes a player unavailable for international duty, but magically clears up by the weekend then?


What I am waiting for is the tactical analysis. No one seems to speak about Song dropping into the defense to let Sagna play as a winger. I don’t understand those chalkboard thingmajings or tactitcs or measured back steps or whathaveyou. What my question is how did that change the shape of the midfield. And why haven’t we done this before? Anyone?

Interesting points there.


Barca do it a lot don’t they. Biscuits drops in between Captain Caveman and Mrs Shakira, and that jug-eared cunt Alves pushes right up the pitch.


brilliant description of another shower of diving beavers.


Hahahaha.. Brilliant description mate..


Credit to AW as well today. Probably like most I wondered what the team selection was all about when I saw it, but he mugged up the Twitchmeister no end, and at last it wasn’t Plan A, followed by more of Plan A.


Wenger got the tactics ok today even though we had a shaky start. He went for experience and graft with both Rosicky and Benayoun. The best game from the former in 2 years, and I wonder if the latter will play more often now than Arshavin has left.


Jeez, with everything that happened today I’d totally forgotten about Arshavin!


That says everything about Arshavin, you didn’t notice that he wasn’t there.
I have to admit that I didn’t notice that he wasn’t there as well.

Wes Mantooth

Overlooking the fact that there was better pressing in the midfield. Work rate from Tomas, Mikel and Yossi took Modric out of the game. Only thing I can’t figure out is why we can’t do this EVERY game?


This game dedicated to that handful that wanted to dump Rosicky. He’s had a decent enough year and certainly topped that today!

I’ve been puzzled about Walcott recently but I think I’ve finally figured it out. Theo has an evil twin brother who played in the first half but Theo rendered him unconscious and came out in the second.

Midfield Corporal

I wish his evil twin would have the decency to sport a moustache like Michael Knights did in knightrider.

gooner odst

The image of an evil twin with a ‘tache looks so natural, the same way an image of Balotelli in a ski mask about to launch a molotov cocktail at his own house would totally suit him.


I was certainly in the “dump Rocisky” camp, so needless to say I was pleasantly surprised at his excellent performance today. I hope he can show the same directness and sharpness going forward.


Humble pie is delicious.


I hear that!! Especially against AC and for rest of the season would be great!


So true!!


That was a much needed pick me up.
Haha Sp*rs. No DVD for this match.


they can still make a DVD for the first two goals.

Midfield Corporal

Yeh, just call it 2 nil up.


I’m with you on that one mate! But
How much would it retail at though?
Shouldn’t be no more than £2


I second that my friend!!
I just loved the baffled expressions both on the pitch and on the tottenham
Bench after rosicky scored!


No Ox, no Per. And we still beat Sp*rs. Fuck yes.


Just see that Rosicky and Vermalean injured now for Wednesday. Can we not get a break.



Which wednesday this coming one? i guess there are intl friendly games so wont matter.
Tomas deserved that goal he has been trying hard what a performance by the team today proud of them and myself for for choosing Arsenal as my club. Oh to be a gooner!!!


No sure what Wedsnesday. But AW’s comment on the official site says both missing from weds and have a small chance for Sat, whatever that means.


It means that picked up “knocks” that will mysteriously heal up just in time for the Liverpool game. Because Wenger is tired of seeing his players go away for international duty and then come back injured. And this is a good excuse.


You dont choose The Arsenal. The Arsenal chooses you. Congratulations.

african gooner

overated sp*rs exposed by superior gooners.


Dream on sp#rs,when arry fucks off it will be another 51 years b4 u get near the title.back in our shadow where u belong lol

african gooner

Happy bday adebawhore!

Runcorn Gooner

He was heard to say “Oh well time to move on again”
Spuds fans were asking why Van der Fart wasn’t playing…….oh he was.
Sandro contribution Foul Foul Foul.Made Denilson look like Pele.


Oh weird did you refer to him as van der fart??
I thought it was a type o but I did laugh.
A lot!!


ummm….aaahmmmm…..well, like….. I was wondering….. has anyone seen that cunt Lee Morgan who was on here earlier? His mom gave me a message to deliver to him. I didnt really get it properly cuz she was choking on a cock (mine) when she told me…. went something like “tell…choke…my boy…choke…. to take his dick out his….choke….ass….choke choke choke…. sumpn like that…. I think

Was at the game. All through Sp*rs fans were quiet. I could sense that history was against them, and this apprehension was also visible in their players. Think of how many times Arsenal – a great team – has pissed away the league title. We did it when we were 10 points clear once. And Tottenham, a team with misfortune on their side, are far more capable of capitulating than we are. Here’s to us finishing above them this season. And one other thing. I saw Bale’s dive right before my eyes. This was the most blatant dive I have… Read more »


Superb attitude from our boys. Just like Chelsea at home last December…now will they do it again?


Can’t wait to see how the scum press spin what was an absolute routing for “the worlds greatest team” today. Let’s think – dodgy lasagne? Poor pitch? Hmmm…
Don’t suppose we’ll see “Bale , Modric,Adebayor overhyped” or “Saviour of English football Redknapp fails to figure out Lennon is quite good and might provide some attacking thrust where Sandro is just a second rate water carrier”.
Oh , how 60,000 laughed.


And another thing. Let’s see whether the “chip on their shoulder” merchants like Petit have anything to say in the media. They’ve all crawled from their holes over the last few weeks, as they invariably do when they have the opportunity to have a pop at Arsenal or Arsene. Am expecting Mugabe Media Lockdown from them following today. After all, what couldeven they possible criticise?


they were right to critisize us. We really were hapless in milan and then against sunderland.
Its gotta be hard to turn around a 4-0 deficit. But who knows , maybe 2-0 at half time and the Italians will surely start wetting their panties.


The point is, they never appear when we play and do well. One might almost think the was an agenda. Let us see tomorrow and over the coming week, given that it never takes them long to get the knives out.

Runcorn Gooner

Gary Neville between gritted teeth. Oh they played quite well.
Manc tosser.


In ur face Spurs cunts… You wud always be 2nd best to the worst Arsenal team as long as we av Arsene…

Mr. Eboue Armann Yes

He forgot to call “no homo” after he said he loves Rosicky. I don’t blame him. I love him too.


@ d stat of d game on seeing d ref,I knew we were in for trouble.guess therewas an arguemnt btwn d refs on whether 2 award d penalty n d stupid main ref gave it to dem.well,we played a vry fanastic football 2dy n we showed dat we could still b dangerous @ counter attacks(something we lacked wen fabrgas left us).was really shocked @ benayoun’s involvmnt in 2dys game n he did exceptionally well.congrats 2 rosicky after many seasons of no goal.van.p remains d best player in d english league as his touches,technicality n goals r off da hook.I hpe… Read more »


That’s cold but funny! He was trying to be diplomatic by not celebrating! Many happy returns!!!

for gods sake

translation into English needed


Clockender can see your point about they probably won’t say anything now we have won, but the criticism we have received has been totally justified. and it’s only news when we are in trouble.
Great today but counts for little if its another one off. That fight and spirit is clearly there and show it against the thieving scousers next week and we maybe onto something. Revert back to Milan or Sunderland then the petits of this world will be fully vindicated.


great result and what a joy to see “our harrys ” face on his seat as the game slipped away from him 🙂 why o why can`t we play this way all the time ? more direct , not so much sideways tippy tappy football what we`ve been used to. mind you i`m not sure if it was the players themselves that changed our style of play or wenger . my bet is it was the players . when the cameras went on wengers face he looked bemused as if he was thinking ” i didn`t tell them to play… Read more »

Cygan's Left Foot

Are you watching Eden Hazard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Loved this song at the Grove, just like the famous DVD.

Midfield Corporal

Ha ha, I was thinking the exact same thing.

Arsenal > Spurs

Hazard should realise that the core of the Spurs team (and their manager) are not going to be around long enough for him to win with them. Moreover, with their future outlay on a stadium, they won’t be in a position to invest in the squad.

Red Fred

Almost tempted to listen to that cunt Adrian duram on talk sport tomorrow night and hear him slag us off for not scoring more goals and although we won Wenger still
Got it wrong.


My perfect birthday present!
I’am 36 today and watched the game with my sons. They are 5 and 6 years old and we enjoyed every moments (except those useless minutes at the begining) smiling, shouting, punching the air, drinking beer ( except the two boys mentioned above)
A perfect present, a perfect day for fathers and sons
Can’t ask anything more
Thank You!


Brilliant day for the Arse. Whatever happens from now to the end of the season, we’ll always have the 26th Feb 2012, when we gave those cock & ball cunts a proper kicking. Rosicky was brilliant, I feel like he’s been building up to a performance like this for a while. Shame he didn’t slot that 2nd chance in. Yossi was effective, his attitude is spot on. I thought Gibbs was really solid and it was fantastic to see Jenkinson get a run out, I really like the cut of his jib. Loads of positives, what a fucking schizophrenic season,… Read more »


Agree about Gibbs and Jenkinson.
This was the first time we have been able to put out a real back four for a long time and it really made a difference – when Coquelin went off we had 7 defenders out (and he is a midfielder!)
That and the pitches at Milan and Sunderland have been major factors in our recent performances.
Let’s hope the Vermaelen injury isn’t too serious.


You can’t just blame the pitch for those performances, on those nights tactically and mentally Wenger and the players didn’t get it right. Obviously they got it right on Sunday wanted to win it more and Harry got it drastically wrong with his selection and tactics.


NOOOOO rosicky and vermaelen are injured :'( FAAAACK FACK FACK fooking booo!!!

Jude Davis

Great performance today, the way we had played up to the 2nd goal (diving chimp like fuckwit) I had confidence we would score a couple ourselves, something I didn’t see us doing at Sunderland last week and it simply came down to the intensity at which we played today, all our midfielders are intelligent players, they just need to play with pace and some more grit when needed. There was plenty of movement today and interchanging of positions and that helped us a lot, special mention to Yossi today too, he battled for everything and technically was impressive. Back in… Read more »

Arsenal > Spurs

Anyone got a clip of that Bale dive? Someone should create a Spurs diving montage.

Runcorn Gooner

He was selected for the Olympic diving squad but ruled out as his origin
could not be ratified


Rosicky/Benayoun >>> Ramsey


Arsenal and Chelsea will both finish above spunts with 77points each (Arsenal in 3rd with goal difference) while the cunts will be 5th with 76points, Great End to a miserable Season.


Rosicky’s match of the season, what an amazing performance!


Mike dean is a female reproductive organ,.

That is all.


Some of this stuff Arsene says is just brilliant. Sums up how most of us feel perfectly.

“Arsenal is alive more than anyone thought before the game. Our spirit, our drive, our style, everything was perfect.”

Also, Spurs are just a flash in the pan. Fact is that the spine of their squad is old, and they really don’t have a youth system to speak of. The way Redknapp manages teams is never sustainable.


Did you just say sustainable?

samson williamson

Calling Mike Dean a female reproductive organ is an insult to female reproductive organs of all flavours. I think he is more like a Santorum (pls DONT google that)


Just a great day but we need this week in week out and we can beat any team.
Some people are wondering where this all came from, I had thought, NO RAMSEY?????? maybe a rest or a stint in the reserves may sharpen the lad.
Well done AFC,keep going


Oh, yes. Thumbs up for Rosicky. Theo did well in the 2nd half today. We all now that his biggest asset is his pace and that it can be deadly. But he gets most of his goals when we’re already in front, probably because he then is given more space when the opposition is forced to push up. I don’t want to take anything away from him after today’s performance, but the fact that he scored 2 today doesn’t mean that he’s the right choice in any game. Especially not when facing an opposition who’s parking the bus outside the… Read more »


Harry has been eating his own dog food. He said to himself “we are so good, we don’t need to worry about how they play, we will just play our own game”.
Right Harry, I wonder where you heard that before? The only problem Harry, is that you are shite.


It was so good to see Tomas Rosicky have an outstanding game yesterday.

Ever since the CR 2-2 draw with Scotland last September it’s been obvious he’s right back on form. Keep him fit and we just might have a decent shot at third.

Yesterday couldn’t have happened to two more deserving teams.


Bit late to the table with comments but… Rosicky was awesome. Sagna was awesome. Vermalen/Konscielney settled in and eventually were, awesome. RVP as usual, was awesome. Theo 2nd half was, fucking awesome. So much awesomeness. But I only hope a few things stick from this: Rosicky keeps it up, he is better than Ramsey at present and we need him there. Wenger keeps the core of the team as is and tinkers only with: Left & Right forwards. We continue to allow Theo to drift in and not hug the line. We dont finish so well that Wenger thinks we… Read more »


It was a pure treat to beat the cunts, especially Sandro and his fn banana mouth.

[…] but the decision will not have been made on his recent form. He’s a player that Arsene loves (literally) and there was talk of extending his deal long before the last few […]

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