Sunday, November 28, 2021

Report: Wilshere to snub Olympics

The Sun is reporting this morning that Jack Wilshere will snub ‘Team GB’ if selected by Stuart Pearce for this summer’s Olympics football tournament.

The midfielder has apparently told Arsene Wenger that after a year out of the game his focus will be on regaining his fitness and sharpeness for Arsenal without the distraction of a tournament nobody really cares about.

Earlier this week, Pearce hinted strongly that he’d ignore Arsene Wenger’s desire for the player to concentrate on Arsenal, saying, “That’s his opinion. I can’t change his opinion, and it’s not of great concern to me. Will any manager get a veto over who I select? Of course not.”

Suggestions that Wilshere would be open to criticism for choosing not to represent Team GB are flawed, simply because Team GB is an artificial construct and is in no way similar to turning down selection for his country.

In fact, almost anyone with a brain – which does rule out Pearce, in fairness – would accept the fact that at 20 years of age, having missed an entire season due to injury, the best thing for Wilshere is for him to have a gradual, managed re-introduction to football rather than being thrown in immediately to competitive environment.

Still, this report is via The Sun so while we hope it’s accurate we have taken a large pinch of salt with it. Let’s hope the salt is not needed.

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Pearce is trying to use a young footballer as a pawn in his sad ‘thick man versus clever man’ vendetta against Wenger.

It’s like watching a monkey trying to mark his territory by flinging shit around.


Well Wilshere is the best damn monkey shit you’ll ever see.

Football Bubble

“Wenger can keep his opinions” It’s cave man Pulis all over again. Hard to keep your opinions when there is a room full of people asking for them….fuck them both, hope Pearce respects Jack’s wishes and Pulis breaks down in tears after a 6-0 home defeat this weekend.


Now that would be an insult to monkeys.


Stuart Pearce believes in his own self importance, but we all know he is a CUNT.


Go Jack! Best decision, but actually a no-brainer, except for a tool like Pearse who’s skull is full of pal n not brain.

Lawrence Hunt

LOL brilliant metaphor.

John A

Well Wilshere should listen to whatever the club advise him to do. If Arsenal tell him to stay, he should.

If Jack says “I can’t go I’m injured”, there is absolutely nothing Pearce can do.


Just to play devils advocate, could Arsenal not get behind the Olympics, send Jack, Aaron, the Ox and Gibbs let them take part in what would be a unique event and maybe win something? Is it significantly less beneficial than trapsing all round the world playing ‘The republics happy lead toy manufacturers fc’?


As opposed to engaging in the clubs marketing strategy to maximise revenue from newly emerging markets with potentially massive tv and other commercial revenue So helping to ensure we have the financial clout to compete with our rivals for the next 10 years, you mean?
Now let me think…….


Because the birds nest will be full of people there to see ramsey and Gibbs not Van Persie or Vermaelen


I can imagine why you think it’s a nice idea – doing the right thing in the Arsenal style and all that – but our players are just as likely to pick up a season long injury in the Olympics as in any other meaningless match.

Then again, I’ll admit to bias as I detest all international football. With a passion.

Midfield Corporal

Me too, I wish they’d just do away with it, I have no wish for the vast majority of England players to succeed because they seem to be a bunch of despicable self centred twats.

If we must have international tournaments, I can’t see why qualification isn’t done in one hit during a 4 week period at the end of the season (which would finish earlier as it wouldn’t keep on being interrupted by pointless friendlies), and the tournament held the following year.

Gearoid Kelly

I actually think it’s a decent point, BUT if Wilshere or Gibbs go, Pearce will play them until the need to be carried off. There will be no playing him once or twice, no 45min or 60min run-outs etc.
With Pearce’s comment there, he may as well as said,
“I’m a brain-dead, ignorant psycho who will never manage a real international team or real club, so I’ll milk these shitty little FA jobs for all they’re worth and f*ck the rest of ye.”

I certainly don’t think it’s worth dismissing out of hand for players who are fully fit. Could be that a tournament that actually means something might get them to hit the ground running when the season starts. Of course that is a best case scenario but ultimately it is up to the players. If they want to represent their country at the olympic games then I like to think that Arsenal is not the kind of club to stand in their way.


The problem isn’t that they are participating in an international tournament (meaningless or not, people can decide for themselves), but it is that we will be entrusting our players to a no brainer who is a pompous and ignorant c*nt. He is someone who you know will overplay players to the point of injury for personal pride at the expense of us.

So no. The risks and tradeoffs are not worth taking.


This is Pearce demonstrating he’s ideal international management material – brainless, clueless, arrogant and doesn’t give a shit about the clubs that pay the wages of these players and suffer the consequences when they return broken.

He’s on the CuntList.


He’s been on that list for awhile mate.


Let’s not forget that Stuart Pearce is the man that played David James as a striker in a crucial fixture, so he’s capable of all manner of stupidity.


Sorry, what?

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Pearce is one of the big cunts of football a failed Man City Manager and he is just trying to form some kind of a reputation of himself and and poor bugger thinks someone will give a damn if he the olympics. No Pearce you will still be a failure.

Also this is not only in the Sun, but also on the Daily Mail website. I am not from England so don’t know how credible the mail, but it surely is nothing like the Sun.


For avoidance of doubt sir, the Mail is, if anything, more insidious and nasty than the Sun and every bit as unbelievable as a result.


And The Sun is a News International, a company quite happy to tap your phone and trample on the notion of personal privacy. It is just as insidious and nasty as the Mail, yet is the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing pretending to be a paper of the common man. As a result, its gullible readers are more likely to believe the tripe it serves up when it is equally as full of lies and half-truths.

In short, they are both full of lies and neither can be trusted as a reliable source of information.


You might (or might not) find this explanation useful:

Mr Borg

I’ve heard that Jack will suffer a setback around the 20th of july and be out for 2 weeks..


Both of those papers are baboon shit.


Shove that in your cunt face Pearce.


Regardless of the credibility of newspapers it seems likely to me. I can’t see jack going against wenger if he says he shouldn’t play. And, rightly so, i believe that is what wenger will say. It’s not like there isn’t a bloody good reason after missing near a year of football…


I think for the Olympic tournament that Jack Wilshere should be ruled of selection, same with the Euro’s. As for Gibbs, Ramsey, Lansbury and the Ox is the perfect chance for the them to get big game tournament experience and should not be stopped from playing in it and I would personally rather see Chamberlain not go to the Euro’s and play in the Olympics instead. Due the fact this has been his first full Premier League season and needs rest, there will be more Euro’s for him in the future, plus the Olympics he will be the main man… Read more »

Cheun Boye

Jack Wilshere will make the right call, England is blessed with an array of youngsters in the midfield; Tom Cleverly, Jordan Henderson of Liverpool, Josh McEchron, Chamberlain, etc., Pearse is obviously not a brilliant Manager


I remember a couple weeks back I said it might be a good idea for him to go but I didn’t realize how close it was to the start of the season. I’d like to retract that silly statement.

Merlin's Panini

haha Pearce no one gives a fuck about the Olympics you stupid Hitler haircut cock.

Internet Jo

Its all Ramseys fault ! He made TV play shit against QPR, he just sat on the bench and watched as Wigan scored 2 goals, and because he’s welsh he probably did something that made Pearce want to pick him. I hope Shawcross fucks his other leg up on Saturday so I can tell everybody I told you so.


You have serious failings in your brain’s ability to reason and your eyes’ ability to see things. Vermaelen’s mistakes are attributed to miscommunication in the back. The referee did not stop play despite us being one man down, therefore he couldn’t possibly substituted on during the Wigan game. And how you claim there is a correlation between him being Welsh and Steve Pearce being a prick is simply inconceivable. This has to be one of the most pathetic and laughable blame on Ramsey I have seen within the recent weeks. So please. Do attend some attention to what is really… Read more »

Midfield Corporal

I think Internet Joe is having a sarcastic dig at the Ramsey bashers.

Tom C

Whoosh. Didn’t even feel your hair ripple did you?



Clues in his name, fella.


Question: why is Stuart Pearce in any way involved with international football?

I just don’t get it: what has he done to warrant being both the olympic and current interim England manager? With proper managers like Glenn Hoddle and Alan Curbishley out of work, why have ‘Team England’ turned to this Stone Age, brainless loser?

The very suggestion of picking Jack for the Olympic team should be enough to have got him sacked.

If he takes England to the Euros then God help us.


Whaaaaaat? Glenn “disabled people are paying for sins in a former life” Hoddle?

the only sam is nelson

you’d hope at some point that what jack wants to do plays a part in this decision making for better or worse, jack’s pretty obviously a patriotic lad, and if this extends to “Team GB” then he may well be keen to participate. if so it might be best to let him – after all that would be consistent with wenger putting his faith and trust in his players. i hope to goodness that jack looks at “Team GB” and psycho and goes “bollocks to that” but if he doesn’t i hope he picks up a fucking gold medal and… Read more »


Silly bullsh_t… Wilshere is great, obviously, but why would you select someone who hasn’t played a proper game in a year? Who seems to get injured every time it’s suggested he might be back within the month? I love Wilshere, and I want him to get all the rest (and training) he needs before next season starts.

Blazing gun

Fuck Pearce. How can he,a wanna be coach talk to a seasoned coach lyk dat?


Amazing how wilshere hasn’t played this season yet he’s on everyones lips, he might even scoop the ballon ‘dor. Let the kid rest pearce. He is already done too much……………………in twitter!.

Mr Borg

Pep to kick Stu “i missed a penalty” Pearce off the England bench, pick Jack for the Euro’s and use him in the Semis and the Final, or just make him watch the games from the sidelines.. not like it hasn’t been done before.

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