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Breaking: Oxlade-Chamberlain in England Euro 2012 squad

Alex Oxlade-Chamblerlain has been selected in England’s Euro 2012 squad by Roy Hodgson (source: Oliver Kay)

The youngster made 26 appearances in all competitions for the Gunners last season, scoring 4 goals, and has long been tipped to make the senior England squad.

Hodgson’s decision may have been aided by new assistant Gary Neville who sang The Ox’s praises on Sky during the season saying he ‘had to go’ to Poland and Ukraine to offer something fresh and different to the England squad.

Arsene Wenger was repeatedly asked about his chances of Euro 2012, and said back in February, “I believe any player must play 100 games and then you talk about him because when a player has five or six games on the Premier League, every time you have ups and downs.”

“He learns his job at the moment. I am a strong believer in Oxlade-Chamberlain and I spent quite good money for him. But he needs time. You are not ready from one day to the next at the top, top level.”

Of course Arsene also compared him to Wayne Rooney so in terms of dampening down the hype that wasn’t exactly a wet cloth.

Still, it is likely to be a great learning experience for a player who has a sensible head on his shoulders and spoke about his chances of being selected back in March.

“It would be very nice but I don’t get too far ahead of myself or get carried away,” he said.

“My main focus is to see the end of the season out with Arsenal and help us do as well as we can. We have a long way to go to get a Champions League spot and hopefully top three as well. It would be very nice, but one step at a time is the way to go.”

And although he didn’t play as much as he might have liked, it looks as if all his goals this season have come to fruition.

Good luck to him.

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Hopefully he will watch and learn all he can from bobby Zamora.


Too bad Heskey’s retired now, he could have taught him a lot.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Pity Yakubu is Nigerian. he could have taught him to catch chickens.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Bugger, I just realised that this could be taken as a racist slur. It’s not meant to be. I can’t edit or delete it so please believe me when I say that I was only thinking of the incident in the Blackburn game the other day.

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Trex d' Gunner

Congrats Ox, hope you and England would have a wonderful competition

RVP's Right Foot

OXSOME news!

*Gets coat*


Selected a bit early for my liking, but good luck to him.

Dick Swiveller

Yep, luckily though he didn’t do anything spectacular in the last few months so the expectations will only start growing after his first blistering cameo in the first group game; that should be enough to prevent any major Walcott-ing of his career at this stage.


Downing – Assists:0 Goals:0

Chamberlain- Assists:1 Goals:2 (with less game time)

That says it all really


No idea why Downing is going. Most overrated player ever. Should have taken Crouch instead.


Yeah, Crouch on the left wing would be an awesome idea.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Can Crouch do that thing where you walk along balancing the ball on your forehead. If he could do that then if he managed to get the ball up there then he could just walk into the opponents goal to score. The only way to stop him would be by fouling him (Think about it. If anybody jumps or kicks at a ball balanced above his nose then it’s going to be a foul. If a goalie tries to punch it away rom his head, well, he just has to lie down and scream a bit and it’s a penalty… Read more »


Still not exactly great stats :/


Has Joey Barton been selected?


If Joey Barton had been in consideration, he just deselected himself!


No, but he will be part of the coaching staff, to show the players how to keep a cool head

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

No, Cuntland didn’t make the European Championships this year.


Ehm. What about LANSbury? 🙂

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Like a new Bury, he is.


in all honesty he would probably be england’s best central midfielder, gerrard just runs around like a headless chicken, scott parker doesn’t really do anything but tackle, lampard is fat and i don’t like him, cleverly is okay but overated, at cam he would probably be their best in the euro 2012 squad but then again that doesn’t really say very much


I’m a gooner but you sir are either retarded or possess very little footballing knowledge. Gerrard on his day is immense, as is Lamps. Parker despite being a spud is massively underrated and has had the same influence in Spurs as Arteta has had with us.

Dick Swiveller

Well, the weird thing is that opinions change so quickly nowadays Parker quickly went from being under-rated to over-rated and back to under-rated and he will probably soon become over-rated again, as you say though he does his job well, just nowhere near as well as Arteta. We all know the issues with both Gerrard and Lampard, but whilst they can produce class they shouldn’t be starting games regularly for England imo. The Ox shouldn’t be starting either but until a few more Arsenal youngsters come through there is a bit of a dearth of talent in the midfield while… Read more »


Any Gooner that says ‘Lamps’ makes me go cold inside. Fat Frank will suffice.

Merlin's Panini

Well said Dave. Beat me to it. He is and will always be Fat Frank.




I think its more retarded to say that scott parker is under-rated as anyone with “very little football knowldege” as you say, will tell you that he’s extremely overrated as the whole of the english media is regularly sucking him off for doing nothing special. His stats are not impressive and he wouldn’t get near the 1st 11 of any other team in the top 8, yes even liverpool.


scott parker is probably a good squad player at best, the thing that I do admire about him is that he tries really hard and actually looks like he gives a damn about whether his team loses or not, but besides that he really doesn’t have any superior qualities

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Gerrard on his day WAS immense. WAS.

Lamps is the wrong spelling. For some years he has been Lumps.

Parker? Bastard plays well for Spuddies. They don’t deserve him. Better bloody play well for England.


let me clarify somerset gooner, gerrard is a good player but he just kind of runs around and doesn’t seem to have any football i.q. like our mr. arteta has in surplus, gerrard could have and should be a better player.


What no Zamora ? But he still has downing to
Learn from. God help us

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

They picked Downing after the Ox. Downing will be his understudy. They’re hoping he can learn something from the Ox, not the other way around.


Fine, he’ll be chuffed and it’s better than being in Pearce’s ghastly Olympic team. Also, the Euros are over earlier – much earlier, given this is England – so he’ll have plenty of time to lie on the beach and recuperate for the shirt-selling spree in China, etc.


didnt this website just come up with a chinese version as well?


Very excited for Ox to get the call up as the experience of a major international tournament will do wonders for his confidence and his game. That said, I don’t expect to see him starting but he should and I think will come on as an impact sub in a couple of games depending on how far England progresses in the tournament. With Rooney out the first couple matches Ox could be vital in helping score goals.


What a pathetic squad. I’m glad we’ve got a couple in there, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to bear watching England.. However, WTF are Defoe & Carroll doing in there as strikers. They’re both cunts, AND shit at football. Absolutely pathetic. Also, @ SomersetGooner – I don’t understand how you can think including any of those guys is a good thing. Parker is a nobody who plays for nobody, and Fat Frank / Gerrard are past it, having made nothing of their numerous tournament chances over the last decade or so. Fuck them, and everything they believe in. Apologies for… Read more »


Chin up, at least he left out Crouch.


Who would you’ve chosen? I’m not sure that Roy picked the worst possible squad, considering who’s available.


I’m sure Roy has more detailed plans on how they’re likely to play together than I do, and I’m not sure on the midfielders – prob one of those 3 so there is still an experienced international in the middle, then take a couple of promising youngsters, or one & Carrick. I’m not better than ambivalent about Carrick, but he has had a decent season. If Henderson is deemed good enough to be in the reserves then take him. Of course he’s been robbed of Jack so he’s a promising youngster not going. Striker wise I’d prefer Sturridge with either… Read more »


Agree about Sturridge, not so sure about Holt. Don’t get me wrong, I really love the guy, but I imagine Roy doesn’t want someone who probably won’t be able to play the World Cup soon, the idea is to start building a young team.

So in that sense, I do agree with your last paragraph. I personally think the side would be much different if he had Wilshire available to be the focal point of midfield.
And you do have to be glad he at least isn’t playing Scholes!

Cygan's Right Foot

And so he took Gerrard, Terry, A.Cole and Parker, who will all be 33 at the WC, while not taking the most inform English striker in Grant Holt (Rooney only has a good goal-scoring record this season), who will only be 32 at the WC. Not really looking to the future with those is he….

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You can’t make a birthday cake out of two buckets of shit,

(Well, you can, but it won’t be very good)

gunnersaurus rex

Similarities with theo’s surprise selection in WC squad

Merlin's Panini

Yeh, I didn’t expect him to be in the toilet squad either.
But, no, it’s not as surprising, seeing as Walcott hadn’t kicked a ball in the Premier League when he was picked and The Ox has already bossed AC Milan, and scored and assisted a few great goals.

Gus The Fox

Grant Holt, anyone!?!?!

the only sam is nelson

GH being left out is criminal.

Still, it means he’ll be fresh for us when he’s unveiled as our marquee signing of the summer.

Surprised that Gibbs wasn’t included, particularly given how shit Phil Jones has been for the Glazerhawks.

Downing’s inclusion is surely Roy Hodgson trolling Dalgleish, a cruel joke at King Kenny’s expense. Either that or he’s good at spacing cones.

Robert Green? Blimey. Almunia would be a better bet.

Well good luck to the Ox – please stay away from the biggest cunt in the universe, JT, and don’t believe the hype


I think Hodgson was always just going to select 2 left backs and frankly both Cole and Baines deserve to go more than GIbbs. I’m sure Kieran will be there within too long IF he can stay fit. I’m sure we will have four England internationals within too long, all of them even in a contest for a start.
The advantage of Phil Jones is that he serves as a 2nd choice RB, 4th coice CB and 3rd choice DM and that allowed Roy to select just 7 defenders.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

It’s only trolling ex-King ex-Kenny if Hodgson somehow manages to get Downing to score three and assist five during the finals. Not sure how he’d do that when the Ox was playing all the matches while he sat on the sidelines watching.


The ox is in! Wow, i’m suddenly looking an exciting euros. Gives me something to be excited about.


I’m pleased for the Ox, but I don’t really see him playing if I’m honest. Remember when Walcott was selected? Comparable situation, no? I imagine the Ox will get the same amount of playing time.

I really hope this doesn’t fuck with his head.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He’s got to try the Ox and Walcott down the wings at least once.


probably be looking at what sort of team the Germans put out, and to see SZCZ for poland. Wouldve liked to see Arteta in the Spain team. France should be a nice watch considering they’ve gotten rid of most of the cunts. Always do enjoy seeing the English lose and the reports acting all suprised.


Walcott had plenty of game time before his call-up therefore the manager had already seen what he can do thus no need to rush him up but with the ox, theres something different. He can play on the wing and as we have recently seen can also put in a good shift at CM. I’m certain roy will play him just to have that element of surprize in the team___you never know what he can do, I consider him englands secret weapon.

Ox all the way.


Thought Walcott hadn’t played a minute for us when he first got taken to a snr international tournament?

Cygan's Right Foot

You do know that Walcott played 32 games before Sven selected him and Chamberlain has also played 26 games before Hodgson selected him. Walcott had only played for Southampton 23 times before signing while Chamberlain had played 43 times for Southampton, so please tell me about this plenty of game time you mentioned that Walcott got as it sounds like bullshit.
6 more games in total with both playing 16 times in the league and then in cups and Chamberlain actually playing more at Southampton doesn’t sound like plenty more to me

Cygan's Right Foot

Tell a lie, Spooner is in fact correct. Walcott signed in Jan 2006 but made his Arsenal debut on 19th of August 2006, so after the WC. So in fact, Theo had only played 23 games for Southampton before going to the WC, while Alex has played plenty more games before being selected. So your point is still bullshit


The Ox will never get 100 games for Arsenal at the rate Arsene is playing him. So it’s far better he make it clear at the Euros that he is ready to start a lot of games for us next season.

Cygan's Right Foot

Never happy some fans. He was touted every game as our saviour but we need to give the lad a chance to actually learn his trade. He played in 16 games which at 18 and a step up from League 1 is pretty good.

Look at Fabregas at 16, Walcott at 17, Henry at 19 at Monaco, Jack at 18, etc… Wenger isn’t afraid to play young players if he feels they have something to add or have the ability, so your comment is bullshit basically

Not David Bentley

Try taking your head out of your arse sometimes, you might learn things.
Arsene said he just didn’t want want happened to Wilshire to happen to Chambo. He’s a brilliant player, but he’s very young, inexperienced and unprepared to play constantly. He’s just letting him into the first team slowly until he gets the kind of fitness that will allow him to be a starter often without risking injury.


Don’t know why all the thumbs down. He’s got a very good point. Why ISN’T Wenger playing the Ox more?


Cos he is probably thinking abput how too many games in the early years took its toll with injuries to the likes of rvp walcott ramsey wgibbs wilshire etc.


how on earth is Downing in the squad ahead of Sturridge?


Because Hodgson is an idiot!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Wrong. The correct answer is:

“They’re both rubbish, so who gives a shit which one was chosen”

Runcorn Gooner

Hodgson obviously wants to get this tournament out of the way as a damage
limitation exercise then dump all the garbage and build a new team


Good point.




thats another way at looking at it, just hope they dont pull a Chelski.

Dick Swiveller

Sturridge has been pretty close to useless for the last 6 months, sure the previous 2 were good but he simply doesn’t justify inclusion with the way he’s played recently; Downing is the best of a bad bunch imo, I have an inkling he’ll fare better at international level with the extra time and space you get but it just goes to show how little *genuine* talent there is atm.


what on earth are you talking about,…. tel me why dowining is a better bet then sturridge .. yea sturridge hasnt done much recently but he was hot at the start of the season now compare that with downing being pretty much useless his whole carerr


Personally I would take Adam Johnson.

I know I’m going to get a lot of thumbs down for saying this, but I would take him in a heart beat for us, as I think he is wasted for shitty. Glad to see the massively over rated Lennon out of the team. Fucking hate that guy.

Merlin's Panini

He probably got hypnotised so that every time he tried to write or say Sturridge, it came out as Downing. Either that or he’s just trying to save on players with r’s in their names.

Merlin's Panini

He’s already got Wooney, Cawwoll, Gween, Wuddy, Tewwy, Bawwy, Gewwawd, Oxlade-Chambewlain, Pawkew. Hmmm.. the last two don’t really work do they, but still, one more and his brain would probably explode, the poor fella.

Merlin's Panini

sorry that was very crude wasn’t it. I came over all Max Clifford for a while there. Urgh…


The ox to euros,,,,,,,check

Van persie to stay,,,,,,,,,,double check ( I hope)

Nerve racking wednesday eih?


Oh shit! Let’s just hope that this tournement doesn’t damage him either mentally or physically.

The Ox will be a great England player one day, but this selection is far too soon. This is nearly as bad as picking Walcott at 17 for the World Cup.


And why is a bloke with a football-related court case hanging over his head in the squad? For a counrty which is at the head of the fight against racism in soccer?

the only sam is nelson

not only that but he’s slow, easily outwitted, doesn’t know how to foul and get away with it and thinks he can manage better than the gaffer

so as well as being a cunt he’s a fucking waste of footballing space



I’m glad Terry’s gone.

Solely in the hope that he tries shagging some Ukranian gangster’s missus and ends up with his balls being hacked off. With a rusty teaspoon.


Well said, its disgusting that Terry is going. Unfortunately I think Hodgson is stuck between a rock and a hard place. There’s a dearth of quality English defenders to such a sorry level that that dick is still deemed one of the best.

Cygan's Right Foot

Maybe it’s so Roy can put him in the middle of the changing room, point and tell the young players “Don’t turn out like him. Work hard and don’t be a muppet”

Adam, Watford

. . . because the other option appears to be Ferdinand, I suppose !


I would much rather Ferginand than Terry. Terry representing the country makes me sick.Ugh!!!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Mooro, the way Terry played against us I think he lost his balls years ago.


Just don’t break him! Need this guy back in one piece.

Adam, Watford

This is exactly my concern.


I’m far less concerned than if Stuart Pearce was the one in charge. Hodgson seems like a decent guy. Ox is likely to be on the bench for the most part – and as much as international football is crap these days – it will be good experience for the lad.


Adam Johnson is way better than Downing!

Merlin's Panini

never was a truer word spoken. Maybe Downing is just good at sucking cocks or something…


That’s true you know. Downing does look like a gay porn star.

And I know that because…?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Bunburyist, you know that because…. you’ve seen plenty of Coq yourself this year?

…grabs coat


Im surprise about Theo.. didnt thing he’d make it.. really pleased for oxlaide chamberlain tho hes been the spark arsenal needed.. just read on that stewart downing is is the squad as well? WTF is he doing there?


Yes, Theo can be frustrating, but still one of England’s best wide options. Probably stuns a lot of people, but he did have the most assists amongst English players this season.

I’ll support all Gunners on international duty as I don’t have a horse in this race!

Side note, 3 key players aren’t at risk of being injured/fatigued come the beginning of next season: Vermaelen, Wilshere, Arteta.

the only sam is nelson

Sagna, Gibbs, Santos and Gervinho too

not forgetting chamakh and park…


Dammit, I’m trying to forget about Chamakh and Park!


Ulrika Johnson is way better than downing.

Chris g

Well done ox great news hopefully will have a great euro shame gibbs didnt make it would of liked to see him there instead of cashley


I remember a time when we were linked to Downing

Gunsen Gurner

Just goes to show you Arsene Knows Best…and the Daily Mail churn out shit.


I remember that time, too. Did any of us actually want him? The thing is–just to excuse those who did–he did have a rather fantastic season just prior to his Liverpool move. I don’t know. Something about Liverpool that sucks the life out of some often quite decent footballers. I fucking hate Robbie Keane, but he was good before he went to Liverpool. Jordan Henderson was vastly over-rated, but not cack before his move there. Andy Carroll was a useful battering ram for Newcastle, but he’s utter shit at Liverpool. Dirk Kuyt a goal machine in the Eredivisie, turned to… Read more »


Fernando morientes?


Anyone enjoy Roy’s explanation as to when he was impressed by the Ox. Apparently he dominated Pirlo and Ambrosini in the Milan midfield. He was fantastic, that’s for sure, but one was suspended and Pirlo plays for Juventus! OOPS!

Cygan's Right Foot

Maybe Roy was playing FIFA12 and put them in the Milan team just to see how it worked out…

Chris g

Lets hope all of our players come back in one piece so we can mount a serious challange next season, i personally wish none were going and they can spend the summer rested then fit and 100% for the start


So Roy says he liked the way Ox dealt with Pirlo and Ambrossini at the Emirates.

“He’s given one or two performances which have made quite an impression upon me, not least when Arsenal played Milan at the Emirates Stadium. I was there and saw how well he dealt with (Andrea) Pirlo and (Massimo) Ambrosini at the centre of midfield.”

HUH?? Pirlo plays for Juve and Ambrossini didnt play in the return game!! Oh Roy!!!!!


I don’t expect him to get many minutes played, but it could be a good learning experience for him if he focuses and I’m sure his dad will be nearby to keep his head straight.

Chris g

He should get more minutes than half the other subs,if the chips are down with a few minutes left in a game i’d rather ox be on than downing etc


Adam Johnson is the best winger England have. Just putting that out there. AND HE’S NOT ON THE PLANE >:(


Who the fuck cares? As if Adam Johnson is the “missing piece” in a championship squad…


Ok, nothing to do with England but Bacary Sagna is my new hero! Here’s his wife Ludvine posing in an Arsenal jersey


Good God! How did he manage that!?

Oh yeah – footballer.


£70k a week helps in a big way to win the attention of the prettiest girls even for the strangest looking men ask abby clancy.


Way to go Ox!

Here’s to him coming back a better, stronger player.


Sagna you lucky lucky sod.


he has better technical skills than half of the england players but he seems to be getting really hyped for someone who hasn’t played too many minutes, I really hope he lives up to the hype and goes beyond what we hope he can become

[…] was able to give at this early stage of his career and I’m not sure it was helpful. However, he’s going away with England for the Euros and can only benefit from that (once he stays away from John Terry). […]

Rectum Spectrum

I hope englands humiliating and short euro campaign motivates the Arsenal players involved to have a great club season. The only question is, who has been handed the baton of robot dancing?

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