Thursday, September 28, 2023

Sagna says dull / pleasant things about Arteta

Bacary Sagna likes the cut of Mikel Arteta’s jib. He also likes other stuff, like his spirit, his smile, his fight…and although he doesn’t mention it, we can assume Bacary likes Mikel’s gloriously Lego-like hair.

He might like other stuff about the Spaniard too, but that would be pure speculation. And we don’t do that here. Oh no, no, no…we do not.

Looking back on our summer signing’s first season, here’s what Bac said to Arsenal Player:

“I think he brings stability to the team. He has very good maturity. He knows how to accelerate the game and when to keep the ball.

“He was very important in the middle of the park. He gave a different spirit to the team.

“He’s a great fighter, even in training he’s always fighting for the ball and to win. He’s always smiling and it’s great to see that when you go in the dressing-room.”

I know, I know…pretty dull stuff. But you don’t want us peddling mindless transfer guff which we all know won’t happen in a month of Super Sundays.

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Someone wake me up when it’s August…


Seriously, the transfer rumors have gone out of hand esp. on twitter.


It’s probably because you’re following too many morons on twitter. I certainly don’t have shit rumours littering my timeline.

damien joyce

#Anon, I imagine ur twitter timeline to be quite empty if people can’t find u to follow u,

Eden Hazardous

Nah not dull,

very exciting and informative.

Nigerian Gunner

He likes his smile, he likes his hair, can they jst kiss each other already.


What’s worse than speculation? Reporting on speculation.

As there is nothing to say, and you evidently have nothing to say, why not close Arseblog for three months? Oh, I forgot – sitting on the fence earns you money.


You fucking cock muncher – I like this site


Criticising an Arsenal news website for providing Arsenal news, now?

Were you born a bellend, or did you work really hard in your youth and a generous benefactor gave a scholarship to Bellend University?


This article was not based on speculation, and it states almost nothing speculative aside from the lego remark.

I realize this isn’t especially important, but your criticism is so wide of the mark, and the only possible reason stated in your post for your latter ‘suggestion’ that you make yourself look like a complete ass.



Merlin's Panini

I think you’ll find that’s sheep that say “Baaaaaaaa”, Adma, not asses. Now trot off to Le Grove.

gary the bellend

Gary Neville? Is that you?


u spelt ur own name wrong its adam not adma 😛 silly poo

big dawg

No my friend, its not Adma, its meant to be padma…


I actually think its MDMA, idiot’s gotta be on something.


Hey Adma,
Heres some advice, dont fucking come on this site if you dont enjoy it.

Nigerian Gunner

Ur a hater adma


haha. not really. good luck to arseblog, nice chap I reckon.


Hey fuck face, its andrew allen.

Master Bates

Coq knows how to keep the balls too ,why isn’t he talking about him ? no one talks about coq’s ball retention ability 🙁


not sure if ”le coq” joke or…

Master Bates

grow up!

Merlin's Panini

hehe! I love that your screen name is Master Bates and you just said “grow up!”
I really hope that was supposed to be ironic.

Master Bates

about the transfer speculations . I heard RvP won’t sign the contract until he’s promised trophies..I hope it’s true and Wenger calls him to his office

RvP : I won’t renew my contrac until I am promised trophies
Wenger : Okay ,I promise you we will win trophies
***signs the deal**

Mission accomplished!!




Team America:
‘ If you promise me you won’t die, i’ll make love to you right now’.
‘I promise’ (crosses fingers)


Hey guys, I just want to see how many dislikes one word can get.



Merlin's Panini

there’s one spud in our midsts. Away with you!

Merlin's Panini

that was aimed at the solitary “thumbs upper” not ben. Just to be clear.


You mean 5pu2s?

Merlin's Panini

you mean 5pud2 ?


You mean cunts

Comedian from watchmen

Well dont have a twitter , facebook or any other social etworking account but still end up seeing names linked with us( why does arsenal website entertain rumours?)
So till anyother signing is announced on official website i will only chanting this
Lu lu lu lukas podolski.


No, lets not do that Ben.

Van Persie

ha, i remember that photo. that’s when i shouted “hands up who ever has lego like hair!”… good times.


song’s hands are tied. otherwise…..


song’s hair looks like french fries




Only wish he’d sign when WE WANT!!!!!.

Dave Gooner

He’s right about Arteta. Our performances improved radically the day he started, and disimproved from the day he was injured.

I was pleased the day we signed him, but he completely exceeded all expectations. He has been genuinely brilliant for Arsenal. Did he have even one poor game? I don’t think so.

He is a genuinely inspired signing. I can only presume his injury cost him his place in Spain’s Euro 2012 squad. Which is a pity, because he really deserves a shot. He has undoubtedly earned it.

Merlin's Panini

He’d probably have to get in ahead of Busquets and Alonso and, considering who they play for, favoritism for the Spanish league sides will always remain.
I’d rather our players weren’t playing international football and coming back crocked at the start of the season. I see it as a blessing, for us, that he isn’t given the chance he really deserves.

Dave Gooner

I completely agree.

But I’d say Mikel himself would welcome the recognition. And I think he deserves it – there are two – both from Fluke FC – who are included but who deserve it less.

MA8 was influential in the Arsenal set up in a way neither Mata or Torres were for Fluke.


Spain’s loss is Arsenal’s gain…Hodgson should give him a shout!


If he could stick around 2/3 years coach young le coq to be him and we will hit the jackpot!


arteta is top Guy no joke. that stare!..I’m hoping Wilshere comes back decent. LANS as we all know.btw these transfer rooms where are they from,lorente,..twitter?


This season the midfield has mainly been just 4 players song arteta ramsey rosicky with a bit of support from coquelin and frimpong. next season we could have song arteta ramsey rosicky wilshire diaby coquelin frimpong and lansbury with a bit of support from eisfeld yennaris ozyakup henderson


No. Lansbury and pong will be loaned, diaby will be hurt and the the other three won’t even get a sniff. We may see the cock for a few shifts but other than that our midfield stays the same.

Merlin's Panini

I think Lansbury will probably be gone this summer, to be honest. That he couldn’t get a regular starting place for a Championship side this season was worrying. Although I supposed his style is not particularly in tune with Fat Sam’s patented Run n Hoof approach.
He’s got a hell of a lot to do to prove himself.
I do rate him though, he’s got a good eye for a pass, came from the youth system, and anyone who scores against Spurs is alright by me (unless they’re Adebayor, of course).


I expect we’ll see a reinvigorated Coq forcing his way in more often next season.

As an aside, I hope him & Frimmers both stick around as I like the idea of getting CoqPong on the back of a shirt next year.

Merlin's Panini

and you must work on typing properly if you want anyone to take anything you say seriously…


Must admit I was surprised Arteta was only 5th in the player of the season polls. I personally would have had him 3rd behind RvP and Koscielny.


must’ve been-
i would be disappointed if there is no song in top 5.he is the only defensive minded mid we got.
respect for song.


Sagna the gunner. Beast in the air, beast on the ground.


Change of subject but Hazard has ‘announced’ he’s joining Chelsea.

Disappointing that one of rivals has taken a step further away from us especially on a player we were aware of for a couple of years. ( sigh )


We never had a chance to sign him for 32 million pounds better he join chelsea they are shit and old team , with us signings 2 more quality players we can challenge wit city and utd if city signed him I doubt that we could challenge with them but, all in all if we don’t sign 2 more quality players and if rvp leaves we can’t ask more than 4 place and that is a big doubt chelsea starting to show real ambitions they signed hazard and marin if they buy rami and hulk they will be serious contenders… Read more »


Personally i think it’s great he chose chelshit. Wouldn’t want to make the manchester clubs any stronger. Goes to show how much of an asshole he really is. Chelshit win the champions league (or did they) and he reckons ‘imma try it there’. Good luck with the sinking ship. All aboard!!!. John terry being the ships captain.


Sure, together with Mata they have decent wingers. I agree with the Manchester points you make. However, they should rename the club to Chelsea retirement home.


I think it’s a bit depressing that we are not in the running for the best players in the world.


Hazard is this year’s Juan Mata. Another player that we wanted but were either unwilling or unable to buy and give a contract to.

Forget about the shit written below, this is get another clear indication that we are now a second-rate Premier League team. And when RvP goes, it will be the final nail in the coffin.

We are going nowhere. The one thing that the Board can now agree to do is to lower the ticket prices. Charging the highest prices in the world for a team with no ambition is fucking obscene.


But nobody reduces ticket prices. The fact that there are thousands who’d gladly give an arm or leg to get a season ticket irrespective of price means that those who can’t afford/won’t pay will be easily replaced. I’m not justifying their actions all I’m saying is expecting a club in today’s world be it us or Hartlepool to lower prices is like expecting John Terry to play for free and be celibate. It’s not going to happen. As for being second rate, 18 clubs in the premier league are second rate. Beyond the oil rich Man City and Chelsea nobody… Read more »


spot on again FG. @AR do you genuinely believe we’ll finish in the top 4 without RVP? I’m more and more inclined to believe that Kroenke and Gazidis are going to do exactly what Kroenke has done with all his US sports investments. Keep them running as mid table teams whilst remaining cash rich and generating nice profits for him. Strategically, that wouldn’t work in the EPL on the long term so it can be summed up in one of a few ways. 1) He has no desire to be a long term investor in AFC and is literally building… Read more »


@ Northerngoon, you’ll notice I wasn’t exactly defending the club’s actions just stating that for every perceived pivotal moment where losing a player was to spell doom for the club there have been others either at the club or signed as replacements who have done equally well and in the odd case even better than the original player. RVP is phenomenal and I am in no way belittling his contribution or stating that it’s something we can brush off as inconsequential. I think the club should (and probably is) be doing everything possible to keep him but if he does… Read more »

Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

Here we go again Fathead Goner…..trying to hijack a blog about Arteta to spread your AAA whining and anti-Wenger excrement around the net. Give it a break for God’s sake…LeGrove misses you so back home to your sewer mate.

Eric Irish gunner

Fuck him and chelsea


Sagna can ‘t say bad things about another man ‘s hair. He just can ‘t.


He could if those players were Chamakh, Jenkinson or Gervinho.


If we make exceptions to the rule then, yes to chamakh, I replace Jenkinson with Song and no to Gervinho. Sagnas is worse. Allthough, in a strange way, I still like it.

[…] 在回顾我们的这名夏季新援的处子赛季,萨尼亚对阿森纳官网说: […]


Hey fat one. Your reasons for us not signing hazard are completely wrong and even you know it. We were to shift the funds for the elusive goetze and channel it to hazard but turns out he is quite the greedy cunt, something you and na$ri should know, Chose chelsea instead (a laugh?). Good player-yes, just a tiny winy greedy for my liking.


Hey fat one. Your reasons for us not signing hazard are completely wrong and even you know it. We were to shift the funds for the elusive goetze and channel it to hazard but turns out he is quite the greedy cunt, something you and na$ri should know, Chose chelsea instead (a laugh?). Good player-yes, just a bit tiny winy greedy for my liking.

Rectum Spectrum

In a fantasy world where no Arsenal players get injured for an entire season, we’d challenge for the title. We dont need to make the kind of high profile signings that Chelsea do, we have creativity all over the pitch. I couldn’t give two fucking shits if Chelsea signed the entire barca squad, our ability to compete remains in our own hands. There will be more signings, one more for sure, maybe two. And we are still far more likely to retain RVP than lose him. Sexy times.


I can’t see us winning title with Ramsey in midfield


Absolutely true. If Ramsey continues his current form (also pretty bad in the Wales v. Mexico game), it’d be a miracle if we won anything with him in our starting XI.

(Not saying he doesn’t have potential, but potential is different from current form.)


man Utd will soon sign Kagawa for £15mill. Wenger didn’t make a bid-we do lack ambition!

Rectum Spectrum

whose to say wenger wants him! Who are we going for? What contacts have been made? What offers have been faxed through?

Until you can answer any of those questions – which you will never be able to – I don’t think you can really make those kinds of sweeping statements and ones containing facts that you couldn’t possibly know, and expect to have any credibility at all.


Since when did we want Kagawa anyway?


AR, in no way will we keep selling out the grove with another start to a season like the last. The stadium was a third full at times even liverpool at home the 1st home game of the season wasn’t full. We have thousands on the waiting list at the moment but they will desert in thier droves if we sell rvp etc without adequate replacements. So many people I know that have gone for years have decided not to renew, going back years to the highbury days I remember games below 20 k a lot of the time. Arsenal… Read more »

Rectum Spectrum

all arsenal fans aren’t as loyal as who thinks? how can people state ‘facts’ like this is beyond me. what higher intelligent being are you people?

talking shite.


Voldermort – you’re right in that many fans aren’t going to/don’t want to renew for the new season but there are far too many out there who will support the club regardless of what we go through this time around. In the 80s when Highbury was sometimes half full as you remember it was because we weren’t a global brand and our fans abroad were limited to those who had lived in the UK previously and a select few of the elite population from other countries. Today any man and his dog with a decent internet connection can follow the… Read more »


Ar, I agree with most of what you say and want to agree with all you say because clearly everything you say can only be for the good of arsenal, if it all pans out the way you say. But I’m just going by my own experience from talking to other season ticket holders and some who own businesses around the grove that have 5 or more tickets per game and for the majority of the games they struggled to off Laod thKem. Not sure if you can call someone who’s had a st for donkeys years in some cases… Read more »


I hope you’re really right….I’m wearing my eyes out on transfer news here, but there’s absolutely nothing anywhere, except for “van Persie to Juve! City! Barca! Real!” stuff that came out a long time ago, and, let’s face it, is unlikely to be true. Yet.
Transfer speculation, anyone?


Voldermort mate I know what you’re trying to say is pretty much exactly what I’ve been saying too. We both want what is good for tIe club and are unfortunately old enough to have seen the good and the bad over the years. Like you say, I’m hoping for the best and not getting flustered that’s all. I’d much rather have a drink with someone like you who’s willing to debate in a calm fashion and knows stuff about the club from way before winning trophies was fashionable.

Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

Forget all this gloomy talk about lack of ambition and the end of the Arsenal world if we don’t spend millions on a few ¨stars¨! It is all BS spread by AAA whiners like Fathead Goner and other cretins. We cannot ever know what is happening in the market before Aw and AFC know and that is certainly a good thing as we have too many AAA Fantasy football Managers out there waiting to punce on any rumours, factual or not! Lets all go into hibernation until the pre-season and see what we wake up to…by that time the AAA’s… Read more »


Ar, agree with you mate, footballs about opinions and it’s how you put your arguments across that matters. I don’t always agree with other people on here, but im like you mate I don’t call people idiots or worse for opinions that differ from mine. Maybe it’s our age mate.


And that is why this is easily one of the best arsenal news sites out there.
The readers and their opinions are normally well thought out and eloquent.
No where near as much ‘puberty rage’ on here as there are on some of the other sites, although its not long until the summer holidays so I guess that will change.

Keep up the good work guys

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