Chamberlain eyes long future at Arsenal


Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain says he sees his long-term future at Arsenal and is pleased that the club are reportedly planning to offer him a lucrative contract extension.

The 19-year-old midfielder is only twelve months into a long-term contract signed on his arrival from Southampton last summer, but speculation has mounted that Arsene Wenger will look to tie down the teenager on new terms to ward off interest from possible suitors.

Touching on the rumours during a press conference ahead of England’s two World Cup qualifiers, Chamberlain spoke warmly about his experience at the Emirates so far and hinted at a willingness to put pen-to-paper again.

“Obviously if Arsenal and myself wanted to sit down and talk about anything like that then that’s really good because I’m loving my time at Arsenal.

“I’m really enjoying playing for them so I’m planning on being there for a while so that’s good.

“The only thing I’ll be focusing on when I get back is working hard and getting in the team again.”

It certainly wouldn’t be unprecedented for Arsenal to offer new and improved terms to a young and highly-rated talent. One of the club’s lower earners, it seems only right that Chamberlain be rewarded for his rapid progression from raw talent to fully-fledged first team member.

Whether an increased contract length wards off interest from rivals is another matter. As the Cesc Fabregas situation proved, even players with years to run on their deals still have the power to push through transfers.


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Gooner X

There are no possible suitors now but when they come wenger will be found wanting as usual


So what’s the alternative? Just pay every 19 year old on the squad six figures?

big black clock

Yea because Wenger always goes after the money.


Heh, Some comments in there are are just blatant b/s. People in there were like “sell him” “flog him”. But now…………”how’s his contract?, tie him down now!”.


just proves it… Wenger is genius!


the Ox is gonna be a legend for arsenal!


First it was van Persie, then Rosicky, and now Diaby that people wanted to sell because they were always injured, and then wouldn’t want to part with when they are fit.

There’s a lesson there for all of us: at least wait for a player to get fit and prove whether they’ve still got it or not before deciding they should be sold.

big black clock

@Xav, I know right? I must admit even I didn’t understand Wenger’s actions regarding Diaby back in 2011. He seemed like a madman who had lost the plot to most of us. When in reality he was just really forward thinking, and had incredible faith in his players. I believe Wenger will never intentionally sell a player that he developed (unless the player wants to leave, then he’s a cunt) because that is against his principles. Wenger has spoken before how much it hurts him more than anyone else to watch his gems play for other teams, and bringing success… Read more »


I read your name wrong…every single time.


Always refreshing to see a commentor cite stories that back up their argument, rather than just making an argument. There’s still hope for message boards


Whats more impressive in that link is reading the comments made about Diaby…. AW turns down 10mil for him and the long knives came out if full force. Fast forward to today….. many (most?) of those same posters are singing ADs praises after the Liverfools win. Are we a bunch of morons or what??? We watch football every day…we talk tactics, formations, team make up etc etc etc BUT WE STILL DONT KNOW SHIT!! Everybody wants to second, third, fourth and millionth guess the manager. Well I am one of those misguided ones who totally believes in AWs ability to… Read more »


We don’t have the finances to turn down huge fees for players that don’t want to be here. Gripe all you like, but £100m for RVP, Nasri, Adebayor, Hleb and Toure is bloody good money.


And what have we done with it? I would say 20% is sat in the bank…


Only ones from that list I was bothered about losing….RVP and Helb…The others were either too unreliable or maney grabbing little toerags…I would rather have the people we brought in to replace the other 3 anyway…. Verm / Caz / Podo

Mikel Anon

Ox – ~15m
Podolski – ~9m
Giroud- ~10m
Cazorla ~15m
Arteta – ~10m
Mertesacker – ~8m
Andre Santos – ~6m
Jenkinson – ~1m?
Campbell – ~1m
Park – ~3m
Gervinho – ~15m
Total money in – ~93m

RVP – ~24m
Hleb – ~10m
Nasri – ~22m
Clichy – ~7m
Toure – ~10m? Forgot
Ade – ~25m
Song – ~15m
Total money in – ~113m

~113 – ~93 – (wage increases according to current standards for all staff) = ?

Some Gooner

I think we got 16M for Kolo

Cygan's Left Foot

Mikel Anon,

At least of you are going to do a list like this go and do some googling about the players that left ….

Eboue??? how could you forgot that??? Carlos Vela??? JET and the likes. Add to that the wages of a lot of players that left like Gallas, The twat Dane, Denlison, Almunia and some trainees.


funny comment on espn I thought I would share

long ball…..crouch flick on……owen runs onto it……..owen pulls hamstring.


Gonna be reeeeally interesting to see how many starts he gets vs Walcott this season. A big season for him could make a lot of difference.

big black clock

Nah no need to bring Theo into this. Ox is a future CM, Theo is a future CF (hopefully). So I’m looking forward to both of their futures with us. No need to develop a hate,hate relationship with Theo cause of him.


well said bro ~


Nuri Sahin’s face seems to be realizing it’s made a big mistake in joining
L ‘pool.


When he got subbed off, he was all like ”Fucks sake……this club is shite”


When he got subbed I approved that he had played like shit on that particular day.

Armchair gooner

He went for the money and it back fired

Where is that small violin ……….


to be fair to Sahin he didn’t want to join Liverpool, or rather, we were his first choice from what I’ve read but Real and AFC couldn’t agree on figures.

Armchair gooner
big black clock

Retire with us, Chambo.


In two years or time or less he’ll be the real deal (a finished product) then wenger will see the £15 million he paid for him was nothing but a bargain. Chambo. Stay a gunner.

Gooner X

“I’m really enjoying playing for them so I’m planning on being there for a while so that’s good.”

So if man city comes he’ll enjoy playing for “them” as well


(to quote big black clock:)

you must be really fun to talk to

big black clock

I love you too


you’re quite a member of this site, I must say

Fergie the Gooner

The press have probably just asked “What’s it like playing for Arsenal?” and lead him into saying somthing that looks slightly ambiguous on paper. I wouldn’t read too much into it.

Armchair gooner

One day you’ll post something that doesn’t get blocked,

If you want to throw shit , go to the zoo and play with the chimps

big black clock

Hope Chambo and our current crop of youngsters (Szczesny, Ryo, Coquelin) can prove to me that both English players and foreign players can stay loyal to a club forever.


But none of them are english…


So arshavin is stupid…….check!


He was referring to Wilshere, Gibbs, Walcott, etc. plus the lot he mentioned.


Ever the optimist, I’m farking excited about this team. Far better to shift away from one superstar to a team of stars which I feel is the vision.

Sign up Chambo.

Up the Arse!


Much deserved, just wish we’d see more of him on the pitch!

I love that picture with Nuri Sahin obviously realizing he’s made such a mistake choosing Liverpool over us. Sad boy. Or is it that he realized Real Madrid loaned him out and took Essien on loan for the season?


we pulled out of the deal didnt we? because there was no buy clause and we didnt want to spend a loan fortune polishing him, for him then to return to madrid and be flogged to a higher bidder next year


To be fair to sahin they also got shot of diarra and granero too. i have this strange feeling that sahin will still end up at arsenal.

Eric Irish gunner

Looked like bad form between him and podolski when both played in Germany


Who votes in favour of a van sissy injury for the season to come?


I vote for a van pussy injury!

big black clock

Hey guys rmb, Sahin didn’t choose Liverpool over us. Mourinho forced him to go to Liverpool cause he’s a cunt and cares fuck all about the development of his youth.


Well, to be honest, I think Sahin would have received much more first-team time at Liverpool than at Arsenal, so I can see why Mourinho preferred Liverpool.

Lawrence Hunt

The awkward when you see a thumb scoreline ‘8-2’ on this comment


You misspelled your own surname.


A future midfield of the strong ox-coqs will have the cunts at chelsea, shitteh, manu crying……….miyiachi! miyiachi!.

(i was trying some sick sex thing here, anyhu)


Van pussy has really been à Good asset to our team for the last two years. However, we could figure out he was just a cunt by the way he behaved


I didn’t want to post my previous post. I was just in my thoughts


Psychic computers? Mega cool! Where can I get one of them?


Ramsey was really Good as a late sub. I think that at this Time he should carry on as a sub and learn


Who should be in between mertesacker and ko scienly? I vote for ko(s).


I vote keep your thoughts to your damn self.


Depends on the opponent. We basically have 3 brilliant central defenders.


While we’re on the subject of youthful prospects: Anyone know how Ryo has been doing at Wigan? Has he even had a game yet?


12 minutes as a sub against orcs last weekend. cannot comment on the impact but i think he’ll get considerable amount of playing time there, albeit maybe not as a starter.

gooner from bangladesh

Around 20 minutes. Fuck their manager -_- I would’ve preferred to keep Ryo till January and have him play the nextgen and cup fixtures and then loaning him out on January.

meh moody gunner

chill bro, roberto martinez is an excellent manager.
he will ease ryo into his team,not throw him into a pit.
plus goal . com commented positively on his performance.


Chillax – no premiership team would play him for 90 minutes yet. He still needs to beef up and work on the whole mental side of the game, not to mention needing time to get used to playing with a new team for high stakes.

I’ll be happy with 20-30 minutes a game until Christmas at least. If he gets regular 60s after that then we know he’ll be ready to challenge for a spot at Arsenal.


Ceap – posted this in the wrong place.

Ryo’s hasn’t played a lot. The last I know he came off the bench for a 10 minute spell to replace DiSanto, and he came on as a sub and had an assist against Nottingham Forrest. I don’t know what happened in his last match. In their infinite wisdom, Fox Sports saw fit to televise Wigan vs. Stoke and against all my better nature I decided to record it. I’ll probably watch it tonight to see if he played.


i know the guy is a prick, but I want us to have players who like Paul Scholes look at a contract and sign it regardless of the number because of the love they have for the club; i think we a few of those types of players coming through and they are the ones who will win us title.

Merlin's Panini

I don’t want players who like Paul Scholes…

Merlin's Panini



Scholes is a geezer. Sure, he still seems to have it in him but not many clubs would offer him much playing time/wages that he’s getting now.

Merlin's Panini

Paul Scholes is a cunt.

Eric Irish gunner

Agree a Ginger cunt


Ryo’s hasn’t played a lot. The last I know he came off the bench for a 10 minute spell to replace DiSanto, and he came on as a sub and had an assist against Nottingham Forrest. I don’t know what happened in his last match. In their infinite wisdom, Fox Sports saw fit to televise Wigan vs. Stoke and against all my better nature I decided to record it. I’ll probably watch it tonight to see if he played.


Im sorry Alex , but Ill believe you when you’ve completed 15 years at this club and retire from here.

My faith has been broken far too many times to believe what footballers say anymore.


This. I feel the same. Football has changed so much…

Lord Teddy Ears

Ox will be legend for us lets make sure Dein never gets hold of him


Is it possible to call in all the players and create a clause in their contracts saying they will never hire Diarrea Dean as their agent?


I mean, unless ur name is Squillaci, Chamakh, Bendter or Park..


Whens the squad photo clicked??


I hope van persie gets injured, every time I see him on the papers, internet anywhere, I just get really sick to my stomach. I hope there’s a real
Arsenal fan in their opponents team come friday. He will know what to do. CUNT!!!, CUNT!!, CUNT!!

Tony Adams morning breath

In my dreams, Terry puts in a bad tackle on Van Persie when they play each other on oct 28th. Resulting in a 20 game ban for the Chelsea cunt and a one year injury for the Man U cunt.


2 birds (cunts) one stone!. Thankyou sir.


C’mon, man. That’s too much. Wishing a guy would get hurt? He’s another human being, even if he does wear a Manure shirt now. I think we need some perspective here.

Rad Carrot

Don’t wish injuries on anyone – well, not him, anyway. He may be a bastard for what he’s done, but the only people I’d say are deserving of injuries are those that go out of their way to injure others (I’m looking at you, Shawcross).

I just wish him a bad season, t’is all.


Will you get over the Van Pursie issue, he is gone thats it.
Get a bit of Karma into your lives and quit with the hate.
Park, Song, VP gone,
Poldi, Santi and Giro in. Instant Karma.
Be Happy :-).

Chris g

Such a better week after a great result on sunday,and when players come out and say how much they love playing for us.i was gutted to see van persie go but i dont think he’s happy there and he will regret what he’s done im sure,but watching the game against liverpool there just seems to be something there,a feeling like i havnt felt for a few seasons now.its like the players are a unit,there playing for each other and there all level together,no charlie big bollocks.wengers had his hands tied we all know that but with the song and rvp… Read more »


Cesc (:-( @ BarcaDNA.
Arsenal & Cesc (:-) DNA
Please come back and joint Santi after Christmas


So now that terry is past his court case and cleared of charges, shall I still not call him a cunt. Now that nasri has no chin and is a cunt, am I not allowed to speak about it just coz he’s left us. Now that bendtners is gone am I not allowed to say that he’s a egotistic player every chance I get. Now that song fucked off to barca and ruined his career, am I not allowed to say song fucked off to barca and ruined his career. Now that you have read all that, it’s clear I… Read more »


Well said Niko…there would be no need for the bog if we all had the same attitude and opinions


I wish RvP well in his chase for second place this year.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Is he called up for the Dutch? Hope he is asked to play both of their games. It would be nice to see him weather the friendly Turks before a long trip to Hungary. I don’t like to wish injury on any player, but you have to admit it will be interesting to see whether his international career has the same effect on his ability to play for United as it did when he was with us. Go Turkey! Go Hungary! Teach those arrogant thug Dutch what commitment in the tackle really means.


Great attitude as you would expect but I’ve heard it all before from the likes of Flamini, Cesc, Na$ri, RVP, Song and Walcott. They all love Wenger giving them their chance at the Arsenal but as soon as they become established players, off to the highest bidder they go. They are all mercenaries with no real fan attachment to the club. This is the way it is and has been going ever since the Premiership formed. I would Kevin Keegan Luv it if kids like AOC and Jack bucked this disgusting player trend and took the possibility of being a… Read more »

[…] 来源:[Arseblog] […]

[…] open to an offer of a new contract from Arsenal. He’s away on international duty with England and said: Obviously if Arsenal and myself wanted to sit down and talk about anything like that then that’s […]

He's got no hair but we don't care...

Cesc tells Marca he’s unhappy with warming the bench at that Spanish club who likes nicking our players. Unusual that the spanish rag includes a story that alerts US, rather than making up crap to turn our player’s heads and cause their own monkey like players to urge our players to sign for them…yes I’m talking about you Puyol, with your inbred looks and fucking greasy perm! While it’s massively unlikely he’d leave any time soon and he’s said he went there to finish out his career, we have the first option on our former captain and I would… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I think it highly unlikely they’d sell him back to us, but I do gain a measure of comfort knowing that there is yet another ex-Arsenal player finding that the grass is not quite as green on the other side of the fence. He left us a hero, and with just a year gone he finds himself a squad player. Listen well you Arsenal players.

Chin Jo

Would it not be better to give him a new contract when he has a couple of games where he is in red hot form? We do not want to start another Walcott situation. You do not want players thinking arsenal are desperate to hold onto them ..