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Wigan 0-1 Arsenal: winning ugly by the numbers

486 – Passes attempted by Wigan
480 – Passes attempted by Arsenal (2nd fewest this season in the League, v. Chelsea 470)

254 – Passes forward by Arsenal (3rd fewest this season in the League, v. Chelsea 239)
123 – Passes attempted by Arsenal in the Wigan final third (2nd fewest total this season in the League, v. Man U 111)

54 – Passess attempted by Arsenal in the Wigan final third in the second half of play
10 – Passes attempted by Arsenal in the Wigan final third during the last 20 minutes of play
30 – Passes attempted by Wigan in the Arsenal final third during the last 20 minutes of play

31 – Crosses attempted by Wigan (3 successful)
14 – Crosses attempted by Arsenal (2 successful)
14 – Shots by Wigan
11 – Shots by Arsenal
11 – Key passes by Wigan (passes that lead to a shot)
6 – Key passes by Arsenal (2nd lowest of the season, v. Man U 6, v. Chelsea 5)
51 – Percent of possession by Wigan
51 – Percent of the territory Wigan owned
11 – Clearances Arsenal forced Wigan to make (fewest of Arsenal’s Premier League season)
21 – Clearances Wigan forced Arsenal to make (the most since Arsenal’s draw to Everton)

So.. they didn’t control the passing game, did they at least hustle?
7 – Aerial duels won by Arsenal in the first half (of 7 challenged)
3 – Aerial duels won by Arsenal in the second half (of 11 challenged)
25 – Tackles attempted by Wigan (16 won)
16 – Tackles attempted by Arsenal (11 won)
10 – Successful dribbles by Wigan (of 21 attempted)
9 – Successful dribbles by Arsenal (of 25 attempted)
36 – Percent of Arsenal’s dribbles that were successful (lowest % since Man U 29%)
6 – Tackles attempted by Arsenal in the second half when they really needed to tackle the fuck more
17 – Interceptions by Wigan
16 – Interceptions the fuck by Arsenal
17 – Fouls committed by Wigan
9 – Fouls committed by Arsenal
1 – Yellow cards given to each team
1 – Utter cunts named Roberto Martinez who accused Theo Walcott of diving to win the penalty

What the hustle board looks like:

1 – Goals scored by Arteta²
4 – Shots by each of Podolski and Walcott²
3 – Shots by each of Kone and Figueroa³
0 – Shots by Cazorla
0 – Number of times, prior to today, that Cazorla took 0 shots playing for Arsenal
87 – Passes Davey Jones had in his locker² (of 88 attempted!)
87 – Passes Mikel Arteta averages per game in the Premier League¹
71 – Passes by Arteta today³
7 – Passes by Theo Walcott (of 7 attempted)
1 – Passes by Theo Walcott in the entire second half of play
1 – Passes by Theo Walcott in the second half which got him a return ball, from which he was fouled in the box, which earned Arsenal a penalty, which ultimately won the game
28 – Passes by Sagna in the Wigan final third²
18 – Passes by Davey Jones in the Arsenal final third (100% completed)
3 – Key passes by each of Beausejour and McCarthy²
2 – Key passes by Cazorla³
3 – Successful dribbles by each of McCarthy and Wilshere²
7 – Attempted dribbles by Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain²
0 – Successful dribbles by Ox in the first half
2 – Successful dribbles by Ox in the second half
5 – Tackles by McCarthy²
3 – Tackles by Sagna³
5 – Aerial duels won by Sagna²
7 – Fouls by Maloney²
6 – Fouls Maloney was called for before he received a yellow card
16 – Fouls Maloney seemed to have committed, all on Jack Wilshere, before getting a yellow card


All numbers today via Opta, ESPN, or my personal databases

Follow Tim on twitter @7amkickoff and at

¹Best in the League in this category
²Lead both teams in this category
³Lead just his team in this category

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1 pass by Theo in the entire second half??..Disgrace

big balls

Theo doesn’t want to get injured and jeopardize his big money move next month


Big balls: fuck off you spud*, unlike Theo, Gareth Bale is injured and may have just jeopardised his big money move to the Berlin Zoo next month!! Toujours dans notre ombre!!

*see posts in recent articles


Ah wait no, Bale is back, egg’s on my face.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

If the egg was on Bale’s face wouldn’t that be an improvement?


yes it would, especially if he is subsequently booked for diving.


After seeing Walcott today when he’s all taking corners, free kicks even!: when he’s clearly not adept for this and ofcourse the usual moaning of “play me as striker”. I conclude that he’s a kid who’s all about glory with complete cocks as his agents, who keep pushing him to what will eventually be a lost cause.

Giroud please…….


It’s been like this every game he’s played since October. Walcott takes the corners instead of Cazorla or Arteta. Free kicks have rotated.


What’s wrong with you people? The whole team had a shit game and it’s no wonder Walcott was isolated, he won the fucking game for us. As for his free kick, it was a lot better than Podolski’s. Speaking of, Walcott and Poldi had the same number of shots, but I can’t remeber Poldi forcing a save, Walcott did.

Utter cunts you all are.

By the numbers this was possibly the third worst game arsenal played this year, but I guess it’s Walcotts fault.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Theo trying to sneak into the area without the ball offers us less outlet for our passes than Theo sneaking around the back of the left back, if you see what I mean. While the Ox was busy up and down our right he doesn’t get around left backs like Walcott does because he seems to come inside more and isn’t quite the outlet as Theo (Not a criticism of the Ox in any way, he’s just a different style of mega-speed to Theo – like a Theo with a bit of Gervinho trickery and Viera directness). The point I’m… Read more »


Who gives a shit? We were poor but won any way. 3 points we badly needed to move up the table. And tottencunts drew blank at home do that’s a bonus.


Who gives a shit? Those who worry about what’s going to happen the next time Arsenal meets Chelsea, Man Utd. And match with Bayern is coming. Clock is ticking, it’s about time they wake up and show what they’ve got. Many are happy that Arsenal is finally back in the Top 4. Me too. But a lot of them fail to see how fragile Arsenal’s positions is. Right now they are 3rd with 30 points. But also 3 different teams have the same number of points! Plus Chelsea is 2 matches behind and with 29pts they have the chance to… Read more »


Wigan played very well. That’s all I’ll say. I don’t think we played badly. I think Wigan pressed very well and used their extra men in midfield to great effect. While they were generally poor going forward, I thought we defended very well. We played the offside trap very well in the second half and didn’t really look like conceding. Only two other sides have kept clean sheets at Wigan this season. The conditions didn’t suit our game at all either. Finally, we were really on top prior to scoring the goal so I have to say that we deserved… Read more »


You do know this more or less the Wigan side that won against the big sides last season?

In fact, I worry more how we play against the bottom sides than how we play against the bigger sides. We always seemed to step it up against the big sides but showed lacklustre attitude against weaker sides.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

If we loaned a couple of our stars of the future to Wigan there is a serious possibility that the extra skill injected into their team could see them finish above Spurs next season (or this season??). Let’s do it now and make sure those Wigan vs the Big Teams turn out to be Wigan Beat the Big Teams. It’ll help us overtake them.


Damn right. We did good to get 3 points on a shit day.
If we’ played like shit and lost, it would be an entirely different thing altogether.

But its good to see we have the ability to wim ugly. Take Utd and City for example…they’ve mostly played like crap all season, but they have the ability to play bad and win…we need that ability too.


True…3 points. The only number that matters today

One Arsenal

“Drab my hole. Hard fought win against a crowd of cunts who left their foot in at every opportunity. I am buzzing”
Does it sound familiar TomJ?


Yes it does…I wrote it and stand by it, was still buzzing when Spuds lost 2 points at home 3 hours later. In fact still buzzing now. Happy Christmas Gooners


And if you find a hard fought 3 points away from home to move into 3rd as the pride of London as you put it yourself “drab” , I suggest you fuck off and support Manure.


1/2- fraction of wigan players out there trying to target Wilshere.

Getting stuck in like never before,
sticking out that foot since 1900
get that leg_forget that ball,
if you miss the ball_make sure you get the player.


All very true, yet the Arsenal players stood back and watched Wigan play.

I’m as happy as anyone to get the points but the performance was dreadful. Credit to Wigan, they made it difficult for Arsenal to play, 18th place Wigan with 15 points.


United vs reading (last place) 4 – 3
City vs reading 1 – 0
Arsenal vs reading 5 – 2.

No matter the opposition shit always happens and even the toughest teams scrap for a result.
Now go!


3 points is really ALL that mattered today.

Thomas B

Above Sp*rs. Things are getting back to normal.

Thomas B

Ok, I’ll take my words back. Downing has just scored for Liverpool.


Oxlade was a real menace down that right wing. His direct play and trickery was just too much for the wigan defence.

Giroud now needs to be played ahead of Walcott in the next game, if Oxlade continues like this then Giroud could well benefit from those crosses.

Come on you HFB, get me those headed goals!


I was sad to see Rosicky out sick, his direct play and dribbling seems like it could have been a real asset today, but the only thing that matters, 3 points!!!


I think this poem says it all..

We played shit.
We won.
“Mark of Champions!”
Mark Lawrenson


I rather have a shit game and a 1-0 win, rather than playing amazing to lose. Flair is nice, winning is important.

Brian Mendoza

Ox looks like he’s about to karate kick that mofo.


The way some people talk on here, it’s as if they think Utd, Citeh and Chelski play amazingly every game and never grind out results away from home, in a shit hole, in December, in the driving rain.

Thing is, they do


When you are playing with Walcott as a central striker you cant just play on the wings and put in crosses because he is not gonna head one and he rarely has that fighting spirit or desire to muscle and fight for the cross,you can only play the wing game when you are on counter attack which ox did really well 3 times in second half. not that i blame theo completely but he hardly dropped back but i would like to even question Wenger tactics why not play through middle.The forwards rarely made runs for the fullbacks in the… Read more »


This game is an example of why AW touts his opposite number today as a future “Top 4” manager–his Wigan side was set up to play the right way with possession, quick ball movement, pressing, man-marking our top guy.* The only flaw in the plan was he has at the moment inferior players. He must be wishing he could cross the ball himself! Watching this game, though, it was tight, but wigan never looked like they would score. Szczesny needed to make only two saves, and for all the Wigan possession, they hardly troubled our back four. Most of their… Read more »


This ^^

Excellent analysis.

Maybe there is a reason AW sees this guy as a top four manager?


Ref was poor, you’d think its common sense to protect brightest talent of your country specially if all tackles coming fro scottish c*nt.


Dumbest thing I’ve heard all day


If you watched game not MOTD u know what i’m talking about.


One – Nil, to the Arsenal!

I frankly do not care that today was ugly. We won, we’re 3rd, we’re above Sp*rs and to top it, it’s almost xmas.

[…] The stats bear this out and Arsenal ended up actually conceding possession and completing fewer pass…. More worrying, though, was that Arsenal never really fought to get back into the game. Save for the 5 minutes after Wilshere’s yellow card, the other 9 outfield players often looked like they were trying to run away from the ball rather than to it. […]

[…] especially in the first half and did not allow Arsenal to settle into their usual passing game. Another ‘not so bright’ statistic was that Arsenal attempted only 480 passes in the game…Overall, Wigan did a pretty decent job of keeping Arsenal at bay with their good work in […]


grinding out the 3 points.. No complaints..brilliant technicol game.. Ref spoilt it though.. If it was fair game then i feel it would have been much easier.. Considering the amount of fouls they really comitted(including “unseen”1s) their midfield would be crippled cos of the dirty game they were playing with our midfield.. But we won.. 3points.. Thats what my united friends say.. 3 points is all that matters at the end of the day.. Good game.. More of the same please..


It’s not just the club that is not ambitious. The fans too, all they care bout is to finish above spurs.

not so ambiguous

Some brilliant ambition you showing there mate, sitting behind your screen, typing out this very constructive comment! Keep going you might rule the World one day


We won

[…] report – By the numbers – Player ratings – […]

[…] report – By the numbers – Player ratings – […]

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