Thursday, December 7, 2023

Cazorla: derby more than just rivalry

Although he’s well aware of the importance of Sunday’s North London Derby from a geographical point of view, Santi Cazorla says the game is more important than that.

With Arsenal playing catch-up they can’t afford to drop any points in the race for a top four finish, and that’s what’s crucial, according to the Spaniard.

“It’s very important,” he said, “not just because it is a great rivalry or that it’s Tottenham versus Arsenal, but the fact that they’re a side with great players who are fighting with us for a top-four spot,”

“To beat them and get into the top four and the Champions League, which is our aim for the season, is essential. We know how important it is and I hope we can rise to the challenge.

“Like everyone else, I’m really looking forward to the match against Tottenham and I hope we can achieve our goal of fighting for a Champions League spot. It’s going to be a really difficult game but a great match to watch.”

It will only be a great match to watch if we get a result, but having scored in his previous encounter with the club whose fans eat their own young/mud, Arseblog News has a feeling Santi could be decisive in this one too.


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F*** off you spuuuuuuuuurs

Andre Santos

I’d 8-2 be those gays come Sunday evening!


You can’t do anything right.


They say arsenal doesnt perform well against small clubs. We’re looking to change that this weekend.

Dr Baptiste

HA! Classic comment that won’t be topped in this news story



Adamu Umar

COYG!! Gunners we can do ȋ̝̊̅̄†̥̥…c


I hope AW selects the following for the spurs game:

Podolski. Giroud. Walcott


Rosicky Santi

Monreal Vermaelen coquelin Sagna
🙂 #AFC


So I can see people disliking my selection for the team.. Do give you reason – so I can understand why . Thanks


3 forwards… 3 attacking mid fielders, and only one central defender.

do you watch football much?


Two reasons really:

1. Coquelin in central defence? Mertesacker is way better and more experienced.
2. The midfield trio is not right. There is no regular defensive midfielder(Ramsey, Coq, Arteta). Also, Rosicky is much better in CAM role than Wilshere atm.

But you must have your reasons for this particular lineup.


Rosicky playing Arteta’s role is your first problem. Arteta has to start for me.
Santi isn’t a holding midfielder and plays just behind the striker, is your second.
If you’re to start Rosicky, which I too think AW should, he’ll either have to come into the team in replace of Sanit (which can’t happen) so then I’d play Santi on the left instead of Podolski and play Rosicky in his role.
Coquelin as a central defender???
And I think Sagna is still injured.
Not much else wrong with that selection to be honest.


Gervinho must play.



you must be crazy…



Well for a start, it appears that you have Szczesny playing as a lone striker, which is totally wrong. He’s our best goalkeeper by a long way and only our second best striker.

I’m not convinced about the deployment of Sagna as a left winger, no am I convinced that Walcott will be too happy about his position as left back. He’s a striker, don’t you know.

Fundamentally, I think you need to rethink the structure of your selection in its entirety.


good job you don’t pick the team then.




Isnt it Obvious????????

Szczesny in goal of course!!!

Jim Jimminy

Ha! Le Coq at CB!


You have no defensive mid fielders, and the most defensive out of all of those is in CAM.

So you want to put the le coq in defense to plug the holes…

I’ll get my coat.

remember the invincibles, because we aren't good anymore

you clearly don’t know anything about Arsenal. that’s why you’ve been thumbs downed.


Fucking can’t stand the sp*ds supporters I know. Every February, they climb out of the woodwork and start salivating about how their team is so much better and bigger than the mighty Arse. By May they’ve crawled back into their little burrows to lick their festering, pus-filled wounds.

We need to beat them this Sunday, no excuses. Everyone has to be up for this game.

Dave Gooner

You forgot to mention how smelly they are. Really smelly.

Don’t they have hot water in Totteringham? Smelly bastards.

Adamu Umar

3:1 arsenal,coming saturday derby against Tottemham.


the game is Sunday genius



jusssssssssssssssssssssssst becauseeeeeeeee………..

so excited about the game.

Arteta's perfect hair

Hopefully cazorla can be just as influential as pores was in these games, having a fucking brilliant habit of scoring against the scum!

Arteta's perfect hair

Pires* stupid auto correct!!


Ha. Old “Perfect Pores” Pires.

El Capitano

Fucking hell we need to beat these cunts on Sunday, so sick of all this media storm about ‘How good is Bale .. bla bla bla’ ..’Spurs are going to qualify for The Champions League over Arsenal’.. ‘The tide is North London has turned’ ..

Did it last year… when those bottle jobs were 10 points clear, so lets
dick these cunts in their own backyard on Sunday, and keep them on Channel 5 where they belong.

Come on you Gunners

Scott Parker's scrotum

“You’re just a SHIT club next to Arsenal”
“You’re just a SHIT club next to Arsenal”
“You’re just a SHIT club next to Arsenal”
“You’re just a SHIT club next to Arsenal”

Arturo Lupoli

I’ts time to mash some patatoes!

Arturo Lupoli



@Hassan: That’s like 3 attacking midfielders, plus 3 strikers! With our vulnerable defence? No way mate. Ramsey-Wilshere-Santi I’d say


I still read his quotes in my head with a Speedy Gonzalez voice.

Has he given any interviews in English yet?

[…] Read More Here: Cazorla: derby more than just rivalry […]


I am trying to be positive but I cannot see Arsenal getting anything from this game – Spurs are on fire and Arsenal are a club in terminal decline with a manager years beyond his sell by date. Same tactics have delivered nothing over the last eight years – lunacy is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result and lunatic is an apt world for Wenger…

Dr Baptiste

Spurs are on fire being only 4 points ahead with their best player having scored one more than our inconsistent Walcott. Last year they were 10 points ahead and collapsed….

El Dave

The only time spurs where on fire was the time of the riots even then they didnt steal from the club shop you troll


Why would anybody steal the shit in their club shop?
Imagine the disappointment, breaking into a shop and finding it full of horrible shirts with pictures of a chicken on them.

El Dave

It would be like a KFC free give away only to find your KFC is contaminated with chimp meat


I’m guessing you don’t follow football or don’t have a tv. Last two games against the spuds have been….ah damn, what was it…..1-0 to the Arsenal. Erm no, that’s not it. Oh yeah 5-2.


If Sp*rs are on fire, it’s the kind of fire you get from lighting a fart. Smelly and brief.


Their pet monkey is the only one on fire at the moment along with Lloris maybe. We’re better than them. Period!

Merlin's Panini

We must win this derby. It’s more important than any North London derby I can remember and the players have to recognise that. One thing we know is that there will be a hell of a lot of goals in this games. I just want to see Sp*rs curling up and wimpering at the final whistle.

TO Gooner

I guess you can’t remember last years. I would say this years is equally important.

El Capitano

@Biscuit : Stop believing this media circus around ‘how good spurs are’ the last 5 games they’ve played have been against poor teams. We put 7 past Newcastle at home, and we put 3 past West Ham away, and Lyon are hardly a top team. West Brom Away 0 – 1 Newcastle Home 2 – 1 Lyon Home 2 – 1 Lyon Away 1 – 1 West Ham Away 2 – 3 The last top team they played was Man United at home which they drew 1-1, as long as we keep hold of Bale (which will be tough) we… Read more »


They do have a much tougher run than us until the end of the season. Even a draw wouldn’t mean we can’t end up several points ahead of them…
But lets beat them and ‘deflate’ them 🙂


We’re not only ones to get knocked out of Cup to lower league sides, Leeds knocked them out..


Aaron “i run like a pussy” lenon.


He runs like a pussy because he is one
Catch me catch me pussy


He runs like a waiter who is in the weeds and rushing to get plates to tables.

remember the invincibles, because we aren't good anymore

Aaron ” I miss all the time” Ramsey.

Bah. fuck it. no Ramsey bashing. He’s been ok recently.

But yes. that Lennon. He’s a pussy.

I really think we’ve turned a corner here.


The thing about the spuds is they are a bunch of cunts plain and simple and that the best player they have is an escapee from fucking planet of the apes. BRING IT ON MONKEY FUCKS

Arsene Hole


El Dave

Can we ship chimp off for lab experiments are we smash them 5 nil ?

El Dave


I deserve a gang thumbing down for bad grammar 🙁 shame on me


Time for a spot of pedantry.

Its not grammar, it’s spelling.

Dribbles of pedantry

You’re right! IT’S not grammar, it’s spelling.


COYG!! Spurs are overhyped just like anything that’s anti-Arsenal by the brittish media, even I, who live in America, can see how bias against Arsenal MOST of the media is. But even sweeter that makes victory for the Gunners, Arsenal forever, one day I will step into that stadium and watch you live, I love you Arsenal


We’ve got two in a row, so I’m hoping for a 5-2 hat-trick this weekend.


That makes victory even sweeter makes more sense doesn’t it

Midfield Corporal

Lets slaughter those cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnmmtttttttttttttttttts……



yes, it is not a rivalry, it is war!!!


It isn’t even a rivalry. They are just annoying pests who think they are our main rivals. (they have been for past few seasons but still) They are still cunts and we still need to beat them. I would LOVE another 5-2


Nah it will just be genocide.


Happy birthday to Arseblog (The blog, not Mr. Andrew), may Arsenal win the NLD and give Arseblog the gift that it deserves.

Mayor of the WOOLWICH

The orc that is half-gorilla is to be fucked first, and we just fuck the whole of white shite lane.

That’d be a good thing to purr on for the next 10 days or more, and then, it’ll make Toterringham’s day fun the more.


Where is Andrew Allen btw?, or is he Arseblog news hound. Someone please clarify this


If Wenger was still a great manager then he would set the side up to defend and nick a draw. Less flair and more muscle should be the order of the day. A draw would suit us, with Spurs having a much harder run-in.

But of course he won’t. Instead he will go out there and try to play like Barcelona. let’s hope that we don’t pay the price.


So FG, what team would you pick then?


Bac Mert Verm Mondeal
Coq Kos
Walcott Arteta Wilshere

Nice and solid – but capable of getting a goal or two.


Okay FG – your defensive 11 is very negative when I think we can actually win. I don’t think we are good enough defensively to prevent good strikers from scoring so our best defence may actually be attacking. We have beaten Spurs and Chelsea in the past by scoring a lot more than they did. If we dominate possession and create chances, we will score. We tend to be not so good with teams that park the bus. The Spuds will not park the bus – they will leave space for Walcott, Giroud and Poldi to exploit. They will be… Read more »

Midfield Corporal

I have to admire your consistency FG. In this instance I’m inclined to agree with you.


Okay MC, what team would you pick?


We are The Arsenal. We never play for anything other than a win.

Eric Irish gunner

Agree let’s go out and fucking beat them


@FatGooner Never should we change who we are – The Arsenal – especially against the spuds! We simply need our attacking 4 and midfielders/fullbacks firing on all cylanders when we attack! Szczesny Jenks* – Mert – Verm – Monreal Arteta – Wilshere Cazorla Walcott – Giroud – Podolski *Jenkinson if Sagna is still injured. There’s no other way around it. We may, however, need to be more tactically aware of Bale so we should press higher like against Chelski in the second half, and pressure Bale with 2-3 players so he doesn’t find room or gain pace, as ManUre did… Read more »


Too soft.

kiss my arsenal

Arnt we all forgetting a certain mr adebayor? Yet another cunt running his mouth and talking tripe about the club who plucked him from obscurity, I want to see him crying into monkey boys ares come sunday! God how I love arsenal, it may be a rollercoaster ride supporting the mighty arse, but by fuck I hope we smash them cunts, really smash them…I hope to see a ruthless arsenal on sunday


I think everyone is forgetting Adebayor.


Man i’m zo buzzin for this, it’s unreal!



On a side note, can I suggest not chanting about their fans getting stabbed in the various crappy places they’ve been to in Europe. I know they’re a horrible bunch, but no one deserves that – plus it will make us look bad.


You can suggest it, but knowing how football works, I doubt your words of reason will be followed, much to my chagrin.

By the way, Sp*rs are cunts.


Top 4 is essential.

I mean players like Cazorla, Podoski and more etc,.

Have like 3 year contracts whats important is in that time when their contract is low for them to see progress and investment in the team.

If players like Wilshere leave etc then we will be falling down the table.


Tottenham Hotspurs v Arsenal is always a great occasion. The rivalry goes back generations. Arsenal and Spurs in many ways are really very similar . Lets hope its a cracker game and may the best team win.


How exactly are they “in many ways are really very similar”? They’re a pack of cunts. Our players aren’t cunts (unless they choose to leave the team for a chance to actually win trophies, in which case, they immediately become cunts).

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


Third times a charm. 5 – 2 LETS GO ARSENAL!


I’m loving all the (false?) bravado in these comments. Personally, I’m quite nervous about this game. We really don’t have anyone in midfield who can mark Bale (Arteta, our deepest-lying midfielder, is pretty slow). If you’ll think back to November, Sp*rs (as much as I hate to admit it) were well on top until Adebayor’s moment of madness.


No they weren’t. They went 0-1 up against the run of play on a counter attack we had all the possession and chances until their goal. Then adebayor flailed at Santi and we put them to the sword.

What would you rather have on your shirt? A chicken on a basketball or a fucking giant cannon?


This isn’t Bayern, we’ve every right to be confident. I’m not saying I won’t wince when that primate with shin pads starts loping toward our defence but, going on past form, there’s only one team that should worry about a hiding on Sunday.


Santi’s spot-on. But we’ve heard a lot of positive words from the boys this season – notably before Bradford, Blackburn, Bayern. We need to back the words up this time. I doubt they’ll be reduced to 10 men this time so we won’t have it as easy.
Hopefully we only struggle against teams starting with B.


The monkey is jabbering non stop. Let’s stuff him and his fellow chimps with goals and see if they like the taste!!


Looking forward to Jack squaring up against Monkey Boy.

[…] Lots of one goal wins or draws, and while it’s a cliche it’s true that form does go out the window when it comes to these games. With both teams now scrapping for the top four, Cazorla says: […]

[…] Lots of one goal wins or draws, and while it’s a cliche it’s true that form does go out the window when it comes to these games. With both teams now scrapping for the top four, Cazorla says: […]

[…] Lots of one goal wins or draws, and while it’s a cliche it’s true that form does go out the window when it comes to these games. With both teams now scrapping for the top four, Cazorla says: […]


With Sagna out for the game I hope its Jenks, Monreal, Kos and Verm in defense, Arteta, Rambo and Jack in Mid, Caz and Theo on the wings and Giroud up top. Poldi as a high impact sub at the 60th.

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