Wenger hints at big summer spend


Arsene Wenger has hinted that he’ll use the funds available to him after guiding the club through what he calls a ‘very sensitive’ period.

Having built a new stadium, and been tied into restrictive commercial deals, things look better in the Arsenal garden, and Wenger spoke about the club’s financial strength.

At his pre-QPR press conference, he said, “We have gone through a period that was very sensitive, we are coming out of it now, in a much stronger position financially.

“I believe that this club is today in a very, very strong position and has gone through a very sensitive period in a very intelligent way. After that, everything is here to have a great future.

“We have a good fanbase, we have now a strong financial situation, we have good young players and a squad with a bright future with the quality of the young players we have. It is just to manage it well now.”

The new Emirates sponsorship deal has certainly had an impact, and although there was money to spend in January, Wenger decided to wait until summer to make best use of the money available to him.

It remains to be seen if that gamble will pay off in terms of this season, with Arsenal still fighting for a top four finish, but should it come to fruition it seems that there’ll be no similar fiscal recalcitrance on Wenger’s part in the upcoming close season.

Wenger also hinted he might stay on beyond the end of his contract in 2014, although admitted it would be entirely dependent on his performance.

Ruling out a move to PSG, again, he said, “I answered that question already. I respect my contracts. I want to stay on if I do well and if I consider or the club considers that I do well, that is all.

“I want this club to do well, that is my basic feeling.”

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Arsene's Nose

I’m optimistic, let’s hope it won’t be a case of ‘fool me once, shame on you M. Wenger, fool me c. 14 times/transfer windows…’


It’s always darkest before the dawn. Remember that, fellow Gooners.


saying is “NIGHT IS THE darkest before dawn”……. anyways, considering that despite the trophy drought in the ‘sensitive period’, we have managed to hold on to regular champions leagu football and develop a good squad with lot of young talent and future potential, the night doesn’t seem too dark to me…… so kudos to wenger and the rest of the people running arsenal……

Cygan's Magical Left Foot

Typical losers mentality…..

Losing to Alex Dogleash team in cup final not DARKEST?
Losing to Bradford and Blackburn in two cups this season not DARKEST?
Being 21 points behind the Manures not DARKEST?
Our best players want to move as they see a manager just like you happy with fourth place trophy not DARKEST?

Should I go on????

We have a sick Manager who would never spend, don’t build your hope, wasn’t he going to spend some cash last year? Didn’t he take the cheque book with him to the EC and WC before???

Dark Knight

So what???? In essence your statement was pretty much identical anyway. Boring hell! Pipe down clever clogs….


To the tune of ‘we have Cesc Fabregas’

We want Cesc Fabregas,
We want Cesc Fabregas,
We want Cesc Fabregas,
We want Cesc Fabregas.


I don’t. A./ He cheated on us. Worse than Nasri, worse than RVP, worse than Hleb. After he forced the move, we had to sell him for half his market rate. now its not working out for him boo hoo. B./ Bayern Munich have exposed the spanish technical, tippy tap crap and the future is high tempo, power football with big aggressive midfielders and strong, fast strikers. Arsenal 2002? If the munich match is anything to go by – He and song are playing in a worse team team than the one they left. So i hope that DNA is… Read more »


Bit harsh – he went back to home. I’d welcome him back with open arms – the man threads passes like a jedi warrior. And he’s tough.


How is he better than Nasri, RVP or Hleb? Did they not also force a move for reasons less honourable than Cesc’s?

Bayern Munich have learnt a lot from technical tippy tap football, its the whole basis on which German football has been rejuvenated these few years: not just athletic but technical dominance.

And finally nope I don’t agree that the current Barca team is worse than the current Arsenal team.

Cesc won’t come back here for a while I think, but I would welcome him with open arms

The ghost of Peter Storey

Part of the deal with Cesc was that we were probably a little bit guilty of getting him for free in the first place, so allowing him to go “home” seemed fair enough to me. RvP, Na$ri, Clichy, Hleb, Song, etc. are not welcome back at all, but Cesc is.


Fuck off cesc we aint gat time for dat!!. He’s become rather lazy with barca and honestly, i would rather take isco if we’re talking about the same prize.


Wow.. Sure lot of thumbs down for something that you perfectly echo’d what most of us feel… Kids these days!! Oh I know – All those in Cesc-back bandwagons just want to see the Cougar that he’s been dealing with.. Guess Cesc’s been getting a lot of spanking these days.. You bad bad boy..

Barca DNA/R.Mad- Jose Bitch’s just got Blitz·krieg!!


I love cesc but i feel we’ve moved on. Don’t know where we’d fit him in the midfield. And lets be honest, he never was a striker as he’s being played at Barca. Don’t get me wrong, if he came back, I’d be happy as he’s quality and would add depth, but I’m hoping we get a proper out and out striker this season and shore up our goalie / defensive depth out. Lets also not forget the way cesc left, left us in a desperate situation, sold him for atleast £5-10m less, he took a pay cut and didn’t… Read more »


He might argue that he had already stayed that “extra year” or even two from when he wanted to go back to the original club of his heart. Additionally, the chance to play for his childhood idol was surely a huge reason for him to leave, and had he waited any longer, he would have missed that chance. I doubt he will be coming here any time soon, if at all. I don’t doubt his love for either Arsenal or Barca one bit. His statements about how he would never leave Arsenal for anyone other than Barca were probably meant… Read more »


I Think that the season Cesc came to us as a kid (and look at all the other players in the Barca youth team then that we could maybe have got)
We sold them Overmars and Gervinio at a bargin price.
Some say that Cesc came as part of the deal.

Cesc is a turn coat – who i understand went on strike – put his flat on the market when telling the fans to trust him – he will never play for us again i hope!

Runcorn Gooner

Remember Groundhog Day.I just hope I am wrong and AW has broken the spell

The ghost of Peter Storey

How about a cheeky bid for Robert Lewandowski? Or Gonzalo Higuain?



He has played with messi
a real threat not to mention classy.

Get me gonzalo, he will score a golazo!!!!!!


it’s the many exlamations marks isn’t it??? Thats where the red thumbs are coming from or is it the cheesy gonzalo-golazo? I like a golazo.


gonzalo and fab undoubtedly w’d spark our attack.

Arsene's Waterbottle

That’s one of your funniest headlines ever

Arty's Art

I hope he just buys the title, just cut out the middle men, buy the actual trophy. Nobody would be able to quote ‘X year since Arsenal won a major trophy anymore’ and if they did we could then use it to club Piers Morgan to death thus highlighting the fact that we have a trophy.

Then we can get on with the football again.


Spend £70 million on Piers Morgan, lock him in a ‘warchest’, call it a trophy and put it in the trophy cabinet.

Consolidate all your media-hyped problems into one, simple, easy-to-manage answer.


I’d rather that prick not be anywhere near our beloved club thank you. He’s caused enough harm to our fans.




The power to spend doesn’t mean we have. We need, the right players in the right positions to suit the squad we have. If we have the money then the amounts been paid don’t matter. Come next season I just hope to see what I would call ‘a complete squad’ for the first time in several years.




Well, that’s one inference. I’d not get my hopes up.

Humble Gooner

In fact, I draw the opposite conclusion. His emphasis on youth and the solid basis, the emphasis on just needing to “manage” things now, all seems to say that he’s content with things—just wants more consistency. Not that I disagree with AW but it’s not exactly got the “pocketbook-itching” sound to it.

But the picture for this post is hilarious—thanks Andrew.

Mildly Amusing Name

I still want Arsene Wenger to be manager as long as possible. He gave us all an invincible season and a new stadium and all he asked for was for us to be patient. Hopefully our (well, not all of our) patience will pay off.

Wengers Wanger

Here Here!

I think next season will be the season, hopefully we can put the boo boys to bed once and for all!


And if he doesn’t, you will say the same thingin 12 months.

Insanity – doing the same thing over and expecting a different result

Jim Jimminy

Ive lost count of the amount of times i have read that “definition of insanity” bit from people who no longer want wenger in charge. Somewhat ironic i’d say.


Not too sure how that is ironic.

You guys keep on thinking Wenger has all of a sudden “seen the light” and somehow will change his frugal ways of buying unknown, unproven and pretty much useless players in recent years. And yes they far outweigh the quality players picked up over the last half a decade or so.

Jim Jimminy

what is it that makes you think that you are right and everyone else is wrong? You cant possibly know what will happen in the summer. No one does. Maybe money wont be spent but I think there are more signs pointing to differing circumstances this time round – namely the new sponsorship deals. Even if you are right and money isnt spent what will the incessant doom mongering do to solve that. You seem to be in the minority on this particular blog so maybe look for a new one with like-minded people, that way you are happy. And… Read more »


“what is it that makes you think that you are right and everyone else is wrong?”

Pretty simple…recent history (i.e. transfer windows) and results. Not that hard to figure out

“Even if you are right and money isnt spent what will the incessant doom mongering do to solve that.”

If I am right what does your persistent support for a failed approach going to solve?

Ahh, there it is…”you don’t agree with us so go to a different blog”…pathetic, but predictable

Jim Jimminy

Potato, potarto.



Posting the ‘definition of insanity’ over and over to suggest its ridiculous to be optimistic before the summer transfer window because of our recent history, as if every time its posted the rather stupid point you are trying to make will accepted by those who are quite sick of hearing it. Now read the definition. Now go look up irony. Get it?


“He gave us a stadium”
That is not his job he should have been giving us titles not stadiums.

Highbury had way more atmosphere than the over priced sanitary experience they created anyway.

In addition he should have been fighting the board and that disease Kroenke for every player, not bending over for them.
Jesus would we not have supported him? Of course we would, Wenger could have made changes if he had tried but he got way to compliant and way too focused on the stadium build; NOT HIS JOB!


It’s called cause and effect. The board and manager saw that in absence of a sugar daddy, the only way to compete longer term was to build a bigger stadium. We couldn’t do that because of the johnny come lately nimby types who bought houses on Highbury hill for a million then woke up one morning to discover there was a football stadium at the bottom of their garden. Thus we had to move and build . Which is expensive. This had a knock on effect on finance available for wages and purchases. Sr, I wish life was as simple… Read more »


Hate to break it to you but fans don’t employ him. The board does. You can’t talk about him needing to “do his job” and then also ask him to throw up middle fingers to his employers.

And I think people underestimate just how well Arsenal handled the stadium-building. Just look at Valencia.

Wenger has created a platform for future success, I’d like to see him reap the benefits.


Your right Carter, getting the stadium was not ? Wenger’s job, but Wenger is Arsenal thru and thru, and like the majority of us fans, just wanted to see us able to compete with other top clubs financially hence why he pushed for a bigger stadium. Yeah Highbury was a beautiful stadium with a brilliant atmosphere but the fact is Arsenal were never able to generate money from the gate takings like Utd did until we built the Emirates. We was primed to deliver financially and football wise, but Chelsea emerged from nowhere due to billionaire ownership and blew everyone… Read more »

something arsenal

it would be great if you hide comments that are more than 5 sentences. i have a hard time not readings this and then feeling bad for the effort put into it by the guy, and that i should have read it


This is the most eloquently written account of Arsenal’s recent past. I tip my hat to you.


Yes but with all that in mind – it’s not Chity or Chelski’s fault we ended up loosing the next generation of players like Ca$hly – Flamini – Nasri … It’s the club who screwed up the contracts. While paying huge £££ on duds like Bendtner, Denilson and Almunia … We lost the best left back in the league for the sake of £5k. That sent out the message loud and clear to other clubs regarding our best players. RVP to Manure for £24m! berbatov went for £30m years b4! (and selling to Manure come on geezer.) It’s one thing… Read more »


I just don’t want Wenger to leave without him winning one more trophy for us. just one more would be ok by me.

64 + 9= 73pts = 3rd place?

Agreed, it would be brilliant to see Wenger lifting the Champions League trophy (the only one that has eluded him thus far) surrounded by players wearing red and white!


Don’t forget the league cup and the uefa cup,we blew them both at the final hurdle,ah well.

Parisian Weetabix

BREAKING NEWS: Arséne Wenger joins Stoke; targets Champions League.


I think a lot of people underestimate the effect the stadium has had, its all well and good comparing us to the top clubs but we have a very different financial situation. The best comparisons would be Olympic Lyon and Valencia, both teams did well through out the 00s, Lyon won the league 7 times in a row! However both realised long term they needed bigger stadiums, both of them have not completed there stadiums due to lack of finances, yet they have had to sell a lot of there best players just to start construction. We have the new… Read more »


you call fighting for 4th compeating … get real we are Arsenal – share holders have made seven hundreds of millions – enough to build 2 stadiums. While stripping the fans of the best players – telling us we have to sacrifice spending on players as a consiquence of a ground move.

Double Canister

That’s not true.
Or else give us some references.
Look up the last 8 years Arsenal Plc returns on-line, they are free to find, read them and then give us some of your FACTs.

wenger must go

Mr man that’s shiiiiiiiiiit.pack n go


Same old BS again.


Why is it getting downvoted ? It a fact. Pssht!


Because this is the same site where the posters believe that Ramsey is comparable to Schweinsteiger. That’s why…


Arsene Wenger

@Sigh, yes, I suppose we’ll keep quoting what a fraction of posters said and use that to discredit the whole site.

the name ‘RealisticGooner’ just shows that you think you’re delivering the dog’s bollocks information and shocking us when we’ve actually heard your arguments again and again.





Neither does reality apparently….



Well said



Well fyi this blog is a big fan of kroenke and gazidis’s; They probly cant even remember 10 years ago with mr. Deins, all his stars and all the trophies, the feeling to win…. And I dont know if theyre deluded but they clearly dont know real quality and winning spirit.

Jim Jimminy

“fiscal recalcitrance”.



Yes nice – new thesauras blogs?


Fellaini, Reus and Benteke would be my priority. Hummels and Capoue would be great on top of that. Plus a RB as well if Sagna leaves or doesn’t get his act together, although there’s not many decent RBs around these days. These signings would complete the squad imo.


Add Messi for the bench and Iniesta to u21 and you’re spot on.


Also I would like a BJ from Angelina Jolie.
Lets see who gets lucky first…..


I wonder if Wenger has made contact with Fabregas. Sounds too good to be true.

Ivan the terrible

So many Arsenal supporters take pride in the financial juggling that Arsene has so successfully managed. Almost as if they themselves are shareholders. So well done to all of you phnatom shareholders for balancing your books so well. Do you think that Chelsea, Man U or Man C fans are saying that if only they’d won while having been such good money managers? Nope. So why should Arsenal fans care if the current directors don’t have to dip into their pockets and still get to take a few million home in salaries and dividends. All that while so many at… Read more »


This is a weak argument. Parallel to saying ‘So many Barcelona fans take pride in the football their team play. Almost as if they themselves play for Barcelona’.

Of course we can be proud about the financial state of our team, especially when so many teams are struggling having spent beyong their means (see Spain). I personally believe there’s much more satisfaction in being self-sufficient, and hopefully this way of going about things will pay off in the future. Or maybe I’ve just got too used to being an Arsenal fan


So you are happy that the books are balanced, fat cats take home ridiculous dividends while football our suffers?
“Things will pay off in the future” What are you on? looking at the history books Arsenal can’t be found in any competition for 9 years but you are happy because we have money in the (boards/Kruntke’s ) bank.



What dividends?


It’s all good spouting rubbish about the board/owner/whoever taking money out of the club but really there’s no evidence of this. We recently moved into a 60,000 seater stadium, there was always going to be a period of relative financial austerity thereafter, but it looks like we’re coming through the hardships. I look at a club like Chelsea, who sold their souls for a decade’s worth of relative success. Now they’re running out of steam (or at least their league performances are), and as soon as there’s a substantial outflow of money from that club they will disappear from existence.… Read more »


Please read the accounts. There are no dividends. Keeping on pleating an untruth doesn’t make it true.


Dividends we seek, Master Yoda. Find them you will not. Taken they have not been.


what fat cats? wenger monitors their diet as well.


You don’t see the bigger picture at all, do you? We have a history FAR longer than 9 years. Wenger is the ONLY one in recent history to give us a consistant form – top four position. We knew from the unveiling of the Ashburton Grove stadium plans that we would be in for possibly a decade restrictions. When we moved into Emirates we had most of the Invincibles team, but with a debt that peaked at over £420million we had to accept players would go and Arsenal would save money from player sales (as well as various other options)… Read more »


Sorry but $200 million in debt isn’t indication that the “debt is nearly gone…”


@ Sigh:

Apology accepted. It has widely been reported that the debt last year was around £90million.

With better commercial deals, I think the debt is highly likely to be nearly gone a year later, considerjng how quickly Arsenal reaolve to cut the debt. But I guess I can’t back that up without the official financial deptartment’s say, I can only go by trends and released information, then put it together.



not too sure why i would apologize.


Not too sure if you can decipher financial statements, but look at the link above where it states the following:

– There was roughly $385 million (using a conservative FX rate) in debt which remains outstanding as at the end of November 2012

Hope that helps…

64 + 9= 73pts = 3rd place?

Dividend or no dividend is besides the point. The fact is that rather than paying off the 25-year mortgage over… well… 25 years, Kroenke has prioritised paying it off in only 10 years. The only way to do that is to severely compromise your lifetsyle over those 10 years (no holidays, no eating out at nice restaurants, not even a trip to the cinema). In order to achieve this not-so-easy feat, Kroenke clearly sees selling our best players for wads of cash as a key “compromise to the lifestyle”. The fact that this has the side-effect of seriously eroding our… Read more »


Wow…so i post actual facts (procured from the Arsenal website) to rebut harish’s misleading and downright wrong assumption about the Arsenal debt levels and yet people still thumb it down?!

So you lot don’t agree with the FACTS as presented by Arsenal?

Liek I said you lot are absolutely deluded…

Thunb that down and you are thumbing down facts once again…

Clock End Mike


No, mate, we’re thumbing down your attitude. Sorry.


Sigh: agree re: gross debt figure you have posted, however this does not factor in the 123.4m GBP of cash on balance sheet, generally debt is considered at a net debt level (from a fiscal perspective) factoring in working capital requirements and season ticket renewals et al this would at least reduced gross debt by circa 80m GBP (or about 25%).

Swiss Ramble has a lovely website (which I for the most part agree with) where you can look at such considerations, I am speaking from the perspective of with a decade in the finance and corporate management sector.

Double Canister

Carter, who told you the shareholders take dividends?
I’m sure as hell that you didn’t read Arsenal’s annual accounts ever.
go on, tell us where you got this Factoid from.?


They don’t take dividends that’s true, but I would put my house on the fact that at the next Agm that is going to Change.


footballs about playing good football and winning, not about financials; sport not aconomics! Pff




“So why should Arsenal fans care if the current directors don’t have to dip into their pockets and still get to take a few million home in salaries and dividends.”

Because we don’t have a sugar-daddy owner.
Because we don’t pay dividends.
Because we don’t want to ignore the future and be stuck in a restricting stadium, with restricted earnings for the next 50 years.
Beacause we don’t want our club stuck in midtable like Liverpool, only able to attract players like Carroll and Henderson, instead of guys like Cazorla.
Shall I continue?


No don’t. The guys head may explode through the sheer effort of be getting his first actual thought.


No but atleast 15 years from now we will have a club to support


This is the most bloody stupid thing I’ve read in ages.

You talk about failing to pull £100 extra million out of the hat like its an act of negligence. You do know that Arsenal haven’t got a money printing machine in the basement don’t you?

What a plank.


Will believe wen we c it

Bobby Sue

Down voted purely for text speak

Nate Brown

Love the picture.

And I hope this is true, but we have heard this before when it comes to transfer windows. Time will tell.


This is becoming a broken record now. I’ll believe it when I see it.


Wenger will do nothing. Anyone who thinks this madman has a clue how to build a title winning team is off their rocker. This current Arsenal side is about as average as it gets and nowhere near competing for a major trophy. All the evidence points to Wenger having serious money but refusing to spend it, either because he doesn’t think he needs to spend it or because he has tried to insulate himself from criticism. He has manipulated the situation extraordinarily well, it’s just a shame he is more ambitious about protecting his reputation than what is best for… Read more »


Any reckon Cesc is on his way back this summer?

Boris Cro

Gonalons and Aubameyang would satisfy me regarding the summer. And maybe Adler.
And the best of that is that they are all in our price range.

It Is What It Is

Aubameyang! Really? Which one? Cos that’s as appealing as being taken by an AIDS riddled appendage.
We need quality, and he isn’t. Gonalons would not displace any of our strongest/starting eleven, so not even him would do. Not the type of players I think we need. We need players that require little or no adaptation to the PL and can walk into the team with no qualms……after a full pre-season of course.

I would love for you to explain why though.

Even Remy would do…..we shall see how he applies himself today.


Remind me when Season Ticket renewals are due….oh…soon? Go figure.


Yes but I cannot help think these stories are linked to the renewals Maybe I’m just a cynic


I missed the bit where hie hints at “big summer spend”.


I need more than that. This is a very vague comment.


Thats a “Hint”.
you are looking for an “indication” or worse yet an “Intention”


He has not said that before but Ivan and a few before him have said funds are available, even last season it Ivan was saying substantial funds, yet we still had to sell before we bought and made a profit on player sales. I would take this with a pinch of salt to be honest. It’s nothing we haven’t heard before from the club in one form or another only to be told the squad is young, strong etc etc and yet we continue to fall further behind those that can compete for trophies. This year we have no excuses,… Read more »


Doesn’t indicate he will spend anything. How naive are you? Every season Wenger comes out with this type of comment then fails to deliver. Can’t believe a word he says. You’re starting to look like a bit of a mug Arseblog. Naive.

I like to remember Danny Fiszman’s comment on what Wenger would do if he gave him £100m – give it back was the response. This is the REAL Arsene Wenger.

I certainly don’t see Wenger buying more than 3 players in the summer, two will be replacing those that are departing (Sagna/Vermaelen).


This is getting ridiculous. He ‘hinted’ at Wenger ‘potentially’ having money to spend over the summer, because AW does NOT usually make statements referring to us positively when talking about finances. If you are complaining about the semantics of his headline then thats ridiculous, but if you think it is a non-story, well this is an Arsenal website devoted to posting ALL Arsenal news. Blogs doesn’t decide what Wenger says, and neither is he a journalist that he needs to represent the news with no bias. As an opinionated fan (like the rest of us) he is SHARING HIS OPINION.… Read more »


“As for the future, we wait to see, but (a top-four finish) can influence the players we want to join us. My focus for now is only on finishing our season and winning our games.”

top four finish influencing “the players we want to join us”. from that, I think we’d have to spend to get said players….

arseblog didn’t include this quote which I thought was jet to the point he was trying to get in the title


Same old tale,you will re-write this in june!


You get the feeling that this is definitely make or break for Arsene’s reign as manager. We are in a position now where the squad simply has to be strengthened, even Wenger has talked about CF’s so surely that is number one on the list. I think Ramsey’s resurgence in the middle will mean we won’t buy a destroyer type player there.

Apart from a CF I would think another wide man and keeper will come in…


He will buy a striker, a right back to replace Sagna and a centre back to replace Vermaelen. I would be surprised if Wenger bought anyone beyond that. Therefore, next season will be as bad as this one.


astro, plus AM and maybe plus DM if he don’t see Ramsey future there and don’t believe cocquelin will make it.


Can’t see him buying any central midfielders. He has Arteta, Ramsey, Cazorla, Rosicky and Wilshere… and Diaby. He will go an about Eisfeld etc. too, so don’t see any buys there.


To be fair, we’re in title winning form right now – if we could maintain this momentum over a season, we’d be right in it.

The problem with rebuilding the side is that the players keep having to re-gel. We’re almost there now, with a properly functioning midfield and central defence. The real challenge is getting our attacking players to interlink better with Giroud, and for more midfielders to start playing into Theo’s runs.


Title winning results maybe but the actual form has been patchy –
Fulham, Norwich, WBA, Everton and Man utd all could have been loses…

we are lucky that we got a string of teams with nothing to play for, the two that kinda had manure and Efforten took points off us- now we have qpr, wigan and newcastle so hopefully they are all on their holidays (in their heads) when we play them

A full preseason with no sagas, 2 or 3 new buys and we’ll be title contenders. for shure


Maybe, but it’s a results business. Man Utd have been winning dirty – titles are won off the back of games you won but shouldn’t have. You just have to do it across a full season, and that’s where we can improve.


you need luck to win titles


i hope the first thing wenger does is gets rid off jack wishere. overrated boy with a big mouth. 2 goals and 2 assiast all season says alot off our no10.


You seem to know a lot about football


Oi gareth bale you are not welcome here! Go back to scum lane

Daft Aider

Seriously, he’s hinting that he will spend the money he has?,
it’s like Wenger is stuck in a white hole at the end of each season


“…Its like Wengers stuck in a White Hole..”

I’ve never seen one before – no one has – but I’m guessing it’s a white hole… Classic

nicaraguan gooner

Can not wait until we are standing toe to toe with united again and showing those f#ckers that we mean business.


Too bad you can’t wait, as it will be a hell of a long time before we reach those heights again. Just imagine what Chelski and Man Shitty are going to do this summer in the transfer market. And don’t let Jose (Always Beat Wenger) Mourinho back at the Bridge cause that will consign us to another period of mediocrity. That’s on top of the fact that we have a very good chance of not being in the UCL next season. But hey I just saw we are linked with another unknown Ligue 1 “star” for 10 mil or so.… Read more »


It’s the reality of the current situation, but I’m not sure what you want people to say or do about it.

Arsenal don’t have nearly as much spending power as the current top 3. That’s the truth, which you’ve spoken. Now what?


Then why does Wenger issue such statements, knowing full well they are complete and utter bullsh*te?

I would have much more respect and patience with the Club if they stated exactly what you said above (i.e. not able to compete).


Who said anything about not being able to compete? It’s an obvious truth that Arsenal aren’t able to spend as much as the top 3, but that doesn’t mean they can’t compete at football. It means we have to do thing in a different, smarter, way to those clubs if we want to compete, which does include taking risks on lesser known players. If we try to go head-to-head against them, offering more and more money to the same players they’re trying to sign…frankly, we’ll lose.


“Who said anything about not being able to compete?”

The table does…and the empty trophy cabinet also pitches in with a line or two as well

Arsene Wenger

Because who wants to support a club which publicly states it cannot compete?


“Because who wants to support a club which publicly states it cannot compete?”

Guess that doesn’t make you a true fan then, huh?

I mean that is the overused rebuttal towards any Gooners that aren’t as overjoyed as some for being mediocre, selling our best players and buying dross to replace them.


That moron Gazidis has as good as said Arsenal can’t compete. All crap of course. Bayern and Dortmund compete for the Champions League (Bayern consistently), yet their wage bills are far lower than Arsenal.

Wenger’s spent £110m on players the last two seasons, problem is he bought shite. Arsenal’s wage bill is now around £150m, only 15% less than Man Utd.

Still, don’t let the facts stand in the way. The reason Arsenal can’t compete is because the manager’s a fraud.

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Lord theo

Geez its about time and no cheap bargain french players and tell theo 2 bulk up if he wants to be striker because he has everything except power


And a football brain…… French players look at Newcastle


Miss read French players, ture that

Peter Lavelle

I think I may have heard this before, eight times before to be exact!


Hope if we do sign people we do it early and come out of the blocks well next year. Just got to get top 4 first….!!

Mohd Isa

I just hope,irrespective of whether the gunners can get cl soccer,it will be a question of being not too late.
You can bet the top three will spend big to maintain their status.
As well as getting the top quality players,most fans will agree he has to chaneg his system of play . His Barca style has been ripped to pieces by BM.I don’t know but the gunners spend a long time passing around the box in front of massed defences. If you watch the europa and cl sf,they don ‘t string too many passes like the gunners bfore shooting.


I’m glad that the vast majority aren’t buying this bullshit


Maybe not the VAST majority but still the majority – Wenger IN


The vast majority of attendees at games still do. And frankly we are what matters. Not an infinite number of inarticulate financially ignorant monkeys bashing away on the requisite number of typewriters.

Daft Aider

Bellendrider – “And frankly we are what matters”

Thank you for riding up on your high horse and speaking on my behalf, seeing as I attend most games that must be true


You may well fall into the vacate gory of inarticulate financially ignorant monkey. In which case I feel I am speaking at you, not for you.


i miss the north bank


You’re one of the number of pricks who line their pockets while getting nothing in return. They laugh at the like of you.


I get the pleasure of an experience which my great grandfather and all subsequent generations of my family have had. Going along with friends, taking my boy to the game. Same as it has ever been. There is no difference to my relationship with the board now to that of my great grandfather. We pay more, for sure. I go because I still relive some of the stupidities of my youth with the same crowd I did all that stupid stuff with. For a couple of hours on a Saturday I escape from the humdrum. Same as it ever was.… Read more »


“If you can’t make your point without resorting to insults, this won’t be the place for you.”

I wish you would extend the same threat to the Gooners who trash other Gooners for not sharing the same optimistc, glass half-full outlook…

But I digress…


No you don’t, you lean towards anybody that is pro-Wenger. If you don’t tolerate abusive comments how come you have let that guy type what he did? If it was coming from an anti-Wenger angle you would have delete and blocked them straight away.


“The vast majority of attendees at games still do. And frankly we are what matters. Not an infinite number of inarticulate financially ignorant monkeys bashing away on the requisite number of typewriters.”

You mean like this post (six up from mine, which was repeated again just below the original)? Or I can pull comments made towards “fatgooner” yesterday and even this morning?

Johnny Jensen's Bender

Mate. Stop re-quoting. I don’t need to read the whole blog twice because you need to read a sentence multiple times before being able to comprehend it.

Go play with Fatty on another blog please. Maybe Chelsea? You seem to share a lot of the same ideals.


““I believe that this club is today in a very, very strong position and has gone through a very sensitive period in a very intelligent way”

From what I’m reading some of our fans are always missireading this part.Big time or they just miss the inteligent part


I’m not sure from his statement if the period he’s talking about is the last 2 seasons or so, with losing players, or the longer period with the stadium build. Both are valid – look at Spurs and Liverpool desperately trying to emulate what we achieved with the stadium build.


What does Wenger know about intelligent finance? He paid Denilson, Fabianski, Squillaci, Bendtner, Vela, Santos, Park, Chamakh, Traore and Eboue £50k a week, which meant the club couldn’t sell them and had to facilitate their loan deals until their contracts expired. Sound like blithering imbecile finance to me.


Astro for manager, what a legend

Double Canister

Sound Like blithering imbecile finance to me.

Yes, it would, wouldn’t it?


so assuming arsene does decide to “splash the cash”…. who do you want him to sign?

Tony Adams mrning breath

Messi, Ronaldo, Ibra and Falcao.

Daft Aider

Ibrahamovic?, please god no


Doesn’t he every year? ‘We are willing to spend money on quality player’ or something like that is said either by Gazidis or Wenger every transfer window yet it never happens. Cazorla although a great buy was bought only because Malaga was in trouble. Podolski because Cologne got relegated. We never buy player because we want him. We buy player because, yeah maybe we want him, but there is a certain situation that makes the deal possible. And I’m not saying it’s wrong. But it’s a sane approach in insane reality. And with successes to justify for the money spent… Read more »

wenger must go

What did u have 2 sale?and who will buy crab?


Now let’s see………Could it be that scores of Club Level folk aren’t renewing and Arsenal need to con a few suckers into parting with their cash before the end of the season ? Yep ! It’s that time again. So we’re going for quality are we ? Well it won’t be Goetze wil it because Pep’s already sealed that one. And it doesn’t look like Lewandowski ’cause Fergie’s in there. The one real change this closed season is that there won’t be any more asset stripping of the squad because they have no one left to flog that any top… Read more »

Rad Carrot

The only worrying part for me is if we don’t get top four. If we don’t then having money won’t help us at all – we’ll get the dregs of the transfer window and Le Prof will spout some bullshit excuse.

Willing to hold my judgement until the off season, but I’m particularly worried. We need results to go our way for the next few weeks – if they don’t, then we’re massively in the shitter for the next few years.

COYG whatever happens.


I looked into my magic ball and saw:

2 center backs and right back you’ve never heard off
Either Loic Remy or David Villa



I.E. Still running a profit on transfers


Your magic ball not sold Podolski?


Villa hahhaha. No chance. The club planted that story to make imbecilic fans think the club was after someone in January.


I hope so, last two signings, Cazorla and Monreal proved to be a decent capture. Hope that Wenger can do it again,wishing for a striker though.


Nah it’s not gonna happen, we will sell sagna and maybe wilshere (if not this year then within the next 2-3 years). Then we go back to squad building and making profits in the transfer window. We’ve had cash to spend before , what changes now?


could it be that our financial situation unlike of the previous years has improved, an emirates mega sponsorship etc. Im sure both arsene and blogs have covered that.

Red Fred

I’m with the more long term fans than with the Johnycomelatleys from a decade ago. We had to build a new stadium to compete with Man Ure Chelsea and man city weren’t around then with their petrol money. We knew it would be tough and we had a plan. That plan was to build a young team with team spirit so we wouldn’t have to over spend. Who could have foreseen that the young foreigners would all jump ship once we made them household names. So in recent years we have opted for UK players and experience but without bankrupting… Read more »


Fucking hell, a bit of seemingly positive news yet all these moans and groans surface. Let’s just see what happens hey and in the meantime support the team through this critical juncture in the season.

Come on you fucking gunners, let us all unite and rejoice in the name of The Arsenal (yep it’s sunny, its Frday and I’m in a weird yet jolly good mood!).


Cesc had made it clear when he came to Arsenal that he would one day be returning to his boyhood club one day. But he never gave anything less than 100%, we all know how much he loves Arsenal and Arsene. We all remember how he celebrated @ the San siro and who could forget that free kick against Aston Villa after comming on as a substitute.


“But he never gave anything less than 100%” – strewth – did you not see his last couple of seasons then? Cesc was a pale shadow of his former self and half the time he looked like he couldn’t be arsed. I appreciate the fact that he stayed a couple of seasons extra out of loyalty, but to say he always gave 100% is untrue and one of the reasons why I think he shouldn’t come back.


@Red fred,i would also want to know when the stadium debts will be paid off.Any info on that??


To Clockendrider.

Apologies. But we need to do something to change the club. Hit them in the pocket.


“It is just to manage it well now.”

unless Arsene starts telling his players to take runs without the ball when attacking and tells his players to shoot more often; there’s no way we will win any titles no matter who we buy


Now im sure there must be a TITLE for slow lazy players. Its called “slow lazy players”……..there’s your title!


This is all pure shit. This was the same man who said that “I will be very busy in this transfer window” [last January] I don’t know what’s worst: the brass neck of Wenger to even try to bullshit us again, or the sad deluded fools who actually believe anything that Wenger or the club says. Today’s statement is all about trying to sell season tickets for the next campaign. The club have absolutely no intention in spending a penny more than what it takes to finish fourth. By the way, this man is finished as a top-level manager: even… Read more »

Daft Aider

I certainly don’t think Wenger is finished as a top-level manager, things have changed and most teams scouting networks have caught up and overtaken us/him, if someone would kick Wenger in the bottom a bit he would probably sort things


Say what you want, have your scepticisms about the board’s williness to spend but don’t say what you said about a manager who has managed in Foot Ball for 30 years.

These are not real fans. They don’t support the team in hopes that it will succeed. They hope that it fails for they will say “aha”.

They take pride in their abilities of being the ultimate glass half empty and think they are mature and with gut because of their addiction in pointing out worst case scinarios. Like our Chubby friend above.

What a Shame.


“These are not real fans”

Why do you think that in order to support the Arsenal one must support Arsene?

Chelski fans still support Chelski while not supporting Rafa.

And what are real fans? Ones that support an uncompetitve club while singing the praises of a man overseeing the decline?

You lot are really deluded and twisted. Can’t even separate the manager from the team.

So apparently it is you who is not a “real fan” (of Arsenal at least).


Cheski fans have no control or say on their football club they adored Morinho like we do wenger but Cheski was too small for the ego of both Abramovich and the special one.

As for the rest of the stuff you said. I’m not going to respond to them as i take them as symtoms of an advanced case of Syphillis.


I think all disaffected fans with the current policy have a choice. They can boycott the club by not renewing their season tickets, don’t buy club merchandise, don’t become members. All this spouting of BS that Wenger is stupid and ge doesn’t know anything shows the ignorance of the very same people making such statements. Fact is, all the earlier success in Wenger’s reign has raised our expectations sky high. We were never a consistently top club before he came here. The very fact that we keep finishing in top 4 with constant loss of KEY PLAYERS each season tells… Read more »

Johnny Jensen's Bender

Well said.

Double Canister

I didn’t know Tourette’s was a typing disease.

booing helps

I want to see what wenger can do again when they can spend some more money. Yes the man deserves it for keeping us near the top thru a tricky period but if he’s kept em up there during difficult times then i have no doubt that he’ll put together a silverware team again too.


I’ve been saying for years what we need is a hardman, a nutter and a psychopath.

That’ll fuckin learn ’em.

twisted cuntloks

dressed in yeti suits ?

twisted cuntloks

We didn’t have that much money at Highbury but we still brought in world class players. IMO we have had plenty of money since the move to the Emirates to invest in top quality players, these comments give me the impression he’s really saying :

‘my project youth over the past 8 years has been a disaster and the supporters have lost faith/patience in me so I better revert to bringing top players in or my legacy is fucked’

or something like that


Been a bit harsh Twisted…..

When we were in Highbury in fairness we were not competing with money bags chelsea and city pushing up prices it was a different world and easy buy good players.
Project youth was a way to stay afloat while paying huge stadium debt and waiting for financial deals to expire and be renegotiated.

twisted cuntloks

you are correct however the rich clubs at the time were Utd. and Liverpool. They were splashing the cash left right and centre at the time so we still had to compete with teams with more money than us even during that period.

Project youth was also a way of fighting inflation in wages but it clearly didn’t work as I would describe our wage bill compared with the quality of player earning those wages as horrendous.


the difference in the situation is us facing clubs with more cash to splash than us compared to us facing clubs with more cash to splash than us plus we have a huge stadium debt to service.