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Koscielny ‘addicted’ to Premier League intensity

Laurent Koscielny says he’s addicted to the intensity of the Premier League and joked that it’s his specialty to score important goals for Arsenal having netted on the final day of each of the last two seasons.

Speaking to regional press at the 50th anniversary of local side FC Argentacois, the centre-back, who is finally on holiday having finished his international duties with France, reflected on a long season while answering the now customary questions about his future.

“I have a four-year contract and for now I’m at Arsenal,” the 27-year-old told when quizzed about the interest of Barcelona and Bayern Munich.

Stressing that he’s a self-confessed “addict” of the Premier League, albeit one who is eager to “keep working to improve”, the defender continued by expounding the qualities of English football.

“There is so much intensity, so much physical impact. The philosophy of the game is going from one goal to another. Every weekend the games are important when you’re selected.”

Asked about his winning goal against Newcastle United which secured Champions League football for Arsenal at the expense of Spurs, the Frenchman joked that it wasn’t the first time he’d come up trumps having done the same against West Bromwich Albion at the climax of the 2011/12 season.

“Last year, I also scored the goal that sent us in the Champions League. It has become my specialty!

Just kidding…the most important thing is that Arsenal is in the Champions League. It’s super exciting to play against the best teams in Europe.”

Looking ahead to pre-season with the Gunners, Kos also touched on the atmosphere in the camp and how he gets on with all his teammates.

“I feel good as part of the team. There are many different characters as in any professional environment. I am calm and I get along with everyone. There’s a good atmosphere amongst the group.”

There’s nothing particularly ground breaking in any of the above, but it’s good to hear Laurent is enjoying life in England.


Cheers to @SiuFay for the heads up.

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And am the BOSS!

Laurent Koscielny

No you’re not, Arsene Wenger is. And I am.


Learn to spell your name.


The C is inviscible

Dr Baptiste

Does that mean it’s invincible and invisible?


I hope he scores that goal which wins us the 2013-14 Barclays Premier League!


Sometime in (early) February when we wrap it up.


That should be it. Now let’s beat all comers in the 2013/2014 season. Extend the unbeaten run and confidence will seep in.


One thing I have noticed is that arseblog never fails to credit its source or any help for that matter. Certainly one of the best things about it. Best example of how media should function.


It’s a shame this is a virtue – instead of being something that’s done as a matter of course – but it’s true. Credit to the Arseblog News team for not being suckered into the headline-grabbing lie-fest that is 99% of online sports news.


That’s why the Arseblog is my 1st place (apart from to go for news.


the part “apart from” doesn’t hold true for me, nowadays, in news the medium needs to be informal and a detatched so that it can have the freedom to tell us what’s really going on, rather than just relesing the oficial club statements…………


with him and mertersacker, I wonder what will become of vermaelen next season.


Pisses me off (don’t know if anyone else has noticed) how much shit Mertersacker gets from fans and pundits outside of Arsenal. Most used defender in the 2nd best defence in the league but he seems to get judged on the few mistakes he’s made throughout a whole season (probably highlighted on MOTD), which every centreback will make.

I’d like to see one of Culann Davies’ videos on Per to show how well he reads the the game.

Gunner Logun

Defensive Mid?

Dr Baptiste

Have you ever seen him play as a DM?

Why is this suddenly a position people think Vermaelen would be great at? If he loses the ball in front of the back four, it still puts them under pressure. He has a bit to work on over the summer to start ironing out the mistakes.


Tommy’s had a bit of mare this season. His positioning has been way to aggressive in trying to win the ball back quickly high up the pitch. He maybe took the captaincy to much to heart and tried to do too much. He needs to get back to basics and concentrate on his defensive positioning next season.

Kos boss

And the german and spanish league will be too boring for you Kos!


Yeah, me too Kos, me too


Kos was born to be a cb the premier league, he’s quick, strong, technical and he won’t ever shy away from a crunching tackle!

Hope he’s at The Arsenal for many years to come.


Definitely warmed to Kos in the last season. Wasn’t sure about him before, especially after that mistake in the COC, but he’s now (arguably) the best defender we have.

Glad to see he’s happy with us. We’re happy with you too, Kos da Boss.

Mate Kiddleton

Thus spake the Bosscielny


Dude, your profile is weired.

something arsenal

he is one of the most respectful guys in football today


Jesus, he’s Koscielny!


A big shout to all the gooooooooooooooooooooners….once born a gooner, will die as a gooner. so far just speculations about new stars to arrive at the slaughterhouse,emirate stadium. i wanna that to become reality now….fellaini,higuain,rooney,julio cesar, please Le professeur splash the cash on these heavyweights ,they are just four boss and we will be the next premier leaques champs,,that alex is gonne boss he was the thorn in our shoes, we dont recover early when we loose to alex and it was him we beaten the last time we won a cup.,, and boss i wanna these flops to leave… Read more »

Merlin's Panini

rooney – feeder. Yeh that sounds about right for the fat potato. It ain’t gonna happen with him so you might as well forget about it.
He’ll commit to United eventually just like he did last time. He’s a shit stirrer and all this crap is designed to waste the time of all the clubs who might be interested when they could be going after someone else more worthwhile.

Dr Baptiste

You’re playing a 3-2-3-1… so not only are we playing with 3 at the back, you’ve also given us one less player. I know Arsene like playing on the ‘hard’ difficulty but this going a bit far.

Also, you don’t need to put the 1 at the start as we will always have a goalkeeper.

Joe Kellett

What no place for Jack or Ox ?

Arty's Art

There will be no place for Jack and Ox in the first team, yet.

Arsenal Rising

In other news that guillem balla-gay is a fuckin cunt isn’t he? Higuain deal not looking hoops right now! Someone reassure me!


it says breaking news: Ancelotti has been appointed Real Madrid Coach. Does that mean we can now get Higuain or is it the usual…we were never out for him by Arsene Wenger.


credits: ESPN


Just give me the news that Arsenal have signed Higuain, dammit!


Just hope Ivan Cuntzidis does not flog the Boss to man u then, eh?

Dr Baptiste

Ridiculous comment…


Good Recent Arsene Wenger interview

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


He should be the new face of Hugo Boss!!

[…] Arsenal defender says he is happy at the club despite interest from BarcelonafanatixKoscielny 'addicted' to Premier League intensityArseblog News (blog)Arsenal & Tottenham target gives transfer encouragementGiveMeSportBeyond The […]


I sure am glad japie is not the Arsenal manager. His first failure is apparent. Failing to field 11 players in his team line-up


Ya and I’m glad we have wenger, just look at all the top players we signed, fucking skinny cunt

robert bunsen

yeah…. and this little article is about one of your favourite players, who you didn’t have a clue about before the skinny cunt brought him to the club.
On the other hand, you might well have a point as today’s the 25th of August…. it’s not like we have 2 months to go now before closure, innit??

Donut Maestro

You are a cunt. Courtesy Parisian Weetabix

Wenger's Waterbottle

Kos you’re special.

Parisian Weetabix


How come I can’t reply to other people’s comments when using my iPod? I’m using the webpage on safari rather than the app, and as you can see I can write comments, but I can’t reply to them.

It’s frustrating because I want to call Eiregun a cunt, but now there’s no guarantee that he’ll see my reply.

robert bunsen

its because you are using an iPod, which automatically places you in good standing as a cunt. you can’t because you suck, see.

from the guy sitting beside you in the bus.

Donut Maestro

Done for you.


Just get Chrome, soooo much easier

Parisian Weetabix

Lol, I’m not on the bus. I’m in Starbucks, wearing lens-less glasses, trying to write a novel.

Dr Baptiste

On an ipod?


Clever cunt


Fucking nerd


That’s what she said..


Yes or No
Anything else just isn’t news
We just want hourly Higuian updates
Fuck the rest


F5, F5, F5.
My F5 key is worn out already and still no Higuain.
Come on Ancelotti, pull your finger out. We want Higuain before you go off for bung bunga with your friend Silvio.


I am suddenly shitting myself that Man City will come in and take Higuain.

Thnk about it, Tevez is going to Juventus, it looks like they’re no longer in for Cavani, Higuain would be perfect for them.

This would destroy me.


Kos Spain and Italy would ruin you!

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