Thursday, August 18, 2022

Koscielny misses France training

Laurent Koscielny has sat out training with the France national side after complaining of a calf problem on Tuesday.

It’s unknown at this point just how serious it is, but Laurent Blanc Didier Deschamps has already called up St Etienne defender Kurt Zouma to the squad as a replacement, so perhaps we should get a little bit worried.

If Koscielny’s injury proves a problem in the long-term it could open the door for captain Thomas Vermaelen to return to the side, having been sidelined for most of the season as well as the end of the last campaign.

Meanwhile, Carl Jenkinson says he hopes his displays at U21 level will open the door to a place in Roy Hodgson’s senior squad.

At the end of the day I want to play for England and this is a very close step to the senior side,” he said.

“Of course you have to be doing well for your club, but if you’re impressing for the under-21s I am sure the message gets back to Roy Hodgson. So it’s good for me all round. It’s good to get games and they’re not friendlies either, they’re qualifiers.

“It’s going to be good for me and I’m really looking forward to it.”

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Hello Blogger, a small correction. Laurent Blanc was the national team coach but he was replace by Didier Deschamps summer 2012.


I first thought that cross-out was left in intentionally, to show what a farce the French national team has become ever since they hire Domenech. The team has a touch of English national team about them…


Was he? That sort of passed me by.


Blanc now coaches PSG. He was I believe their 16th choice. I don’t understand why any coach would refuse PSG. I mean Blanc has complete control over the squad, team sheets and strategy. It’s not like the Qatari owners would in any way get involved and put pressure so that all of their $50m players get star treatment….



Just reading the title I’ve pooped in my pants a little.

Manchester Gooner

Not a very nice thing to share

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yeah, but you have to expect a reaction like that when Blogs spells Koscielny’s name wrong.

Zorro in the box

Should really read Arseblog while on the loo – multitask…


I sometimes wonder what percentage of Arseblog readers are laying the fudge when they come here.

My personal poo percentage is probably ~30%.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I can’t do that. My laptop always slips off my knees when I strain and lands in my undies (I’ve had a lucky streak, I guess). I wouldn’t mind but the mouse usually ends up on the far side of the bathroom. Have you ever tried to walk across a bathroom mid-poo with you laptop in your underpants?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

That look on Koscielny’s face in the photo describes the feeling perfectly.


“It’s unknown at this point just how serious it is, but Laurent Blanc has already called up St Etienne defender Kurt Zouma”

Not as serious as Blanc having dual jobs with PSG and France national team


Well Vermaelen badly needs a game right?

I’m sure Kos is fine he’s one of those hardcore persons to tell a long injury lay off to f^ck right off!! and the “injury god” buggers off to find Diaby and the rest…..

Remember the invincibles because we aren't good anymore

It resides in Diaby. Often ventures to his midfield partners and can work its way backward to defenders. Goddam how I wish it still resided with Ribin Van Persie.


Lets hope he’s just doing a Basil Fawlty, you know the old “Arrg my leg, bit of shrapnel from the war” excuse. Then he can just put his feet up and have a well earned two week break.


Fuck these international breaks. Their only purpose seems to be to injure our players.


and assasinate Jack Wilshere.

R: So Jack do you think the English national team should be a team of English Nationals
JW10: Yes
R: Racist

September – jack Wilshire – the new Bobby Moore
October – Jack Wilshire – the new Alf Garnett


R: Jack. What Day is it? JW10: Its Thursday headline Fag Ash Jack takes a swipe at Kiwis Jack Wilshire stoked the colonial fires today, by questioning the residents of New Zealand and indeed Western Samoa’s very grasp of reality. “Its Thursday afternoon” he says smugly despite many Kiwis and Maori living life 12-14 hours ahead of GMT. England’s favorite maori centre Manu Tuilagi, currently holidaying in his native Samoa was asked his opinion. “its Friday Morning” he said grimly. Later when put to Jack Wilshere, he stirred the xenophobic fires further. “Of Course he’d say that…” a clearly rattled… Read more »


Thank you, kind sir, for providing a hearty chuckle on this otherwise dreary morning.


F*cking awesome !!! Well said sir !!


Jack Wilshire is already being billed as the new face of the elite timeist campaign “Keep GMT for the English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Icelandic, Faoroe Islanders, most of the Portugese and some others” “We’re simply not central european” he said despite the fact that many people living in central europe need time as well as space to help interpret the universe as anything but an instantaneous blur. “Look, I just want to concentrate on my football” he said simultaneously offending blind people who cannot look, ADHD sufferers who can’t concentrate as well as billions of people who like other sports… Read more »


Very happy for Jenks. He needed some games under his belt.


Is that koscienlys cum face?

jack jack jack

I assumed someone had just put a Chris de Burgh record on.

romeo beckham

vinegar stroke


i think he just saw john terry


Are we ever going to see our strongest 11 play together for a single game this season?


Who would play, as best 11? How about….

Sagna, BFG, Koz, Gibbs
Walcott, Ozil, Ramsey, Pod

Bench: Santi, Rosicky, Ox, Fabianski, Verm, Jenks


Benching Santi? you, are mental.


@ dildofaggins….fucking mental ! the name says it all!


Arteta doesn’t even make the bench?

Parisian Weetabix

Only 6 spaces on this guy’s bench unfortunately.


You make me look smart!


He’s young he’s quick
His names’ a porno flick
no-oo its not
th-eo walcott

Remember the invincibles because we aren't good anymore

Don’t forget ab-who-diaby.


Too many central midfielders in the squad – diaby, arteta, santi, ramsey, flamini, jack, ozil, mozart. Every single one = pure class when fit. Heartbraking to make em benchwarmers.
At the same time; very few central forwards in the squad.

Harish P

Hopefully nothing long term. Good thing we have Verm on hand. Koscielny has been targeted in the box and refs may watch him a lil too much in the expectation of something. Might do him some good getting a break for a few games.

Slightly concerned about Mertesacker though, hasn’t he played every single game going so far? The guy is a rock like no other.

Interlulls make me think too much. I think I need some tea.

Silverstre for the Ballon d'OR

Bloggs: everyone knows that the current French national coach is Linford Christie.

North Bank Gooner

Lets hope it isn’t too serious, get back soon Kosc.

Heres hoping Thomas is back to his Verminating best now he isn’t running around with a fractured spine!!!


I feel as though everyone is ignoring the fact that Kurt Zouma is a fantastic name.


Kos doesnt have calf problems… he gives calf problems…


Hope its not that serious. Finger crossed.*


Kurt Zouma is a beast.

Adam Richards

It’s only during the international breaks that I realise how dull my job can be…………….

The only Olivier is Giroud

I hope that’s just Kos giving them the “I need a break” treatment. Hell, if Koscielny has a calf problem simply from training, imagine what hell would have befell Rosicky actually playing for the Czech republic! Glad he’s safe at least.

The only Olivier is Giroud

This comment obviously alluding to our injury luck, not as if Kos getting injured for France would influence anything with Tomas somewhere in the Czech Republic *hides*

petits handbag

To the guy who didn’t put Santi in his starting eleven above….I disagree


i think when/if everybody gets fit we have the chance to rotate on a lot of positions. Poldi and Santi will probably compete for the left wing. The Ox and Theo for the right. Jack and Aaron for the box to box midfielder role. Arteta and Flamini for the destructor role and Rosicky can give Özil a rest now and then. But it’s really hard to say what will be the starting eleven when they are all back on board. I guess it will depend a lot on the opponent.


you could have just replied him…some people can be really dull


There’s no option to reply to a comment in the Arseblog Android app… So he’s not necessarily dull.


Best starting 11:
Bench: viviano, tv5, nacho, arteta, ox, rosicky, poldi




No guys…

SZSzz (or something)

Sagna Per Kos Gibb

Flamini Ramsey

Rosicky Cazorla


It’s mouthwatering to have a combo of (ozil, Rosicky, cazorla) opposition wouldn’t know who to cover thus opening acres of space. Throw Walcott and Podolski around the 60′ mark to secure the game running against an already tired defense.

Subs: Viviano, tv, Walcott, new striker?, jack, ox, Podolski and dilemma, dilemma, dilemma any of (arteta, Jenkinson, Gnabry, diaby, Myachi, Bendtner, sanogo, fabianski, nacho)

What a headache for Wenger when everyone gets healthy.


So much for the jounos to say we lack depth. lol!!!

Mach iii

Bet vermaelen had raised his tail

Lukas' Winning Smile


Sagna Mertesacker Koscielny Gibbs

Arteta Ramsey

Walcott Ozil Cazorla


Fabianski, Vermaelen, Flamini, Wilshere, Podolski, Monreal, Rosicky

That was a hard decision regarding Flamini/Arteta, but overall I think this illustrates the options we do actually have with a fully fit squad.

Jack Jumblies

I think this is as close as we’ve got to a “If Everyone Were Fit” strongest starting IX and substitutes. No room on the bench for Ox-Chambo, Jenks, Serge, or Diaby (if we’re gunner go full hypothetical here) where would we fit this World Class Center Forward Signing everyone is clamouring for? And would they be happy sitting behind an in-form Giroud and in front of a seething Nikolaj Coster-Bendtner?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Because when Arsenal aren’t playing we all turn to Indian cricket news to fill the long, lonely hours, don’t we? Or not.


The Kos is officially back in training and available for France’s next game on Tuesday

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