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Report: Arsenal tempted by old boy Vela

According to journalist Enrique Marin of Spanish publication Vozpopuli, Arsenal are trying to re-sign Carlos Vela.

The 25-year-old Mexican only quit the Emirates for Real Sociedad two years ago but it’s been suggested the Gunners are ready to activate a €4 million buy-back clause they inserted in his contract on his departure.

An important part of Sociedad’s attack since an initial loan deal in 2011, Vela has flourished in Spain netting the goals his potential always threatened in England. This season he’s bagged 18 goals in 44 appearances dovetailing impressively with French international Antoine Griezmann, himself linked with the Gunners in the recent past.

The report claims that Real Sociedad could have sold Vela and paid Arsenal a percentage of the sale total, however, their failure to do so has left them vulnerable to an opportunistic swoop by Arsene Wenger.

Vela’s current contract at the Estadio Anoeta lasts until next summer and it remains to be seen whether he’d want to return to London. The existence of a buy-back clause is one thing, the agreement of personal terms quite another.

As always Arseblog News suggests the above be taken with a pinch of salt. That the clause in his contract not only exists but is public knowledge means it was only a matter of time before someone decided to run a story about a return to Arsenal. Cheap hits always whet the editor’s appetite…not here though. *cough*

Of course, there are good reasons to buy Vela. He’s a striker – we need one of those – and he’s currently available below market value.

There’s even the suggestion we could buy him and sell him on again within the same window thus raking in a tidy profit in the process. The problem with that is Arsene Wenger isn’t the type to treat Vela like a commodity to be traded at whim…this isn’t Championship manager after all.

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Vela said a couple of weeks ago:

‘Arsenal can come back for me at €4million (£3.3m) at any time, which is €1million more than Real Sociedad paid. I look at things differently these days and I won’t close the door on Arsenal, or any team in England. I think I’m better prepared to play in another country now.’

So who knows, there may be something to this.


Sign him up.

1) Vela > Loic Remy
2) Can play as a striker or on the wings
3) Sounds like he’s matured since the departure
4) Always had the talent, just didn’t get the opportunity
5) Can use his pace (solely missed that when Theo’s season ended)
6) Cheap, meaning plenty of money will be available for other critical signings


7). Can chip


8) His older brother, Chips Keswick is the chairman of Arsenal now
9) Carlos Vela News revival imminent

Double Canister

Does anybody know if he still has pace?
29 goals in 71 apps for Real Sociadad is decent.
15 league goals this season, never worse than 12 in a season.

Better than Remy and cheap as chips.

Mikel Artekkers

Seen a few videos of him – I’m pretty sure he still has pace, he’s only 25 after all.
From the looks of this he’s thriving off a great partnership with Griezmann, not sure if he could do it on his own and in the PL, but at £3.3M would be a great buy and a nice option to have.

Daft Aider

I don’t think it was really down to opportunities, I think he needed time and probably a little less pressure at the age he was when he was here, he was always potentially very good


He was stuck as effectively 4th choice last time around (although he was behind a certain Dane, which is scary in context), which restricted his chances.

Unless he is the +1 (hopefully) in his summer’s striker purchases, he will be competing for the first 11 from the start this time.

Rocky Rocastle

Top quality player at a bargain price. I dont see any reasons not to sign him unless he demand a silly salary only PSG or City would pay.


Would be a good replacement for Nick Bendtner.
Wasn’t he frozen out of the Mexican WC squad due to partying with Trannies?


he refused to go, and that is a lie.


What? This isn’t championship manager? It must be Fifa then. Just offer 1.5m and Djourou when he returns from loan and that should get him. If he’s unsure make sure we state he is an important first team member and give him a 5% scoring bonus. You’re welcome.


Not on Fifa yet. And for the record, has anyone played Arsenal since the April update. Giroud is literally unplayable, so, so slow and has the touch of a deck chair. I guess his critics would argue….. nah, not going to go there.


Personally, I’d hope Arsenal would show a little more ambition.


Yes I fully agree we should sign Diego Costa as our backup striker, that will show we mean business. Vela as back-up striker? Wenger’s taking the piss. We can’t show unambitiousness in any department at all.

And resigning Fabianski as back-up keeper? Arsenal fans sure are unambitious, we need Sebastian fucking Frey I keep telling you for years.


With a wide array of skills, there’s something more he’s got to offer as well, a good complement to Giroud’s strength and hold up play. Just a reminder to new Arsenal fans what he’s about:

Couldn’t resist, best goal no 3 was against my country during one of Arsenal’s tours to Asia., where I saw him score it with my own eyes. Oh Sociedad, you’ve put some meat on ‘im. My my my how’ve you grown.

We’ll have him back now, thankyouverymuch.


The real Sir Chips!


Yeah i remember saying he would one day return coz i felt wasn’t done with him yet and peeps ridiculed me for it. where are the now???


We’re still here :))


Yep, still here. You’re so silly


Even months on, still idiots hehe…

Just A Gentleman

How dare they have their own opinions?! Such a crime!


Well, he has a right to think that Vela would return ’cause he has ‘unfinished business’ at Arsenal, and I have a right to think that he is an idiot. I admit though, I’m not a very nice person. 😛


“peeps”. You are ridiculous.


at least i’m something you you’re nothing.


I’m confused how you’re something on this comment section. I have no idea how you can prop yourself up to be a celebrity in these comment sections but okay.

As far as I’m concerned you’re just a bit of a dick sometimes but a well-meaning dick.

Jack's Right Foot

What are you, exactly?

Arsene Wenger's Penguin Suit

Man that’s childish even by my standards!


*Pretty sure* that players can’t move twice in the same window unless the second move is a loan.


Even if that’s true, there are ways around that – ie loan someone to a club for a sizable fee up front with a 500k clause to active on loan completion or something silly like that.

Just A Gentleman

It might be true, however I’m fairly certain that Arouna Kone moved from Sevilla to Levante permanently after a loan (they bought him after the loan). He didn’t play a game for them after the permanent deal and they sold him to Wigan.


Remember Negredo deal? He was bought by Real in Jjuly form Almeria and then in August sold to Sevilla.


I think the ruling is something along the lines of not being able to play for more than two clubs. Example being Demichelis who moved to Atletico last summer from Malaga only for City to buy him shortly after

Yoyo Sanogoals

Look he’s a way better option than Bendtner or Sanogo(currently), we shouldn’t even dither around 4 million for a quality player is peanuts plus he’s not going to the World Cup so we can do this deal early.


Sanogo should be sent on loan. Vela as backup and a young, verging on world class striker (Morata?) would be my wish list.


If you sign him early, them you have to pay him roughly 2 months wages before the window shuts.


Arsene Wenger likes this.


And i bet Arsene likes hat idea alot! i mean alot!

Just A Gentleman

Vela is a very good buy for his price, I think the only problem would be if we buy him only and not spend on another forward/striker. Even though he would solve our overplaying Giroud problem, Vela has been playing on the right wing for Real so we’ll still need a striker. Even if we were to play him as a striker, we’re losing Nicky B which would mean our third striker option would be Sanogo who is decent but IMO needs a loan. Top clubs should have 3 good strikers or 1 Great striker and 2 decent ones, can’t… Read more »


It’s highly unlikely that Wenger will sign a world class striker. So getting this deal done early would allow us to concentrate on other key signings. We can always go for Draxler and try to convert him to a striker. In the meantime, let’s face it. Realistically, there isn’t a world class striker available that would be “affordable” for Arsene’s taste and worst case scenario, we sign a holding midfielder, Sagna replacement, backup GK, and if we still have money left over, we can go after Draxler as a long term project. (With Vela already signed, with ability to play… Read more »

Just A Gentleman

I didn’t say get Vela + a WC striker.

I said if we’re getting Vela we should also get a good striker. Could be something like a 20-25m Bony or even a 12m Remy.


We have a WC (world cup) striker coming….

…..Joel Campbell


Don’t think we can count on Draxler coming


Considering how often we play midfielders on the wing, having some options that are wingers/forwards would be good. Get him, angel dimaria, Javi Martinez, and a RB. No problem huh.


We all know that Wenger isn’t going to play him as a striker anyway. He’ll be played on the wing just like Podolski.

Wenger likes a big striker who can hold the ball up and bring others into play so we still need to bring in a striker in this mould. Who that will be, I don’t know because I don’t see us buying Cavani or a superstar like that. Morata maybe, because he is similar stature, is young, technically gifted and could be got at at reasonable price.

Jon Bones Jones

Like RVP?
So what did he want Suarez for then?


Agreed, Wenger wanted Giroud to be the hold-up guy because none of our midfield(barring a fully fit diaby) can do that job. If we find a powerful box-to-box midfielder with good holdign and attacking skills, we can then play a pacy striker who may not have great hold-up skills.

Don Cazorleone

stop saying “striker” 😉


I don’t think the problem has been us not having a ‘world-class’ striker, but rather a player that makes those runs that forwards like to make. Buying someone like Draxler along with Vela will probably be just what we need. They are both good finishers and fairly quick. The player doesn’t have to be a striker to score goals, just look at Yaya and Ramsey. I think the issues lie in the defensive positions more (LB, DMF, CB).


Yaya hasn’t scored for us yet 😉


I would gladly see him back


Marin’s record with Arsenal news not great so I’m very much waiting before I lock this one in.
Vela isn’t a super exciting prospect and I have doubts over his suitability to the English game, but there’s no doubting that there’s hardly a better value proposition at the moment and saving money on one player could mean increased spending elsewhere.

We’ll see I suppose.

Petit's Handbag

Taken with a pinch of salt*
Which is what I always have on my chips


I’d take him back purely based on his sexy little chips.


True or not, if it meant the revival of “Carlos Vela News” then I’m all in favor of it.

Double Canister

Ketch-up with it on Arseblog, daily?

We're going to Wembley!

15 goals in all competitions for Sociedad makes him a bargain at 3.2 million. But at the same time he’s not the 20 goal a season striker that I feel we need.


Well, he plays on the wings for sociedad(like griezmann). He is also versatile, quick and affordable, but I am not sure if he can adapt to english football(given that he had problems in his first spell)


City didn’t have a striker that produced 20 goals this season (yes we know they’re almost all 20 goal-quality), but what they had were midfielders/wingers/teamplayers making runs and blasting goals left and right, and they won the league.

Gary the Gooner

Any truth to the Rumours that Giroud may leave?


That would make absolutely no sense.


Any truth in the rumour that there’s a rumour that Giroud may leave?


Do we get some sauce with those chips?


good, fast n cheap winger
would save much money for that world class (pacey) striker


Hmm, call me old fashioned but he had his chance, and didn’t take it. Seems he’s found a sweet spot now in Spain, so probably best for all concerned that he stays there. Not tough enough for the Prem.


I think the league’s changed a lot, even since Vela was last with us.

Nobody’s going to call dudes like Coutinho, Sterling, Hazard, David Silva and Lallana tough, but they’re all thriving where they might not have done before.

Vela’s changed too. Watching him last season, players seem to bounce off him when he’s running. He’s not big but can use his body well.


You’re old fashioned.

Stuart Bligh

Tut, tut…shopping in Woolworths again Arsene?


Arsene sure loves that ‘Pick n Mix’

red or dead

Shouldn’t that be ‘Pick n Mex’?

I’ll get me coat.

Magic Hat

Presumably you would be overjoyed if we bought him back for £21 million? (see: Chelsea, Matic)
“At last, we’re shopping at Harrods and not Woolworths!”


always thought he was kinda like a mirror image of theo walcott. both really pacy and intelligent players.


I thumbed you down for calling Walcott an intelligent player.

If anything Walcott is one of the least intelligent players in the league, never knows when to pass or shoot, makes horrible runs, does not have a footballing brain but has pace to make up for it.

Butter my Arsenal

Calm down, Glen.


Keep up mate, saying Walcott is a headless chicken is almost like saying Arsenal need a world class CB these days. Both so bloody inaccurate yet people think it’s true due to lazy journalism. If anything those are the exact areas Theo has improved of late. Makes good runs, knows exactly whether to pass or shoot and executing them well.

Bobby the beast

Marco reus would get every fan feeling funny in their pants. It would madness to not pick him up first. For any price.

Just A Gentleman

Even if we did go for him I doubt he’ll leave.


man utd already tried apparently.


Well Man Utd are shit cunts & Arsenal already have a large German contingent so we are way more to persuade him.

He would be perfect for our team


What’s cheaper than chips ? It’s Carlos !


He seems to have matured both on and off the pitch. I would sign him if I was Wenger. €4m is very low for a player who has had 3 consecutive good seasons in Spain and is only 25 and also knows Arsenal.

He says he’s ready to play abroad now. We have nothing to lose if we sign him. He’s fast, an excellent finisher, and versatile.
(Not to mention an 82 rating with 87 potential on FIFA 14, so he can’t terrible.)

Just A Gentleman

Was a decent analysis till the last part.

By Fifa’s ratings maybe we ought to go and spend 20-30m on Torres who’s one of the best in the game eh? *sigh*


Anyone that uses FIFA as a guideline is a moron of the highest degree unless of course you were using it ironically.

Cool in Tokyo

As an Arsenal player from a young age, could he be one of the 8 locally grown players we need?

Clock End Mike

Interesting thought…

Magic Hat

Absolutely. And that will be a huge factor as we progress towards more “Ozil-esque” signings as a club. It is an important factor – less so for Arsenal than other clubs, but still important. We need eight “homegrown” players in the 25-man UEFA squad. Defined as players “who, regardless of their nationality, have been trained by their club or by another club in the same national association for at least three years between the age of 15 and 21. Up to half of the locally-trained players must be from the club itself, with the others being either from the club… Read more »


Tough one but I have always been a fan of his.


It could happen. Vela plays more as a winger and we already have Walcott, the Ox and Gnabry playing there. He could be a very good backup as the Ox is more versatile across the midfield and the young Gnabry could be loaned out. Walcott and Vela can potentially rack up 15+ goals and assists per season which would get us closer to the number of goals scored by LFC and City. They will give some directness and end product to our game (which we lacked this season with Theo’s injury). Overall, looking at our squad, I’d say we’re quite… Read more »

Finsbury Park Gooner

Please. Please.

Don’t say that.

Fireman Sam

Sanogo and Giroud – that’ll strike fear into the hearts of our opponents.

I think Wenger will realize that to actually win the league he needs another Henry-like mega-talent. Comparing our current team with the 10 year old one it’s that magic upfront that we’ve been missing.

Spurs were occasionally scary when they had Bale. Now they’re just a 100m bunch of turkeys.

Injured Gooner South Africa

People forget that Henry became a mega talent at the club. Not before. Carlos would make a nice addition to the squad. We could do with some pace on the left or the right, besides, it will take a while for Walcot to make it back to the form we know him for. Also, we need players to come in and help us secure CL, and also to win the shield for us.

Would be awesome to have him back.

Just wondering what the squad would be like if we got Song, Fabregas and Vela back.


Is that Henry the World Cup winner you’re referring to?


Sell me a cutprice Griezmann or I hit the £4m buy Vela button.

Blind faith

Then hit it anyway. Tough world.

Clock End Mike

€4m. Roughly £3.25m. A real bargain, if he wants to come back. Almost better than TFPO or BOGOF.

But only if he really wants to be a Gunner. A waste otherwise.

Finsbury Park Gooner

This could definitely work as a wing/striking option. Agreed we still need the PROPER frontman, but this would be a good addition to the squad if all parties concerned were happy (Sociedad probably wouldn’t be).


I’d say he’s far more talented than Podolski, whilst the German is probably more reliable.

I think Vela would be perfect for rotating that RW spot with Walcott, especially if it’s true Theo won’t be back in time for the start of the season.


Vela RW with Walcott being our pacey striker? Can even alternate, would definitely not be against him rejoining, seems to have grown up and have seen him a good few times for RS this season and he was quality! Wouldn’t be opposed to a double swoop for him and Griezman

Neddy Boo Boo

And how was he defensively ? Was he asked to track back at Real Sociedad ? Because if he comes back and takes the wing posiition he will have to do that…

Cat Biscuits

He would be a great squad player for us, and if his bargain price allows us to make significant signings in other areas then I’d be all for it.


yup. there’s already a need for rb, cb (maybe 2), and gk just to tread water. additionally, dm is uncertain (who knows if flamini will be back), and arteta needs to be rotated a bit, and do we go for a winger given that theo will miss the start of the season (doubt it)? so, yeah, carlos would fit the bill.


Maybe it’s just me but I’m not too concerned about our purchase of a striker. I’m quite happy with giroud and sanogo, another attacking option in front would be nice. It’s just all our best strikers over the past 17yrs were players that were coached into the role. Do any of you remember a single high profile striker we purchased that went on to score more than 20 league goals a season? Going back I can’t remember one. What I will say though is this. If a high profile striker is available I would expect us to sign them. But… Read more »




Only Went Over 20 once. Highest league total was 16 goals, and overall 22, in the 98 double season.


So, Bergkamp then


If we activate the clause we have to keep him for a year. I’d do it, give him a year to show he’s ready for this level (which I think he is), then if not; easily sell him for more next summer.


cheap as chips


That’d be fantastic if he came back! Great little player.

And another cheeky chappy to have ‘grin offs’ with Podolski and Cazorla!


“this isn’t Championship manager after all.” Oh do I wish all the “hey wenga, y u no get costa and cavani and ronaldo and messis dogwalker??” would read that line over and over again before the transfer window opens.


Seems to be the perfect type to play-off Giroud, who has excelled this season when Wilshere and Ramsey have done that. Giroud’s instinct, despite getting 20-ish goal himself this season, is to set-up players running past him and Vela would serve that purpose. With Giroud’s 20 goal and Vela’s 15 they’d have a decent return as a partnership.




Think he is a great buy at 4 million pounds. Would we need to buy another striker though because I feel he is more of a winger now. I really like the idea of Bony but Swansea want a shit load for him. But honestly these conversations are nice and all but we know no transfer will happen until about 2 weeks before the season when all our main targets are gone. I can’t enjoy transfer windows anymore because I always would get my hopes up and end feeling let down.


Is there something that prevents us from buying him and selling him on at a higher market price?

If so, I have no idea why we wouldn’t buy him whether we actually want him to play for us or not This is a clear arbitrage opportunity.

This situation is exactly why we put this clause in his contract.

And he’s certainly a shit ton better than Sanogo.



Like a call option


Vela might be better suited for the spanish league

Springbank 1965

And equally, he might not.

We’ve already seen a less-experienced, less-mature, version of him and some of us liked him even then.

He’s quick, skilful, a very good finisher, and can play anywhere across the front three.

He’s not going to the World Cup with Mexico.

He’s very, very inventive.

And yes, he’s worth €15-€20 million on the open market.

What’s not to like except it’s still just a rumour.


clearly he is better suited, stats don’t lie.

Springbank 1965

Clearly he’s better-suited starting more games with different personnel in a different league arguably against weaker opposition as a tougher more mature player …

And of course stats lie … more often than not that’s their main purpose.

Arsene's Raincoat

“He comes back when he waaaants”

Cork Gooner

He made the BBC’s Spanish correspondent’s La Liga team of 2012/13 last summer.

Clearly has improved and has followed it up with a good season this year.


With Demichelis!!


There’s a chance that vela might be the best we can get this window. There is not exactly a glut of “world class” strikers available. Costa and possibly Cavani. Costa is most likely going to Chelsea. We could go for Cavani, but we’d need to splash some cash and we’d have competition. A striker with Vela’s stats would be an excellent buy at 4-5x that price.


Didnt understood why he was sold in the first place.he reminds me of bobby alittle.the finishing his touches and cheeky chips.neither of them have blistering pace,but their positioning to recieve the ball is pretty predatory and who can forget about thier classy finishings.last time i would always thought that in the future it would be walcott and vela upfront with ramsey and wilshere bossing the kinda seem to be happening.hooray for this cheeky bugger


Can only see him being third string, TGSTEL replacement IF that superduper monster-ific striker is signed as well. He had some pretty goals, some beaauuuutiful chips when he was here last, but they were pretty sporadic and there wasn’t enough of them. Granted, he didn’t get the playing time to up his level of play, and I think the same would happen if he came back. It is also the reason he wanted to leave in the first place. I can’t see him even wanting to come back without some guarantee of play time. But at 4 mil, if he… Read more »


Reminds me a bit of a file I had on football manager, as arsenal of course. Had the option to buy this lad (scouts said he was decent good skills finishing whatever even though he showed barely any promise first time he was at arsenal) and didn’t take it. Regretted it hugely, Sociedad sold to barça for £20 million in January and I got the sack only a few months later. Seeing a bit of him on YouTube doesn’t mean we should sign him or that he is better than Loic Remy. These are just rumours I hope because the… Read more »


Check out Alexandre lacazzeti serious player plus a realistic purchase my wish list:

-serge aurier (dr/l/c)
-Alexandre lacazzeti (st)
-alvaro morata (st)
-Morgan schenderlin (cm)
-a greizzman/j pastore/e lavezzi (lw)

All the above would amount to around 80m


If Wenger didn’t value vela he would not insert a buy back clause into his sale to Sociedad, he was young player than and wenger knew he need the experience to cut in premier legaue in the highest level of the game like he did get at real.s vital experience in the league and the champions league, and if we get him back, now he is read to play vital role in our future team.


As I remember him, Vela was mostly good for scoring the fourth goal in an easy 4-1 win, nearly always with one of those chips of his. Didn’t he also lose his passport before a CL match once and have to stay in London?

I have not watched him in Spain so I have no idea if he’s the same player. Don’t we need someone on the left more than on the right anyway?


Did Wenger tell you all this himself? Because I think if he rated him he wouldn’t have sold him in the first place


I always thought Vela was a fantastic talent and could see why Arsene has so much faith in him. I hope we do sign him back because he’s a technically gifted player who I think makes fantastic runs and understands how to play in an attacking system.


To answer your question though, Vela needed a change in scenery. He was going through a lot (though mostly his own doing) and was probably not happy in London anymore. Arsenal is a tough place to ply your trade as a youngster considering the amount of pressure is put on you to preform due to the pre-conceived notion of being a young talent chosen by Wenger, and the nature of the club. Also it makes no sense in sending out a player on loan when he’s already been loaned several times and is unhappy at the club. Sending him to… Read more »


i know it’s off topic but would please share as many of you as possible this video. i know we all love football but we should always know what the priorities in life are. Wold Cup starts in less than 4 weeks and this is what most of the Brasilians think about it.
Thanks my fellow Gooners!


There should be more likes in your post.

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