Friday, December 1, 2023

First team stars set to debut Puma away kit

Arsenal supporters will be able to catch a glimpse of the new yellow and blue away shirt in action with confirmation that Arsene Wenger will take a strong squad to Boreham Wood on Saturday.

While players who featured at the World Cup won’t be present, the likes of Wojciech Szczesny, Kieran Gibbs, Tomas Rosicky, Mikel Arteta, Aaron Ramsey, Nacho Monreal, Mathieu Flamini, Yaya Sanogo, Abou Diaby and Carl Jenkinson could all get a first run out of the summer.

Arsenal’s pre-season arrangements are relatively chilled compared to last year’s mad rush around Asia.

This weekend’s showdown at Meadow Park is the only fixture before the four day jaunt to New York. The short Stateside trip will then be followed by a training camp in the Alps, two fixtures in the Emirates Cup and then the Community Shield at Wembley.

First team pre-season itinerary

19th July vs Boreham Wood

26th July vs New York Red Bulls

2nd August vs Benfica (Emirates Cup)

3rd August vs AS Monaco (Emirates Cup)

10th August vs Manchester City (Community Shield)


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Hope to get another glimpse of Zelalem this preseason

Community Field

I’m hearing rumours Linford Christie might be there.
Hoping to get a sighting of him meself.

Merlin's Panini

That is a really short preseason. Last years tour seemed to last an eternity. At least everyone is in the same boat what with the World Cup an all.
It’s nice that we get a match that kind of matters in the Community Shield too. Any one know when the Champions League playoff draw is made?


It’s because of the World Cup, mate


Shit I forgot the World Cup, when does it start?


Chill Man…Its still 4yrs away

Merlin's Panini

yes I know, that’s why I suggested it was!

Paul S

Champions League 2nd qualifying round starts tomorrow. Then there’s the third qualifying round, then we’re up in the playoff. Draw will probably take place around the beginning of August.

Merlin's Panini

Totally unrelated to this but the name Jernade Meade popped into my head earlier and having Googled him it seems he was released by Swansea in May. I thought he looked fairly decent in the couple of games he played for us. Seems he couldn’t get a game for them. Shame for him.

Freezedawg of Sweden

Any tips in how to watch the games or should i do my usual scavenging for piratestreams?


Curious as well. If it’s on TV I will find a way.


use ronaldo7 it has live streams. or you can just wait a few days and wait for it to be uploaded on the arsenal player

Let's Find Hleb!!!

Did someone Gedion Zelalem?

Eric Blair

Zelalem, so good they ‘verbed’ him

Eric Blair

Come to think of it we should ‘verb’ more of our players. Can’t wait to see Terry ‘sanchezed’ and whoever plays in the sp*rs defence ‘walcotted’.

Some hilarity will ensue when some poor bastard in Spain is finally ‘suarezed’.


i can hear the spanish announcers now (translated to english, of course)

“ohhh, and Bale is down on the pitch. it looks like he’s been badly ‘suarezed’. he’s going to need stitches and a rabies vaccination stat!”


Before you all hammer me I must emphasize how much I love Theo, and how immensely he has improve in all areas. 2-0. Buuuut, amongst my friends (a couple of them fellow gooners) we already have a definition for the verb to walcott; it is to take off with the ball and end up dribbling it out of bounds 🙂


Well, its a good one for them at least they will be a good cover before the worldcup stars are back to full match fitness

The Invincible Puma's

The quest for an unprecedented Quintuple begins! COYG!


Completely off topic but does anyone know when Wallcot wil be back from his injury?

Can’t wait to see him on the pitch with Alexis.


He hopes to re-join first team training in September.

I wouldn’t put my hopes on a fully fit Walcott to return until at least the new year.


The new year! That has really dashed my hopes of an early Walcott return. It was a serious injury though…

The injury happened on Jan 4th, so that initial 6 month lay-off estimate was a tad optimistic.


He’ll be back by September


Intrigued to see Nike walk away from the Man U kit deal. Now Addidas have stepped in at – supposedly – £75 million p/a. Whilst that’s not the frankly preposterous figures being asked of Nike, it’s still more than double ours and double Real Madrid’s.

Now I accept they are the biggest team in this country – but do they justify that, the £75 million ?


I certainly find it to be a huge risk by Addidas. United, looking at them from a player’s perspective, are not as attractive as they used to be. The whole squad needs to be replaced. I will be surprised if they qualify for the champions league.

BTW Will the third kit worn by Giroud (blue and black stripes) be available?


yes. Its the “cup” kit, so will only be used in UCL & FA/Capital One Cup away matches.
Guy in Armoury who I chatted to said it should be on sale beginning of August.
Will only be available with the cup shirt printing too FYI.


The fact remains that Manchester United are up there with Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich in terms of worldwide sales for merchandise, so I’m sure Adidas are counting on selling a sizeable number of jerseys and whatnot. Surely also, they must have factored in some sort of performance-based component. No business would hand out that kind of money unless they stood to gain much from their investment. No matter what we might say, clubs like Man City, Chelsea and (yes) Arsenal still have a lot of catching up to do globally. It would help if we won a few… Read more »


Definitely, there will be some performance based clauses in there.

Our kit deal better have some achievement based performance clauses too, like if we win the quadruple the payout doubles! 🙂




The case, that I reckoned, with the United’s adidas deal is that it is for 10 long years. 75m per year now looks awesome, but it may not after 5 years, when our puma deal gets over. They will have to wait for another five years to get the adidas deal over, while we can pocket over 100m per year in the 2019 deal.


Deals like that are going to happen more and more now because of the introduction of financial fair play. our puma deal is only 5 years so perhaps after that we can demand more too!

Finsbury Park Gooner

Debuchy? Anyone?


2 big reasons Sanchez chose us over the Mickey mousers:
– He was never good at history at school and hates the subject
– Will save a fortune on hubcaps…

Being from Borehamwood I wouldnt mind going due to the unusually strong side arsenal will be putting out. Although tickets at £20 is a bit steep possibly down to the new stand that’s been built at the stadium. Might just jump the wall round the back, old school like.

Naija Gunner

Haaaa we get to watch real football finally…

Yankee Gooner

Apropos of little other than steep ticket prices, tickets for TRAINING before an Internatiomal Champions League “match” between Real Madrid and New Holland United were just put on sale here in Michigan for THIRTY-FIVE fucking dollars. To watch training.


Looking forward to Diaby as much as Zelalem!


Arsenal player is my $70 AUD ticket to the entire preseason lol oh the joys of living on this side of the pond


So gents, what do you think of Boreham Wood’s prospects for this season in the conference south?


Who will play at centre back?


Aren’t all centre backs at world cup?




I’m curious.. Lots of posts that have some 60 likes and 1 dislike.. Is there really one sad cunt among us that goes around thumbing down? Reveal yourself!


Speaking from past experience, an iPad and a couple of pints can easily lead to Homer Simpson fingers (fat finger style mashing the wrong button).

That said, it really does seem there is said sad cunt out there sometimes.

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