Friday, January 27, 2023

Arsenal get bad news over Ramsey injury

Via the Guardian comes news that Aaron Ramsey is set to miss ‘at least’ a month with the hamstring injury he picked up on Saturday.

Scans have shown the damage goes beyond the normal three week period a minor muscle strain requires, although it’s not thought to be anywhere near as serious as the one which kept Lukas Podolski out for almost four months at the beginning of last season.

It means the Welshman will miss the games against Galatasaray and Chelsea this week, as well as Wales’ international games. Arsenal then face Hull City, Anderlecht and Sunderland before the end of October, and his participation in those games is in doubt at this point.

However, there may be some good news regarding Jack Wilshere. Although he’s considered a doubt for tomorrow night’s Champions League clash, early signs suggest he could well be fit enough for the trip to Stamford Bridge on Sunday.

Mikel Arteta, meanwhile, should be fit for the Hull game, while Arsenal hope Nacho Monreal will have recovered from a back strain to rejoin the squad at that point.

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Umm, so I guess Diaby is up with injuries to Arteta and Ramsey?


What’s the name of that German physio again?


Herr Lein Frakcher


Shat for shite


Shad Aknownbetter

remember the invincibles

thought Shad was going to turn this around. Still, we have the depth in midfield to get on with it. Injuries are part of our season now, at least we’ll get a boost when he returns ‘sooner than expected’ (lol, jk I mean after 3 months)


I can’t help but think it’s connected, a different way of conditioning must surely put different strains on a body, and maybe leave them vulnerable whilst they acclimatise; kinda like the way there are niggling injuries after coming back from a long=term injury.

Or maybe they aren’t taking enough vitamins.


I blame Spurs for giving us 70% of the ball. Lazy fuckers


Who ? Never heard of them.

Bouldy's Tupee

How about blaming Wenger for not rotating players when needed? How do fuck do you rest Alexis on a NLD?!!! How is the league cup bigger than the NLD?! Fuck me…

Orang Soul

Well, both Ramsey and Arteta were rested …. and they’re the ones that got injured. So not sure if your point works in this case.

Formerly Known As El Capitano

These injuries are getting ridiculous now.. I’m starting to come to the conclusion it cant be down to just bad luck. maybe its down to the way we play. I think there is a potentially is direct correlation to us being a team that likes to dominate the ball, and the physical nature of the Premier League.. As in, the more we have the ball, the more time the opposition have to kick lumps out of us. The whole situation being made worse, because we have a relatively small squad in comparison to the other top teams, so when a… Read more »

Injured Gooner

We may have a relatively small squad, yeah, but the reason I am an Arsenal fan is the fact that we used to give youngsters a chance. Look at Chambers, Jack, Ramsy, Sesc (yeah yeah) Gibbs and Wali.

So many young players have lit the football stage up in a big way.

We are getting back to our old dangerous style here. Arsene should trust his instincts and just play the youngsters.


Ah fuck, the terrible luck continues.

Great news about Wilshere though. Injuries will surely force Arsene to go back to last year’s system against Chelsea, with Flamini and Wilshere at the base, Ozil in the hole, 2 of Ox, Santi and Alexis out wide and Welbeck up front. That’s still not too bad despite the injuries. Wilshere being fit is crucial really.


Give me that lineup with Ox in midfield with Wilshere and Santi/Alexis out wide


Yeah, that’s the only silver lining. At least we’re back to 4-2-3-1 by necessity.


Wonder if diaby can play ahead of Flamini?

Arsenal-Induced Heart Attack Survivor

What the actual fuck is wrong with Arsenal? I wouldn’t want to be Arsene Wenger right now, that’s for sure!


He earns 8 million a year and gets to play on water slides on david deins boats.. i’d like to be him for a month and a half even in an injury crisis


Chad forsythe.. I think it’s the Spuds curse. Each time we play them these things happen. Same as Walcott ‘ s injury. They should get relegated and the injuries will be minimal


Cannot legislate for this kind of “luck”. Yet CFC’s centre forward limps on and keeps scoring. Proof karma does not exist.


Karma is not instant – remember that when a giant acme safe falls out of the sky on mourinho


will love to watch in slow-mo (the crushing part)

supa dupa

Injuries, Arsenal’s worst nightmare, top goalscorer of past 2 seasons injured along with Giroud. Whats causing all of this?


For crying out lout, what the hell is going ! Chad must be taking Valium by now..


Hires the German teams leading physio. Players gets injured left right and centre. How very Arsenal like. Who did Arsene piss off so much that ever since God knows when we have had injuries so severe that it borders on disbelief. Which team has suffered the injuries we have? None.


Despite his clairvoyance Bergkamp is as stumped as the rest of us.


Bad news for us but for him personally it might be a blessing in disguise. He’s been poor by his own standards so a few weeks of itching to get playing again might sort him out.


Wish I could share your optimism but injuries tend to negatively affect confidence, not the other way around.

I felt Rambo wasn’t playing too badly, he just tried to overcomplicate things. He could have easily played himself past it. Usually a long run of games is the best way for a player to find form. It’s the one thing that, no matter what you’re not doing well as a player, will sort itself out over time.

But who knows? Maybe a month off will help. With this team I don’t care to make predictions anymore.


I agree, unfortunately injuries would be the only reason why Wenger MAY switch tactics. That man is stubborn as hell.


There you go. We know the reason for all these injuries, Arsene’s stubbornness to rotate. If a set of players click for him, he keeps on playing them, until he breaks them down. I mean clearly ozil is not a player who can play for 90 minutes every game, so is Wilshere and Ramsey. Combine this with his stubbornness to have a decent squad depth. Wenger is experienced enough to know that, at no point in a season he will have all of his players fully fit. He will play Welbeck week in week out and burn him out or… Read more »

Parisian Weetabix

There’s no doubt it’s bad news (did we expect anything else?). But it could’ve been worse news, and I’m very glad that Jack will be back. This is his chance to claim that midde-midfield role as his own, and I think he’ll do a great job. I personally prefer him to Ramsey. Jack likes to bounce passes off people and play it short more often, which I like more as a playing style. However without Ramsey’s desire to win the ball back the onus will be on us to keep possession better, and as Arteta is out too this means… Read more »

Santi Claws

Jack will be well up for this game too. Apparently Cesc was Jack’s boy, jack idolised him while they were at the club together and even when Cesc left he said Wilshere would make us forget about him. I feel like Jack will want to prove a point and absolutely cunt Cesc like Cesc did to Vieira when we played juve way back when. Here’s hoping anyway


Happy news for Wilshere. He’s finally starting to show some good form and a long injury would’ve sent him back to square one.

Good stuff about Arteta too, Flamini’s too wild to have to rely on for any kind of extended period. Shame about Ramsey though, even if he isn’t in form right now. Hope he comes back raring to go like he did last season.


Yeah, with Flamini doing his best Gerrard impersonation as a DM we kinda need Arteta to be here until January or until Wenger loses patience and sticks the Coq in.


5 of our first 11 are out injured. What the actual fuck? What is it with Arsenal and injuries?


Arsene has proved over the year to be a very good coach. But why always hand himself out? Reinforce ur team MAN


Well at least we have diaby back…


We do and that is truly exciting but I’m pretty confident that Wenger is not going to thrust him into league games in the very near future. I think he’s going to ease him back week by week. I’ll honestly be very surprised if we saw Diaby play a full, competitive match of the EPL or CL variety before November. However I am excited about both Diaby and Walcott returning because both players are so immensely important to how we play. They alter the style, the pace, the mentality. They even change the approach that teams have to adopt when… Read more »



Follow the money

It’s happening far too often to be luck.


“However, there may be some good news regarding Jack Wilshere. Although he’s considered a doubt for tomorrow night’s Champions League clash, early signs suggest he could well be fit enough for the trip to Stamford Bridge on Sunday.”

Blogs, I wish the champions league clash was tomorrow but it’s on Wednesday. 😉

In regards to the injury news, well, Fuck!

Trex d Gunner


Dan the Arsenal Fan

WTH? Three weeks for a hamstring? He rose from the dead in 3 days.


Shad, you are shit.


So.. Arsenal decided it was about time to take injuries seriously. Seems injuries decided to take us seriously too. “You call that bad?! I’ll show you bad!” said mr. Injuries regarding our 13/14 season.

Speaking of which, what kind of steroids are they munchin’ down by the Bridge? Costa’s had a hamstring injury the whole season, and is scoring about 80 goals per minute or something according to the pundits. If that’s called being injured, we should be winning every match by a landslide.


Think these problems are more due to Wenger never consistently rotating than a new physio


So two massive games this week and a terrible injury crisis. Here are my proposed line ups for AW (4-2-3-1 formations pls): Szcz-Chambers-Per-Kos-Gibbs-Flamini-Ox-Alexis-Özil-Cazorla-Welbeck for Galatasaray and Szcz-Chambers-Per-Kos-Gibbs-Flamini/Wilshere-Diaby-Ox-Özil/Cazorla-Alexis-Welbeck for Chelsea (CAM start will depend on who has the better performance on Wednesday and I’d like Diaby to get a run out against Gala and start against Chelsea alongside Flamini/wilshere depending on Flamini’s form and Wishere’s fitness). Obviously, Rosicky, Podolski and maybe Campbell should be used to rest the key players especially if things go well against Gala.


Uhmm… Can I just point out that Wilshere is distinctly not a holding midfielder? If you’re going to rotate Flamini, the only option really is Le Coq.

henry t.

injury problems, we’ve never seen it coming, right ?


It’s no longer bad luck with injuries, it’s got to be rotation or training…Maybe they can identify the cause with the new physio team and slowly rid us of an annual injury crisis


With our historical timeline, i’ll say ramsey is out till january, the injury gods watch football too, they are fed up of the way wenger is running the team. They want him to do the right things! The injury gods also told me it could get worse! They told me they would spare us when wenger leaves. They know he is stubborn and would try to renew his present contract.
Oh happy day, when Wenger leaves!


We go one game without an injury so the next one we pick up three!! You couldn’t make it up could you? Never thought I’d be so happy to see an international break on the horizon. Hopefully Theo will be back soon too!!


If we really wanted to solve our injury problems, we should’ve hired a Spanish physio or a Russian doctor, if you know what I mean. Remember Costa, out for three weeks and playing the next week-end? Who is Chelsea owned by again? Just saying.

Glasgow Gunner

Will be good to get Santi on from the start. He didnt look too happy before his appearance on Saturday. To the extent he gave a teenage like shrug of the shoulders to a question from the manager on his way on. That’s not the Santi I’m used to.


Scoring a brace the next weekend you meant

Arsene's Apologist

@podolski: Blaming Ramsey and Artera on a lack of rotation is absurd and just gets repeated as anti-Wenger shit. Both were rested midweek. They had a full week to recover and as top professionals you expect it to be more than enough. Stop blaming anything wrong on Wenger. There are good criticisms to make; that’s not one.

Black Hei

Some points are lost to some folks. Figures that out yourselves.

Arsene's Apologist



When it rains it pours I guess…but with us is like a constant sprinkle. As much as you guys want to blame Wenger for lack of rotation (and I agree to some extent) Ramsey didn’t play mid-week and was sub-off at the 75 minute mark against villa. Arteta had a week’s rest after coming back from injury and playing in just two games. Like you guys I’m pissed about these injuries and I do agree that the technical and training staff have to get to the bottom of this…lest we forget that had Ramsey, Ozil, and even Walcott (unfortunate injury)… Read more »


There’s bad luck, and there’s bad luck..but WHAT the HELL is this? Did Wenger run over a luck black cat, or is there a gypsy curse on London Colney &/or Ashburton Grove? Get the exorcist in!


Players playing in positions there not built for..This seasons injuries are unlucky and a mystery but prior to this season. It was Wenger over playing players


Last Year the ox got Injuries 40 mins into the Season and missed 4 months. Podolski in his Second Start did. His hamstring and missed 4 months. Thats Not being overplayed.

Giroud wasnt overplayed before his injury. Monreal, debuchy, arteta also Not this Season. Ramsey had a week off before his injury.

Wilshere was kicked causing his Problem.

None of These Injuries are wengers fault.


The international break comes at a decent time. The two upcoming games aside, it’s a relatively kind fixture list after that.


Don’t worry everyone we’re having our annual crisis early this time… We’ll be great in the 2nd half of the season.


COQ looked great last time he played. Perhaps he can finally get a crack at the DM role.

Get well soon Aaron!

fresh prince

Its not rotation. As arteta and Ramsey had a week off. Its either we buy small players or the conditioning/training.

As for Costa being injured that’s a load of hooey. Its just so called mind games from nobhead.


Wenger made a statement saying Diaby isn’t fully fit or ready to play a full game which means it has to be flamini for now

Paul McOzil

Although I am not one for wanting our player’s to get injuries – it is part and parcel of football, unfortunately sometimes all clubs get a glut at the same time – it does give other player’s an opportunity to show their worth. For the next two games, other than defence, we have (2) in midfield – Flamini, Wiltshire, Diaby, Coq (3) in attack – Ozil, Santi, Alexis, Ox, Rocky, Podolski (1) Centre forward – Welbeck, Campbell This should be more than enough in terms of numbers and quality to get something out of both games. With regard to the… Read more »


I don’t want to see Flim Flam in the starting 11. I’d start Diaby and Rosicky on Wednesday with a view to them playing Sunday too.


I might have to do what Peter did in Family Guy, speak to the god and ask him to leave us alone.

Yankee Gooner

Is the youth policy supposed to end with all their limbs falling off by 25? Because if so, that’s not really much of a policy.


None of debuchy, arteta, Montreal, Or Giroud signed for us as Young Players.

Mach iii

Hmmm, seems like it’s an opportunity to make use of the most versatile squad in Europe…

Countless options to choose from.

Unleash the Wilshere!


Should be back for christmas then

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