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Reports: Giroud signs contract extension

Various reports this morning suggest that Olivier Giroud has signed a contract extension with the club.

John Cross (Mirror) and Jeremy Wilson (Telegraph) – two reporters very much on the Arsenal beat – say that the Frenchman has extended his Arsenal deal until 2018.

Out injured with a broken leg until the new year, the deal is a show of faith from Arsene Wenger to last season’s top scorer, despite the fact his place in the side is under threat from new boy Danny Welbeck.

The striker confirmed in May that talks were ongoing, saying, “I have two years left on my contract, but we’re in talks to extend it. For the moment, I’m good here. There are some good things to be done.”

Giroud has scored 41 goals for the club since his move from Montpellier in June 2012, and had scored twice this season before the freakish injury at Everton on August 23rd.

Official confirmation is expected in the next few days.

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Nah nah nahhh na. Nanana nahh


I think we’ll learn to really appreciate Giroud when he’s part of a squad in which he’s not the only viable striker option. People may think it’s weird timing because he’s not fit at the moment, but “freakish” really is the right word and he’d been extremely durable to that point. Really reckon we’re still to see the best of him.



Kenyan Gooner

Na na na … Well done AW. If Welbeck beats the HFB to the starting position, we’ll have cover in that area. Let’s now give Isaac Hayden a few mins in CB as we prepare Chambers for CM.


How many of you started understanding how valuable Giroud is to the squad over the past few weeks?


Oh really? I am happy that we got Welbeck on that position and that he is our choice atm.. He offers us what Giroud did but with way more pace and techniqual ability.


Doesn’t bring others into the game nearly as well. For all Giroud’s faults, he was vital to the way we played last season, and though Welbeck is faster and more mobile, he is just as poor a finisher while also not being as effective a foil for others to bounce the ball off of..

Good Omens

Feel foolish much ?

The Only Olivier is Giroud

Nanananaaaa…. Giiiiroooouuuudddd!


I like Welbeck, but no fucking way is he a threat to Giroud’s position. When Giroud is back Welé will be shunted out on the left where his work-rate is an asset and his lack of composure is less of a liability. Quite simply: Giroud scores goals, Welbeck doesn’t.


Funny, one month ago nobody would have said that.
How people change. I just consider that we have two good strikers.




Got no issues with this. Our squad is quite good save for the lack of cover at the back. At least best squad we have assembled in quite a while. Now let’s get Arsene to stop farting around with that 4141 shit and go back to basics.

Dave Gooner

80k a week???? I think its way too much. He’s not 80k a week good.


He’s not even 30k a week good.


Even Chamakh was a better option.

East Gooner

Sarcasm? Because I don’t think people are getting it.


No? You can argue that Giroud are good how much you want, that will not change the fact that he is not an striker that wins you an title.. But seeing it from an normal perspective I think that Giroud lacks what an arsenal forward should have: pace and techniqual ability. He is unable to create chances by himself and most of the chances he gets he just fuck it up..

You can say “He is good at holding the ball” and at scoring headers.. But he really are shite, thanks fuck that we got Welbeck now.


I was HAPPY because I thought that maybe we would drop Giroud now.. And now Wenger gives this lamp post an new contract, you do NOT win the champions league with Giroud, you do NOT win the league with Giroud. You do NOT fucking win anything thanks to Giroud.

Giroud should not be an arsenal striker in the first place.


SP, are you Fat Gooner in disguise? haha


@ SP “You do NOT fucking win anything thanks to Giroud.”

Yeah you do 🙂


Giroud assist dumbass…


I know he’s not everyone’s cup of tea but we are certainly missing him. He holds the ball up and brings others into play as good as anyone. Olivier also is brilliant at defending set plays in our box and a handful for defenders at our corners and free kicks.
With Welbeck and Giroud available we have a plan A and a plan B at last.


Fantastic news. This gives us two very different options up front, and if an opponent sets up to shut down one then we can bring the other on and rip them apart. Finally we have a long term plan B!


It is sad news.. You don’t rip opponents apart with Giroud

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Chelsea the new Stoke

He can’t help that he’s gorgeous, AW had to give him a new contract.


So he’s our long-term Mandzukic then, I guess: the big target man upfront who isn’t quite good with his feet, but makes others better. Hey if it worked for Bayern, why shouldn’t it work for us?

Dave Gooner

It hasn’t worked for us though. Has it?

80k a week is waaay too much for Giroud. He wouldn’t get that anywhere else.


At least now there will be less rumours of us signing zigic

Gudang Bedil

Maybe handing a contract extension during an injury spell to a player gave the club more bargaining position. Walcott is also in talks about new contract while he’s injured, so maybe it can be a factor.


Jesus, how many matches has Theo played since he “signed da ting”?????? Is he really up for an extension already!!?????


Glad he’s signed but no way is he better than wellbeck. Wellsis is better in virtually every aspect of his game and I reckon he’ll get more goals too… Time will tell


Isn’t it funny how for years fans were calling out for a big man up front who can hold up the ball and then we got one and everyone wanted a smaller more agile guy to “run in behind the defence”, same could be said about the cb position when people wanted the likes of Hangeland lol, I know many of us are satisfied with Mert but you won’t fail to hear the occasional goon saying we need a faster, smaller cb. Case and point.. You can please some of the people some of the time… You know the rest


If you play like Stoke, defending deep with 30-40% of the possession, Mertesacker/Hangeland would be your MVP defender. If you play like Arsenal with 70% possession and a high defensive line, the players above are useless, they will get turned time and time again in any counter attack situation simply because 90% of your team is camped around the opposition’s final third exchanging useless passes. There’s a reason Joachim Low decides to use Boateng when he’s fit instead of Per. Don’t get me wrong Per is a good defender but not for our purposes, no.






How can people honestly SAY that Giroud are good? YES, He scored 23 goals last season (14 goals on 35 matches in the BPL) and 23 goals on 50 games.. He has some of the best midfielders in the world around him, yet his goal scoring rate is that he requires atleast 10 chances to score 1 goal.. I am sorry but you can take fucking any player in that position and he would be able to score 23 goals on 50 games. I am sorry but it just isn’t good enough.. He does not have the pace, he does… Read more »


When he is having an bad day at work he is honestly one of the worst players in the entire Premier League, (those days comes around a lot…) even more than his good days.. I am gonna be honest: Giroud was an failed signing, I am disappointed to see that we handed him contract, I wanted to see him sold next summer or so.


worst player when he has a bad day?? clearly you dont follow the rest of the league. some player even on a good day are worst than him
he is an excellent to have in our squad to use as plan b
he would have been very usefull last saturday when spud decide to stay deep in their own half

he is good enough for arsenal but maybe not in our first eleven

Dave Gooner

80k a week for an at best below average striker is very very bad value. He’s a dud, and he has been a dud since he arrived.
I admire the loyalty that Arsenal fans show Giroud, and I want him to do well in every game jhe plays for us (obviously).

But personally I have seen enough to know that he is never going to be the answer to our lack of cutting edge. I even think he knows it himself. I’d like to see him move on.


below average doesnt score 15-20 goal a season, an excellent plan B striker and happy he will be staying around.


^^ truth


Shit player

Man Manny

Non an eye-catching striker but not a dud either. A man who gets you 22 goals in the course of a season should not be taken for granted. Good move.


I like Giroud, shouldn’t be a starting striker for us, but for the shift he puts in & the goals/assists for the $$$ is good value. Just don’t see why we wouldn’t wait to see how he gets on AFTER coming back from a serious injury in his late 20s. Just think we need to us a bit more discretion when signing these deals with injured players before they comeback……I also shudder at the thought of Giroud at 32 years old on the pitch.


I love the advert that picture is taken from

Still think the Ox should have said

“It’s not my fault I look like Gibbs”

Stewart Robson's therapist

Four more years of feeling ugly, Gooners.


So it’s Giroud, Welbeck, Sanogo, and Alexis then. Not the most frightening strikeforce we’ve ever had, but then again it’s not that bad. Wenger isn’t going to sign anymore strikers till his contract runs out.

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