Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Kos out for France, Ozil & Ox injury concerns

Arsenal’s draw at Leicester appears to have come at a bigger cost than two dropped points with several first team stars pulling out of international duty.

Laurent Koscielny has been ruled out of France’s friendlies against Spain and Serbia with the first half head injury he sustained in a clash with Leicester’s Jeff Schlupp, while Mesut Ozil has an ankle problem that sees him miss Germany’s match with Argentina and makes him a doubt for the World Cup winners’ first Euro 2016 qualifier against Scotland on the 7th September.

The FA also reported this morning that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain played no part in England’s training session ahead of Wednesday’s game with Norway at Wembley. The midfielder went down just moment after coming on as a substitute and spent much of the last ten minutes limping.

Calum Chambers also missed full training in favour of a recovery session, although Jack Wilshere did train with Roy Hodgson for the first time since the World Cup.


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AN Other

Thought Wenger said, they are all right.

Remember the invincibles

Timely international break.


I like this. I remember when the mid-table Manchester team used to get convenient knocks to their players just around internationals. Should get all these guys a well deserved rest before season resumes.


These knocks unfortunately seem to be pretty bad though. Özil was off the field for a long time in a lot of pain, Ox could barely run and Kos, well, we all saw what happened to him.

Phil C

Forsythe out!


Seriously though, what’s the point of having Forsythe?

What if he says to Wenger “no you shouldn’t play Monreal today, he’s played 5 games in 2 weeks and his body movements show extreme fatigue”, but Wenger says “Monreal is one of only 3 fit defenders today, he must play”. Then he gets a 3-month calf injury, what’s the point?


Have we ever had any indication whatsoever that that’s how we run things? You can’t just make stuff up to fit your ‘this club is run badly’-argument.


I don’t think we can fault Forsythe for injuries just yet. As far as I’ve read, his philosophy is about correcting muscle imbalances, weaknesses and things that probably takes a bit more time than pre-season to see results.


It’s alright, we’ve got loads of defensive cover


as well as potent strikers


Thankfully…..”we have ofcourse Diaby”



And potential postmen.


When Ozil and Alexis left Real Madrid / Barca to join Arsenal, I wonder if Arsene told them they would be lining up in the same team as Sanago.

What’s the German / Spanish translation of WTF?


The German translation would be “Er hat uns die Arschkarte gegeben”

Thanis Lim

Let’s pray the players can recover in time for the club duties.


When is a good time to start panicking?


Tomorrow. Always tomorrow.

Formerly Known As El Capitano

I’ve given myself the deadline of tomorrow before I go totally guano and begin to hit the panic button.

Come to think of it ..this time tomorrow my panic button would of been mashed so hard, it would be nothing more then a big red pulp on my desk… not to mention the nice trip to A&E tomorrow as my hand will most likely be so f***ed it will definitely require some sort of medical attention.


Oh no worries, thank god we have a competent manager who makes sure we have a large enough squad!


Any other season and I would down vote this comment, but for the first time I feel justified in holding Wenger accountable for lack of squad coverage & transfer failings. I’ve defended him every damn season twice a year (summer/winter windows) for not strengthening whether it was for one reason or another, didn’t matter….I backed his decision. But the rumblings in my discontent started with the lack of January reinforcements last season & while I enjoyed the Alexis signing as much as every Gooner, this is where I have to draw the line. I am ashamed of the way I… Read more »


Injuries, couple of transfers short, kamikaze tactics – dropping out of the top 4 seems like a blessed relief from this monotony. Atleast we can feel great the next season when we go from 7th to 2nd or whatever Liverpool did.

ronererier than ever

Who cares. All shit anyway

Stuart Steele (@Stuart_Ten)

Forsythe a bigger flop than Ozil. *

*I’ve learnt to clarify I’m joking. I love Ozil.


Is it appropriate to call “wenger out” now without any sarcasm.


Don’t worry. By the end of this season, everyone will be calling it. Without a hint of sarcasm.


You said that last season and look how it turned out?


face it, we still finished fourth. Yeah, how long can we be proud of the FA cup, it’s only a worthy accessory to the league title if a team wins both.


It’s better if Kos didn’t play for France to avoid another injury and leaving us with just 4 defenders. In a way players missing this is less friendly games is the only positive today.


I wish we lost the FA cup last season because Wenger would have walked away then we could have started to build a team again.


The only problem with that is that we might have gotten Moyse then.


you’re an absolute disgrace


A disgrace of what……smooching Arsene’s bunghole?


He puts his disdain for Arsene Wenger above Arsenal. I often hear anti-Wenger people talking about “Arsenal FC not Arsene FC” who fail to realise the irony when they want Arsenal to fail so that Wenger leaves.

The Mad Parson

Brilliant observation. Spot on.


So, let me get this straight: You wish that we had not won a trophy, so that we can change the manager, to get one who would win us a trophy?!


Sorry, you’re an idiot. If you truly wish that Arsenal didn’t win the FA Cup last season, I can’t consider you to be a genuine fan.

A Gooner in Houston

Wow. Right after the FA Cup win people were gushing over Wenger and glad we won a trophy ‘The Arsenal Way’. Now, it’s ‘Wenger out’. 5 games into the new season.


The bigger irony was 2 weeks ago the people here had nothing but wise words on Wenger for purchasing Sanchez, Ospina, Chambers, Debuchy and winning the community shield.

After a few shitty results which we have not lost any of them albeit qualifying for 17th consecutive champions league and now is all doom and gloom.

Seriously, you guys need to get a grip on reality.


The reality is people want more than a fourth place finish. The “shackles” are off sure with sanchez and ozil but that is not the excuse this time, it is mismanagement, stubbornness with team selection, and overall transfer policy. I would have been happier if Wenger used the Alexis money to sign Carvalho or any other world class DM and a decent 4th CB and even Remy would have been cheaper and better than Welbeck. And if you look at the way the team played the matches that count…you can see a pattern emerging in the attack, pass the ball… Read more »


I don’t understand the negativity here. Since that FA cup win, we have lost one CB, one RB and one goalkeeper, and we have brought in one RB, one CB, one very promising goalkeeper, one world class striker/winger and one CF. I don’t think there is much difference between welbeck and remy barring the fact that the former is young and was touted to be something special just a year back. \ What is all the fuss about then??? Haven’t we improved our squad? Yes, we could’ve bought one player to cover DM+CB position, but that’s it. It’s just one… Read more »


Spot on!

IN WENGER I TRUST and always have (look at the facts and alternatives folks).

Who is not still excited to see our boys do what their skills can bring once they start to gel as a team?

They think it’s all over – it is not! COYG!

Arsene's Wengerboyz

F*ck me crazy but no signings??? No defensive midfielder? No striker? Not even a replacement for Vermaelen? Really??? At least throw in a season long loan re-signing of Kim Kallstrom or something.


At this point I really wouldn’t say no to Kallstrom if I’m honest.


Remember when samson got his locks cut and all energy left him……Ozil is this modern day samson. i cringe just watching him “tracking a run”


Easy there buddy….if anyone is the modern day Samson it’s Torres. End of discussion.


If we don’t sign anyone today, I swear I’ll just continue to watch the games and support the club whilst writing reasonable criticism in this comments section. You’ve been warned, Arsene.

North Bank Gooner


I’m just gonna go batshit with a machete….. 😉

A Yank

You’re no true fan of the club unless those criticism become strongly worded.


Hahaha, priceless. This is exactly what we’re going to do.


At the rate we are picking up injuries every game. We’ll be lucky if we have any players left fit by December, I say that half jokingly but seriously who is going to cover any of these injuries if they become long term?


Hahahahahahahha, only laughing bc you said “IF they become long term”…….we are Arsenal FC, OF COURSE our injuries wil be long-term!!!


And here I was hoping for some wonders from Arsenal’s new head physio.


Today so far = Lol.

*wipes away tears*



Meh, I’d rather them miss silly international games and come back fit for Arsenal than get injured more in the silly international matches

Edu's Braces

Finally, some good news

Me So Hornsey

Ozil wasn’t that bad yesterday. It’s his 3rd game back with no pre-season. He’ll come good. My main concern with him is his lack of anger. I mean, the amount of press rage he’s had i’d want to give a semi mental performance like Jack did against Besiktas just to shut them the fuck up. With Ozil you get absolutely no sense that he will switch up a gear, or indeed if there are other gears other than the Ozil gear. Not that he can’t or won’t but by god, does alexis sanchez make an incredible contrast playing next to… Read more »


Ozil has been sulking ever leaving madrid. Never wanted to come and he is not that good tbh. Rather have santi in the middle as a playmaker


Wenger should have taken Fabregas back.
He could have then loaned Ozil to Bolton or Brentford or even used Ozil for the FA and League cups.
Damn, now we have to spend the season watching Fabregas getting multiple Mans of the Match for that bunch of CUNTS

A Yank


Seasons. Plural.

Perry S.

no concerns for us. minors knocks that will keep then from playing shit internationals, but get some vital R&R after a crazy stretch of matches. IDEAL.


Seriously I have the fear. We are away to get slapped about,big time. Wenger needs to get a grip. I honestly can’t believe we are in this situation with no striker no defensive midfielder and a lack of center backs. This arrogant stubborn French turd needs to bolt!!


Sanogoals will be well rested


This will be a very long season.


About another nine months, probably.


Will we have any players left by the end of the break?


Imagine Sanogo playing against Kompany and Mangala, that’s so unfair and crazy.


Won’t have to imagine it in 2weeks time unfortunitely


Let’s wait till the window has closed. Maybe he has really played poker with us all, going off to manage a charity game and giving all kinds of deflective answers to press questions. True drama would be 3 players going out and a bunch coming in. But with Falcao gone, the hope for a real statement and top top quality signing are out the window.
Hope we achieve something good this season, and let us continue to support the team.


Still 6hrs to go and watch everyone else get stronger around us. The stubborn French sausage….

Roof top anger

Me thinks need to keep cool, control my anxiety and pray that Wenger has worked under top secret circumstances and will unveil a shocking suprise out of his hat of wizadry! I hope so. I really, really hope so

The Red Cannon

Think arsenal have won banter of the window. Another trophy on the mantle


I didn’t realize till now that Arsene is playing poker with us. Cant wait till he shows up at the next press conference and tell us that he has a team worthy of winning the league. FUCK.


I have a bet with my mate at work that Ramsey will stay fit for the whole of September. Do you reckon my money is safe?

ronererier than ever

According to sky sports arsenal are only going to buy if someone becomes available who will improve the squad.
So Remy, Falcao, Balotelli, Bony, Falcao, Manila’s, Carvalho, Rabiot etc etc who are all fucking available wouldn’t have improved the squad. Inept, shambles. All this in Arsene we trust bollocks is bollocks. Everyone he buys turns into shit anyway. Look at Ozil, I loved him at Madrid and now he is poo. And Wenger needs to tell him to tackle. Pisses me off when he just runs along side someone. You might as well not bother.

El Fabuloso

“@Gunner_vision: BREAKING: More Reus reports state Arsenal have bid £40m for Reus, as reported earlier http://wp.me/p4FdP7-1Vz #AFC”


That’ll never happen……….though we’re short of pacy-winger-types and our midfield’s practically threadbare. He’d be perfect.


Seriously, just sign Bendtner up. He’s better than our other two options right now. 1) Sanogo 2) nobody.

Sign him up. I can accept he’s an absolute wanker if he manages to keep us in the hunt untill giroud is back.


Sad thing is, I said something similar on Twitter last night while sober

El Fabuloso

Can’t help but laugh at the chaos happening here…
Someone’s told Arsene not come back from Rome.
He should make the referee job permanent…

A Yank

I’m okay with that. It would probably put an end to opponents kicking us off the pitch with near total immunity.


If it hits 11pm and we haven’t signed anyone, social media will crash due to furious arsenal fans and there shall be a riot at the Emirates where Geriant Hughes will be held as ransom!


We laugh, but I shudder to think what will happen at the Emirates VS Citeh if we don’t put in a performance in 2 weeks. Seriously, think about the ManU thrashing & the Villa loss last year…..the place went mental & the window was still open. When Arsene doesn’t strengthen (sad guarantee) and the same squad (or whatever is left) doesn’t click in the next home match the fans will blow the doors off the stadium. I don’t want it to happen, and I’m upset that it got to this point……..but you can’t deny the possibility of that happening at… Read more »


With the seeming complete lack of action when we were told that we needed to replace Verm and everyone was working very very hard, I can only conclude we’ve been lied to.

Daddy B

Lies and all lies, that is WEnger’s mantra. had no intention of buying reinforcements.


Yeah rite more chance of getting Boyce than Reus


This whole “need” for transfers has been magnified by some untimely injuries and the team not quite clicking yet. We are unbeaten.. Drew against all odds vs Everton ( which we couldn’t manage last time).. Sure we dropped 2 points on Sunday and we really could do with a cb and dm.. But don’t overreact.. The same people who are commenting “its a disaster” and “wtf is Wenger doing” where hailing him a few weeks ago as one of the greatest managers of all time.. And apologising for ever doubting him… Yes, its frustrating us not having 4 cb as… Read more »


we are signing DANNY WELBECK *____*


where the heck is pickles o’toole
wenger out


Will reserve judgement on Wenger/team until after transfer window closes.
Absolutely no point in moaning about Wenger this minute as maybe irons in the fire & signings made tonight and could only be made tonight. He’s certainly not going to read here and think, hey I need a striker, dm & cb so what’s the point about moaning about him now?


Okay, can I start moaning now?

steve afc forever

Were a joke again on transfer day nobody in its disgraceful Wenger out he hasn’t a clue as Sundays game shows


Were a joke again on transfer day nobody in its disgraceful Wenger out he hasn’t a clue as Sundays game shows…….

What? WTF are you trying to say? Ever heard of grammar? Clue its not a FC…. nor is it in the Championship..


Wenger always looks for value for money in the transfer market. I go to almost every home game and when I look at my bank account can I say I get value for money? I am not sure what they do in training but what happens in training and on match day are two different things.


exaclty — the bargain is only one-sided sadly

steve afc forever

If its true about Wenger in Italy at the charity game he deserves all the stick he’s going to get


It’s sad that after all the optimism over the early summer business we’re back to that all too familiar feeling of dread. Everyone knows the squad is too thin. Everyone except the people in charge of our transfer policy.


5th place this season…we just swapped places with man u…according to wenger sanogo is better than falcao, remy, bony, bacca…that’s nice. I’ve lost faith in this guy…he didn’t try enough…#wenger out

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