Thursday, October 6, 2022

Arsenal 3-0 Dinamo Zagreb – player ratings

We got the win we wanted and needed tonight, beating Dinamo 3-0, and it was a game and performance filled with positives in almost every area.

Here’s how the players rated this evening.

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Not on loan enough?

Enough pedantry – excellent performance against an admittedly limited opposition



Freudian slip blogs? – ‘Not on loan enough to rate’


is it strange that i read that first as not on loan enough…AFTER the edit?


Good response, good game. Let’s hope we can hold some momentum for a little run now, it’s much needed to avoid a damaging wobble

Pacific Gooner

Campbell should’ve started against West Brom



Concise Pete

He was still jet lagged,
Showed in his poor cameo.
Today was better.

Getso gunners

Campbel was fantastic today… Great to see Sanchez back to where He belongs

Pacific Gooner

Campbell shouldve started against West Brom


Like a new signing!

Toast with Butter and Jam

I knew the bonus rating would be the neck touch

AN other

I laughed so much when he control the ball with his back. Him and Ozil were just different class.


He may not play in the sexiest position but is Nacho a strong contender for POTY? I cannot remember such consistent excellence from an Arsenal player in ages. Maybe Sagna but Nacho is superior in the final 3rd


Nacho can actually cross the ball accurately and has great left-peg close control. Most improved Nacho ever … he’s the whole enchilada

Walter Raleigh

This pun is too cheesy…

Gervinho's forehead

Monreal is absolutely class! But why have we not signed him up?!? Worrying

igor stepanovs

agree totally. it’s also interesting to think that this period of brilliance by nacho started after he had done an undoubtedly uncomfortable stint at centre-back…


That seems to have really built him as a player actually. Since then he can defend properly and has the confidence to attack


Great win .. the lads did what they had to do playing beautifully .. Alexis makes it impossible to rest him .. should be knackered but looks livlier than ever-


Flamini looked good today, hope he and Chambers can keep it steady until January.


I don’t know how to feel about that…it’s great if they can keep steady until January, but then that’d mean Wenger more than likely wouldn’t get proper cover for le Cog.


But would be nice to avoid 8 games of suffering right?

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Seems pretty simple: In a choice between Arsenal doing well between now and January, and Arsenal not doing well between now and January, you don’t know how you feel?


Alexis and Ozil are just pure class. Their game today was the automatism personified


You could see the relief on Alexis’ face. So happy for him and Özil today. Joel Campbell, take a bow, son!

Man Manny

Ozil is a 10 for me. Even his throw-ins were elegant. What a player.


Blogs, What’s this “Not loan enough” busines all about 😉


Its good to hear the commentators describing özil….”he is not lazy”!!
Well about time they recognise that.
Sanchez & Özil combined really well tonite. Both could have scored a few more. Hope they & the team keep this up. No Europa League please ?


More of the same from Ozil in Greece and we’ll be fine.
Not convinced there is a better player in England right now.

David C

Vardy, haha…

Just kidding, I love Ozil!


Monreal is becoming a real favourite of mine. Unsung for most games but hardly ever let’s a cross come in and is great going forward. Consistently good for over a year now.


One thing that I have always felt and observed for a long time though – Nacho is never as good enough in away games as he is at home, for some reason. Somehow he is a lot more nervous and defensive in away games – still it may well not be his fault.


He’s a truly excellent LB. He’s not a wannabe winger, but he’s also not a wannabe CB. He plays with so much balance. And as you said he’s absolutely superb at keeping crosses out. His one and only weakness is that he tends to get caught under the ball when someone crosses to a big CF at the far post. But that’s not much of a weakness in the modern game because barely anyone plays big CFs any more. And it’s not like he’s particularly bad at it – he’s just average, instead of superb like he is at everything… Read more »


Coquelin out for 3 months.


Not quite sure what I’m getting negged for this. I only posted it as Wenger confirmed it on tv.

Not making any point or anything.
Some of you guys are so sensitive.


You’re not getting thumbed down. Coq’s injury is getting thumbed down. Sensitive a bit?

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Presumably you’re getting thumbed down because it was revealed long, long before the match even started, let alone before you posted your comment.


It’s very cold here in the northern US. Not as cold as last year though. But still… quite cold.


Campbell MOTM for me.
After all that stick he got for that one miss versus West brom he came back and did an Ozil type performance but with defending as well. Sublime passes all round. And that pass for Sanchez BRILLIANT!!!!
Everybody did their part today.
Nice goal by Ozil (still needs to work on his shooting though)
Good connecting play from Cazorla (needs to work on his finishing)
Great hustle from the full backs! Immense work rate.
Giroud keep doing what you are doing son!

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Campbell was good, but with the performances they turned in no player is in for MOTM besides Alexis and Ozil (and the answer is Ozil).


I don’t know

alexis, 2 goals, 1 assist

ozil, 1 goal


So Blogs…Campbell is not so “out his depth” after all, huh? The reaction here when an unfavorite player has an off game…pathetic to say the least.


#narrative #agenda #blogsout #bias


To be fair, Campbell has had more than one off game. He played well in today’s game but it’s not like his first or even second chance. He’s also had a drought spell for his country’s squad as well. I hope he keeps improving despite not being all that convinced about him. As long as he’s part of the team I’ll support him but I think it’s fair to be doubtful when it comes to his chances at being impactful at Arsenal.


I think blogs called it right the other day when he said Campbell looked out of his depth. That day he did. He was jet-lagged probably and there were maybe reasons for that. Also, him being third choice in that position doesn’t help him become very consistent either. I will gladly take him for someone that’s not a starter though. He has a lot of heart and he has some very nice qualities to his game too. I’m glad we have him as a rotation/backup option in that position.


Had the same impression on Campbell … he reminded me of one of those Brazilian players from back then …1970 …sometimes 🙂 he could still come good !


Please, no nonsense in the league. Win easily against Norwich and Sunderland, don’t waste energy, don’t get injured. If we have everyone on aboard, we definitely can win 2-0 against Olympiakos. Remember, we’ve won 2-0 away against Monaco last season.


Somehow, I get the sense it won’t be that simple or easy this time around- hope I’m proved wrong but the choke-act against West Brom doesn’t help any fan be convinced of this team – let us see.

The worst thing out of this win is the Europa league prospect – hope that will bring the best out of this team against Olympiakos.


Not on loan enough? Debuchy!


As well as the obvious play-makers, I thought Flamini did a job tonight. I wonder if he’s going to be Coq’s permanent replacement or whether Wenger has a different long-term plan in mind?


Long term? I hope not, Coquelin should walk back into that position when fit again.

That’s not to say, I don’t think Flamini can do a job there, but definitely not ‘long term’ replacement.


I meant long term as in three months versus a couple of games. That said, we need to remember it will take Coquelin some time to regain the kind of fitness and form he’s been showing recently. It’s not going to be a case of walking straight back into the position.

Personally, I hope Wenger does buy a replacement in January – someone who can share the position with LeCoq in the future.


I have a feeling it might be some variety of Hayden/ Bielik/ Maitland-Niles. Would be in line with our philosophy of bringing promising young talent through.

Standing applause for the lads today! The absence of Coq wasn’t as keenly felt as feared..Onwards and upwards! COYG!!


Isn’t Maitland-Niles a winger?


Guess Campbell is not so “out his depth” after all….huh Blogs? Can’t be writing off our players after a bad game specially when said player hasn’t been given the same opportunities afforded to others.


Funny how everyone waxes lyrical about Campbell tonight.. But I’m afraid a good display against a poor Swansea and Dynamo a messi does not make. I am delighted he had a positive impact tonight for the most part, but he did put passes a stray tonight which a better quality opposition, which the PL has plenty of, could have capatalised on. I look forward to his continued improvement but I think the Ramsey circa 2013-2014 approach for him would be good, keep it simple and efficient, he has shown with Costa rica and olympiacos that he has the talent. Having… Read more »

Man Manny

What a killjoy you are. You claim the opposition Campbell has exceled against have been poor -Swansea beat United and held Chelsea to a draw away. D. Zagreb beat us in the reverse fixture; weak opposition?
Even if they were, nothing says a good performance against them can’t build confidence for the bigger games.
Sad outlook to life if you ask me. Be a little optimistic about things: it makes you feel better which is good for your heart and mind.


So when our beloved Alexis gives the way cheaply against similar opposition it has no meaning? No player has perfect passing and everyone is guilty of a mediocre pass every now and again. People are just giving credit where credit is due. For our first 15 minutes specifically he was one of our most dangerous players on the pitch which continued throughout the match. While we looked a bit stale without bite and Alexis couldn’t seem to keep the ball from bobbling up/struggling with control (he’s one of my favorites and a world class player but in addition to the… Read more »


Great game overall. Lovely quick football. I thought Chambers was on long enough to see how truly awful he is in a DM position.


Yah! I watched him closely and he was pants! I hope I am wrong, but I honestly don’t see much in Chambers. I can’t point out any strength or unique contribution he brings. I can go through other players and name a unique contribution in which they excel more than other (Ozil – best vision, Coq – amazing timing on the tackle, Alexis – desire, Nacho – Most accurate crosser, Giroud – excellent hold up play, Wilshere – direct running, . . . . and so on). I want the kid to succeed but I don’t see it . .… Read more »


You are judging him to early. It is his first time to play in that position for Arsenal give him time you will see his qualities


While it is, of course, unfair to criticize him when he is barely on for 10 mins, his first touch and ball control makes you almost panic..

I remember when Cech found him down the middle, Chambers took down the pass with a first touch that almost gave the ball away… shows how much British talent is over-rated.

Paul b

AlOzil ?


Excellent performance in a must-win match. Ozil and Sanchez were a beauty to watch. Hope that Walcott comes back soon, as our offensive options are quite limited at the moment. GO, GUNNERS, GO!


Flamini was excellent tonight.


So very happy to see Alexis.
I truly believe he wants to score to boost his performances to the max.
You could feel he was almost “disappointed” he couldn’t get a hat trick….what a player 🙂


Wenger on not resting Alexis: “Because the break makes him tired.”

Hahahaha, priceless. So true.


Alexis not scoring for 8 games was him resting 😉


So thrilled to see Campbell doing well tonight. I felt like this was really a make-it-or-break-it game for him. He really showed up. I feel like, no matter how he performs, he always works hard and wow, his passing tonight?!?! Ridiculous. That one for Sanchez was one to match Ozil’s. I’m glad he got rewarded for all the effort he’s been putting in, at last. Hope he can keep it up.


He did a similar pass (and assist) in the WC too if I remember right. He has good vision and passing and not that great a pace which makes him more of a playmaker than an outright winger, I feel.

Dan D

Ozil and Sanchez clearly love playing with each other (ooh er matron!)

Great to see Ramsey back – top quality player that.

Pleased for Joel too. In my humble opinion too easily written off by far too many. Zagreb are poo admittedly but the boy has got something. Not saying he’ll ever be a world beater but a decent enough player for me who will only get better. Played very well tonight. Defends so much better than the Ox does too.

It’s on, we’ll get out of this group and then come February, who knows…


Let’s hope we don’t get that ‘away curse’ on Athens… I really afraid that we go to the Athens and win 1 – 0 or 2 – 1…let’s pray that’s won’t be happen… Thank you


Overjoyed to see Ramsey back


Give Campbell playtime, he will show his quality!


Why is it whenever we think Alexis needs a break he comes back after international break and seems even more dynamic. He looked sharp at West Brom and he was sublime tonight.


Its a weird one.. I was at the game and felt Campbell didn’t really do much beside the excellent pass for the goal and run on the counter a few mins before. Felt he kept selling people short with passes and more than once everyone went to press and you could see them wave campbell forward, he’d realise too late and arrive a bit late. Perception i guess and maybe I’m being a bit harsh. Ozil on the other hand was outstanding all match, even in the first 15 minutes he was the most active playing making runs and trying… Read more »


Funny you spoke about the pressing as it is true Campbell was starting from way to far from the opposition but Ozil was waving guys on to press without actually putting pressure himself …not reaching the player. Campbell was our main threat for a while and gave some beauties that were squandered (Santi, Sanchez) and i am sure if it were our magician who made those passes we would be saying something totally different. And against West Brom Campbell missed one chance and was slaughtered for it while Ozil had 2 sitters that he could not finish, but nothing said… Read more »

Titty Twistah

I think that’s harsh on Ramsey. To me his composure and threat was glaring from the moment he stepped into our formation.


Incredible performances from Ozil and Sanchez, these are the kind of matches that make us all want to see Ozil do this every match. I know the opposition tonight was much weaker than what we face most matches, but still Ozil was everywhere and was demanding the ball and really running things like a point guard in basketball. Sanchez’s endurance is amazing, would love to see him up top with Ramsey and Ox when healthy on the wings at some point so we can really press high and have the great interchanging we had tonight. Obviously Sanchez can’t replace all… Read more »

Arsenal hurts

sanchez was far off his best but showed what a superstar is all about, scored 2 assisted another in a night he was obviosly not half sharp as he could be. and ohh ozil!!!

Coq au Vin

I watched the game in Mexico today and I loved the Spanish commentary referring to Joel as Tico Campbell every time he touched the ball… And there where some brilliant touches indeed!


This illustrates the reason why most do not know what they are looking at. I have mentioned before that Campbell is a far better player than most would deem to give him credit. he is a developing player at about the same age Walcott, Fabregas, Nasri, Ramsey, Coquelin came good for us. So why all the nonsense that he should “get out while he could” or that he is not good enough for Arsenal? Joel has good ball retention skills and uses the ball well. He also supports the RB well both going forward and defensively. He is also very… Read more »


I never understand why 10 minutes on the pitch is not long enough to rate. Chambers to my mind looks shaky in DM not thru any fault of his rather he has not had a positive run of games and it is again generally an unfamiliar position. IMO we would be better serve restoring Chambers to surrogate at RB (and in natural position) so he can build on something more familiar when opportunity presents itself. I’m not sure if Debuchy can deputise as a DM but he may have better experience to hold the position as a back up to… Read more »


I can’t believe that we lost to this team in Zagreb. We are easily several levels above them.

Ozil was a magician tonight – such an incredible talent!

Campbell finally played like he plays for his Costa Rican national team – he released the “handbrake” and had a marvelous game throughout. Keep it up Joel!


Campbell took the handbrake off for the first time. In previous games he’s run the sideline and never moved in field. He’s looked like he didn’t want the ball and his passing was always safe. Today, in contrast, it looked like he felt the freedom to express himself and show that he has both vision and the skills to implement it. Joel has got got some toughness about him which we desperately need sans Coq. He’ll stick his foot in whether the opposition or he has the ball. He is hard to take the ball from. He, according to the… Read more »


I was really impressed with how Campbell used his body today – strong, and shielded the ball very well.


Booked my Olympiacos-Arsenal ticket at half time last night. Surely at 2-0 and Bayern at 3-0 we couldn’t possibly balls it up. Roll on December 9th! COYG.


Campbell was easily the best player on the pitch.

King Kolo

I hope Campbell keeps his place on the right. Basically despite Blogs wondering whether he was any good at football, he is good. He just wouldn’t be there if he was completely hopeless. Players miss chances like the one at West Brom. We’re prepared to give other players a much bigger chance to prove himself. He seems a million times more mature than the Ox. Able to work back in a way the Ox just hasn’t learnt yet. And he didn’t let a miss like Saturdays affect him and instead put in a performance to turn things around for himself.… Read more »


Could just be over-dazzled by that performance but did I see Sanchez try a cheeky rainbow flick early on in front of goal?

Toast with Butter and Jam

Pleased for Joel was actually taking defendings on and not slowing down our counter attacks in contrast to previous games he played. I still think for now Ramsey and OX are ahead of him. And unfortunately for him Wenger will pick them two over him once they are back. But there’s no reason why he can’t give us decent cover on the wings / CF

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