Sunday, October 1, 2023

Report: Norwich 1-1 Arsenal

Arsenal: Cech, Bellerin, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal, Flamini, Cazorla, Ramsey, Ozil, Alexis, Giroud

Subs: Ospina, Debuchy, Gabriel, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Campbell, Chambers, The Jeff

Arsenal dropped two more Premier League points and lost Laurent Koscielyn and Alexis Sanchez to injury in a 1-1 draw with Norwich at Carrow Road this afternoon. There was one change from the team that beat Dinamo Zagreb in midweek with Aaron Ramsey returning on the right in place of Joel Campbell.

The Gunners were sporting the hideous third kit for no good reason at all, and had the first effort on goal when Alexis Sanchez whacked a shot not too far wide from 25 yards out.

However, the bright start was dampened when Laurent Koscielny looked to pick up a muscle injury, twisting something in his back/hip area in the 8th minute. The French international looked in real pain, and was replaced by Gabriel in the 12th minute.

After being set up by Nacho Monreal, Mesut Ozil saw a goal-bound effort deflected out for a corner by Sebastian Bassong, before Olivier Giroud got similar service from the Spaniard, but couldn’t get his foot around a near post cross.

Although Arsenal dominated possession, Per Mertesacker had to be alert to stop Robbie Brady running through on goal, before a brilliant Santi Cazorla run saw him create a chance for Alexis but his fierce shot was saved by John Ruddy. The Spanish international had a go himself a few moments later, curling over with his left foot, but within 60 seconds Arsenal were ahead.

The Norwich keeper cleared into midfield to one of their players, his touch was poor, Alexis robbed him and played the ball into Ozil. The German’s clipped finished over the advancing keeper was perfection to make it 1-0.

Norwich’s Ryan Bennett was lucky to get away with a nasty push on Alexis while he was in the air. The Chilean ended up in a cameraman’s pit, and as an incident it was similar to Arnautovic on Debuchy which saw the Frenchman seriously injured last season.

The home side then got an equaliser just before half-time time, Lewis Grabban getting away from Gabriel a bit easily in the box, slotting home from close range. 1-1.

And it could have been worse when a cross from the right found Wes Hoolahan free at the back post but he blasted his shot over the bar. It meant the teams went in level at the break, and Arsenal had avoided repeating the feat of going ahead and falling behind as they did at West Brom.

The second period began with an injury scare for Cazorla, caught in a challenge and left feeling his knee, but thankfully he was able to continue. There was almost a chance for Ozil when the ball bounced over Ruddy, but a Norwich defender hooked the ball away before the German could finish from close range.

He had another chance in the 58th minute, a free kick from a good position but hit the wall, before there was another injury blow when Alexis pulled up with a very obvious hamstring pull, which saw him replaced by Joel Campbell in the 62nd minute. The Chilean had been nursing a problem for a few weeks, but today was the day when it couldn’t hold up any more and we’ll have to wait to see how long he’ll be out for.

Arsenal were rocked a little, with Petr Cech forced into a brilliant save low down at his near post when a cross came off Gabriel, and from the resulting corner Howson swiveled and shot over from close range. Arsene Wenger made his final change as Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain came on for Ramsey and the Gunners went looking for a winner.

Giroud headed an Oxlade-Chamberlain cross over under some pressure, and Arsenal had Gabriel to thank when he cleared an Olsson cross from a very dangerous position – the Norwich player should probably have had a shot.

There was little in the way of attacking threat from Arsenal, the final stages of the game were uninspired and unimaginative, and another away day saw two points dropped, two more injuries to very important players, and another poor day at the office.

We remain just 2 points off the top, but the worries increase due to performance and an ever-dwindling squad.

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That kit should be taken out and shot. Very disappointing and immature perfomance.

Remember the invincibles

What’s with people blaming the kit?its the players. Ugh, so many players out of form that the ones who are in form carry the team and then get injured. Wenger is coaching this team to finish fourth again.


I don’t even know why I keep hoping on this club.


Same here, mate.


Fuck off the pair of you then… Jee…what a couple of losers…


I guess your winning attitude makes you contempt with mediocre results such as this.


I think our good friend Posession was intrugued to know why a disappointing draw away from home should make you question your belief and support of the club. If you are in doubt because of this result then I support Posession’s invitation for you to go forth and multiply.


Possession – why don’t you MAKE ME? On a more serious note, what’s wrong with being frustrated/upset/angry at the result? We were told the team had enough squad depth to forgo the need to buy any outfield players. I bought into it. Plus, obviously the manager knows more about the team and the players than me, etc. Arsenal should be beating teams like yesterday’s. They should be spanking such teams and making them regret trying to take on Arsenal. (Okay, there is nothing wrong with trying to take on any big team.) But Arsenal should really be showing such teams… Read more »


It’s the shirt mate. Each time we wear it we are unable to beat lesser team and lose 2 key players to injury. Each time. Also no only it makes us look like Newcastle, but makes us play like Newcastle haaaaaaarhhhh

David C

I have trouble seeing them on television especially when they show the crowd in the background. Why not wear red today? Is it really all about marketing that terrible kit?


I don’t think they can give those bloody hideous shirts away so they make the players wear them thinking if we win something in them somebody might buy one. Maybe they will notice that whenever we play in them we lose the match and two players to injury and will just incinerate the stock before we have to wear them in the FA Cup and jinx that too.


Yeah it’s about marketing. The funny thing now is, who’s going to buy a shirt that only brings back memories of losing to Sheffield Wednesday, Olympiakos, and drawing to Norwich?


The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results. I love Arsene Wenger, but every single year he doesn’t buy what the team needs in the summer transfer window, and every single year we fall away in the league due to too many injuries. People can thumb down this post as much as they want, but its 100% the truth. The last 3 domestic results have all been so poor because we just don’t have the quality and depth in our squad to play away in Europe mid week and still maintain… Read more »


And today we’ve lost another 3 players.


That’s another lot to add to the injury list.
I am not totally losing faith as of yet, fortunately for Arsene, the window is coming up, and if he wants to win the league, he has to go out and buy a decent midfielder and a decent striker.

If (when) he does (doesn’t), then I won’t (will) lose my mind and we could (wont) win the title.


The 7 people who thumbed this down at my time of reading go slap yourselves…This is simple truth.


Are you saying Wenger is insane? You are definitely right about our injury record.. and I agree we should have a better back up to coq in the squad, but clearly Wenger disagreed that it was crucial. We are lacking a world class striker, but we have 3 strikers + sanchez in the squad, so wouldn’t call us short.

Our current predicament is midfield where we have one of the widest and highest quality line ups in the league. The issue isn’t squad depth, it’s injuries.

John C

Nonsense if you think we have quality in depth in midfield.

Coquelin and Cazorla are good enough, Ramsey and Wilshere are playing for their Arsenal careers in my opinion with Arteta, Flamini and Rosicky all not good enough.


Well you certainly have some high standards.. I agree that the decision to stick with the Arteta/Flamini axis as back up may have been a bit naive (as I said in my reply….). You would have kicked Wilshere and Rosicky out? That would have been great for squad spirit, and who would you have replaced them with exactly?

John C

i didn’t say kick them out, i said playing for their futures.

Wilshere is perpetually injured but even when he’s fit he’s hardly setting the world alight.

Ramsey’s looking lost on the right but even with Arteta, Coquelin, Wilshere and Rosicky out the manager say’s he still won’t be picked in the middle and maybe Chambers will play there before him. For me that’s the definition of playing for your future at the club when that lot are in front of you.

John C

and Rosicky should have been let go years ago. Well past his sell by date and has played in less than half of all the league games he possibly could have since he’s been at the club.

Complete madness extending his contract.


If we had Messi, Wenger would say why would we buy Suarez?

If we had Messi and Suarez he would say, why would we buy Neymar?

That’s why with Wenger we can’t be one of the biggest teams and compete on all fronts. You need a team full of world class players and our squad depth gets shown up against the likes of the bigger teams


Interesting points. I think you take him to literally, that is probably what he would say in the press conf, to support his current squad. I think you are wrong, but we don’t know, because we haven’t been in the position before where we have top, top players in each position and a bucketload of cash to spend at the same time. He’s more conservative with the cash than other clubs, but he is also smarter and more strategic, which means that we can still compete at the highest level. The squad is continously being improved, and one of the… Read more »


Chmith – Mate, wake up. We do not have the strength and depth to win the title and compete across the Champions League, and the FA Cup – we just don’t have the players. I love Arsene, I really do, I still think he is a great manager but he needs to adapt to the way things are now, titles are won and lost in the transfer market now. Before a ball had even been kicked I knew this was going to happen to us, I knew we’d get to November and be really struggling with injuries – we all… Read more »


I hear what you are saying. We are not really competing for the CL, I agree. No team will like getting drawn against us, but there are at least 3-4 teams who would feel quite comfortable about beating us over 2 legs even w/o injuries. For me, the decision not to buy a DM was a mistake (albeit not a huge one), clearly motivated by some sort of loyalty to flam+tekkers. It’s just hard to answer statements like ‘i knew we’d get to nov and struggle with injuries’ and ‘everyone close to the club and the press talks about’ seriously.… Read more »


I completely disagree I think teams love playin against Arsenal. We are too predictable, and too easy to contain, and far too easy to beat. Mauren and Pulis layed out the blueprints on how to beat Arsene Wengers Arsenal a long time ago. Sit deep, soak up the possession, kick us off the park, and then hit them on the break with counter-attacking football; if they dont have the quality to do that, then pick us off with corners and set pieces – Boom. We’ve got no balls about us anymore, when Norwich scored the lads just shit themselves, and… Read more »


And the last three fixtures were in the dreaded month of Novembarggghhh!

Loo Roll Messi

You do realise that you can only register a squad of 25? Any you do realise that World Class players generally don’t like to sit on the bench and wait for their opportunity due to injury…? Kevin De Bryne @ Chelsea for example…. we have injuries in the double digits – I am 100% convinced that this is not a chosen direction the club has taken. We drew away to Norwich – it is not the end of the world. We are not out of the title race by anymeans. No team is looking at this title and making it… Read more »


Seemed like the Norwich players really loved the kit, as they were trying to pull it off our players all game. Obvious ones throughout, especially on Giroud, Gabriel, and that Campbell chance from Ox around the 86th. Refs continue to do nothing, so it will continue.


Glad I’m not the only one noticing that, the same at West Brom, serial fouling, wrestling and kicking and the ref does nothing. I’m sure that being shoved into the TV pit didn’t do Alexis much good, if any of our players retaliate the cards are out in a flash. A difficult match in a howling, swirling gale against a dirty team and an inept ref. The injuries keep mounting, and with the opposition hacking at our Gunners like that it’s not surprising.



Thierry Bergkamp

2 points out of 9 against Tottenham, West Brom and Norwich is embarrasing and not title winning form.
No heart, no fight, no leaders and no chance of a title shot


Did we fly to Norwich or did we walk?


Good one !


We walked to Norwich. The day before the game the players were also made to run a 42 km marathon. 2 days ago they were all stretched on the rack. Only this can explain our injury record.


The walk and the marathon aren’t the problem. The thing Wenger missed was to practice how to survive being pushed in the back by cunts or having the shirt tugged constantly. he didn’t prepare the players how to play cunts basically.


Well done guys!

We were up against it once we conceded, but we managed to hang in there and played them like equals.

Totally deserved the point.


we are unable to win the league, i’m afraid


Thanks for that input. You are wrong.


We are able to win the league but it’s clearly looking less likely than yesterday.


We are 2 points off the top. In 1998 we were 12 behind and won the double. Have some faith.

Thierry Bergkamp

In 98 we had a very good team that weren’t soft as baby shit


The title push is over.Believe it or not.


Yeah, you were probably convinced of that after three games this season as well. And 100% sure City would take it. Yet we’re still 2 points off the top..

Stringer Bell

What a shame. 2 more dropped points. At least we have 200 million in the bank and the stewards have been paid.

Steward at The Emirates

Hey, leave us out of this!


There are never any ‘easy’ games for Arsenal, are there?


No, mostly because other teams know they can wrestle and kick and foul and they will get away with it 90% of the time, and if our Gunners retaliate they will be carded straight away. West Brom and Norwich aren’t easy games, Bacary Sagna had his leg broken by Norwich and Alexis was pushed in the back the same way as Debuchy was . The weather was absolutely vile with howling swirling winds and pouring rain and ghastly shirts and altogether another horrid game in difficult circumstances. Most other teams also drew so not a disaster, but frustrating that we… Read more »


On the plus side, no more November games now until next season.

Wenger is a knob for not resting Sanchez. Just as the Ox comes back he’s out for three weeks !!!


Wenger had to roll the dice over Sanchez unfortunately…


Man, if only we had some money to buy cover for Sanchez and like.


He had Jeff, Campbell and Ox on the bench with Iwobi not in the squad….He could have rested Sanchez VERY easily.


hahaha yeah, coz those players are just as effective as Sanchez, and people would have been completely fine about it if we’d lost having fielded them!!



Hindsight is a motherfucker…If you cant rest players against Norwich your shit…If you cant rest ONE player against norwich….

Personally i think the fans would have forgiven Wenger for resting and just scapegoated whoever played n his place or whoever performed the worst as is usually the norm,

David C

3 weeks if we’re lucky…afraid to say.

Not sure the Ox could have gone 90 either, but I agree with you that Sanchez needed a break.

King Kolo

What would have been wrong with playing Gibbs, Campbell, Iwobi, Reine-Adelaide… use the squad! To make sure Sanchez is fit and firing for City and Saints in 3 days. I definitely think Wenger is not showing enough faith in his squad. Why not play Reine-adelaide today. Or Campbell. West Ham beat us with a 16 year old in midfield… doesn’t mean he’s a world beater yet but kids can deliver and it makes them hungry for more…

David C

The Jeff might be a bit young, but I agree with you otherwise. Sanchez has been so-so this season compared to last because he’s been run into the ground. Wenger blames Chile for this but never rests him…quite strange.

Loo Roll Messi

the reaction if he did rest Sanchez and got a similar result….

Hindsight is a wonderful thing…


Yes, did you assess him before the game? I’d be very curious to know what the status was? Or did you read about a ‘niggle’ in the papers like everyone else?

Aussie gooner

Call it an over reaction if you will.

But 1 point from west brom and Norwich.

Coquelin out for 3 months. Sanchez out for God knows how long.

Looks like it’s gonna be the yearly top 4 trophy for us

Titty Twistah

Same old shit year after year. Giroud just standing around up there. Our best player injured despite hammie warning fuck it play him anyway. Norwich has a fucking builder in goal. We don’t park busses at 1-0 up. Their defence is better than ours. They have like one attack and find a way through. Tired of this.

Crash Fistfight

Think that pretty much sums it up – no more comments needed.


Giroud only performs when there’s Walcott.


I noticed that…Fear of the bench makes players do crazy things…Like play well


Giroud needs competition if he is to perform, bench him and play a front three of Ox-Joel-Ramsey. Walcott is soon to be back and hopefully Alexis won’t be out for long. At least we will get more chances in front of goal.


Are people serious when they suggest this nonsense???

Campbell upfront on his own would offer less than Giroud. That is blindingly obvious to everyone.


So back to our usual self. Nothing seems to change under Wenger.


Apart from a couple of FA cups and an improving squad year on year for 3 years.. Oh, did you mean tactically? What was it that you thought was a mistake? And please try and not judge the decision on the outcome.


Of course – we should only rely on non-crucial statistics like possession and total passes because that counts for more than the outcome.


I’m not sure I understand your point here, are you replying to my post?

raron aamsey

Really fed up with Giroud to be honest. He should not be starting for a team that wants to win the title. He was worse than useless today, he actually helped Norwich break up our attacks. He’s been doing that a lot recently.


I’m not normally given to posting immediately after games, but that was utter shit. 2 back from injury. 2 to replace them. Apparently the players flew up to Norwich. From that performance it looked more like they walked the whole fucking way . In deep sea diving outfits. Utter shit.
And I know, I said that already.

Tony Hall

Before the match Wenger said Alexis had a hamstring problem and it was a gamble playing him …

well done, keep playing our players till they break


A long season for us not knowing where it might end…but the fucking injuries are getting on my tits!


Seriously – you don’t know how this will end? I would suggest a classic movie starring Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell. It may provide some insight.


Yeah seriously I don’t, and neither do you…so there! 🙂

Dropped 7 points in the last three games. Diference between 1st and 4th? Likely to be around that.
Anyway, Ramsey shit, Giroud shit, Bellerin shit, Gabriel rookie, Mertesacker-no value, Ozil-good in the first half but faded with Sanchez gone.


Typical arsenal. Typical arsene tactics. Gabriel was so stupid…that kind of defending, getting on the wrong side in a penalty area…seriously!. Wenger will take us to top four each year without a doubt. Although, if he can say that this team dont need more additions, then hes a fool we need to get rid of


Ramsey was just as stupid in his defending allowing the Norwich player to give that pass. Terrible defending. Offered the wrong side, and sold himself badly.


What was wrong with the tactics?


December is gonna be tough.


This Paul is not me


Nor is he I. I don’t know what the hell is going on.


Can’t you change your user name latecomer Paul???

Le Jim

How can we be so sure that this is not just one, schizophrenic Paul?


Roses are red violets are blue, I’m a schizophrenic, and so am I.
I am original Paul honest…

Arsene's zip

The evil one has a pointy beard.


Another Bottle Job…At least they’re are consistent. Bunch of fucking pussies


are you an Arsenal fan calling our team that???


So at the last count fourteen people think our wonderful chaps are a “bunch of pussies”? That is sad!


Loser mentality


They were today…I call it how i see it…How else would you describe failing to beat Norwich and West brom..Its certainly not a lack of talent or ability…


It’s pretty obvious that this kit is to blame, each time it’s been worn we’ve been abyismal. Fuck November, what a crap month.


I think it’s pretty obvious that this kit has nothing to do with our players’ inability to score more goals than the other team and win a game of football. Neither does November.


You’d think as soon as Sanchez went off somebody somewhere with something to prove would pop up and take the mantle.

Noticed Giroud is not playing to his strengths anymore (winning aerial balls, diverting them etc) because he has no competition in the form of Theo. Everything sucked today.


Judge us in May

Toure motors

When we inevitably finish third/fourth as a result of our form picking up just when we aren’t in a position to challenge for the title anymore


Title challenge… Over.


f*ck me



Sorry but you have to laugh at how much we tempted faith over Alexis, and now faiths given us a roundhouse kick to the face.


Loosing and drawing our winnable matches isn’t going to win us the title. And why do we always invite pressure after going a goal up? Flamini isn’t really up to speed. Norwich practically strolled through the midfield.This is heartbreaking. Being an Arsenal fan is mentally draining.


The predictability of it all…Arsenal can bring tears to the eyes out of pure frustration.

Wenger is told Alexis is in the red…Has a slight hamstring strain…Decides to play him anyway and he gets injured…Need i say more..


We’re not good enough to win the league. Simple as that. We will never win the league with Giroud upfront…he’s just not good enough. Thumb me down all you want, but he has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in 3 years to prove he’s good enough to win the league with him. All he did today was moan like a diva when things didn’t go his way. If we can’t beat this Norwich team without Alexis and Koscienly, then we might as well settle for 4th place. 2 so called “easy matches” played and we’ve come out with 1 point. No excuses,… Read more »



I’m quite hungover.

Toast with Butter and Jam

Injuries starting to ruin our season in December

Who would have thought. . .


Pass pass pass cross ball miss repeat.
Total lack of imagination. World class midfield with a second class strike force. We are wasting the talents of Ozil and cazorla etc by the time we eventually buy the world class forward thier talent deserves they will have had enough and fucked off.
the What a complete waste of the best chance to win the title in 10 years.


How many decent crosses did we out in? It’s hardly Girouds fault if he’s given nothing to feed off.


I didn’t say the crosses were any good. But we done the same thing all game. Pass pass cross hit first defender or just aim into the middle at any random plater.
Giroud is just not good enough for a team the professes to be title contenders. Never has been, never will be. A decent player yes even a very good player on his day. World class never in a million years I’m afraid. Not his fault. It’s wengers for insisting he’s the answer when he’s not.


Ozils looked real pissed at the end…The kind of anger that if you keep getting to that point you will eventually leave….
As much as i hate the cunt brigade of Fabregas, Nasri and Van prick, i can understand why they left and thats what hurts even more.


It’s ridiculous year after year same old story I am normally against New expensive signings but it’s now getting too much this bunch players need some fire up their back sides look at giroud when he was competing with Walcott for a place but now that Walcott is injured back to the same old Sh##


So if Koscienly stays on longer. We are winning 1-0?


Sanchez injured.Good thing we have Bank Balance to come from the bench.How can a manager with so much top flight experience be so inept at squad and injury management?The worse thing is he has absolute power and won’t listen to anyone.


Only saw the last ten. Is Sanchez definitely out for a few weeks? What about Kos?


I’m no medical expert and a bit sour right now, but with how quickly he pulled up we’ll be lucky if it’s only three.


Cheers man. The only bright spin I can put on it is that we’ve got Sunderland and Villa up next in the league so hopefully he’ll be back in time for City and the Christmas schedule. And hopefully we can squeeze through in the CL without him.

Crash Fistfight

Nice easy games there, like West Brom and Norwich…


Ah yeah I know that. Still, it’s City and Southampton away after those two games. We’d be a level of fucked more if we had those two up next.


The table doesn’t lie!

If we fight and manage to get at least 90-95% out of oursefls – We are among the top 2
But with our usual soft mentality and bunch of injuries – We are the sweetie “top four candidate”

Glaswegian Gooner

I’m livid after that. That’s why we’re not going to win the league. How many opportunities to go top of the league or joint-top are we planning on passing up? That is the third opportunity in a row in the league that others have dropped points and still we fail spectacularly to exert any pressure whatsoever. Once again, a hideous lack of preparation on the part of our manager is costing us massively. There is no more room for excuses regarding our injury record. 10 years worth of material tells you all you need to know about our methods and… Read more »

Bloody Gooner

Agreed. I’m more pissed off with this result than I am with the one in Munich. It doesn’t help that Wenger has made flippant comments about defense being “easy”. There seemed little collective understanding on how to operate when opposition like Norwich are in your own half. Far too often they’re able to cross or pass into dangerous areas or shoot without pressure for me to think this is simply down to lazy defending. These “automatisms” need to be just as relevant in defense as they are in attack, not that we had much of one today. As always it… Read more »


This is no rant fellow gooner..This is truth


I fully agree with your frustration on our lack of winning mentality when we have the chance to pull away. But you aren’t really making sense regarding injury record. We did change the whole make up of hte medical staff quite recently, that obviously didn’t help as it turns out, but unwillingness to change doesn’t seem to be the problem. Perhaps it’s an inability to find what it is that makes us so injury prone. Regarding the buying strategy, we have one of the best squads in the league when it comes to attacking mids, there is a limit to… Read more »


Vintage Arsenal. Injuries. Cock-ups. Misfortunes. Missed fortunes. While chelsea have drawn with Sp*rs, united with high flying Leicester, we have drawn with Norwich, a relegation bound struggler. Now that’s a missed fortune. Just like last week.


Alexis surely should have been rested since there was a hamstring worry mid-week? Anyways, I really feel that we are too restricted in attack with Giroud. He’s a good player with brilliant heading and holding play, but the thing is, in the modern game especially with the way we play, that doesn’t come to much use. It felt like he was invisible contributing close to nothing. With Alexis out now, I think we should try out a front three of Ox-Joel-Aaron. Walcott will be back soon. When you look at the top teams, they all have strikers that can do… Read more »


You know it… I know it… Only one guy doesn’t seem to know it!


Simply stupid to play Alexis today, and he himself must accept a good dose of the responsibility and realize that he is at least a wee bit mortal. Missing him in a match like this would have been far far better than what we’re facing now.

Wenger will receive plenty of blame and rightly so. The trainers might also, but we all know neither Alexis nor Wenger listened properly to them on this one.


Looking at the table we are still right in it. Put this behind us and let’s respond with a couple of wins. Everyone else at the top is just as inconsistent as we are. Stay within at least five points until we get healthy and then we can push on.

Longer term, we can’t expect to rely on aging/injury prone midfielders like Flamini and Arteta and Rosicky. Replace those guys with some younger blood and we’ll be good

Jack Wheelchair

Another year goes by…..same old shit. Just so predictable, so poor….what’s the point? You can’t even sit with your mates anymore…..its not even fun. Fuck off.


“You can’t even sit with your mates anymore…”.
Fucking hell, that ended years ago. If you’ve got a problem with the performance fine but at least keep your criticisms relevant.


Maybe the disabled access has changed?


I thought Giroud wasn’t bothered today shame…

steveafc forever

well that was another load of shit totally clueless and inept.What’s the excuse this time Wenger jetlag!!!Win the league don’t make me laugh not with these bunch of bottlers and a manager past his sellbuy date


Another poor performance away to a lesser team, not at all surprising and adds gravitas to any suggestions by pundits who say we haven’t got the mental strength to win the league.


On paper we have the best team, jointly with man city, in the league and yet we drop points against spuds/wba/carrot crunchers – not the form of a title winning team and that is precisely why we WON’T win the league I am sad to say!!! Wenger and his bull about mental strength – please, us arseblog followers could cobble a team together that could probably wangle a point from the last three league games!!! Sick of it and to make matters worse a pants manure side will probably win the league and/or get higher in the league!!! Shocking!!! DISGRACEFUL!!!

Mesut's magic

As much as I love Santi Cazorla, he’s been pretty bad this month (that one awesome dribble in the first half notwithstanding). Penalty miss, very little creativity, and he just cannot get a shot on target. For a man of his technical ability, it is ridiculous how many of his shots sail harmlessly over the bar.
Also Giroud is so static in the box it’s a fucking joke.


Utter horse shit

The defending throughout again was poor

our attacking is so slow and stagnant

When the league is as it is this year we won’t have a better chance. And we seem determined to throw it away.


Ok, looks like the same old Arsenal, but i just want to say, the only thing that is really getting on my tits, is the fans blaming a fucking kit! Wise up, kit has fuck all to do with it. Its players that lack the ambition to fight for the PL trophie, its players that rarely know how to defend, its a manager that at times looks like he does not know what he is doing or what needs to be done. And is stubborn. Its problems with our medical staff, problems with our style of play in certain games.… Read more »

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