Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Alexis ruled out of Sunderland FA Cup game

Arsene Wenger has revealed that Alexis Sanchez will not feature against Sunderland after suffering a setback in his recovery from a hamstring injury.

The Chilean international hasn’t played for the Gunners since limping off against Norwich at the end of November and had been penciled in for an FA Cup return this Saturday.

“The bad news of the week is that Alexis is not quite ready,” the boss told on Thursday.

“It is a precaution because of his hamstring, and it takes a few more days. He’s not bad but he’s not ready.”

It remains to be seen whether this latest news rules him out of Wednesday’s game with Liverpool at Anfield.

With the squad stretched thin by injuries – and with Mesut Ozil being given a rest – the boss admitted he’ll have little choice but to field a similar squad to that which overcame Newcastle last weekend.

“The team news is that, from last week, we have no big injuries, and the squad will be similar to the squad who played the last game against Newcastle. Will a young player or two start? I haven’t decided yet.”

“The thinking is to give absolutely everything to qualify. We are the holders of the cup and I know as well by experience that it is very important that you get in the competition and that you have a successful third round. It’s a tricky one, always, the third round.”

The boss also gave updates on Santi Cazorla, Francis Coquelin, Tomas Rosicky and Mikel Arteta.

“Nothing’s changed [from the original timescale] with Santi. It could be a bit shorter with him because he’s often quicker [to recover] than you expect him to be. Cazorla and Coquelin are doing well.

“Tomas Rosicky is not far, he’s back in full training next week, so should be available soon. Mikel [Arteta] is available.”

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the only sam is nelson

oh bugger


He doesn’t actually say the word “setback” in these quotes. I’d typically be worried, but with a monster January ahead I’d like to think Wenger is just being cautious and making sure Alexis is fit for the big games coming up.

David C

he did say middle of January last time so we’re not quite there yet.


i just want to believe we are saving him for the liverpool game……


Alexis against the current Liverpool defence, which is likely to contain more forwards than defenders, is too good to miss out on

Aussie gooner

Hopefully this is actually just a precaution and alexis will be back soon. Most people may not agree but also good to have arteta back available.


I agree. The flying kicks Flamini has been dishing around for fun have to be rested for John Terrys chin next week.


Funny comment. The tune “Everybody(Flamini) was kung fu fighting” immediately popped into my head . I laughed so hard at my desk I almost wet myself.


‘Gets yellow cards as fast as lighting’


Positional sense is frightening


‘Volleys a ball with expert timing’

Naija Gunner

@ferngunner you are so spot on my friend


Not really a setback though, is it? It was always said that the Sunderland game might be a bit too soon and that he would be evaluated during the week.


Really hope Elneny deal clears in time for Saturday. Think Arteta can still do a job for us if he has someone fairly mobile and energetic beside him. Which, given I’ve never seen him play, I’ve no idea if Elneny is, but all the articles about him suggest he is.. Sure Alexis will be back for Liverpool. And even if not, our injury list pales in comparison to theirs at the moment, so fairly confident either way.


Fuckin’ love Mickey Arteta

The Car2n Goon

“Think Arteta can still do a job for us if he has someone fairly mobile and energetic beside him”

His name is Aaron Rambo and he’s been doing a job since circa 2013. 😉


What deal? We might get him on Jan 31st at 11:59 and who doesn’t have a setback at AFC?


With Özil having a rest, I wonder who will play in the CAM role? Will Aaron do it, cause at the moment I don’t see anyone else.
My lineup would be sg like this: Cech, Gibbs-Gabriel-Per-Debuchy, Flam, Chambers, Aaron, Ox, Campbell, Theo
But Boss says it would be similar to the one against Newcastle, so I’m just playing FM here.


I guess Chamberlain will play in the midlle as we had to young wingers on the bench the last two games who will be given chance on saturday.


Honestly, I think the same team as the one against Newcastle would play. The boss has a habit of not rotating when everyone think s we’re going to rotate.


I can imagine how relieved the old walrus will be at this news. Still we should have more than enough for sunderland at home


The walrus could probably not give a flying fuck about this game. I’ll be surprised if you don’t see their tea lady out there at right back.


Was hurried back or he hurried himself back.(city) He is Alexis Sanchez afterall…. Heres to hoping “afew more days” is exactly that …..afew more days

the stoat

Think we’ve been down this road before with injuries


Don’t think he would have started anyroad. For the Liverpool game, I’m guessing he’ll be on the bench which is fine with me.

Stewart Robson's therapist

Turning up the mind games on Liverpool, perhaps? Giving them false hope that he might not be fit to face them, and then crush their spirit at the last moment?

Goone's Farm

I’m sure, if given the option, Wenger would opt for giving him some minutes under his belt before the Liverpool game. Sadly it seems our Energizer Bunny is still recharging!


does this mean that he will be ready for the liverpool clash?


We’ve heard this before. Next thing we know he’ll be having a minor operation.


The famous “out for 3 weeks” bullcrap strikes again…

Ramsey's spirit

this doesn’t sound like the dreaded setback, more of a just taking slightly longer to recover, im not worried, though 20 mins at sunderland would of been nice

sanogo's missed kick

Totally agree, I was fearing that his natural exuberance caused him to overextend or something, it just seems like we’re doing our due diligence and not rushing him back. That being said, I do miss our Chilean!


I’ve read on several pages/forums that Coquelin is already running, can anyone confirm if it’s true? Because it does seem a bit quick for me if it is.

Why do you ask my name? It is beyond understanding

Sanchez pulled his hamstring (typically a three week injury) on 29 November. 10 January is six weeks. Expect him back end of January – earliest.

There is rarely anything ‘typical’ about hamstring pull recovery.
Could be 2 weeks or 3 months depending on the level and even when supposedly recovered, can be aggravated within minutes of a competitive game.


Jaysus Arseblog, will you stop posting that particular picture of Alexis.
It gives me the heebeejeebies as to how he could have been completely polaxed by a stupidly dangerously fuckin positioned camera pit.


Earlier in the season we were talking about ‘ahead of the schedule’ for all the injured players. That has now been replaced by ‘setback’. Buy we are good folks. Very good indeed compared to what’s happening to livpewl

Andy Mack

They moved his ‘schedule’ forward, they’re just moving it back closer to where it started.


I’m not sure why anyone would have expected him back against Sunderland. He is available if need be but that would be pushing it and its better for him to rest up and come back in against Stoke. We have enough options. Plus not mentioned – Arteta is back in contention and available. ARTETA. Won’t be surprise that he may feature at some point. That also helps our beleagured midfield. As mention we are not Elneny dependent this game or indeed the next 2-3 games. the Egyptian will need time to assimilate the team and his new surroundings. He is… Read more »


You want to look at injury curse look at Liverpool and the Jurgen Klopp revolution… he has brought injury galore with the old Gherkin pressing the soft German.

they have to also play the second leg of the mickey mouse League cup in addition (with a slender lead against Stoke to take home to Anfield albeit with several key players now out)

Quite why we still play the league cup is anyone’s guess. why it offers two legs for the semi is even more bizarre but it may work to our favour when we head over to them shortly.



With regard Tim Stillman’s column today I’m afraid I have to respectfully disagree (again) The league cup if anything is the mickey mouse cup which should be axed from the calender. It offers no prestidge value whatsoever. The FA is still a magical cup where the minnows have an opportunity to mix it with the big guns. plus the finals is the very last game of the season which puts the punctuation mark to the entire season regardless of league winner. We have opportunity to win this one a third time in succession which would be another record. plus its… Read more »

sixteen swans over ainola

I was a bit worried Arsene wasn’t taking it as seriously this year, but not now. One game at a time.

We can’t win the double without winning the FA Cup.

Cliff Bastin


And before you ask, the plan is to wind up Suarez so much that he bites off Neymar’s leg clean off.


Santori I agree with you disagreeing with Tim and his view of the FA cup – who didn’t enjoy Bradford dumping chavski out of the cup last season lol now that is one upset I could put on repeat play!!!


Little mozart! Can’t wait to have him back


Any sign of Aubameyang yet??!!!!

Naija Gunner



He will be back fresher and hugrier than ever after his enforced winter break

The dan

Does anyone know which legit uk tv channel will have the most coverage for replays of this later?

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