Monday, July 4, 2022

Wenger explains Klopp clip round the earhole

Arsene Wenger admitted he felt compelled to tell Jurgen Klopp to calm down during last night’s 3-3 draw at Anfield to prevent the Liverpool coach being punished by the referee for his madcap enthusiasm on the touchline.

The Frenchman was seen in animated conversation with his German peer during the second half although both men stressed after the game that it was all good natured. Klopp, clearly frustrated by a failure of the assistant referee to award a throw on, vented his anger at the fourth official.

“I told him just calm down,” Wenger said afterwards. “At Liverpool it is very tight, you are very close to each other. He had a little problem with the fourth official, he can explain better than I. It was all right. There was no bad feeling.”

“At Liverpool it is very tight, you are very close to each other. He had a little problem with the fourth official, he can explain better than I. It was all right. There was no bad feeling.”

In turn, Klopp gave his account: “I told Arsène why I was a little bit emotional. It was a clear throw-in for us in a good moment, a good phase. I said what I said, he [the fourth official] said what he said. Obviously it was too much and he told the referee. But I had nothing with Arsène Wenger, no problems.”

Elsewhere, Aaron Ramsey says he’s feeling full of confidence in front of goal after netting his fourth strike in nine games.

The Welshman applied a neat low finish at Simon Mignolet’s near post to cancel Roberto Firmino’s opener after ghosting on to a fine Joel Campbell through ball.

“I am feeling confident,” he told Arsenal Player. “It was a good ball from Joel [Campbell] again, so I was delighted with that goal.

“I know my team-mates have the ability to pick my runs out and give that final ball for me [So I] can get on to it.

“We are gutted to concede in the last minute but these things happen,” he continued.

“We did well to get back to level terms and then take the lead but it is just disappointing to concede right at the end. It is not an easy place to come but we will take the positives from it and move on.

“We have a tough game coming up against Stoke – we haven’t found it easy the last few times we have been there but we will be looking to get back to winning ways and get back on another run.”

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Just love the mutual respect between the two coaches. Klopp seems like a reasonable manager with a crazy streak. Unlike He-Who-Has-Nothing-To-Say, who’s just plain obnoxious.


I really really like Klopp because he is so different from every other manager in a good way. Just like you said, he’s not like Moaninho, and he’s simply very entertaining. His energy both on the touchline as well as the pitch (Well, not HIS energy, but his team’s energy) is refreshing to see, and to see that he respects Wenger so much is good.


Any thought that he might have been encouraged to come and manage a premier league club before taking on the Arsenal job?


My only thought is that I’d love to see him at Arsenal when or if Wenger decides to leave.


If you had told me that Joel Campbell, at this stage, would be outplaying Theo, I’d have assumed it was trickery and that Theo had once again dislocated a shoulder or knee-thing.


Ramsey seems to be talking like he’s a striker, he wants to score in every match. It can be a good thing in that there’s more chances of us scoring, but on the other hand he leaves us exposed defensively time and time again because he’s in the opposition’s box. I just don’t think Ramsey as one of the two in a 4-2-3-1 formation works, he’s just not disciplined enough. He’d be more suited to a 4-3-3 I feel, but that would mean no Ozil in the hole. We’re missing Cazorla far more than Coquelin in my opinion. Flamini would… Read more »


Yeah, or Özil on the bench and the Welsh Jesus allowed to go where he wants, when he wants, how he wants and f*** the result!


I think that’s exactly what Flamini was saying after the goal. He grabbed Ramsey round the shoulder and they had a talk right after the goal. Looked like Flamini was telling him to stop leaving his post. BUT if he’s gonna keep scoring, how do you tell him no??


Well clearly that just makes Flamini a Ramsey hater.

Dan Hunter

You see the dilemma Wenger has now about putting Ramsey in the middle or on the right? A possible solution is Flamini alongside Joel Campbell in the centre as Campbell is a lot more disciplined defensively and very good at threading through passes, something I have found to be a pleasant surprise. Ramsey can play RM and cut inside, Bellerin has the legs to cover, Özil can stay in the centre and Walcott switching with Giroud at LM CF… possibly. The other possibility is play Gabriel in DM


Or, what about Ramsey on the bench?


Ramsey was asked about his goal. So he replied. Can’t infer from that that he is not “disciplined enough”. Ramsey is not a DM but links play going forward. Hopefully Elneny can be the DM replacement that we all really want.

Titty boo

I absolooly love Joel Campbell

David C

We had a perfect plan last night except for some very foolish defending. When a team wants to press like crazy then you let them. Pass the ball around them or go over the top with it to break out. Liverpool could only maintain that pressure for about 25 mins then they started to slow down and we started to take over. It felt like we earned our goals and sort of gave them theirs (except for that cracking Frimino strike). Giroud had a great game, but was that the miss of the season yesterday or was the pass a… Read more »

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

We should defend in midlfield. All attackers stay in midfield to make it six Arsenal DM in midfield. The back four behind on alert. All Arsenal players try to keep the ball in midfield.

Andy Mack

So you don’t think an ‘outlet’ is necessary…


He couldn’t see the pass because Ramsey was getting in everyones way as usual trying to be a gloryboy. He said he missed it because it came quick and he couldn’t adjust because he couldn’t see it. If Ramsey tried being a midfielder and look where his teammates are he would realise that our striker had things under control, but gloryboy is too busy looking out for himself . That interview really annoyed me, he’s not a bloody striker and he’s now gone from frustrating to being the only Arsenal player that I really don’t like. You could see Flamini… Read more »

True Red

There was mutual respect but not any great friendship between Arsene and Ferguson, Arsene and Klopp clearly respect each other a great deal despite their different footballing philosophies. Even the Goblin King has said how much he admires the way we play under Arsene

It’s just that snivelling little cunt that Arsene doesn’t get on with. Mainly because Maureen is a self-aggrandising, self obsessed asshole who doesn’t respect anyone but his own reflection.

Mustrum Ridcully

So Red, you are a fan of Maureen’s!


Love that description of Maureen as a ‘snivelling little cunt’. For me it says it all… Thank you Red!


Damn, that is poetry, my friend. Poetry.


It’s hard not to like Klopp as an opposing manager, very intense of course, but seemingly good natured.

I wish Ramsey had more “confidence” in his defensive responsibilities.


Or alternatively that Ramsey actually applied himself to the less glorious defensive duties…. Who the f***k does he think he is? Get back in your box Ramsey, OR get your arse on the bench.


Who else thinks Campbell should be ahead of Theo in the number 7 position with the imminent return Sanchez. Joel offers us more there, especially defensively. Yes, Theo may be better offensively (and that’s even debatable), but what Joel offers defensively is massive. Lad works his socks off and can see a pass too. I think once he-that-loves-to-play-game-of-soccer is back, then Walcott should primarily compete with the HFB for number 9. Walcott of course gets the nod against barca in that position. We need his pace to keep them and their defenders from camping in our half. With the city… Read more »


Your spot on and Ive been saying it last 3-4 games! I also say sell ox and maybe theo this summer if replaced with quality! Both players just aren’t technically sound enough for us.


And Wenger Chuckled….

Andy Mack

It looks to me as though Theo is only playing wide while we need him there. As soon as Alexis returns then Theo will want to play CF again.
His first few games back after injury may see him as a winger but that’s really only to regain some match fitness.


No idea whether Wenger just ignored Ramsey leaving us exposed or he didn’t see it? We had become more solid for tough away games, so I have no idea why Ramsey wasn’t told to sit back and defend especially when we got the lead.


““I know my team-mates have the ability to pick my runs out and give that final ball for me [So I] can get on to it.”

MY God! Me, me, me, ball to me, runs of me, players for me, me me me…


Yup, really starts to dislike the Welsh Jesus, I mean his personality, as a footballer he is v. good. Also don’t really se him at the same team as Ozil. Well, they play superb together, but Ramsey is attacking player first, as a lot has mantion earilier. The only place where I see him is right wing, or as a joker from the bench, but I don’t think that suits him in a long run. Overall we have to many attacking central midfilders, there is Ozil, Cazorla, Ramsey who are in my opinion the best suited for the number ten… Read more »


Comment:Everybody complaining about ramsey here .. neither of the three goals conceded were his fault .. liverpool pressed very high with three or more players at a time .. walcott was almost non existant and ozil didn’t offer himself enough & flamini being flamini.. even carzola struggled badly against bayern away and liverpool at emirates..


The domination of Liverpool (60%) is due to a weak defending midfield. The lack of attacking power (since sir Ramsey is willing to do Özil + Walcott’s jobs) is due to a weak/absent defending midfield.
The defending midfield is the heart of a team. The heart wasn’t beating for the good of the team, then the team failed.

Titty Camara

2nd one definitely was. He left the midfield completely empty. Like I’ve said before Campbell and Theo had managed to get back where was Ramsey? Half way up the field.


You’re a lot closer to the truth than not, ak.

sixteen swans over ainola

The press is trying to create an antipathy story out of nothing.

Obviously, they’re missing Mourinho in the very same way that we’re not.

Titty Camara

Ramsey’s comments really piss me off. Not a team player at all.


You should watch Walcott when he literally begs for others to pass the ball to him in front of goal. Probably fairer to him, though, playing in a more forward role and all.


Off topic but offical, Arsenalannouce the signing of Elneny. From stats now ,it shows he is more of a player capable of good passes than Coq but his ability to read the opponents passes(disrupt the opponents pass) is not much there.


Off topic but interesting, now official, Arsenal sign Elneny. From goal stats now,it shows he is more of a player capable of good passes than Coq but his ability to read the opponents passes(disrupt the opponents pass) is not much there.


I think the MOTM should have gone to Campbell. Giroud got the two goals but cost us 2points when he missed that sitter. Campbell worked himself to the ground shuttling between attack and defence to cover for the wandering Welsh Jesus and notched a crucial assist. He played a role in the third goal too.


Klopp. All this ridiculous antics of him running around the side line. What’s there to like? His revolution hasn’t gone very far and Liverpool have dropped a point despite media making it out as if we were the bigger losers for the draw. and all the Gherkin pressing has tired his players out, they have to play a second leg of the league match plus a replay of the fa cup in addition to United next. Good luck. Nor has this ‘its not his team’ been an excuse. Sure but Leicester is a team constructed entirely out of 17m quid.… Read more »


While I agree with pretty much all of your points, I think you’re kind of off topic here. This isn’t an article or a thread about Klopp being a better manager than Wenger, it’s more about how Klopp’s a lot more likeable than most other managers. I have to say, I’m very happy he’s at Liverpool. It gives the media someone new to fawn over, it’s not going to help Liverpool win anything (because as you so eloquently point out, neither Klopp nor Liverpool are all that great), and it’s quite refreshing (to me at least) to see someone enjoy… Read more »


Leicester cost a lot more than £17m. Ulloa and Kramaric cost that much between them


Do we really think Ramsey runs around at will and Wenger has instructed him to use his incredible engine to overload the opposition. Arsenal play so that when one goes forward the other covers. We are not static, nor does Wenger allow players o make it up as they like. Rightly or wrongly Ramsey is instrructed to play that way. Otherwise he’s marches, Wenger is no sucker.

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