Man Utd 3-2 Arsenal – player ratings


A dismal, abject, depressing 3-2 defeat to Man Utd side filled with stars like Steve Fluffer, Bob Trent and Flat-top Magee.

With it, our title chances have almost certainly gone too, and you really can’t help but worry about how this is going to affect the team between now and the end of the season.

Here’s how the players rated today.

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Being too kind for the ratings. 2 max for Walcott.


I wouldn’t even give him a 1. I thought he was utterly spineless today. And he’s always the first to ‘talk’ a good game but that’s always a prelude to an anonymous performance.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

I have always defended Walcott but no more. One good performance every 10 games not acceptable at any level. Few years ago Wenger built Arsenal future around him, Ox and Wilshere. How far are we expectation now? Walcott had no win

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Walcott has no winning mentality whatsoever but he is not the only one like that in our squad. Anybody noted the lack of desire 3-2 down and 7 mn to go?


Yeah, the game looked dead in the final stages. Bringing so not ready Iwobi on didn’t help either.


I’ve noticed lack of desire when it was 0-0


I give him a -1 because I only noticed he was on the pitch in the 51st minute when he was promptly conceding possesion.

What an APATHETIC performance from him. Then applauding away fans?? take him away!!!

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Walcott deserved 10/10 poos let alone stars


While Wenger finds it hard to find a world class players to strengthen the squad, will it be hard for the clubs hierarchy to find a world-class manager? I mean, yes he WAS a world-class manager but it was10+ years ago. Why haven’t we moved on like any other big club to find coaches and players that can bring the true glory? Not yhe glory of being on the champs lge for 100 consecutive times only to get knock out right after group stage.


I have said this severally, Wenger is an exceptional Coach that even deserves a statue or a stand named after him but time has come for us to make a change. He has not been adding value to the team for the past 10 years apart from the 2 FA cups won recently. We have to ask ourselves, is that all we deserve. If the answer is no, something has to be done. He has failed to buy quality players and there is no belief or winning mentality in the crop of players we have. As long as Wenger remains… Read more »

Per Motorcycle

These spineless cowards should all be banned from saying anything about “bouncing back” or “learning from their mistakes” because we’ve all heard that song too many times, and we are tired of it. Talk is for wannabes. Champions just go out there and win it.

mach iii

How the F did we go from Thierry Henry 14 to Theo Walcott 14…?

It is a joke, a sick sick joke.

The joke is on Arsenal that Tottenham signed Bale the time we signed Walcott. Imagine if we signed Bale instead? It would have been Gareth Bale 14.

Walcott is not anywhere near world class – and we need world class players, not fastplayersthatdon’truntheirquickestandhavenootherattribute-childrenstory bookwriters.

Please leave Arsenal, you’ve nicked more than a living at Arsenal, congratulations on that… Please sod off!


Couldn’t agree more. He was a shambles and should be dropped. I honestly cannot believe that Campbell is not being given the chance he deserves. He after all has helped keep us in with a chance when the squad was thread bare. Too often Arsene is loyal to fault and likes to keep an order of first time choice. Theo had his chance on Sunday and went missing. His first touch was appalling and squandered possession without trying to get it back. Where has the Theo gone that was putting in the big tackles in the home match against Man… Read more »

Man Manny

Why are you so generous on Walcott? The guy was less than useless with Ramsey close behind. Hurrible, hurrible performance.
No way we are winning the league now, am afraid.


Coq’s looked flaccid since coming back from injury

raron aamsey

Think you’re too harsh on some of our players, not so much on others. I don’t think we could have done any worse today, for example, if Flamini had started ahead of Coquelin. And that’s saying something. Hopefully Elneny begins to start ahead of both of them soon enough. Walcott, though, was by far the worst. Losing the ball in a dangerous position by dribbling into the opposition is stupid, obviously, but what infuriated me the most was that he had absolutely no desire to make up for his error. He just stood there, watched them pass it easily around… Read more »


Hard to see how the team is gonna come back from this…maybe if we win against spurs we might still have a chance…

Not sure how that’s gonna happen with our poor form though…depressing times…


In recent years, City have won the title against United and Liverpool in the dying days of previous seasons. But they do something we don’t: play good football.

Ox Coq

Love Arsene Wenger but maybe change is needed for the sake of change. This is truly the season when we don’t have any excuses left and now the buck truly stops with the manager.


We lacked the urgency and drive in midfield. We missed Rosicky and Wilshere.

But, that is no excuse for players like Ramsey. Ramsey can fuck right off. He doesn’t show half the passion for Arsenal that he shows for welsh team. His attitude and on field antics is pissing me off.
A lot of first teamers need to be benched. I would infact start Iwobi or The jeff instead of Alexis.


Alexis has been a puzzle since coming back, but he’s of such major talent that I would hesitate to shitcan him yet.

Toure motors

Couldn’t agree more. His post match comments about the strength of United’s team were an insult to our fans. That’s the worst united team for at least twenty years and we never stretched them. The only constant over the last twelve years is AW, as much as I love him it’s time to try something else

Sam R Jones

What a mess today was. Not a title-winning mentality out there. Since Cazorla was injured, Ramsey has looked lost in that deep midfield position. Looks unsure of himself. Spins left and right 5 times before passing the ball backwards. What’s happened to the man we saw 2 seasons ago?


Ramsey looks awkward and lost at CM right now. He can’t dictate play, he doesn’t release the ball early enough, and he often slows down our game. Lack of movement around him and Walcott’s lack of involvement hardly help, but our problems lie largely at the center of the park. We should move Ozil our wide (right) and stick Elneny next to Coquelin to help us win the midfield battle again. Ramsey just ahead with the freedom to utilize his energy and offer goal threat. He can’t be the player we know he can be at CM. The other option… Read more »

Stuart Steele (@Stuart_ten)

Will be hard saying farewell to Ozil this summer 🙁

dr Strange

Özil will leave. No doubt whatsoever.


It is Özils’s interest to leave this mediocre team.

occam's hatchet

Gabriel + Koscielny is not a good pairing. Per should have started. Man oh man, I miss Santi. Just hope I won’t be missing Özil come the start of next season.


Reminds me of Kos and Vermaelan, they were both good players who didn’t play well together.


I am convinced Gabriel is a defender by chance. He is more concerned about getting into fights than he is defending.

Still can’t shake off the feeling he is better off as one of those South American drug Lord henchmen.

Arsenal hurts

Wenger all the way… He’s became so consistent at being average. Always giving fans hope for the next year hense draining them of their money. Pocketing that with the “we dont care bout soccer” American board. buying 2 good player in a decade we sold 200 of them. Saying we dont need more. (just look at one Özil 1 goal 1 assist 2 clear cut chance vs ManUtd) it’s staying average that has made us hopeful or killed or ambition to win sth. I hear fans saying its accaptable to lose to say Barca at home. Fuck it wasnt 10… Read more »



Coq au Vin

I can feel the volume raise as I read each line of your comment until the end when the roar is that of a jet engine. I understand.


Even if the team were to come back, enough of Walcott and Ramsey. One is just not good enough (TW), the other just too inconsistent (and not good enough times). That’s been clear for a few seasons now and still…..

Arteta's front incisor

Agree with the sentiment; but if we beat Spurs (I know, I know…) then we are back even with them and it’s as you were. I hardly believe myself but there is still reason to hope.

dr Strange

Forgot about the Foxes?

Arteta's front incisor

No, I said as you were, as in level with Spurs, 2 pts behind Leicester. 2 points is not an impossible gap. Like I said – it feels like we bottled it, but it’s not over and out done and dusted. Hardly an offensive comment to make.


Leicester are 5 points ahead not 2 points?


I think we, as fans, are just as guilty for bottling it as the players. Where is OUR fighting spirit? I know we’ve see this before, but we can get them going as much as anyone else. COYFG!


Fuck it, i’m saying it. Alexis should be dropped. Feels like it’s been months since he’s played well, and ever since he’s come back from injury he’s been really, really, really fucking annoying to see play. Tries to beat EVERYONE and feels like he loses the ball every time. Zero end product from crosses. Literally zero. Runs all the way across the box to shoot from an angle you know he won’t score from, whilst a defender is blocking him and he just hits him. Honestly, it’s doing my fucking head in. And even worse, everyone else today was following… Read more »


Although I agree that Alexis has been highly ineffective and soooo frustrating, I don’t think dropping him is the answer. Instead we need to find a way to get him the ball in the box, closer to goal where he can hurt teams! That’s why he was so effective last season but he now spends 99% of his time trying to be a playmaker and picking up the ball from the centre backs which most certainly is not his game! This is mainly due to the absence of Santi without whom we have no flipin’ midfield! We are awful in… Read more »

Tee Söng

Third goal on Coq? Sorry, he was rightfully tracking Mata’s midfield run and Herrera was the second runner from midfield who needed to be picked up by Ramsey, who was jogging back a la Denilson style completely unaware of the danger.


100% agree and I was going to make the same comment. Ramsey was in no man’s land when Rashford passed to Herrera. Harsh to blame the Coq on that play, in my opinion.


It´s hard to admit to mistakes. Like the mistake of constantly over hyping ramsey and turning the blind eye to his performances when rating and criticizing players. He is a good player but no jesus and certainly not the midfielder we need.


Anyone still defending Walcott..Look no further than this game..I generally like the lad, but the game has kicked on…Pace is a valuable asset and looks flashy and what not when its coming off…But when you rate players by pace you tend to forget their shortcomings..the very worst things about Walcott is he does not look like he has tried or wanted to improve his skillset..How can you be at ARSENAL for 10 years and have played and trained with great players yet you fail to improve any aspect of your game outside of what you already have. 4 touches (… Read more »


Arseblog’s favouritism of Ramsey is so blatant.


Bonus rating: 0/10 groundhog day.


The excuse that has been thrown around for the reason of not winning the league is an inability to compete with the better clubs because of financial constraints. We’re about to lose the league to f*ckin Leicester city… A team that will be able to accomplish what Arsene Wenger couldn’t in 10 years, 2 years after being promoted. It should be the final nail in his slowly closing coffin, but it won’t be…


Sp*rs next week should be fun


This really hurts. I can’t imagine being a ticket holder, I’m certain I’d be calling for Wenger’s head let alone his job. I want to believe that it’s within the current squad to play everyone off the park but until we can adequately cover our back four and service our front three we are pretty handicapped. Really need an overhaul in central midfield.

I’m going golfing to clear my head….


What the fuck is Ramsey doing to Wenger that he ii starting every game. I still can’t believe he was on for the whole 90 minutes and Wenger is then changing Coquelin. Why? He should have stayed on. He was important for interceptions and he showed that for the second goal. As Ramsey did nothing. But unfortunately he is Wengers favourite and he will start on Wednesday. I even won’t talk about Walcott. He should sit down and think about his abysmal performances. I think he had more than enough chances at Arsenal and he didn’t take it. For the… Read more »


Completely agree, Mertesacker gets unnecessary slack for being slow. He has played 104 times for Germany including 3 world cups. He makes Koch better and while not fast, doesn’t have to be because he is positionally sound. Does that never occur to anyone. Look at Huth and Morgan, they have been fantastic they are both slow. Gabriel is not positionally or situationally sound atm and Mertesacker gives us the best chance to win.


Iwobi on for Welbeck was a ridiculous sub. And it is very obvious that Wenger does not rate Campbell, which is imo a better player (playmaker, passer, scorer defender) then Ox and Walcott.

Is it also possible to get stats of all our attacking players showing goals vs minutes played instead of goals in games? Coming on when there are 10 minutes left and not scoring is different than playing 90 minutes and not scoring.


but we showed commitment and desire

hes got to go! all you wenger lovers welcome to having taken your blinkers off


I don’t see why Ramsey got a four today and not for damn near every game since Santi got injured … He’s been doing the exact same crap since returning to his favorite position … Holding the ball too long and losing possession in terrible positions (started right away in the 4th minute) … Wayward passing (see the pass to no one in the 33rd when the counter was on) … He’s not even putting any shots on the frame (I yelled at the chance he squandered in the 87th) … Walcott, Alexis, and Gabriel were crap too … Excruciating… Read more »

Tarquin Farquar

4 is generous for Ramsey. I can’t remember a game where we have controlled the middle of the park with Ramsey in there. He is not capable I’m afraid. I’m amazed at how so many seem blinded by his flaws. His inability to recycle the ball and his oh so slow thought process is awful. Need a clear out and Ramsey Walcott Ox can go along with Arsene. He has become very stale and fresh ideas are needed if we are to progress.


Have been saying it for months. Our form has gone to shit since Ramsey moved back to the middle but Blogs will have none of it, always going on about Ramsey showing effort that surpasses actual skills. Can’t wait for tommorrow’s blog.


I get pissed off when someone says we missed Santi. Cmon,this united team was there for the taking even without santi.and i think Walcott has something on wenger.a dark secret or something


Hahaha, a dark secret, that’s a new conspiracy theory…

CJ McCool

Arsenal are very good at fu**ing things up at very crucial moments. I believe we have a team that’s good enough to be at least 5 points ahead of every one this season, but every time we’ve had that opportunity to do so, we just fu**ed it up! Against Westbrom, Southampton and Spuds. We beat Leicester last week, a team that’s been tearing everyone to shreds and this week we lose to a team made up of academy prospects!

Dan D

The dust has now settled since my last comment on the match report thread but I agree with everything I said. Sadly, motivation, being full prepared for the start of the game, lack of urgency and mental stent is a common theme with Arsenal now and that’s where the manager comes in. Arsene has been absolutely wonderful for Arsenal Foitvall Club but this season he will have nowhere to hide. If we fail to win the league it’s time for a fresh start. Look at Dortmund this season post Klopp – tremendous team playing a different style of football but… Read more »

Gary Baldy

None. None of any status, that is.

Or was that a rhetorical question, in which case please pretend I haven’t replied to your comment !!!!

Dan D

Ha ha I suppose you can read it either way but happy to take opinions on it.


Can we have a rating of 1 for that wally-pally-splish-splash-lazy-footballer-with no football brain Theo fucking Walcott?

dr Strange

Ramsey and Coq was at fault for all their goals by not holding their positions so how they can get a 4 and a 5 is beyond me. Ramsey is always getting off lightly in these ratings and I don’t get why. He’s always out of position, can’t defend, always putting teammates under preassure with difficult passes, always running around getting in the way of others. He and Walcott are a blessing for the opposition. That said the biggest failure is Wenger. He has it all but the mistakes remains the same. Still the lack of leadership. Still the mental… Read more »

Lone Star Gunner

It’s bad enough to lose to a Manure team starting teenagers.

It’s worse to think we won’t win the league in a year that presented us a golden window that will likely close next season.

It’s utterly the black pit of despair when I realize that this year St. Totteringham’s Day may never come. What a bummer of a cherry on top that would be. Ugh.


I am so pissed off with this result. More so than the Chelsea loss , and even more than the ass-raping we got at Southampton. This team has so many issues its unreal. Arseblogs Ratings today were absolutely correct. Gabriel had a mare, If per had played that way , fans would be wahting him hung for it. Coquelin, where have you gone ? You’re not the player you were pre-injury. Alexis – constantly giving it away and running into players , even Joel Campbell deserves a place ahead of him at the moment. Theo – completely anonymous , granted… Read more »

Tarquin Farquar

You are wrong about Ramsey being inconsistent. He has been consistently poor all season


Really love Arsene and everything he’s done for us. But in the circumstances of this season and with the team we have, there’s no excuse for him not being able to beat Man United.

If we fail to win the league this season, then he has to go. 11 games is a long time and 5 points is nothing. But our form has been abysmal for a long time. Let’s see if he can get this team to turn it around. If he can’t, then he’s well and truly past it.


Wenger.. I your biggest fan but what the fuck?

Could he give up the coaching and stay as sports director? He’d be amazing at that.

He's got no hair but we don't care...

I just cannot deal with the anticipation of yet more garbage coming out of the manager’s mouth about naive defending or a lack of goals.

Why the f**k didn’t you buy striker and centre back when all us money paying loyal chumps were screaming at you to do so in the summer AND in January.

Leave now before you force our best players to leave for fear their hopes of winning more trophies will be dead if they stay at Arsenal.


I think you are too kind to all the players all this bunch should not get this week’s wages until they show more desire on the pitch they are being paid to play no one forced them onto the pitch

dr Strange

By the way. Kosh wasn’t unlucky. Him shying away from the ball is nothing new. That’s the way he blocks shots. So It’s an own goal.




Once again, they have let us down. No big personalities in the team or consistent performers. Getting tired of players like Walcott and Ramsey. Too much talk and no return. Walcott has bored us all to death about wanting to play upfront. He simply doesn’t have the qualities to make it as a striker and to make it worse, it was he who lost the ball for the first goal just like he did against Liverpool. Ramsey as well wasn’t really happy on the wing and all fans criticized Wenger for playing him out of position. He’s played in the… Read more »


Groundhog Season here we go again Agree with all the comments about Ramsey and Walcott but not those about Alexis, he has no space, angles and gaps to operate in because of Ramsey’s lack of tactical awareness and poor technique Ramsey destroys all our movement and space by blundering about all over the place and makes every midfield ‘partner’ he pairs up with look terrible. He also has developed the classic patented Arsene-coached ‘jog back whenever the opposition break’ Put him on the wing or drop him and make him sweat for his place Same with Walcott who needs a… Read more »

djorou's nutmeg

i just want to point out that walcott made 6/9 passes in 63 minutes

Glen Helders left foot

Absolutely pathetic performance for players and manager. Wenger since 2004 has put together a series of spineless weak teams yet we were always told we were only one or two players away from being brilliant yet in the last three years we’ve added 3 world class players,ozil,Sanchez,cech but we are actually worse I don’t actually know how he’s done it. I mean fucking Leicester and spurs gonna win the league and we’ll be scrapping for 4th again. Wenger has ruined my love for football


enough is enough. it’s the 1st time i am saying this- wenger has to go. but the board don’t have the balls to sack him.. this time it’s too much.we are losing the league when manu, chelsea, liverpool nowhere to be seen. even city are having a rough time.. how can you explain this.? we are out to prove that ” yes, we are the biggest bottlers in the history.”


How Welcott was allowed to wrangled over contract so much is beyond me…

just sell him…he is not young any more 27+…blocking so much money…and the guy can’t simply sense the team spirit…too selfish for the team mould and he is not willing to contribute defensively. ..

…I say sell him and free his fund to bring a better striker. …really so annoyed with him

Wenger in and out

lol I said before the Barca game that it will cost us the league and I was thumbed down.
The Barca game was overhyped and we gave it everything.
Someone remind me anytime we played a huge game midweek and still won a big one over the weekend?
Mancity and Southampton.
The boys were always gonna be knackered for today’s game after giving their all on Tuesday.
I can’t say I am surprised


Expect us to play a full force team at Camp Nou and get some injuries. Wenger and his pride…


I can’t be the only one who gets a little tear in their eye when I see Klopp at Liverpool.

Ex-Priest Tobin

OK, I’m going to ahead and say it. Van Persie got it right when he left. At least he was able to win a title under Ferguson, something he would never have been able to accomplish under Wenger.


I don’t expect us to win the title… but I do genuinely believe we can still do it. Otherwise why bother with football and Arsenal at all? But the hope is entirely based on others’ ability to fuck up, rather than us performing… No matter the result at the end of the season, Wenger must go if we find a good replacement.


Walcott is our best player and forces the opposition to mark him, allowing more room for the others.

Try watching the match without anti Walcott glasses.

The hate for Walcott is embarrassing. He’s still an Arsenal player if I’m not mistaken


This is bizarre. Usually someone gets thumbed out of existence for badmouthing an Arsenal player. Here some one praised a player and was summarily dispatched. Arsenal fans are clearly out for blood.


He has been shite of late, Tbf

You are better of putting a fridge at CF at least it might make some interceptions.


This club is going down a shithole. It’s time for a big change sooner rather than later.

Frankie boy

Calm down everyone we were never gonna win the league. Our team has this amazing ability. When two of our players have an off day the rest seem to follow suit. We are shit. But like everyone else I will still carry on watching them hoping they can turn it around. We have no excuses, any team that starts Walcott upfront is having a giggle. He should only be playing from the bench as he is clearly not good enough and never will be. We play far to slow and have no real creativity. Basically we are shit. But sad… Read more »


Walcott might be better off trying to hit a ball with a bat or a golf club. I.m sorry, but on today’s performance, he shouldn’t be allowed near a football again.

Gary Baldy

Don’t worry, he wasn’t actually very near a football today anyway . . .


This would be so funny , if it wasn’t so fuckin’ SAD!!

Fl gunner

Can we start a petition to get wenger out please, he is killing us I don’t think he has what it takes to win anymore.

Lord Bendtner

I usually never put much blame on Wenger. But honestly I was really hoping Campbell was gonna start against Barca and today against united. Is there some fitness issue etc we don’t know about? I mean the lad works his butt off so well, I really wanted him in there. Wanted Danny up front with Campbell n Sanchez on wings, I do agree on having dropped Giroud perhaps he needs a little breather/refresher. But come on the Walcott experiment again, not with so little games left and we are all fighting tooth n nails. Hmmmphh frustrated is more the term