Monday, July 4, 2022

Report: Wenger rebuffed FA approach

Reports this morning say that Arsene Wenger rebuffed an approach from the FA to become the new England manager.

Sunderland boss Sam Allardyce is expected to be named the new boss of the national side later today, but The Telegraph say that the Frenchman was approached by the Football Association’s three-man panel of technical director Dan Ashworth, chief executive Martin Glenn and vice-chairman David Gill about the job.

Wenger refused, citing the fact he has a contract with Arsenal until the end of June 2017. It was always going to be thus, however. Speaking earlier this month, the 66 year old played down his interest in the position, saying, “I am happy and focused in club football.

“I have one more year to go with Arsenal and I have been with them for a long time. I have always respected all my contracts and will continue to do that. What will I do after that? Honestly, I don’t know.”

In terms of style, there are obviously clear differences between Wenger and Allardyce, but having been rebuffed the FA had make a decision and went with what they considered to be the best English candidate for the job.

Bon chance, England. Bon chance.

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Mr Gooner

You can hate the manager all you like, but he always honor his contract.

Stewart Robson's therapist

At £8m a year, I’d honour that contract too.

Houston Gunner

Come on now. That’s silly. The FA obviously were not going to expect him to take a pay cut. If anything, it would be the opposite.

Frankie boy

Lol Allydice…. Long ball aggressive shit football it is….. Atleast big Sam won’t change a habit of a life time…

England still won’t win shit lol as poor sam hasn’t a trophy to his name lol


Allardyce would throttle those slugs, not bore them to death with Hodgson’s monkey stories.
I bet Allardyce gets a better performance from that lot than intellectual Wenger and Sleepy Roy

Bob's Mexican Cousin

I havr this weird impression that your comments belong to a different site


To be fair, wehen pressurized, Allardyce had west ham playing non-rugby football


Do we have to be fair to Allardyce?


He’s mellowed allot in recent years. His style of football has evolved a fair bit also.

Dare I say I’ve (maybe) slightly warned to him?

Good luck to him in the England job – I reckon he might surprise a few people.

Le Jim

It’s kind of hard to envisage him with the same gruffness and aggressiveness once you seen him twirling around gleefully to Rihanna tbh.


Yeah I used to really hate The Walrus but I’ve since learned that he is actually a alright. One of my best mates who I got to Arsenal with ended up having a pint with him at a football function last year, and apparently he’s pretty sound. I also greatley like the fact he fucking mugged off Maureen in that press conference… and I fucking hate Maureen… I hate him so fucking much. In regards to the England job and him getting it, fair fucks. He’s wanted it for a while, so lets see what he can do. It can’t… Read more »


Andy Carrol first name on the team sheet


The only thing England managers manage to surprise people with is the creative new ways they find to fail.


We shall see when Big Sam starts eating the pudding, but I see a lot of reasons to give him a try. As others have mentioned, he likes a tight ship and organization, and England could really use that about now. He also has an identifiable plan. England could REALLY use that right about now. It is fairly simple and very clear tactically, which makes for easier translation to players who do not play together or in the same system day in, day out like at the club. And lastly (here’s where I’ll probably get some flack), despite the fact… Read more »


Well now, that ended up longer than I expected. Never thought I’d write a complete sentence about the Walrus, let alone in support of him.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

This is good for Walcott. He will be critical in Big Sam’s tactics


Pivotal season coming. This will define Wenger reign really. That’s why I don’t get too upset with the transfer situation. He either delivers or he goes. And no sane man will wish to undo all his good work by not doing the right thing.
The stakes are much higher than ever with the managerial arrivals, so monsieur Wenger, the ball is firmly in your court. End it on a high like majority of arsenal fans wish.


When you take into consideration the relentless spending by Liverpool, Man United and Chelsea along with their managerial collapses, there is always the possibility that Arsene’s reign may be defined by what happens after he goes rather than his performance in his last season.


This makes a lot of sense


For me it’s not about spending zillions but in addressing issues within the club. We were shortchanged in the last few seasons when obvious lapses were not corrected and it cost us dearly. It’s strictly Wenger call who to buy and not to buy and the consequences rest squarely with him. All I desire as a long time fan is to enter this season having eliminated all avoidable excuses. Let’s play our part by presenting the best possible team we can with the chance to success. It’s not too much to ask I believe, and that decision is Wengers to… Read more »

Mr. G

He should have left on a high two years ago, winning the FA Cup and NOT signing a new contract. That was his big chance. I’m worried about transfers because as of right now it looks very likely that City, United and Chelsea will finish above us due to both their transfer activity and them having manager who actually know how to win league titles post-2004. That leaves us competing for 4th with the strongest and best-managed Sp*rs side in recent memory, very possibly Leicester, and maybe even outsiders like West Ham and Liverpool (no Europe). Last season we only… Read more »


Actually, I think this will be more of a defining seasons for the other managers and I think we will see one or two – if not all, mojos broken. And I wouldn’t be surprised if all of them, except Wenger, failed, despite they are spending huge sums left and right.

Gus Caesar

And there’s me thinking that nobody else was interested in Wenger anymore…


I am interested in Wenger too.
Smart man and always thought/did anything for the benefit of our club.
Just imagine, how easy it is to spend all the money, in the fear that if you don’t the guy after you will and possibly might benefit from the legacy that he helped build. But a man who truly loves his club with be shrewd with its finances, which he has been. I know I am careful with spending my money aren’t you?


You would have thought most fans would appreciate the fact Wenger has been very responsible with the finances of the club. Instead he is made a laughing stock by the media for taking the utmost care in his transfers. Cazorla, Ramsey, Alexis, Monreal etc etc etc… you cannot fault the quality of talent he brings in and nurtures over and over again. It is obvious we need a striker and are after a striker. Wenger has been trying but has struggled with this particular area for a few years now. His imaginary perfect striker is probably very similar player to… Read more »


Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Bargain signings are great, so is grooming young players and academy prospects. Every team needs a blend of all three for squad building. However, all of those approaches are risk heavy for a big club if that club does not go out and get proven quality, some call them wold class, signings to sustain the level of play while other players develop. It is no coincidence that for a decade Arsenal has not been at the top of the English game even once. Nor is it a coincidence that… Read more »

Andy Mack

Even buying ‘proven quality’ players is a gamble.


England deserve Allardyce.


People we’re lucky to have him. Plus I get the feeling that Wenger feels he still has unfinished business with Arsenal. It’s going to be a massive challenge next year with Pep and Jose back into the mix along with a more settled Klopp and wiser Pochettino; and that’s not even mentioning Koeman at Everton. I think he’ll sign on for another 2 year extension if we manage to bag another trophy, FA Cup being the minimum and the team makes a decent challenge for the title. However this could also be Wenger’s last season should things all go tits… Read more »


Do you honestly believe the likes of Ozil and Sanchez will renew thier contracts on the back of a fa cup win. If we don’t buy a quality striker this time round then this club will be in crisis this coming season.
A new striker is no guarantee of the title we all know that as do the players but in doing so we are not even giving ourselves a fighting chance and some players and many fans won’t forgive wenger or the club for that this time around.

Vincent Kompany's Forehead/Jamie Vardinho

Notsure why this was downvoted, but it’s a statement of intent when you make a quality signing.

Top tier talent like Sanchez/Ozil won’t wait around forever.

Goondalf de Gea

Completely agree with these statements. It’s not like we’re saying buy anybody but there are clear areas where we need to improve and nothing seems to be happening. Last Summer (with 1 signing) we were told the squad cohesion would work in our favour and look how that turned out. Those that underperformed are gonna get a chance to do just that again without anyone new coming in to threaten their position and make them up their game. You really think our top players (Ozil, Sanchez, Kos) want to stick around a club that won’t do what it takes to… Read more »


I really wonder what is going on behind the scenes. Is it Wenger who backed out on higuain at 32m, was it his idea to bid 40+1 for Suarez? Someone else making the final call?

Andy Mack

No one involved cares about the 40m +1 because it met the release clause. It’s only a few ill-informed fans that drag that up.
What they do care about is that Suarez said he wanted to join us but then changed his mind.

Eddie McGoldeen

I do hope Sam does well. I’ve liked him from his Blackpool days. Maybe he’ll pin Sterling up against a wall and tell him he’s a shit Walcott.

Silent Stan

I couldn’t care less about the style England play. They need to start winning again at tournaments and when you’re losing at half time to Iceland, I expect Sam to go absolutely mental at the players rather than the nicey nicey approach which certain managers have.


Yes, aggression and shouting fix all problems, especially in football.


I dunno, I reckon Old Woy is a bit of a mean fucker when he loses his temper. But I reckon you would just laugh inside when he’s having a go, and I’d just ignore what he said, because he can’t pronounce my name. Allardyce, said he was made for the big stage. Well you got it, now don’t fuck it up please.


People aren’t being fair to Roy. I heard from a reliable source that he was fairly miffed at half time in the Iceland game and drank his tea rather aggressively, calling Hart a rapscallion.


Word is he threatened to keep the hand with all the wether’s originals firmly in his pocket.

David Hillier's luggage

I can’t say I really care about international football that much, but one thing Portugal (and Greece a few years back) showed is that you can win tournaments with mind numbing dredge football. I think that played a big part in Allardyce’s appointment. Can’t say I’ll be watching too many games mind, I’ll leave that to the section of Brexit supporting England supporters we all saw out in France.


Is it OK to support Leicester and Arsenal equally … just saying, in case we don’t get a world-class finisher or 20 goals from Ramsey.

Scott from London, Ontario, Canada

Mmm… No… I don’t think that it is okay. Sorry.

Goondalf de Gea

L’Equipe reporting that we tried to sign Clinton Njie from the Spuds before his loan move to Marseille. If true, that beggars belief. He scored a grand total of 0 goals in 14 appearances last year and it’s clear that lot don’t rate him. If Vardy was Plan A, how far down the alphabet of plans was Njie?


In danger of becoming an unfunny rambling pete here, but considering the lack of much Arsenal news at the moment, just thought I’d make a quick comment on that insane Pogba deal. Game of Thrones spoiler alert if you’ve not caught up yet… When I look at United over the past couple of years I’m reminded of the Hound’s great bit of dialogue from the season just gone after he kills those brotherhood members; “you’re shit at dying you know that?”. For me that’s pretty much United post Alex Ferguson. United have played terribly for three years, finished well below… Read more »


I reckon Rafa Benitez would’ve been the best man for the England job, good at cup competitions, won the CL twice and Europa League with Chelsea and he managed to turn a struggling Newcastle around, albeit too late. Both qualities perfect for the job.

DB10's Air Miles

What a truly uninspiring appointment that is! After all the things that the fa outlined, to what they were looking for, after the euros and then the appoint big Sam…. See you in another 4 years england. Yawn…..

Dial square

Did Arsenal give the FA permission to approach Wenger??


Bonne chance* 😉


Wenger knows…..Big Sam will be a great coach for England. Wenger knows….This will be a most memorable season for Arsenal. Wenger knows….Wenger knows.


Let’s hope Theo Walcott gets 25 plus goals next season is all I can say

Bank of friendship

Please don’t rely on Walcott .
But that’s what were gunna have to do.
Get ready for another season of unrest amongst our own fans.
Pitt he never took the job.

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