Video: Arsenal 3-0 Chelsea (Match of the day)


Because we know you want to see it again, here are the Match of the Day highlights of yesterday’s 3-0 win over Chelsea.

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Put us third on the running order, despite our one being the most important (a derby and potential title-race game) and most exciting. Clear bias towards Cuntinho, their ‘prodigal son’ Pogba and Utd.

Arsenal Pakistan!

Pedro is no slouch but he’s also no Hector Bellerin. Love this <3
Also can someone please make a video compilation of the following three goals and post the link for it here? because I have no idea how to make these.
1. Rosicky robbing rose and scoring
2. Welbeck epic winner at old Trafford
3. Yesterday's Alexis goal
Would be really appreciated if someone could do this. Thanks in advance!


Theres also that stolen goal from kick off restart by that dna dude against those dude next door.


Why was our game third and the analysis was how bad Chelsea were and how one man carried Arsenal… Jesus fuck you just have to fast forward inbetween the games.


Third on MOTD for fucks sake!!! How can that be right?!! As soon as I found out our game was third in the BBC order, I cancelled my TV licence direct debit and smashed up my television. That will teach them…!


In fairness the often leave big games to late to keep people watching through the tripe.

Godfrey Twatschloch

Someone suggested that because his 100 billion pound lordship Pogba has now scored it matters more than anything else in the entire world. You could have had an atomic bomb go off at the Emirates and it still would have mattered less because Pogba has scored!


As far as I can tell all they did was pay 90m for a 45m player.

Not sure what is supposed to be impressive about that …


Yes, but now he’s a 90m player ergo twice as good as a 45m player and therefore deserving of all the broadcast time. A masterclass by Man United and Mourinho, matched only by their bravery in dropping Rooney. English media…

Godfrey Twatschloch

It’s impressive because it’s impressive. What’s not impressive about that?

Monkey nuts

A player who walked away from them for sweet fanny Adams. Now watch the twat kiss his badge every 13th game he scores.


Yea that made it even less impressive

Godfrey Twatschloch

“A player who walked away from them for sweet fanny Adams. Now watch the twat kiss his badge every 13th game he scores.”

So impressive they’ve deserved the first slot on MOTD for the rest of the season.


Where’s the pundits backpeddling or making excuses bit?



I’m glad this video automatically loops, because I may just watch this for the rest of the day.

Redcurrant Wonder

Just another point to raise on the post game punditary (if that’s even a word), after the Hull highlights they didn’t replay the Xhaka thunderbolt (how could they not??), and last night they chose not to spend any time reviewing the best team goal of the day (dare I say season so far?). MOTD is getting worse with every episode. Rant over.

Godfrey Twatschloch

Pundits by name, cunts by nature = cundits


“Sometimes it just takes two.”

I love it.


Pedro’s no slouch… but he’s also no hector bellerin. Love that haha also applies between the two teams. Have it