Thursday, May 30, 2024

Arsenal 2-0 Reading – player ratings

A tidy enough win tonight with enough flashes of vim and wizardry from some of the young players to keep it quite interesting.

The two goals for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain were enough for the 2-0 win, and here’s how the players rated.

Full report and goal clips here.

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Bit harsh giving Lucas a 0, blogs


Perez tried to create some combinations but the kids around him were more intent on dribbling through the defence and having a shot at goal.


Chu Yong Park should get 10, for being permanently there for the youngsters.


‘0’ zero for rating
Min rating should be 1 for being involved in the match ?

Getso gunner

Chamberbalain deserves a 9


What about Chamberlain?


You mean it’s not Magaggie’s birthday?

Wenger has a large Coq

I know Perez fluffed that square past but not sure it merits a 0.



This was my first game at the Emirates this season and it was really noticeable what a buzz went round the stadium every time the Ox got the ball. I hope he never loses that slightly bustling, busy and unpredictable quality that I think is his main strength. I

Also, I not that it matters in itself but when Willock came on I think the Englishmen playing for us outnumbered the foreigners – surely for the first time in a long while. Interesting that a lot of our young talent is English.

Alex Partridge

Giroud banging in 6 goals was the highlight for me.

Dale Cooper

Same, they were all shit goals though, hence the zero rating.


The bloke comes on as a sub, hits 6, but the Ox is still man of the match? Even the scoreboard operator only recognized the goals from the Ox. Why? Cos he’s English, and Giroud is clearly not. This is xenophobia, pure and simple. It’s not his fault he’s french. It’s a disgrace.


I don’t that being French is that much of a disgrace.



Rectum Spectrum

Ah for fuck sake. That’ll teach me to switch the laptop off when the credits are rolling, they put a wee extra bit in there at the end? I love it when the do that.


Perez and Giroud have 0 ratings and the latter has 6 goals next to his name. I think this might be a glitch.

Ox in the Box

That is obviously not the case, I hated how he declined to pass to his teammates and selfishly proceeded to smash six of them in the net. Greedy bastard.


Yeah, playing like that never did Arjen Robben any good either.


Why does Giroud have 6 goals for him?

And could you please for the love of god, get rid of that “speck” under Gabriel’s name.


Kind of harsh on Giroud after his 6 goals


Bit harsh on Giroud that, 0 rating after banging in 6


6 goals and still a zero for Giroud? That’s a bit harsh.


Just goes to show how much we missed Giroud against Middlesbrough, 6 goals in that tight game would’ve helped us massively.


Another drunk hangover night for blogs I suppose.

Gideon Tightbutt

Giroud’s six goals were a poor return on the chances he had. A proper World Class striker would have got nine. Come on Wenger spend the Wonga!


He’ll have 6 soon enough! ?

Lord Bendtner

One does not simply not put a bonus rating


Bonus Rating

10/10 Blogs for assisting all 6 of Giroud’s goals.


Was great to see Corporal Jenks back in the squad. Love his effort and attitude. Almost got on the board early.

Perez wasn’t as impressive as the last full match he played as he tried to do too much combination play instead of holding the ball and trying to create himself now and then which is what I’d like to see from our strikers more (like Sanchez does). Not a bad display by any means, but was hoping he would do more to push Wenger to get him into matches more often.


On the flip-side, those combinations are what works for Ozil, Iwobi, Bellerin etc so it’s clearly what they work on in training – perhaps the ‘kids’ weren’t quite on the same wavelength. Liked his determination though, deceptively quick too.


If Zelalem can bulk up and improve the defensive side of his game, he’ll be one hell of a player. His passing is so crisp. Potential Santi replacement with the right mentality.


I thought Jenko was actually quite poor (understandably so though). He still has the tendency to try and keep on running when he isn’t sure what to do and lost possession doing it a couple of times. I also thought he looked weak on the ball so not sure if we watched the same game!

Leah's Left Foot

We all love The Jeff but no way was he 7.5 tonight. Too many times he could have released the ball and kept the momentum of the attack going but ended up slowing right down or getting trapped in tight corners. Not always helped by his team mates, but mostly his own doing.
That said he gave his all…. and he’s The Jeff so he can be forgiven an off night.


One thing I’ll say about ox at this present moment in his development is he is just as capable of scoring two goals as he is at over hitting 2 passes and killing the chances. If he can get out of his own head and calm down when it comes to those split second moments where it can go either way he can be a real weapon for us.
A good win and some useful minutes for the lads


He is kind of unpredictable and erratic, which are good traits because defenders can’t read what he will do. Even if they do, his power and pace will always win. He just needs to be calmer when playing that final ball and when finishing. It is great to see his confidence return but he does need to work on his delivery and composure in order to force Wenger into dropping Theo or Iwobi.


Giroud is on fire, Your defense is terrified.

Good win, on to the next one.


Holding was Flawless, liking his development and his run and link up with Giroud was class. Elneny was quietly excellent continuously swept up after the kids who played well but showed that habit of wanting to dribble too much or do a final ball too early. This is where Iwobi has become the frontrunner of the kids and some first teamers..He has the abilty to dribble but has far better decision making and passing ability. I thought Lucas didn’t have a great game, BUT you can see what he will bring once he settles and gets used to the team..His… Read more »


Wenger must make these players practice shooting.


I think we have our next Arsenal manager here. Seeing things that Wenger has missed is very impressive.

Cliff Bastin

He plays where he wants
He plays where waaaaanntts
Ainsley Maitland-Niles
He plays where he wants


Is the ox finally finding some consistency ?? Let’s hope so !


I was excited when willock came on. i think he has a henry-esque swagger in him. His touch and dribbling, less so.

Andre mallina

Gibbs deserves a better rating. A guy who captains the side and smashes in a double deserves no less


Although the Ox was our match winner, he still disappointed me with his waste of good opportunities he created himself by his powerful running. It was the Walcott Syndrome all over again; completely shred a defence and then deliver a hopeless cross. I would have thought both of them could have learnt this not too difficult skill by now


Another comment I meant to make was what an encouraging return by Jenkinson. I believe he is actually better defensively than Bellerin. If Bellerin is tempted away by more money to Man City, what about a swap deal with Aguero who seems to be unhappy at the Etihad right now – then we would be potential Champions


Are you okay?

Shaka Zulu

Bet on us to hit 3 we scored 8 but lost the bet. Giroud’s goals did not count

Santi's Flip Flop

I think there might be an issue with the ratings, mate. Cheers.

Perez-Giroud Fan

I liked how Perez played, his movements were excellent, he created chances but no one took them. he didnt get any balls from other players to scored. From the match yesterday Perez will have good games if he is combined with Giroud (he is a chancer and a good striker, any silly mistakes he scores). Giroud as a striker usually creates good chances, Perez will compliment Giroud well just like the Giroud- Griezman combination at the Euros 2016. Problem with this combination is that there will be no room for Alexis and Walcot who also like to score, they will… Read more »

The goooch

I’d take Holding over Stones all day long,think he’s going to be a top player


Really good game and I kinda feel like our B-team is emulating the A-team, as it has always done I guess, hence a solid performance trying to play the “new” Arsenal free flowing footy. It didn’t always work out admittedly and although Ox scored two, he stil is not at his best yet. That’s encouraging and syptomatic for our season so far: Not at 100% yet and still vulnerable at the back sometimes, but a hell of a midfield and so dangerous on the attack. Fast, taking on players, passes into the danger area and shots aplenty. Most importantly, we… Read more »

Karl M

So Ox on course for best season, as is Walcott and Ozil too. I’m the last one to be optimistic but things are shaping up nicely. Some big tests in Nov though.

Crash Fistfight

A bit over generous with the appraisal of Maitland-Niles I think. He played quite a few poor passes and generally looked a bit off-step. I thought he played much better in the previous round, so I think he had an off day, but maybe it’s just me.

Wild eFX

I wish there was a way to like some sentences in a particular comment…


The Ox. I mentioned before that he has been doing a lot of good things. When he comes on to the pitch, he brings something different. This is the reason why I don’t tend to get carried away with all these fans who think the world of Elneny. He did alright but does he add anything different like say Granit’s passing from deep or Santi’s ball control? No. Not saying Elneny isn’t improving but people have a warp perspective based on their own prejudice. They like to go on about Flamini when he was with Ramsey key to us holding… Read more »


A bit generous with Jenkinson and Elneny. They did well but clearly some people have their favorites which cloud judgement. I thought Jenko did OK. For me he lacks the technicality and tends to rush things some times. I think Wenger has him developing in squad this season and Calum (hopefully) out on loan. The situation is swapped this season for the two but I believe we will take stock end of season and see who will eventually come up to compete for the surrogate position behind Bellerin. With regards the youngsters yesterday, I thought Iwobi was better than some… Read more »

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