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Arsenal 2-2 PSG – player ratings

So,  a 2-2 draw with PSG leaves us needing them to lose in their next game. A weird evening.

Here’s how the players rated.

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Cavani was our best player both home and away.


Given how true that is and that at the same time he scored in both games, it shows how poor and lucky we have been


Would’ve been a routine save for Ospina had Iwobi not diverted the ball’s trajectory.
Would’ve been a great goal had Iwobi do that on the opposition’s net.


Normally I’m saying “don’t make substitution before a corner is taken”, last night I was screaming “get Iwobi off before the corner is taken”. I think he has been pushed too far too quickly and needs more coaching; he wanders around looking like making a tackle then just standing off his man, then like a dog on a lead trailing his man. At one moment last night he got into tackling position but just watched, and was saved by Ramsey getting into the tackle from 10 yards further away.


How ON EARTH anyone is blaming Iwobi rather than Jenkinson for that goal, I’ll never know. No, Iwobi didn’t exactly cover himself in glory, but the key mistake, the one that caused the problem in the first place and was easiest to prevent, was Jenkinson getting caught under the flight of the ball and letting a short winger head the ball towards goal at the back post. Personally, I think people have decided that Iwobi isn’t in form, and their perception of the game is merely confirming their biases. His form and confidence has certainly dipped, but the same can… Read more »


Sounds a lot like what Walcott and Ozil does, just saying.

Matt P

Anyone still think we are realistic Premier League contenders?
You need your head read if you do.


As it stands, who are potentially our opponents in thw knock out round?


Cavani ran Mustafi ragged last night and the defense, especially in the late stages of the second half looked leggy. Maybe it is time to give Mustafi and even Kos a breather and give Gabriel a run out. It is a good thing Cavani is wasteful as a more clinical striker would have put us away. I must admit being frustrated by Wenger’s team selection as I seriously did not expect Xhaka to start the game on the bench again. I know Ramsey is a lightening rod for criticism, and I try hard not to jump on the bandwagon of… Read more »


Is it me or does Aaron Ramsey look so unbalanced whenever he’s on the ball that he looks like he’ll topple over at any minute? Also there was a time in the second half where he had the ball and had time and space to turn around and gun it but instead awkwardly kicked it back with his first touch to Jenkinson who was put under loads of pressure. Pretty much sums it up


He drives me round the bend, but people whose opinion I trust thought he was motm.

I don’t see it, but maybe it’s a “Nicolas Cage: Good or Bad” scenario.

Edu's Braces

He was pretty balanced in forcing the 2nd goal but to be fair to you (and him) he seemed a bit out of sorts given that he was back in centre mid after winging it for us (both meanings) and #10 for Wales. That incident you’re talking about summed that up to me, almost ‘wait im a midfielder now, keep possession’. I feel like he is being let down by making him a utility player. I swore id never curse him again after Hull, trying to stand by it 🙂


So balanced that he totally miskicked his shot that was nowhere the target before a comedy or errors that led to the own goal. There’s no way of dressing up that as good play from him, come on!

Edu's Braces

He has become a scapegoat and i don’t think it’s warranted, he was far from our worst performer but the finger is always pointed at him despite his horrific luck with injuries and the fact that he always gives his all which does count for something. Also maintain he did well for the goal.

Frank Bascombe

There’s a direct correlation between the team’s dip in form and Ramsey’s return.


Correlation does not imply causation. Surely this is more down to Cazorla’s absence.

The manager doesn’t seem to want to play Xhaka, and no one else we have is capable of orchestrating from central midfield, especially solo alongside Coquelin.

Edu's Braces

You guys are almost saying we would have beaten united & psg but for Ramsey. It’s a nice idea that our problems are that simple, i’d love to get on board. I could understand the Walcott hate given his tendancy to withhold signing a contract when he was playing well and the odd tackle missed but come on, here is a good player who does his best and people are shitting on him, I don’t get it.


More like our performance dip when facing actual good teams in a row. People seems to forget that we struggle just as much even with cazorla. But some good wins against garbage teams seems to overshadow it.


Since carzola’s absence we have become muck in midfield ,why did we send jack on loan for 1 season we no recall in deal , all the other midfielders left are the same ,will work hard but no vision for a forward pass ,Ramsey has turned into glen Whelan(pass the ball back to a defender) this team has no chance of winning the league

Little Mozart

Despite being unbeaten since the first day of the season, we still have a fair bit to be frustrated by when it comes to our recent team performances. Our defence has seemed to benefit from a lot of luck, even though we are still struggling for clean sheets. The midfield isn’t capable of dominating play for as long as we would like, and our attack is “lacking a little bit sharpness”, even though we are still scoring. And yet, all things considered, Ramsey is the one who most frustrates me right now, though I feel I may be lacking objectivity.… Read more »

Oooh Ahhh Ray Parlour!

I thought Ramsey was the best of a below par bunch today, but in the first half we needed him higher up the pitch. I don’t get why so many people use him as the scapegoat. Despite my adoration for Ozil I have to ask, where the hell does his keep disappearing to? We badly missed Cazorla again, but are still fallible at times with him in the side, that’s just football. The centre backs were really poor & Alexis never wanted to pass to Jenkinson despite a lot of good overlapping. His crossing was pretty poor & I got… Read more »

Timorous Me

Likewise, it sometimes looks like Iwobi is on ice skates when dribbling…but doesn’t know how to stop.


Damnnnn Wenger, back at it again with the late substitutions


I feel these were a little rushed so Blogs could go out on the lash whilst in London!
Don’t blame him to be fair!
Come back Mesut, please!!!

wallet n quays


Sotiris Anastasiades

Mustafi needs a kick up the arse. 2 or 3 brainfarts per game now.


6 for Coquelin and Ramsey?? I must have seen a different game


Iwobi unlucky with the OG??
Closing your eyes when the ball is coming your way is not unlucky.

Gary Baldy

And also, if you are going to attempt to head it in the 6 yard box, get a proper connection on it and head it forwards or at least for a corner, or even high enough in the air to recover some position.

He would have been better to duck as it turns out but I am not suggesting that as a general tactic. On the other hand, did Ospina call for it ?


Call for what? It wasn’t a lofted cross, it was a header directed at goal from a couple of metres. What would he be calling?


Actually we were very, very good at times, like that first 20 mins of second half…… for sustaining that , well, it just didnt happen.
Were stuttering through November (nearly over ……thanx be to fuck)

Green gooner

Anyone else think ozils dummy shot for the penalty was amazing? Or did I imagine it?


What exactly did ramsey do to merit a 6? Some one please explain.


nesso, Ramsey didn’t deserve a 6 rating but he is one of Blogs’ favourite players so, as a consequence, you are likely to find that his rating is often overstated.


Ramsey in full flight is a very very good player but it takes a lot of games for him to reach that level, but more often than not he gets inured before he can reach that level. He just looks too slow, short of confidence and too defensive minded at present. Can we not loan him out for just a month or two… Alexis should not have played and Giroud did not get much service at all. How many times did the team give him good ball to head..1 or 2 , not nearly enough when the team is playing… Read more »

Matt P

What proportion of Ramsey’s last 20 performances for Arsenal have been ‘strong’ (ie. a 7 rating or better).
I’d estimate not more than 5.

What proportion of Ozil’s last 10 performances for Arsenal have been ‘strong’.
I’d estimate not more than 3-4.

This is simply not good enough for such talented players.

Wenger is just not getting enough out of this team. He’s well past his use by date.

Why not


The guys sit there arguing like children. To be fair to one of them he is trying to make a point and the others are clearly biased. Typical.


Ramsey led our team in
most passes 59/68
ball recoveries 12
take on 3/3
tackles 6/10


Don’t even bother mate. Most people here already decide that ramsey is shit and the one to blame if we don’t win, even before the game start

Frank Bascombe

Yeah ‘cos you know better eh?


If you wait with the ball on your feet taking 3-4 additional touches, then yes , as by then most of the players have moved past him.


You mean backwards and sideways passes don’t you with that stat


no ramsey had 17/21 in final third, and his passing map shows the vast majority of his passes were forward passes, but of course those only looking out for sideways or backways passes will only see them, and ignore the rest.

Frank Bascombe

You know what you can do with that map don’t you…


Is it me or is Kieran Gibbs an absoloute demon when it comes to goal line clearances? Seems to have one every couple of games

Shkod Goals

we might as well call it “Gibbs Line Clearance” forevermore.


Hate to say it but the best I ever saw at that was Cashley.


It’s crazy what a well timed goal can do. First half was one of the worst of the season but we got the equalizer and came out for the 2nd half blazing. Sadly it seemd that many of the midfielders, of ours, knew little of what to do when we went up. As if they weren’t sure whether to keep pressing or be content with sitting back a little. I thought Giroud, Coq and (forgetting those butt-awful crosses in the first half) Jenkinson were decent. Really came to play.

nick lewis

Not sure I would call Iwobi’s OG unlucky. More like a horrible defensive play. If you are taking up that position do it with aggression and confidence, looking to head any ball out of harms way. His approach was bad and the header was something that I see in youth football.


Results don’t show it but that has to be one of many games recently where we’ve looked flat.

That early season fluidity between Sanchez, Iwobi and ozil seems to have been dependent on Santi.

Haven’t looked decent in the final third since his achilles injury.

Dan D

Look, I was there tonight and I obviously watched the first game in Paris and being completely honest they are one of the clubs in Europe that for me are 5% better than us right now. Ignore the fact that domestically they are playing in a league that they are clearly the best team. That doesn’t ultimately mean they’re not a quality side. As good as Barca, Madrid, Bayern right now – not for me. But better than us. We played well enough tonight but we didn’t have a single shot at goal from open play. I love my Arsenal… Read more »


With respect, they really aren’t better than us. We lost tonight because we played poorly. We didn’t lose to a superior group of players. And no, we’re nowhere near the likes of Barcelona or Real Madrid. Bear in mind, they have some of the best players in history playing for them right now. But as for this notion that we’re never going to be a real contender in the UCL until we meet the standards set by these teams, it’s nonsense. Chelsea won this competition starting John Obi Mikel, Ryan Bertrand and José Bosingwa against Bayern Munich. Fucking Bosingwa. Jose… Read more »

Dan D

And we played poorly why?

It’s not just about how we play, it’s how we’ll are opponents let us play.

They are better than us right now. That’s the bottom line.


I wholeheartedly disagree with the notion that the PSG team we played tonight was a better team than ours. I’d put losing down to a poor performance. It was most certainly not a game I entertained Forgive me if I’m wrong, but the conclusion you seem to be drawing is that we played poorly principally because we played against a better side who prevented us from playing well. I think that’s a ridiculous conclusion to draw. Take your pick of any of the following reasons: poor tactics, wrong selections, fatigue, poor individual performances, etc. The best player on the pitch… Read more »


Um, last I checked, that was a draw.

Monkey nuts

They are better than us. Which team were trying to win the game at 2 all? It wasn’t us because we didn’t have the ball.

Dan D

So over two games are you trying to tell me PSG didn’t offer you any evidence to suggest that right now they are a better team than us? They battered us out there, we got a good point but only due to the fact that Cavani couldn’t finish a hot dinner on the night. And you can make all the excuses you like for last night but PSG were missing key players and it didn’t really affect them. I think it can be considered feckless and poor if you can’t actually see objectively what’s put before you. We’re a decent… Read more »


Harsh rating for Jenko. Ramsey very negative to the team, plays backwards far to often and seems to make woeful decisions. We haven’t played well since Wenger started Shoehorning him back in the squad. Overall we were lackadaisical all over, need to start shooting again and be more composed in possession. Finally, please resurrect Cazorla and fast forward November…


MIxed bag from a number of players. Ramsey is frustrating at times. Better position for him in midfield and he attacked the ball well to ‘create’ the ricochet off of Veratti.;) But yeah agree he put the ball backwards at time when he should have served us better pushing forward with it. I thought personally he did alright but began to slack off after our second. As did much of the team. PLenty of loose play all round. Even the reliable KOscielny was guilty over complicating things trying to play out from the back. Alexis put us in danger too… Read more »

Crash Fistfight

I get what you’re saying about the CBs passing from the back but there were lots of times where neither Ramsey nor Coquelin were anywhere near them.

It doesn’t help that our system plays the DM further forward than his midfield partner – you end up with Ramsey making sure he doesn’t give the ball away, which often slows the ball down. It often needed a quick release pass to get us going (which is what Santi does so well).


I don’t know what’s happening to the team it’s like they have lost all energy and passion. I don’t know if it’s due to a reduced summer break or it’s the mentality of the team hope Wenger can fix whatever it is. On Alex Iwobi hope the own goal doesn’t affect him too much he looked so devastated after things like that have happened to the best players hope he keeps his head up

yaya sanogo's wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube legs

If you ever find yourself lost in the midst of the space time continuum and aren’t sure of the month, just check out Arsenal’s form.

Mesut Oneill

Poor old Jenkinson, was clearly out of his depth in a game of this magnitude. Hopefully Hector is back pretty sharpish.


Thought Ramsey was good today in the middle, energy and drive on and off the ball. Forced the OG. We needed that in the middle after the United game, now just to get Ozil up to speed. Felt he struggled with the lack of runners in front of him. Was a nearly-nearly performance from us, much better in the second half going forward. But looking very suspect at the back. Better strikers will punish us!

VA Gooner

I felt Giroud deserves some credit for using a hug to ultimately drive his fingers into Cavani’s princess neck at the end of the first half.


Basically, you can’t take your best player (Alexis) and put him in his worst position (right-winger) so that you bring in a static centre-forward like Giroud. At least (I hope) Arsene has learnt his lesson in a game that didn’t cause too much damage.


Alexis should have played on the left instead of Iwobi, with Theo or Ox on the right. Iwobi was far from comfortable against such a good team.

occam's hatchet

I had flashbacks to the shit football we played last winter and into spring. What made Wenger think Ramsey and Coquelin could work in together in midfield? We’ve tried this before to the same effect. Can’t control the tempo. Can’t transition quickly. Can’t retain possession. Can’t link effectively with the attackers. I don’t know, maybe Ramsey and Xhaka could work, but I really think Ramsey belongs in the attacking midfield. He’s a talented player, but right now I’d rather not see him in central midfield ever again. It just feels like we’re chasing after the player he was for a… Read more »

Stringer Bell

You better tell loose cannon that. He or she thinks Ramsey plated well ???


Why did we buy Xhaka? I understand Wenger sees him everyday in training and has better judgement than us, but surely we did not pay that much money for a player whose role is limited to a 70 minutes substitution?


To be fair, his only contribution of note was overhitting a needlessly ambitious diagonal, thus ending quite a promising counter attack. Watching on a blurry stream, I actually mumbled “ffs, there was no need for that Ramsey, you showboating idio… oh, it was Xhaka.”

And you know, maybe he’s rubbish in training. We don’t watch these guys all week at Colney. At least I don’t.

Crash Fistfight

Apparently Vieira was rubbish in training so is that what really counts? Well, possibly is the answer. Not sure why I brought it up, really.


Handbrakes were fully on in the first half, much better in the second half. Unfortunate to have conceded the 2nd but we got lucky with both our goals, so a fair result? Thought Jenkinson grew into the game pretty well, does well going forward and crosses when hes not playing with nerves. Ramsey playing in the middle is 10x better than the one playing on the flanks. Interesting to see Wenger going for 4-4-2 at the closing stages, food for thought if ozil is out injured. Ludogorets still have something to play for, so there’s still a chance. COYG.

Nigel Brinkley

As much as I hate to say it. Every time they play a reasonable team they are rubbish. Far too predictable and how can any team play 45 minutes of football at home! And not trouble the opponents goal keeper once! Where is the quality in that? “Poor at best”


What a disappointing display by pretty much everyone. Really fortunate to have tied, but I guess we lose out on 1st place due to the away goal difference head to head unless we win and PSG ties the next match which sucks as our overall GD is higher. I think we really missed having Alexis upfront with more mobility in that kind of match especially defensively as Giroud just won’t put the effort in much of the time to press, when he did put the effort in it was effective, but it’s not frequent enough in my opinion. Ramsey was… Read more »


Wow, I am never (neither in life nor in football) a glass half full kind of guy, but I have to say I’m surprised at the negativity reflected in both sets of player ratings above. We were poor in the first half, but PSG are a good side (and with Ramsey & Coquelin as our midfield pair we were never going to dominate the ball against Verratti & co), and from roughly the 35th minute mark to the 65th minute, I felt we responded with much more intensity, pressed them high (here’s where the usefulness of Ramsey & Coquelin was… Read more »


Set my alarm at 3.45am when the match will start. Woke up at 5am instead. Turn on the TV, we were 2-1 up at 60th min. Thought that I must have missed a hell of an exciting Arsenal performance. By the 80th minute, I was like, “Should i just go back to bed now?”.

I stayed up till the end of match. In the office feeling shit af now on a Thursday morning. Not sure if it’s just my job or Arsenal contributing to this shitty feeling.


I know that feel bro. Gan pua sian


Do we need PSG to lose?

If we both win by one goal dont we go top on goal difference?

Make a mine a Swiss miss

Sadly no. When 2 teams are level on points the first consideration is their head to head record. PSG have the away advantage. We need to better their result in the final group game. If they win, well then as you may know you can’t get better than a qwik fit fitter.

Monkey nuts

No it’s head to head and they have us on away goals.


But we still don’t need them to lose – a draw would do if we win our last game.


Is there really somebody, who thinks, that psg wont smash a defenceless ludogorets?


the team sheet worried me. coq-xhaka is our best option without santi. sanchez as an impact sub after his last week of football. theo to start. (he says after the fact.)


Is nobody going to comment how much Iwobi stunk up the place? Looked totally out of his depth, repeatedly giving the ball away and miles out of position defensively. Should have been substituted long before he whiffed at the second goal.

He is young and will come again but for now we need another solution on the left. Hopefully Lucas will be back soon so we can try him.


One moment summed it up for me in the game. Özil had the ball on the right, was getting hustled by Matuidi and Maxwell. Did very well to twist and turn. He saw Ramsey open.Gave him the ball. Ramsey was in tons of space.He could have brought the ball forward.What did he do?

Passed it back to Jenko. PMSL!


Nah I feel Ramsey is not the scapegoat today. He played good, not well. Though there are some passes and touches which I would want to punch my wall on. When I saw Gibbs cleared out the ball for the corner, I told myself fk this that’s a suicidal move. He was open and he can choose to head forward but he choose to opt for a corne, which results in the goal. As much as Jenko has tried, i believe that’s the limit of his performance.- coming from a dude which just slot in recently to face such opponents… Read more »


Ozi) has been terrible the past couple of games. How about playing him in the Cazorla role and move ramsey up the pitch.

I actually thought ramsey was decent today.

Today I think the center backs were weak.

We miss Hectors pace…..he covers up a lot of deficiencies.

Not The Jeff

Am I the only one who thinks Ozil needs more competition for that role?! I mean these guys seem to only want to surprise us, when we expect or need a performance they decide “bleh not today, I’m keeping my genius to myself”. We’ve seen how devastating these guys can be, ask Costa, and yet we struggle against a struggling Manure (granted a draw at Old Trafford is not bad but come the fuck on). Hell Spews now all of a sudden think they can compete with us. I say no more, I love our senior players they are capable… Read more »


I love how ozil is exempt to criticism just because he scored 4 against some bulgarian team.


Garbage. We’re in real trouble unless there is a collective pulling out of fingers.

As for today, I wonder if Sanchez and Iwobi will release limited edition kits in commemoration of their performances ‘Cul-de-sac’ and ‘Blind Alley’.

I don’t even want to see Sanchez on the bench for Bournemouth. He needs a proper rest, give it to him.

Armchair Expert

10/10 – Giroud grabbing Cavani by the scruff of the neck at half time.


And nobody criticises sloppy Sanchez… btw i don’t care he WAS injured…


Completely agree. According to most people in media and forums, he’s the best player at Arsenal by far and seems beyond criticism. I think he’s back in his “run around like a duracell bunny and don’t look up too much” mode and good defenders have worked him out a bit. Last night there were plenty of lost dribbles, misplaced passes and at least one awful cross from a promising position. If you blast Jenkinson for that overhit cross, do the same to Alexis. And if you blast the other attacking players, remember that the one good move last night that… Read more »


On a more positive note, the ox did well again from the bench..hopefully he keeps it up.. but we have the kind of players on the bench that need to come on at the 60th minute mark..


Iwobi unlucky with the own goal? Hah. He clearly tried to head it. Stupid mistake from him. Should have ducked. Ospina had it covered.


You’ve had all night to think of that. He had a split second.


not really. I saw the replay.

Glen Helders left foot

How can you say Iwobi was unlucky for the og, it was a ridiculous attempt.either stick your fucking head on the ball or leave it for Ospina, don’t half go for it as if it might hurt your self

gunnerfan ov palace

Remember cavani did it v chavs last season lately arsenal fc and giroud score at the right times 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 coyg then wait 2.2


No Santi = no composure / poor distribution Ramsey is not a very astute positional mover. His runs up and down from midfield to the final 3rd are good, but when we are trying to thread a few passes together in the middle and build up play, he is always a few seconds late in getting to where he needs to be to be available for a pass. In fact Iwobi landed up having to compensate for this by playing further up close to Coquelin many times to make sure Le Coq had a legitimate passing option. We lose confidence… Read more »


Uh-oh, someone’s got an itchy moderator finger.

Va va voom

Can someone please tell me why Sanchez had to check back to his weaker foot(for the pen) when he was well favoured to score with his right foot after Ozil’s insane pass? Does that personify the lack of confidence flowing through the team now? We have had like 5 shots on target in our last 3 games put together and I think our defence is getting worried, it’s now affecting other areas.where is the team that played Chelsea off the park and benched Fabregas for ever?


It’s crazy what a well timed goal can do. First half was one of the worst of the season but we got the equalizer and came out for the 2nd half blazing. Sadly it seemd that many of the midfielders, of ours, knew little of what to do when we went up. As if they weren’t sure whether to keep pressing or be content with sitting back a little. I thought Giroud, Coq and (forgetting those butt-awful crosses in the first half) Jenkinson were decent. Really came to play.


We’re unbeaten since fucking ages ago, 3 points off the top of the league, qualified for the 2nd round of the champions league, got players returning from injury soon, Theo’s having a baby…. And yet it’s like a wake in here. Cheer up for fuck sake.


Quite. Snatched a gritty draw against a top european side when being outplayed for most of the game, had guaranteed CL knockout stages with 2 games to go, could draw Bayern, Juve or Man City if we won our group, etc etc.

But apparently that’s not good enough. I prefer supporting my home team, who at this point are bottom of the league with 6 points from 13 games – that’s REAL hardship.

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