Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Wenger says not very nice things about the referees

Arsenal lost 5-1 to Bayern Munich. Again. Which is obviously a bit sh*t. Especially when we were pondering a bet on that scoreline just for larks but didn’t because, you know, it’s kinda not cool to bet against your own side.

Although the money would have been fun because we could have used it for morphine or crack or both right now. Also, the refs were shit. Did you see how bad? Yeah…oh, and Arsene thought so too. We’re rambling. And tired.

Over to you Arsene [speaking to BT Sport]…

On a brutal night…

Yeah, I think there are different aspects in this game that explain that we are out. I feel we produced the game we wanted and were really unlucky with some decisions of the referee that are difficult to understand. We are 1-0 up and it’s 100 per cent a penalty on Walcott, there is offside, Lewandowski is offside, and on top of that there is the red card.

Of course, that killed us and the game. After that it was very difficult for us to finish the game. Overall, it’s difficult to understand what happened. I still must say that my team has produced a huge effort tonight and played very well.  

On the referee sending off Koscielny and it killing the game…

Yeah, of course. Down to ten men when you have to score four goals it becomes in the head of the players impossible. I think what is terrible is that he’s offside Lewandowski and there’s no penalty, on top of that he gives a yellow card, on top of that he gives a red card. It’s just not serious.

When you see the importance of the games and you see an attitude like that I’m absolutely revolted and sorry for the people who pay a lot of money to watch these kind of games.

On the officiating being a turning point…

You never know how Bayern might have reacted had we scored a second goal. At the end it finishes like that and it looks very bad and doesn’t reflect the quality of the performance tonight.

On his team’s attitude and Bayern’s quality….

Once we were 2-1 down it was very difficult, you know? We have no chance to qualify anymore. But that’s not the part of the game I want to keep in my mind because I think the second part of the game has been spoiled by the referee.

On the air of negativity around the club…

I’ve nothing to add to that. Let’s keep that spirit and play the next game.

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Wade Wilson



If you feel sorry for us paying a lot of money to watch these kind of games, refund us. You chose to make this a category A, minimum £67 a ticket. You could have made this dead rubber a category C. You didn’t.


Wenger doesn’t make those decisions, genius.


Arsene we conceded 10 goals over two legs? Yeah, we haven’t ever had the luck of the draw in the Champions League. We do constantly get shafted by really poor refereeing decisions, but that’s not why we lost that game. We were out of the tie before a ball was even kicked yesterday evening. You cannot excuse turning up to the Allianz Arena, being a ‘Premier League’ club that (supposedly) challenges for ‘league titles’ and get picked apart 5-1 even by Bayern. They absolutely destroyed us in that first leg, and we were lucky it wasn’t 6 or 7 because… Read more »


i like the fact that you are criticizing yourself in other to spur you up. but in a free and fair football match any result can be overturned. nobody is happy about what happened in the first leg, but let truth be told the officiating spoilt the game. if their own penalty was genuine what do you say about Teo Walcots’ penalty that was not given …and instead a yellow card for xakka for complaining. Watch the penalty and sending off and tell me if it was truly a penalty… Sometimes we get carried away by the passion of football… Read more »


Only the fickle glory hunting supporters like you! I am ashamed to call myself an Arsenal supporter right now and that’s nothing to do with Wenger it’s to do with the glory hunters who take too much notice of the media,who have no idea . How the hell can they Slag Wenger off , how can they show him no respect what so ever , the man lives for Arsenal and now all these fake supporters want to turn on him , it’s embarrassing and disrespectful. Those supporters have been spoilt during Wenger rain and know no different, before the… Read more »

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Its all the ref’s fault! He has officially gone senile now!

What kind of a manager loses 10-2 agg, and says yeah we were great, we played like we wanted to play, just top notch, till the ref ruined it for us.

Such lame excuses are pitiable to say the least. Just leave!

Lula da Gilberto

Yep. We can be angry or disappointed with Arsene or the squad for some things. But not this game. This was ruined by the officiating, no question. We showed really) quality in this game and despite my reservations about it I was really enjoying it.

But that’s the way it goes for us in the round of 16, if we don’t fuck it up, the refs do. If we ever want to do well, we need that spirit in every game we play a big club. And every game after 5e group stages of the champions league.

Lula da Gilberto

Yep. We can be angry or disappointed with Arsene or the squad for some things. But not this game. This was ruined by the officiating, no question. We showed really) quality in this game and despite my reservations about it I was really enjoying it.

But that’s the way it goes for us in the round of 16, if we don’t fuck it up, the refs do. If we ever want to do well, we need that spirit in every game we play a big club. And every game after 5e group stages of the champions league.

John C

For someone who’s been talking about making “Lucid” decisions recently his answer were particularly emotional


He’s Lucid raging.


Yes, the ref was shit all night. Once we were in that position though, down to 10 men with 4 goals needed, the tie was over. We should have made sure the score line didn’t become embarrassing… but it did, again.

As well as we played before the sending off, the performance after is inexcusable.

Beezus Fuffoon

Inexcusable? It must be difficult for a players’ head not to drop when you are down to ten men, you require 4 goals, you know that the decision is unfair and wrong, you have very little time to even attempt a fight back, not to mention all that while playing against one of the greatest sides in Europe. I think I can understand why it fell apart, that’s a heavy load to bear for anyone.

I’d like to think that I’d have gritted my teeth, shut-up shop and gotten on with it, too, but we aren’t professional footballers, are we?


Bollocks – these are professional players who are supposed to have passion. They have to a man been on the wrong side of crap decisions before, and will be again. You do NOT just give up in front of the tens of thousands who, despite your poor recent performances, have paid good money to give you their vote of confidence.

Here’s some perspective: how would Keown, Adams, Dixon, Viera, Parlour, etc have reacted to that?

How times have changed.

Al Gilmore

We had plenty of bad defeats with Adams, Bould etc playing for us. You’d think to listen to some people that we were never beaten with those guys playing for us or never let in a goal. There were games when we were outclassed and games where we were outfought. People have rose tinted specs about what we did or didn’t do in the past. None of this is a defence of Wenger or how things are going. But I think people have a habit esp in England of throwing out “pride and passion being missing ” when explaining defeats… Read more »

John C

Tell me which game we lost 5-1 with Adams, Bould, Etc?

Andy Mack

Do you mean exactly 5-1 or just by a big score.
Off the top of my head, November 1990 lost 6-2 against Man U.

John C

And was the previous similar big beating only 3 days earlier? and the one before that only 2 matches before that one?

Can you tell me this time when Adams and Bould played when they lost 5 out 7 matches conceding 18 goals in the process?

John C

And it’s also worth noting that in 91 we were crowned champions having only lost one match to chelsea, so that must have been a league cup match

cazorla's smile

What a load of shit.. these aren’t prima donnas with fragile egos and psychological hookups.. If these well paid footballers, who play football for Arsenal and earn more money than 90% people are so fucking fragile., there is something seriously wrong with Arsenal Football Club.

Godfrey Twatschloch

Game over so we shut shop and kill the game or we go at them and concede goals. Does either option really matter? We were fucked anyway.


the 4th and maybe the 5th goals offside, the 4th goal was yards offside. so we had clear penalty not given to us, a dive awarded a penalty and a red for them (if you don’t think it was a dive, look at the behind the goal camera view, Kos does not trip or push lewandoski, in fact lew pushed kos and then throws himself to the ground), so instead of possibly being 2-0 up, and by the way he reffed, we’d have also been a man up, surely he would have sent off alonso for the penalty, we were… Read more »

John C

Some peoples delusions have no bounds, everything you’ve written is wrong.

Godfrey Twatschloch

Whereas your constant fucking moaning even on the increasingly few occasions when the team plays well and wins is just so profound.


Man feeling the pressure. That said, tonight and tonight alone, he has every reason to feel frustrated and cheated. We would never have qualified, but were denied a bit of pride by a bent/incompetent (choose one) officials. Sad.

Goober Sam

Such a sad way to end his legacy with Arsenal. The man is and always will be a legend I just hope he can leave with some respectability. If he finishes the season in respectable(ish) fashion and goes I can keep the good times fresh in my head. Please Arsene for us and you

Phil Collins fan

We’ve been poor recently and there is no excusing that, but everyone needs a bit of luck when morale is low. Tonight we got the opposite by way of an incompetent ref. It’s like a kick in the guts when you’re already down, battered and broken. Sure hope we win the next game.


hahah love the name. Strangers like me enjoy that type of humour, but Blogs will probably allow you another day in paradise before raining down a groovy kind of punishment.


Nice work! I’m sure there are many closeted Phil Collins fans who visit this site.


The Walcott goal was a ripper though!


UEFA should definitely be sorry to fans who pay money to make the system run, and then see bad refereeing kill any form of competitiveness and entertainment.

Beezus Fuffoon

Not the first time either. Feels like we fall foul of it most years, either through a dodgy penalty or one of our boys getting a red card!


has another player got sent off for what RVP done v Barcelona, its not only in the BPL that refs have different rules in Arsenal games.


they wont be how else will they fix a match. You screw the teams we say you get promoted thats how UEFA operates. Wish i was the lightman at the emirates would have turned off lights and went home when he issued the red or made the wand disappear. Yes we should not have shipped in goals like that and i was furious with Mustafi playing out from back but i wish next time UEFA tries to cheat we just stage a walkout be it haflway in the match a message has to be sent words and interviews dont matter… Read more »


ok so 5-1 was embarassing tonight.. but the players performances were far better than ive seen recently, the ref gave a shit red and we kind of collapsed. but before that we had bayern by the balls almost. Regardless of what is happening at the club, tonights result was pretty bad. but the performance was that of passionate players trying to do their best for the club and manager.. I’m sure ive said it before, but we went out after the first leg tie, had there been no red card then i could see a 3-1 win to us tonight,… Read more »


Not sure which offside is wenger talking about?

Beezus Fuffoon

Lewandowski, before he pushed himself off of Kos and onto the deck.


also the 4th goals was yards offside, and 5th may have been offside too.

Godfrey Twatschloch

At least this was OK though. I mean look at it. There’s fuck all wrong with that. Good that the ref was on the ball and gave it nothing.


That was my thought too, I’m if it had been an Arsenal player against Bayern or Barca the ref would have shown red, but Vidal doesn’t even get a caution. He pulls Ramsey by his leg near the D, yet gets away with that. Walcott is tripped, Lew dives, offsides and so on. I think this is the best performance our boys have produced this calendar year and whenever we get into good positions against the powerhouses ref steps in to kill us off – that’s a given. I feel sorry for AW & boys!!!

Andy Mack

Alonso did enough for a couple of yellows as well but didn’t get a single one…


If Wenger said nothing very nice about the ref, that’s nothing compared to what I screamed at the TV. Just as well the grandkids weren’t around.


I was happy with how we played until their equaliser too. And yes, the referee and assistants were shit, but when you capitulate and get humiliated yet again, and all you can blame is the referee, then I’m afraid you look a bit silly. Saddest indictment is how few people could be arsed (or were even left in the ground) to boo at the end. I think I’m watching Arsenal now through morbid fascination. I’ve stopped feeling. After all, when it’s completely broken, being ‘more broken’ doesn’t mean a lot. If anything, it’s more interesting the longer it goes on,… Read more »


That’s aside from the fact that you know as well as all the rest of us this match got fucked by the ref.


To be fair, the referees were absolute shit. But, by the same token, they weren’t responsible for Arsenal’s second CL collapse in a row. Let’s face it, the wheels have come off.

Godfrey Twatschloch

Sending off Kos and ignoring every foul committed by Bayern, of which there were many, had nothing to do with it?


Of course it did! But that doesn’t excuse two 5-1 collapses in row. The referees were shit but so were we. Trying to blame these two losses on the officiating is just delusional.

Godfrey Twatschloch

I thought we were very good until Kos got sent off.


We were, then, just like last time, we completely capitulated. That’s not down to the ref.

Godfrey Twatschloch

That “capitulation” had nothing to do with being one man down and the ref consistently giving decisions in Bayerns favour? And actually, we didn’t fucking capitulate! On the contrary we went on a suicide mission by continuing to attack them leaving ourselves exposed enough for them to slam in goals for shits and giggles.

gooner of Oz

I really cant believe ppl really blaming referee for being knocked out by 10 fucking goals. Exactly what the real people in fault wish for. He will earn his 8.5 million per year for losing 3rd time in a row to the same team while you argue the last one was partly referees fault. If you believe our failure is due to bad refereeing go to Stadium weekend and cheer for your manager and beg him to stay further of course referees wont make such mistakes again 😉

Stuck on repeat...

Agree with what the boss said.

However, it is not tonights performance that has lead to the situation facing the club. It is all about what has happened before. There have been plenty of opertunties to change & up our game that quite simply haven’t been taken.

It was a fantastic first half performance by the team. Both the players & indeed AW should take some pride in that.

The question does however remain as to why we haven’t seen that before in what seems such a long long time?


Because we started a big game without Ozil. If we had Welbeck upfront I’m very sure we would’ve won. I wouldn’t play Ozil in my team, he’s too much luxury.


So how do u explain Liverpool then?


Look, regardless of the sending off, we should’ve been at least 3 -0 if Giroud and Walcott hadn’t been so daft with their decision making. Then you add the 2 headers Giroud missed, and you see how close we were. Tactically, this is the best we’ve set up in ages. The 4-3-3 was superb. Ramsey was disciplined, Ox was great and Xhaka played well. The only mistake was starting Giroud. Perez should’ve started. The red card killed the game plan. At least, Wenger has stumbled on something looking like our beat 11. 4-3-3 is the way to go with Ozil… Read more »


Since we can’t count on Sanchez anymore, this might be the formation to go for our top 4 battle (yes I still want CL qualification so the next manager can work properly in the transfer window):

Bellerin Mustafi Koscielny Monreal
Ox Xhaka Ramsey
Walcott Welbeck Özil


c’mon even you gt a beef with perez


Ozil? Haha


The referee had the handbrake on a little bit.

Also, Bayern (as good as they are) are a pack of shit cunts. Also, the ref.

Also, we’re a bit poo these days. Like the ref. And Bayern as human beings.

gooner of Oz

So we are like Bayern, the team that just beat our team by 10 goals? I wish we are. No matter the aspect.


The result of playing with a “lucid rage” what a joke..


That was gut wrenching. To see that game taken away from us in that way. It’s probably more unbearable than the first leg. The run of luck we have with uefa refs is just laughable. Sheer incompetence tonight. Feel incredibly sorry for the players and manager.


Tough to take. Really tough to take. Lots of negativity around the club after a bad result as usual. Normally I don’t join in on the discussions about the club and the goings on around us, however I’m fed up. Fed up with this negativity, fed up with people taking out banners, people protesting, people going on YouTube and taking advantage of the reputation certain fans have created for this club. I love this club. I do. Simple as, its been ingrained in me since before I could walk. I love this manager, he has created every good footballing memory… Read more »

Scrotem Gooner

At least the red card has helped Greece’s chances of getting another bail out from the Germans in the coming weeks.


Ref spoilt the competition. It was a 50-50 challenge at worse. After that it was all academic. Whether we lost by 1 goal, won by two or repeated a 5-1 mauling was all superfluous. The first 45 minutes was good by us. BUT at least this time, we capitulated because we were down to ten men and had to take (undue) risk with a hole (largely of our own making) to climb out from the first leg. Another dissapointing season beckons. The FA cup I feel will be scant consolation to some fans even if we should win it. We… Read more »


The thing I’m mostly pissed off about is how well we played in that first half, in the first 15 this team that has been so so bad lately were playing Bayern off the park. Why always when shit is out of reach do we see this. And I see it and go and preach to the world that the team I’ve seen is gonna come out and be the team they once were. I’ve backed this team for so long but I’ve ran out of excuses. Even worse I don’t know what’s needed to change it.


Same gamesmanship from Bayern as the first leg. If you can call it that. Plus the shitest ref going and bang another drubbing. I feel for the players a bit first time in ages we’ve clicked and we get some dog from Greece with the whistle.


Are those the words of a man who realizes that a UEFA ban doesn’t matter? Just get the feeling that he realized he’s unlikely to be back next year and decided “fuck it, I’ll say what I think.”


Not sure what else he could have said. Ref’s decision was shit but there was no reason to concede another 4 goals after the penalty.

Week by week, Wenger is eroding his legacy.


How the fuck did vidal stay on after that studs up tackle on alexis!!


If the whistle goes off, it’s a red card all day. However the decision to blow the whistle was contentious. Nothing short of a bad day.


No win situation for the players tonight. If they shut up shop with 10 men when Koz went off, salvaged a 3-1 scoreline you all be whining because the players didnt go for it, they made it too easy for Bayern etc…. if they had a go and got beaten 5-1.. its a capitulation. Or worse still, got injured when a player down in a match that was already lost.. imagine the outrage! In a 2 legged tie, 5-2 down on aggregate, a player down, there is no choice but to atleast have a go. Struth you lot just cant… Read more »

Le Jim

BREAKING: Wenger banned by UEFA for 6 games after comments about referees. He will return to the touchline to manage his Barcelona side against his old club, Arsenal, in the Round of 16 in the 2017-18 season.


The only positive thing in the 2nd half when the referee blows the final whistle

Godfrey Twatschloch

Was hoping for someone to loaf the cunt.


Should have. Why not?

gooner of Oz

Handbrake referees bad luck injuries players and even fans are in fault of our failures, never the man in charge of everything. Seems fair to me.


So you didn’t happen to notice what turned this match completely around?
It was two calls by the way, a real shout for us, and an extremely dubious change of card in their favor – by the same end line official.

Wenger’s future aside, we got fucked by Uefa.

gooner of Oz

Yes we got fucked but we were already raped by Bayern and it was not like we were going to go through. You cant lose 10-2 and blame it all on a red card.

John C

A red card with only 35 minutes of a 180 minute tie left.

Wenger has successfully diverted the attention of the many easily led morons from his failures to the referee!

Godfrey Twatschloch

Ok then John C, how would you have managed the situation and lead us to victory with one man down against one of the top 3 teams in the world? What did Wenger and everyone else do wrong that you wouldn’t?

gooner of Oz

Yes John C. Listen what he says it was all for that red card we are in a mess like this. Just look at our first leg result or last year when we lost 5-1 to Bayern Munich. These are not morons they know the difference between a 5-1 and a 5-1. Its all referees fault. He broke Wengers zipper too.

Godfrey Twatschloch

Only we aren’t discussing the shower of shit against Bayern in the previous game here. This is about yesterdays game where we were winning until the ref sent Kos off. But don’t let that stop you from feeling smug over how you are not a moron like those of us who think the refs bias had a huge impact the game.

John C

We weren’t going to win that’s the point, we had already lost.

You have some pride and make sure you don’t suffer the biggest loss of any English side over a 2 legged tie in Europe EVER!!!

Team’s from Liechtenstein and Malta lose 10-2 not Arsenal!!

Godfrey Twatschloch

OK, while we agree on the game being lost you and I differ on it mattering by how much. One player down and attacking we’re bound to concede goals. Under the circumstances I’ve no problem with that. One player down and defending we lose by less and I’d been OK with that too. What I would not have been OK with is us taking a battering like the previous game with the full squad on the pitch. Had that happened I would have moaned too. 5-2 or 10-2 under yesterdays circumstances is all the same to me. As things stand… Read more »

John C

Sorry but 5-2 or 10-2 might not make a difference to you but that scoreline will be in the record books for decades under the heading of Worst Result of an English Side in Europe Ever, and the circumstances it occurred will be forgotten in weeks if not days, if anyone cared at all.

The loss of standing, prestige and respect amongst our peers may never recover and the ramifications in attracting sponsors and top name signings might be huge.

Wenger is causing us massive reputational damage and must go ASAP!!

Godfrey Twatschloch

As will our unbeaten season and other achievements. Up, down and up again. We’ll live to see more great times as well as bad. It’s the way it goes.

Godfrey Twatschloch

And I see no loss of standing when knowing our legs were swept from underneath us by a crap ref and that we chose to keep fighting anyway.

Different matter if this had happened with a full squad, like in Munich last month, but it didn’t. We played well until Kos got sent off. Better than them. No shame here.

Naija Fan

Once KOS was taken out I knew it was going to end like the first leg. I think Eufa should take a look at the performance of these referees.It’s really shit to pay to watch what should have been a competitive game turned to a joke by the action of ‘unquestionable referees’. Wenger and his team should just focus in finishing in a good position on the league.

Matt P

Those who think the 4th goal was offside need there eyes tested. He was onside at the moment the ball was played.
And Kos was just asking for trouble on the penalty. Sure it was a little bit 50/50, but he clearly put his arm across Lew before he pushed back. I came to that conclusion myself, and have since seen / read many neutral views that it WAS a penalty
I’m fucken tired of excuses from wenger and fans


IT WAS NOT a penalty. Penalty is a foul inside the box. This was not a foul and would not have been given anywhere outside the box. So Kos is putting his arm and the diving cunt jumps and falls 3-4 meters?? Aha.. “knowledge transfer” in Bayern from the biggest diving dutch cunt to a polish one. What a shame..CL is totally corrupted..

John C



I was more shocked that the official next to the goal actually made a decision for the ref instead of just standing there with their ‘wand’


Is there any way we could make Sanchez player manager till the end of the season?


He was one of Arsenal’s worst players last night. Made so many mistakes, gave the ball away, created one of Bayern’s goals.


Really impressed with the energy and spirit in the first half. You can’t control the performance of the ref and the final result.

I hope they can keep up this tempo for the rest of the season because if they do I’m sure we will win most of our games.

I’m all for change at the club but feel that the journalists and some fans are being unnecessarily harsh on the manager and some of the players.


Lose 2-10 on aggregate: “fans are being unnecessarily harsh.”

Yeah, fuck success.

Might as well give everyone on the team a fucking participation trophy while we’re at it.

PLAYING WELL FOR 55 MINUTES DOESN’T MEAN SHIT!!! One fuck-up can be the difference between a title winner and Steven Gerrard.

And now some fans are happy about a football team playing good football for 55 minutes? Man, those expectations have dropped real low.


I don’t understand. Isn’t this something we see every season? We get thrashed in the first leg only to put up a fight in the second yet fail to get through. We were about to see the exact same thing last night but the ref stopped it short. Still no excuse to concede 10 goals though. I can’t believe people are choosing to blame this on the ref. It’s shocking.

gooner of Oz

Exactly you cant blame anything when you lose 5-1 for the third time in a row to the same team. Another big loss (10-2) in this round has the least to do with anyone else that our own. Still while you can find someone else to disctract people off your failures? Go for it Wenger.


“…my team has … played very well.” What the actual fuck?!? WE LOST 1-5. In what fucking universe is that playing WELL?!? Sure, the effort during the first half was nice (why can’t they start like that EVERY big game?), but as soon as one thing went wrong, the players’ heads exploded. We played LIKE FUCKING SHIT. Twice. If the Arsene is “revolted” by how bad the refs were, what about the players? I literally cannot understand how anyone “lucid” can make excuses after a tie this shit. I’m revolted by the fact that a man I once respected can’t… Read more »

gooner of Oz

Accourding to his standards that is catagorized in being “very well”. Of course he is having another very well season here like all the past very well seasons. After all no ones surprised seeing us knocked out. Not even by the manner of it.

Maasai Gooner

If I was Ospina; guess I’ll need some crack!


Im still pissed off at the 8-2 drubbing by Man U in the league let alone 10-2 over 2 legs in the CL league, the only positive i can take from the game is that is the best 45 minutes we have produced this season in any game, yer the ref was poor but dont put the seasons lack of performances into that one game we are missing a spine to this team and the tappy tappy one style of play always hinders on the brilliant to absolute pants,we are just open to the sucker punch every time we are… Read more »


I am no longer ashamed to bet against Arsenal. I have bet against Arsenal last night as it was obvious we are going to get hammered. The club is ill and needs a bloody magical healer! However, if Kroenke is the owner no matter who is the manager. It will be always groundhog day. Kroenke is not interested in sport! Look at his franchise sport clubs. Bloody average at best. Unless Kroenke sells Arsenal, Wanger leaves and 80% of the current squad is FIRED, Arsenal wont make it anywhere. My prediction for next season? 10th place at best and no… Read more »

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