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PICTURES: Arsenal’s new third kit + full range of training gear

Arsenal have launched their new Puma third kit for the 2017/18 season ahead of tomorrow’s match with Sydney FC.

Mesut Ozil, Alexandre Lacazette, Olivier Giroud, Laurent Koscielny, Petr Cech and Nacho Monreal all modelled the kit in front of a picturesque backdrop of Sydney’s Harbour Bridge and Opera House.

It’s a bit different, but then so was last year’s navy and neon yellow number and we won every game in that.

Puma have also designed a full range of training kit to be worn alongside the shirt, which you can check out below. The shirt can be ordered from Arsenal Direct or Puma.

Arsenal 3rd shirt 2017/18
Arsenal 3rd shorts 2017/18
Arsenal 3rd socks 2017/18
Arsenal 3rd long-sleeve training top 2017/18
Arsenal 3rd stadium jacket 2017/18
Arsenal 3rd training top 2017/18
Arsenal 3rd camo training top 2017/18
Arsenal 3rd bench coat 2017/18

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Predictable comment, but nevertheless true: that’s awful.

Jungu Beans

I kind of like it, actually. That camo thing is an abomination, but the rest are not bad.

Mr. G

Pretty much my thoughts. All good bar the horrendous camoflage…thing


The camo is good. It means no one can see the team while they’re training, so no one can see what drills and formations they’re working on.

A different George

I was just recently walking down a street full of pink and black buildings and thought to myself: “I wish I had a shirt that would let me blend into this background.”


I think it’s the fuschia, or is it salmon pink? Not sure it works with the grey is all. I can see that bright colours and dull greyscales can really work but it doesn’t in this example. Anyway that’s my two penneth.

Mein Bergkampf

It was supposed to be black and white but got put in the wash with the Arsenal home shirts.

Bendtner\'s ego

Everyone who posted mean and awful things about the purple and black kit should reply to this post and apologize.

This new one marks an all new low.

Another Paul

I actually really liked the purple and black one…


That velvet bumblebee purple and black abomination is still the worst kit of all time, for any team in any sport – even worse than our kaleidoscopic banana peel away kit from the 90s. This pink and black monstrosity certainly does give it a run for the money, though.


finally a 3rd kit that looks good.


I don’t see those flying off the shelves in a hurry.


Marmite of the football shirt world perhaps.

Ol Granny Xhaka

What’s with all the camouflage gear Arsenal are putting out? Ghastly

Nigerian Rex

Hideously beautiful…… Me likey!


Disgusting! Definitely not Arsenal.


Camo? Seriously?
Where on earth does that qualify as camouflage? A 1970’s disco for the sartorially disadvantaged?

A different George

Unlike the sand or green-colored “real” camo that lets you blend into your average city scene.


I like them. Much better than the away strip.


Make sure those zippers on e coat work for Arsene’s one!


A 3rd bench coat…Arsene will love that!


For the third rate Arsene look.

Likkle Bit Team Spirit

Dont normally care much either way but this really sucks. Definitely going nowhere near the Armoury this season!


We seriously need to ditch Puma.


Well, I don’t like it, but if Alexis will be banging goals galore in it then who cares.

Terry Neill - never again

Dear Puma, we are The Arsenal and we wear ‘the’ red and ‘the’ white. When necessary we can also wear ‘the’ yellow & ‘the’ blue. Our trademark red shirt and white sleeves are world famous. Please desist with the Top Shop designs that use orange, pink, yellow, day-glo, camouflage, skintight, cheap nonsense that you’ve peddled since you’ve been with us and get back to first principles. If you are incapable of performing this simple task please piss off to a shallow, history-free, nouveau club many of which are also in London.


If you don’t want to move too far, there’s even one also in North London!


1st reaction wtf is this. Last seasons 3rd was beautiful. Training top is funky though. 2nd thought it’s quite stylish.

Cliff Bastin

I have mixed feelings about this. Last season I bought the home one and a few weeks before the fa cup final they sold the special fa cup embroided home kit WITH A 30% DISCOUNT and we had to go and win it ffs


Am already imagining Wenger in that coat struggling with the zippers and trying to pocket and not finding the pockets


That is absolutely awful. Awful, I say. Back in my day, we would not be caught dead in pink. We solely wore black and white with the primary colours; red, yellow and blue – also known as the Manly Triumvirate. When you wear pink your estrogen levels actually slightly increase. This has been scientifically proven. Don’t look it up. No need. You know it’s true too – deep in your heart. Whenever you slip that pink polo shirt over your head, you become less of a man. When Arsenal wear this shirt, they will slowly but surely turn feminine. It’s… Read more »

Dan Hunter



Loving the camouflage

David Hillier\'s luggage

Am I the only one who thinks this double collar thing looks horrible? It’s not as bad as it is on the home kit, but it’s still pretty ghastly.


Looks brilliant! Yes its different but for a change is great. That Camo training top is lit. Definitely going to buy it


Where did they get Pink from? Its warmed on me slightly but I don’t remember us ever wearing pink before? Really hoping we don’t renew with Puma in all honesty. Its quite sad seeing Spurs walk around in a Nike top while we’re wearing Puma. Also would be nice for all the Emirates branding to go, I think their naming rights on the shirt are finishing soon and hopefully the stadium too. It’s hard to play the ‘we’re a classy, properly run club who don’t rely on dodgy money from foreign investors like City or Chelski’ card when our stadium… Read more »


Why does it matter if it’s Nike, Puma, Adidas? Whomever gives us the best deal


Sure, the best deal is priority.
But Puma have by far the worst shirt designs out there.

Lord Bendnter

I like pink. Pink is the new blue.

Freaky gooner

Anybody else notice only laca doesn’t have a number on his kit?


I like it, looks good!

Another Yank

Chelski had a pretty decent black kit a few years ago that I actually liked. The only thing I liked from that lot in the history of things. This reminds me of it. Probably going to get one.


Love it




I like it. I like the ‘camo’ training top too so there’s that I suppose.


I have 2 surplus Arsenal tickets for West Sydney vs Arsenal Saturday July 15th. $200 seats (very negotiable). [email protected]


I quite like it. It’s a decent football kit. But it’s not an Arsenal kit imo.

There doesn’t seem to be any ‘identity’ to it. It could easily be confused with Nike’s range of template kits that they’re banging out at the moment.


Love me a black kit. Good for a bit of FIFA as well


That is actually a really good looking third kit for once. Can be an instant retro classic. The only hesitation is the camo training top. (Yes, I do work with graphic design and colors from time to time).

When Skies Are Grey

No idea why they released the 3rd kit before the 2nd, but hey ho…

Bai Blagoi

The bench coats… Does Puma make them so ridiculous on purpose, so that the other teams can make fun of Wenger after that?


this is actually a good looking kit. some of you have bad taste 😛

also, check the remaining camo collection on the Arsenal store. Most of it is actually good looking.




Did we actually win every game in last season’s third kit? If so, how many was that?


Eight out of eight, I believe.

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