Video: Thierry Henry analyses Alexandre Lacazette’s Premier League debut


Thierry Henry likes the look of Arsenal new boy Alexandre Lacazette but thinks it may take a few weeks for his teammates to get used to the type of run he makes.

Speaking on Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football the former France international highlights the best of his compatriot’s goal-scoring debut performance against Leicester City, looks at why Granit Xhaka should channel his inner Emmanuel Petit and predicts big things when Alexis Sanchez returns to the team.

Apologies about the quality of the video, we shot it on our phone but figured it was worth sharing.


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If Chelsea are offering £… million for Gibbs_ Gabriel_ Elneny_ Jenkinson_ coquelin_ Debuchy, we should sell???YES
…… …… ….. ……

we need to Seri _ Lemar _ Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain_ Lacazette _ sanchez and top class players.
Liverpool join Arsenal in race for Jean Michael Seri…


You’ve been reading the papers too much

The Romford Pelé

Why stop there? If Chelsea are offering £… million, sell the whole first team – buy Messi and Ronaldo and they can play with the U23’s?




I think he needs to get used to the different physicality of the English game, he was getting pushed off the ball too easily imho. This will come in time as he plays more match time. He has great pace and gets into good positions. I think him and Giroud could make a great strike partnership as they compliment each others games. Time will tell if Wenger sees it that way though


Dont get to see him often as I’m not in the UK, but that was impressive analysis from my fave all-time ex-player!


I hope we start giving him the balls for those runs! We definitely do need to be braver with the ball at times.


Said during pre-season that Laca has 30 league goals in him but he’ll only end up with 15 if the players around him don’t adjust to his clever movements in the attacking third.

Also it must be pretty f*cking amazing for the new man to hear the legend TH14 give him his blessing in such a detailed way.

Mate Kiddleton

Dat touch tho @ 4:52


Like the way Giroud managed to bring him into play and he dribbled in to almost score.

But truth be told, Welbeck had some excellent moments too as did Giroud.

I think the strikers are prospering because of a new system in employing two around the box with better link play as well from the Ox and Kolasinac in particular (not to mention the usual supply from Granit)


Welbeck squandered great opportunities as usual, he’s just not a good striker. Works hard, good technique, pace but terrible striking.


I think Henry the pundit is nearly unwatchable in these pieces. Should’ve stuck to training our young lads how to become a top pro, instead.

Wenger\'s Pony

Henry’s got so much swag. You are a mug.


Why? Don’t you like someone talking common sense without waffling ?


Not many people understands common sense nowadays


Haters gonna hate

The Romford Pelé

Pro tip: Don’t watch it then?

David C

is it because he’s not shouting like Robbie Savage or Craig Burley?


The bigger point Henry seems to miss is we are in effect playing a 2-3-2-3 We have two strikers involved at most times. Wenger seems to be gravitating toward having a combo of either Lacazette-Welbeck or Giroud-Lacazette or Giroud-Welbeck (Walcott can also be thrown into the mix) to afford more presence within the 6 yard box and it is paying dividends. As I mentioned many times, there is no detriment in playing Lacazette with Giroud. In effect the sort of work rate/goals Lacazette affords is cover for Alexis. What we are (WILL be) missing is the “unpredictability” factor he brings… Read more »


3-2-3-2* 😛 Does not look as daft as the classic 2-4-4


To watch : PSG. The Cavanni – Neymar partnership has gotten to a flying start. Therefore some players look potentially marginalised. In particular Draxler wasn’t played as much last season and with Di Maria featured for opening game, may be dropped further from pecking order. Also Pastore who has gone a bit out of fashion now. BOTH players have very useful qualities to bring to our current squad. In particular, even with Giroud, Lacazette and Welbeck, we may still have space for another striker given new system with two planted higher up. BUT midfield needs work too. Granit is no… Read more »


I can’t see how we particularly need another forward, assuming Ozil and Sanchez stay. Wenger plays them almost every PL game (so one of them will be the “second striker”) and it’s hard to see anyone coming in and taking their place.

That puts Welbeck, Giroud and Walcott on the bench. Maybe we could get an upgrade for Danny or Theo as a squad/bench player, but it’s hardly vital.


And we also have Iwobi, of course – unfortunately also probably benched in the PL given that Alexis and ozil always start (when available).

Really looking forward to use of squad depth in the cups.

The Romford Pelé

We have no immediate need for another forward player, look at what has happened with Perez….


I remember screaming at my TV for Xhaka missing that long ball to Lacazette.. Spot on analysis by Henry.. If only Welbeck can add Laca’s movement to his game…

Terry Henry

Welbeck has good movement to be fair. It’s his finishing that’s usually the problem


spot on , He needs a lot of time to react when he is through on goal he is beast but when the ball comes at him in the box suddenly he always seems to miss.

examples Bellerins goal v everton and sanchez goal v man city


His movement isn’t great he never makes space for himself it’s why he gets blocked all the time. instead of throwing off the defender with a step to the left then running into the space on the right he just runs to the space which makes it so much easier for defenders.


I think we need to appreciate Welbeck for his qualities rather than compare him with other strikers. He actually gets into very good positions. It’s the finishing that’s an area of improvement. Danny boy needs to improve his first touch. He never seems to have the ball in his control. In football, your first touch determines whether you have the time to compose yourself to finish and thread a ball through.


Of course we should compare him otherwise he just gets a free ride for no good reason. He’s been with us for 3 years now and hasn’t improved plus he should be in his prime. For his ability he should be a lot better and his goal record is awful, he has only 3 seasons where he has scored more than 5 goals in the league!


In other words…as razor sharp as Lacazette is, it isn’t particularly the player alone that is making the extra impact rather the system.


Will be interesting to see how the team develops

Terry Henry

Hell of a touch

Forrest Moore

Direct balls. Leicester won the league that way. Giroud is our only real aerial power, so the wings aren’t our strong point. Lacazette has pace, feed him; Ozil, Xhaka, Sanchez, Ramsey, Elneny, Wilshere(?).


Özil with the “Well done mate” clap there.


Loved Carragher’s reaction to “they [defenders] don’t like it”. Evoked memories of Henry making him look drunk back in 2004.


“Why do you want to play that – I will call it ‘the Arsenal ball’ – to the winger that comes in the pocket?”

That’s the decade-long question, isn’t it?

“The thing about Arsenal is they always try to walk it in.”
The IT Crowd, S3 E2, original air date: November 28, 2008.

Tony grayson

why not try Giroud upfront with lacazette and Sanchez either side? That sounds to me like it could be a devastating attack! Not sure if lacazette can play on the right though, penny for your thoughts guys….


Well, it’s easy for Henry say those things as he had the ability to finish those runs with a goal and that’s why he is who he is. Can’t expect the same from Laca.
I think the very reason why Wenger started playing sideways (build up) style is because he didn’t have a Bergkamp or a Henry anymore.


Thanks for posting this I don’t get to see these guys in the great white north.

Henry is the fucking man. So much bravado. I miss those days.


“Arsenal ball” we neef to be,more direct with new boy in the team


Such an awesome player Henry, but a god-awful pundit


I hope we adapt the approach rather than try to change the striker.