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Report: Arsenal 1-0 West Ham (inc goal)

Arsenal: Ospina, Debuchy, Holding, Chambers, Kolasinac, Coquelin, Elneny, Willock, Welbeck, Walcott, Giroud

Subs: Macey, Sheaf, Dasilva, Nelson, The Jeff, Akpom, Nketiah

Arsenal made it through the semi-finals of the Carabao Cup with a 1-0 win over West Ham at the Emirates this evening.

It was a typically second string side from Arsene Wenger, although Sead Kolasinac playing at left back and no sign of Ainsley Maitland-Niles is, perhaps, a sign of things to come when Liverpool visit on Friday.

Danny Welbeck had the first attempt on goal in the 15th minute, but his effort deflected well wide. Giroud had a chance to take it down and did but then didn’t, followed by a Theo Walcott cross so heavy it was instantly renamed a Charlie Adam.

Then Walcott did a cross so low it was a David Bowie album, Hernandez went down like he’d been kicked in the ribs after being kicked in the ribs by Rob Holding, and Kolasinac had a 38th minute pop at goal which went a long way wide but was about the most exciting thing that had happened all game.

The Bosnian then turned provider, putting in a great cross for Walcott who had time to take a touch and a shot, but instead decided to try a diving header from 8 yards out and put it wide.

Shortly after though, Arsenal were ahead. After a long period of possession, Debuchy crossed from the right, and although he didn’t connect cleanly with the header, the ball fell to Danny Welbeck who shinned it into the net from close range. 1-0.

That was enough to give the Gunners the lead at half-time, and there were no changes from either side at the break.

Kolasinac had to defend a cross from the left after Walcott lost possession, Holding then got away with what looked like a blatant block on Hernandez, and Walcott went on a run which saw him dribble the ball out of play for a goal kick.

Coquelin tried a shot from 35 yards which, surprisingly, did not trouble the goalkeeper, while at the other end Cresswell fired a free kick wide of Ospina’s far post. Moyes then brought on Andy Carroll, because what the game was missing was a really shit man-bun, and within seconds of coming on he committed his first foul, clumping into Coquelin while he was in the air and somehow avoiding a booking.

Welbeck went down under a challenge from Hart just outside the box, replays showed contact was made inside, and the England keeper picked up a yellow card for his troubles as Arsenal got a free kick instead of a penalty.

The Gunners were forced into a 75th minute change after Giroud’s hamstring went pop, and he was replaced by Reiss Nelson.

A super run from Willock set up Walcott but he couldn’t get a shot away and his layoff to Elneny found the Egyptian but he too failed to get a strike on goal. Ben Sheaf replaced Willock in the 84th minute, before Coquelin limped off in the final minute of normal time with what looked like a groin or hamstring injury. Or both. He was replaced by Josh Dasilva.

Not much else happened, the game ended, and we find out who we play in the semi-final tomorrow.

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Good win, though shame for Giroud. Here comes a semi, exciting!


elneny + walcott = cobination of perfect offside goals/passes….

imo elneny should have a haircut now to be a likeable fellow..

Too Drunk To Be Offside

If its just a semi, clearly your excitement could go higher.

Original Paul

Glad you got a semi mate. Lol


Giroud getting off gives me a semi.

Maybe a little too far


A signature wellbeck goal: he miscued it, he shin it and he scored! Ya wellbeck ya!


Hardly glamourous, but a win is a win, and our back 4 BOSSED the West Ham attack tonight.


it’s not about being glamourous in this competition. It’s about doing a job, especially for the young lads. And they did it. They knew they’re playing basically with no one who is able to bring the ball from the midfield to the strikers. So it was about being solid defensively and try to nick a goal after a cross or a set piece. And that’s exactly what they did. Absolutely pleased with that performance. I can also not understand all these ”it’s just the cup, we want the league” guys. We all want the league but if we’re honest, even… Read more »


I completely agree.

Teryima Adi

Spot on, Bro


Is Elneny the most boring player to have played for Arsenal?


John jensen

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Ironically he is a very exciting player with his national team.


My vote would be for Denilson and his lazy jogging around the pitch with little dinky passes. Elneny may not be flashy and certainly has a limit to what he can provide, but one thin you know with him is that he’ll be consistent and work his tail off the entire time he is on the pitch. A great squad player to have that can fill in when needed and do whatever job the manager asks of him.

Siz C

Igor Stephanos

Michael Bolton Wanderers

I agree, but he will most likely never improve our first XI.
Honest player, yes, but in my opinion he’s not good enough for a top 6 team

Original Paul

He’s better than that potentially imo.

Gudang Pelor

If Elneny bleached his hair blonde, we can call him Ray.

Original Paul

I thought Elneny put a real shift in tonight massive engine! Oh ahhh Ray Parlour!

Sheffield Goon

Hooray! Bring on Citeh.

Sheffield Goon

Er, yeah, OK. Or Leicester…

Sheffield Gooner

…or not.


We might have a chance against City B team


A win’s a win. Not much more to say. Any idea when the liveblogs will be back Blogs?

Kwame Ampadu Down

‘A win’s a win. Not much more to say’.

Indeed….but dozens of us will find something to say regardless ?


What an absolute thriller!

Don Cazorleone

thriller in vanilla


Turgid shit. At least we’re through.

Shame about the injuries.


Oli is going to be a massive miss..shame..
good outing for the young guys.
absolutely waste of space by walnut..

Original Paul

It’s hard to thumb up or down as you are making two points.
For me we won’t miss Giroud and yes Theo is really not very good at all.

frank from vienna

so who´s gonna score the late equalisers against lesser Opposition if not Giroud? Nketiah maybe? No, honestly, i´ll Keep Oli as a decent second striker all the time. but Walcott really frustrates….


Just out of interest blogs, where do you get photos for the reports from so quickly after the game? Or is that a trade secret..


Pyrrhic victory. But good performances by Chambers, Holding and Willock.


How so?


Losing two solid players who both can come off the bench to do a job in a PL game. And getting even more games in January.

But a win is still positive.


Yogic good win. Though the youngster ers andd mat debaucey play very wElla. Theo will score a important header one day soon. Thought t elneny played well for team


Why is anyone voting down this comment?


lot of grammar nazis on this site


t’elneny’s what we call him up here in Yorkshire

My name is Jeff

Love the fact that Welbeck’s goal was textbook Welbeckian. Hopefully he keeps it up as he is now the number one offensive choice off the bench for the first team.


When is Debuchy going to take Bellerins spot.


welbeck’s shin ?


o’er ‘ere son, on me shin.


shoulder / thigh / backside etc


1) Back line was solid chambers or holding needs to be back in the prem line up 2) Coquelin did the cdm role excellently, moved into created space well and offloaded the ball quickly 3) el neny did the opposite less accurate passes, slower in the build up and was totally static all game. 3)willock is clearly very talented the run into the box demonstrates that, reminds me of diaby tall and powerful even at his young age. Got around the pitch well but dispossessed 3 times. 4) I am one of those that sticks up for walcott but he… Read more »


Was that what inhabitants of this planet call “football” ?
We thought it would be more fun to watch.


Good for Welbeck to get a goal and the back four did great. Chambers looked class. Definitely didn’t think Elneny and Coquelin had bad games, buuut playing both means sideways or backwards most of the time. Which, to put it mildly, is very boring to watch. Who cares if it’s only the Carabao Cup though, we’re in a semi final and still in with a chance to win some silverware. Let’s keep going and ruin Christmas for Liverpool !

A Different George

The goal came from a fine pass from Coquelin to Debuchy. Last time out, Coquelin made a very good long Xhaka-esque pass to someone heading for the byline. So I expect him to score sometime soon.


He absolutely deserves it. He’s not so popular right now, but he’s been a fine servant to the club, & he’s given us a lot. I think people are forgetting how good he was with Cazorla as a partner.


I’m so glad we managed to get a goal, because for the entire first half I had no idea how we could possibly do it. That lineup, just completely bereft of any creativity… The words “what is Wenger thinking?” echoed through my mind, was the man really going to rely on Welbeck and Walcott for chance creation? Welbeck, El Neny, Coq, are all very solid players who I rate, but they’re hardly creative. Walcott seems to be afraid of the ball, and it’s tough seeing him with the armband. Thankfully, the boys eventually realized that their best bet was to… Read more »

Fireman Sam

Walcott can use his armband to cover his eyes when match of the day is on


This team is the antithese of effective Football and Elneny is the master of this type of play.
Choose always back- or sideway passes instead of forward passes, always slow down each possibility for a counterattack and creates absolutely nothing. He’s not alone, but in my eyes is the archetype of this team.
An absolutely boring match.


It was his sideways pass to lacazette that got is our first goal of the season. Enough hate mate.

Kwame Ampadu Down

I’m sure all the people around the world being persecuted for their religious beliefs or colour or sexuality might disagree with you that criticising a footballers ability counts as ‘hate’.


Wouldn’t be an Arsenal match without a strained hammy and groin.


I won’t ask how you got that


Glad we won but WHU were absolute crap from start to finish. Debuchy has got to replace Bellerin. Back 4 looked good. Willock impressed. Good lord Theo Walnut. 3 touches of any note through the entire 90mins. A half decent cross after about 30mins, a forward pass towards the end of the 1st half and a sliding tackle in time added on after the 90. Everything else was either a back pass or more often a complete cock up. How on earth that imitation of a premier league footballer is still getting games at AFC is a fucking mystery. Blogger… Read more »


“Then Walcott did a cross so low it was a David Bowie album”

Well played, sir!

Fireman Sam

Och well, a win’s a win, even by shin


Debuchy walking back after being caught upfield won’t fly against more intense competition, imho. Even if I appreciate him for playing his way back into the team, it doesn’t look like he is ready for the main draw.


Well you can’t complain. This wasn’t the best game but a semi-final. Take that seriously and we have ourselves a trip to Wembley!

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