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Arsenal extend Emirates shirt sponsorship deal

Arsenal have confirmed that they have renewed their shirt sponsorship deal with Emirates.

The Dubai-based airline’s brand will be sported on all match kits until 2024 – a five-year extension on the current deal – while our home ground will continue to be known as the Emirates Stadium until 2028, as part of an agreement signed in 2012.

The Gunners first signed a sponsorship deal with Emirates in 2004 ahead of the move away from Highbury and they became shirt sponsors two years later when we moved into our new home.

Speaking about the deal, Ivan Gazidis said: “Our shirt partnership is the longest running in the Premier League and one of the longest relationships in world sport.

“This mutual commitment is testimony to the strength and depth of our unique relationship. Emirates are again demonstrating their great belief in our approach and ambition and their significantly increased investment will help us continue to compete for trophies and bring more success to the club and our fans around the world.

“Emirates is a great partner for Arsenal – a world-class brand with a truly global reach. The airline plays a significant role in our ambitions to extend our influence and following around the world. The new deal, extending our shirt partnership until 2024, underlines how much both organisations value and benefit from the relationship.”

The new terms have been described as a club record, hardly surprising given the £30 million a year terms we signed with Emirates in 2012 have since been dwarfed by our rivals both at home and abroad. It’s not yet clear how much the Gunners will earn from the new deal but presumably, it should stand us in good stead in future transfer windows. It also appears that the new deal will allow us the chance to look for a sleeve sponsor, the tenancy opportunity has come to the fore this season after a change in Premier League rules.

We’ll do some digging on the figures…watch this space.

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What about sleeve sponsorships? IIRC our previous contract with Emirates didn’t allow for one.

It’s vital for us to increase income from sponsorships to not worry about STCC rule (wage increase rule)

Gus Caesar

Apparently the new deal excludes sleeve sponsorship, so we should soon be getting a separate deal for that too.


i hope the same is performance based, then there is an incentive to do well 🙂


Highbury any day

Andy Mack

This is about shirt advertising rather than the naming rights for the Ashburton Grove Stadium.

I\'m 14 again

Oh please let this be another step in the right direction. I hope there’s some sort of demand or pressure from the Fly Emirates group for AFC to deliver much more on the sporting front. Everyone would benefit from that… Players, Board, Fans, all staff and the Fly Emirates group too


we have got to improve, otherwise, who wants to sponsor a bunch of loosers

Gunner from north

£30,000,001 new club record

Preston Parkway

Love it! A great sponsor and part of our football club by this point. Proud day.


It had better be a million Gazidisillion pounds



Asrar Ahmed

There are strong rumours that he actually has a one year contract, not two, and that this will be his last year at Arsenal. He is saying 2 years as a smokescreen. If you see the changes taking place the signing of one of the best scouts and footballing directors in world football, power is being wrestled away from Wenger, which of course he does not like. Gazidis is the guy Kroenke does not want to lose because of his negotiating power with sponsorships and marketing. So Gazidis is in a strong position. These are the catalysts for change. Wenger… Read more »


Let’s hope not, abated means ended, so you won’t be alive.

Asrar Ahmed

@pedant you of all people should know abated also means lessened


It’s our loss if Wenger leaves us. Clubs like PSG, Madrid and maybe even Bayern will have a red carpet rolled out for him. He may even take the France NT job.

What needed change was our approach in the transfer market and our investment policy. The first thing seems to have changed but not our investment. We have sold plenty of players to compensate for our purchases. I will not judge Wenger until we spend some f*cking money. The league position is directly related to our transfer outlay. We are seriously punching above our weight.


If you think Bayern, PSG or Madrid will be competing to get Wenger’s signature after he finishes up at Arsenal you truly are deluded.


Anyone who thinks otherwise is deluded. Apart from a section of our fans, the man is highly respected and valued around the world.


Highly respected as an individual yes. As a coach not so much. But who knows maybe a change of scenery is what he needs. Away from the defensive minded teams in the Prem. And away from Mourinho


As a coach and as a manager i still respect him. 3 FA cups and 3 Charity shields. Still punching above his weight with next to nothing transfer outlay. Plus we must remember Arsenal is not just the first team. It’s the youth teams, the facilities, women’s team(everything put together). What really hurt me is the season when Leicester won the league and losing against Monaco in the R16. Wenger could have done better as a coach on those two occasions. Other than that he’s been excellent. We are still lucky to have him. I will judge him after we… Read more »


Yeah all our opposition fans are so fearful of what he can do they chant that they want him to stay


Yeah – and football ground songs are all so fair/impartial that they should be taken literally.


Well in his interview with Beinsport he was his usual arrogant, deluded, stubborn self. He must have repeated himself again & again ‘Every big club in the world wanted me, but I am loyal etc etc’ So you poor ignorant fans, this (Arsenal) is my club, and I will stay here as long as I want. Well that’s how it came across to me.



Asrar Ahmed

You can’t be serious. He is an average manager who’s methods are way past their sell by date.


Maybe we should get El-Al as the shirt sponsor………….it’d certainly be newsworthy!


Ryanair on the sleeves ,Emirates on the chest would give us the sky. As that’s the limit!


This along with the new shirt deal should keep us sitting very pretty.


Can we get Tesla or space X on our sleeves? I would love that. just a personal wish


I don’t think they need any kind of advertisement! ‘Arsenal’ on their rocket makes sense though!

Iwobi\'s left foot first touch

Would be exciting but I guess they don’t want the rocket to miss the target though.


After we regain our naming rights, we should change it into something to pay homage to Arsene Wenger, when people will start appreciating him down the years again. Something like, ‘The home of Arsene’ or ‘Wenger’s Palace’.


You think we won’t pimp out the name again?


Don’t know what others think/thought about it, but I really liked the name ‘Ashburton Grove’. Wish it could be that again, but oh well, we need the money too.

Andy Mack

Stadium Wenger sounds good, but like every other club, we need the money the stadium naming rights earn.

the only sam is nelson

securing a shirt sleeve sponsorship deal would be like winning a trophy! or a new signing, I forget which


I think the deal is decent but not amazing. Why should it be amazing? In terms of league standing, we’re on a downward trajectory for the last few years. If we were in the CL this year and in the top 4 and looking like were going to qualify again I’m sure we would have got a much better deal.

Until we start doing better I can’t see any reason for major growth in these deals.


Imagine downvoting this.

One Dennis Bergkamp

Hate the sleeve sponsor idea. You should take a look at the Mexican League and shiver, teams have up to twelve sponsors. Shirts resemble a Subway toilet more than a sporting accessory.

Gus Caesar

I’m far from an expert on these things so can anyone explain to me why we’ve entered into such a long agreement? It’s a fast-changing market and all of the momentum is in favour of the market value rising, so what looks market value now might not in 2-3 years’ time. Why 5 years then and not 2 or 3 years that allows us a better chance to revisit the deal and get market value? One benefit must be that it gives us a certain level of security, particularly if we get worse on the pitch and our stock falls… Read more »

Andy Mack

Without knowing the numbers and bonus terms, no one can give a sensible answer to that question.

Uncle Ben

Off topic but rumours about Oblak are exciting, they’ve got me dreaming. We may as well try and raid atlhetico a bit.. we could perhaps tempt with money. E.g. Saul, Koke, Giminez, Carrasco.


They have great belief in our approach and ambition

Jesus Ivan give it a rest. We’re the cheapest of the top 6 to sponsor

Merlin\'s Panini

I really had hoped the day would never come when we would have to have sponsors on our sleeves. The more they add, the worse the shirts.
I also still wish JVC would come back as our main shirt sponsor (do they still exist?) and adidas manufacture our kits but alas, as a child of the 80s/90s that’s always going to mean “Arsenal” to me. Same goes for the old badge.

I just hope we avoid something totally shit like Angry Birds as our sleeve sponsor (haha Everton).

Off to buy and apply for sleeve sponsorship. Wish me luck…

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