Wenger: Reaching final is reason to believe in players


Arsene Wenger has called on his side to respond in a ‘united way’ to Sunday’s Carabao Cup final disappointment as they look to exact revenge on Manchester City tomorrow night.

The Gunners face Pep Guardiola’s league leaders for the second time in five days knowing they must win to keep their slim hopes of a top four finish alive.

Under pressure for their limp showing at Wembley, the boss made clear that his side can still point to the fact they reached the final as a reason to be optimistic.

“Well when you do not get the result, it’s part of our job,” he told press on Wednesday.

“Part of our job is to respond and to focus on the next game. You want only to win games, it’s not always possible, so it’s the way you respond.

“I believe that [we need to] analyse well, focus on the next one and respond together in a united way, which his part of our philosophy at the club.”

Several former players, including Wenger’s former charges Martin Keown, Thierry Henry and Ian Wright, were particularly vocal in their frustration at the way Arsenal keeled over in the 3-0 defeat at the weekend. Reproached so regularly in recent years, the boss took the situation in his stride.

“Look, we have to live with that,” he noted. “It’s part of the modern game. People who comment, their job is to comment, so you have to live with that.

“What is important is how we respond, how we analyse the game and how we respond in a united way.

“All the rest is part of the game that you have to live with. It doesn’t help us to win or lose the next game. What helps us to win the next game is how we respond internally together.”

On why he chooses to believe in his players, he added: “The belief? You cite only the games we have lost, but we have won many games.

“What you forget is we were in the final. Nobody has put us in there on invitation. We had to fight very hard, we had to knock Chelsea out in the semi-final, over two games. That shows you that the team has quality and can fight. It was two tough games.

“We have not played weak opponents to get into the final. It’s not available for everybody to get there.

“After that, you have to say as well that we played against a team who dominate the Premier League by 15 points, so you know that you go into a final nobody can guarantee you to win. You can win and lose – you have not to accept it but you know as well that can be part of the game.”

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Mayor McCheese

Ah. Clever. Responding in the United way would indeed see us tank the league in order to focus on the Europa League.


Although he got the team for it but he’s incapable of winning any sort of a European trophy.. Never did never will..


i think he will join george weah as his national security advisor

Faisal Narrage

Not with that care-free attitude to defending, he will.

Reality check

I am sorry Arsene, it’s not the team it’s you. This team has the capacity to dominate spurs and Chelsea and absolutly tank Everton both home and away. Who is responsible for the consistency and to get the best out of them, you. So the problem is not the team or media or even the fans, it’s you.
One more thing, Arsene said, along the lines of “I’d walk if i realise i can’t take the club any further”. Where is your honesty and integrity Arsene?


This is getting extremely delusional.


My thoughts entirely. It is troubling.


The way the press is going about this whole situation it proves that they can’t wait for him to leave even the referees too.


Then cue the headlines of “gone too soon” after the next manager looses their first game.

Twisted cuntloks

It almost smacks of ‘reaching the league cup final is a sort of trophy’ .
It was the fucking league cup, the weakest domestic tournament we have.

So weak in fact that AW has treated the competition with such contempt over the years fielding an almost youth team on many, many occasions.

Now we should believe in this shower of shite because we did so amazinglybrilliant to get to the final.

Totally deluded and still thinks his spin will brainwash the Arsenal supporters…


Come on, Wenger always defends his team and club regardless of the situation, especially in public and especially in the press. He’s been doing for 20+ years. He will never say what the probing journos want to hear or anything that will come across as derogatory to his teams and his employer. That’s his moral code. So consider that before you buy into the ‘Wenger’ wants to fuck over Arsenal and play the fans like dumbasses. He’s just a guy who wants to do good job but can longer do so. Nothing more. He needs to go but he also… Read more »

Twisted cuntloks

The headline alone tells its own story. You would not have heard anything so desperate 10+ years ago.
Trouble with persistent spin is that eventually everyone sees through it.
I have never said or thought anything about Wenger wanting to fuck over Arsenal, so please consider that before you reply to what I say.


My fault, I confused brainwashing – and ‘fuck over’ as the same thing. I’ll reconsider that next time.


True. But the longer this goes on the worse this gets. He deserves respect, not the immunity he seems to have.


What did the press do wrong here..they just did their job..they just asked the questions going on most people’s minds.. It’s their job to ask questions most people want answers to..
You have the option to read it or not.. Still you read it…And if you don’t want to take the blame then it must be blog’s fault for posting it (it’s not his fault, soooo….)

Stuck on repeat...

Yes, AW has always defended the team & players. But there’s a current charade between the press & AW. He know’s he’s going to get asked questions. I’m not sure the press do do their job propperly though. It just comes across as all just half assed. There are some good, well respected journos out there (obviously not some DM hack that normally works the Kardashian Desk, but got sent to the “prezza” as no one else wanted to go). Just genuinely believe that if some decent journalist would actually press him on a question, & then actually challenge his… Read more »


Every manger goes thru this..conte gets a shit-storm of questions regarding his future every week.. That’s normal now days in sport..
But what’s not normal how you’re willing to trash media, referees , and most likely other gooners instead of your beloved manger who did answer but unfortunately with a complete non sense , he might as well talk gibberish next time he answers a question


Wenger always has and always will present a united front to the media and will never respond by trashing players, club, or himself. He does, however, say directly when we have not played well enough and made mistakes. What exactly more are you expecting him to say? If it’s something he has never done and is out of character for him, it’s the unrealistic, unsatisfied expectation of whatever it is you’re expecting to hear that is to blame for your disappointment. I expect this from him. Ho hum, on I go. As for the press, Why would they want him… Read more »


To be honest, I think the serious journalists are tired of writing the same story as much as we are tired of watching it unfold every season.

There is little he can say of course. But he shouldn’t be immune to comment and criticism. He shouldn’t be immune to being shown the door. I respect what he has done but this is beyond farce. Things need to change and he’s the only one stopping it.


He’s never been immune to comment and criticism. Just look around you. Listen to the stands. Read any paper or post.

I’ve not seen anyone for some time claiming he should stay, so it’s the leadership that have let go the tiller. We’re all hoping they’re grasping to get hold of it again about now.

My whole point is it’s absolutely pointless to blow a gasket over some statement he gives to the press that tries to keep a bold face and stays away from negativity, because we all know that’s what he’s going to do.


And many of the fans.


Problem’s been glaring for sometime now and still tries to justify his wrongs. He seems to go on to get people to sympathise with him. Always. We did this we did that instead of addressing actual issues. Its enough man come on!


‘In sport you forget what you have done – good or bad – and focus on the next one. We think about tomorrow’s game and at the end of the season we may think how was the season.’Guardiola quote

Have to agree – and for all who were disappointed with The cup final defeat

Kwame Ampadu Down

Trying to defend Arsene is noble in theory but in practice if it’s always your sole aim you end up sounding like a brain dead robot with not an original thought in your head.


Glad I read your comment, sometimes I feel that I have to write a simplified book (with pictures & pop-ups) to explain to those who defend Wenger that they shouldn’t… But let’s hope your comment do the job and save my time


We’ve had plenty of end of seasons. How many times has Wenger said judge me at the end of the season, we get there, theres no introspect no admission of fault, it just carries on. Seems to me like theres no time to judge according to them, it just rolls into the next season.

Merlin\'s Panini

Yes, reaching the final is a reason to believe in the players, but watching them not put up a fight and jack it in at 2-0 down is not.


Even reaching the final though we managed to do in the most uninspiring way in history, scoring the fewest amount of goals to get there ever


Wenger ‘s merit is his fault. He has too much faith in certain players. He mollycoddles on them when he needs to play hardball. case in hand was the Ox. We should have put a gun to his head and had him sign on the dotted line when Gnabry was itching for first team guarantees. Instead we lost both players. his patience has produced sparkle (albeit short lived). RVP eventually in last season with us, Ramsey and Walcott over one season each albeit the path toward this brilliance littered with performances of immaturity and to our detriment over prior seasons.… Read more »


I still do not understand your vexation with the January transfers. I’m a Wenger fan, I’ve always been, though now a tired one. But please never ever try to insinuate that what they bought for him this January was without consideration. If left to him we may never have even purchased anyone and we’d be left with this same Welbeck or the much-maligned Giroud for a crucial competition. Considering the situation we’re in right now, I don’t know how much of ‘world class’ can save us from the disaster that this season is turning into. Every passing game I get… Read more »


As I once posted here, you can’t blame stan if that what you were implying..he owns the club, he can change it to a farm and you can’t do anything about it.. It’s his..his property..
But in the football related stuff..Wenger take all the blame.. Simple as that

Kwame Ampadu Down

Santori is unhappy because he thinks Arsene’s influence on transfers has been reduced despite Arsene’s transfer record being ‘immaculate’ in his words. Santori says this despite Arsene having bought Ospina, Debuchy, Gabriel, Chambers, Mustafi (35m!!!), Elneny, Xhaka (35m!!), Welbeck, Lucas, Lacazette (50m !!!) In the last few years…..imagine calling that list ‘immaculate’ & then calling other people’s response ‘immature’.
So funny you couldn’t make it up !


Aubameyang. Don’t talk to me about “world Class”. World class creates its own opportunities and world class finishes them. Aguero doesn’t need two invitations to punish you when 2 yards out from goal. Clearly we were pumping ball s over the top to Aubameyang on several occasions (one which he took down brilliantly) but world class would also make those balls however imperfect, work to his benefit. World class is Henry who can both finish but also instigate, drop deeper to collect and drive forward. Similarly (unpopular truth) RVP was world class dropping deep to orchestrate or holding the ball… Read more »

Thierry Bergkamp

World-class doesn’t need to create their opportunities. How much did Van Nistelrooy create? Christian Vieri? Most strikers just need the service and will find the bet. Aubameyang has proved himself for a few seasons.


All the players in Arsenal or most of them are world class (except Granit lol) , but they all look average under Wenger guidance..


Heck! I watched a video with Xhaka in it today and was blown away at how good he used to be….he’s not playing in the right position I would guess or needs a rocket up his backside!


Can’t expect Auba or anyone else to do it alone. Take Kane, would he be banging them in for us in the same way?, I don’t think so, his form is the product of the team around him. Arsenal look lost in possession, bereft of ideas, have no identity, and are therefore easy to neuter. This is on Arsene, it’s not the players.


Auba made some great runs in the second half. But ozil took three touches, instead of first time pass. By which time aubu was off side. First time passing g is key. See Auba goal against Everton pass by Henrik m.
See loads of goals Henry score by first time passes from Bobby p. And Dennis. ( Ramsey and Wiltshire guilt of too many touches before passing to Auba. Also in cup final )
More first time passing tonight lads .


Losing is not the issue. It was the manner of the defeat that was so unsavoury, and it sounds as if Arsene just can’t or won’t come to terms with that. This is going to get worse before it gets better. Brace yourselves, lads…


Brilliant article by Tim Stillman, reflecting how people feel and felt on Sunday. I left with 10 mins to go and don’t feel guilty. It was freezing, our tactics were rubbish,several of our players confused and so far beneath their potential. You can only blame the manager who should have the grace to step aside with our thanks but just go!


But not in you Arsene. Please go gracefully. With every quote and interview you sound more deluded than you did previously.


“What helps us to win the next game is how we respond internally together” , what the fuck does that even mean..bowl movements!!.., shiting your pants!! ..WTF is wrong with you..you old fool ..
not that I know better but (logically) what helps us win the next match is proper training, useful tactics, right team selection, motivated players.. Not the internal bull crap he just said..

Charles Orji

Bullocks of an excuse.


Yeah, we did make it to the Final but we didn’t exactly smash our way through the tournament did we? More like how a drunk finds his way home after a night out. Made it safely but not quite sure how he did it. We scored 6 total goals in the tournament and 33 percent of those were scored by a youngster playing out of mind for 20 minutes to save us. So pardon me Arsene when I refuse to pat you or the players on the back for your play in the league cup as it really isn’t warranted.


So now getting to the final of the league cup is the new finishing top 4.


This is getting kind of other-worldly at this point. I kind of wish he’d just stop giving pressers now. They are just embarrassing.


I dont see the issue here with what Arsene has said. The team made a cup final, one of only 2 to do so. However, the main issue I have is the team that took the park simply wasnt motivated enough to give a rats arse.
Its just Arsenal way though, probably come out in the next game and blow Mancity away.

Stuck on repeat...

Always now feels that he only says half of the story, like “Reaching final is reason to believe in players”…when he could/should have added “Our performance in the final is not”. I get the whole positive reinforcement aspect, but really: they’re all grown men…professionals by trade…paid quite well too. He’s the manager so really don’t expect him to say anything different publically. But it would be refreshing if just once in a while he’d come out with a “Good God we we’re aweful…we truely were”. It’s not really like there is any serious threat to his job in admitting this.… Read more »

Godfrey Twatsloch

I believe in the players. I believe we’ll see much better from them once a new manager is in charge.


Arsenal should sign Maurizio Sarri of Napoli next season else we won’t win anything…


I believe in our players but I no longer believe in you, Wenger!Thanks for the memories but it is time for a managerial change.


Reaching the final is reason to believe in the players.
Losing the final, in the way we did, is reason to doubt the manager.

And it pains me to say that.