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Arsenal away shirt 2018-19 – picture

After the leak of the home shirt for the 2018-19 season, a full picture of the away shirt for next season has been leaked.

As ever it has come via Footy Headlines who appear to have the inside track with every kit manufacturer. See the pic below:

They have some more pics here.

The dark navy kit, described as ‘peacoat’ comes with some marketing bumph as you would expect. It says:

The blue of this shirt is like the omnipresent dusk of the Martian sky as seen from the great space probe Voyager. As it hurtles towards the far corners of our galaxy, so too does the football of Arsenal enthrall the world with its panache and enormous spunk.

The red panels on the sleeve represent the glowing embers of a universe that is forever expanding at the speed of light and which illustrates the very nature of life itself, and the wing play of Alex Iwobi.

The material the shirt is made from allows the athletes to breathe through their pores, and the vibraniun meshing provides a protective shield that has been tested on Robbie Savage who remains in a critical condition.

It is expected to be launched some time in June.

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I will never like us in blue


Not great, but nothing will ever be worse than those monstrous blue children’s kits from this season. How those were approved for professionals to wear is mind-boggling.


What is that nonsense red blotch on the arms. Puma’s kits haven’t exactly been iconic have they?


I’d say the home kit in their first season was amazing, and the one last season wasn’t so bad. Loved that first one though


The home kit has those atrocious red rings around the arms too. It’s like Puma intentionally fucks up ONE thing on the kit to avoid it being a great kit.

Also, Milan’s Puma kit next season is really nice, but for Arsenal to have regular white sleeves, that is too much to ask for.

Milan’s kit:


They obviously know we’re off at the end of the year. A bit of final year trolling.

My Name is Jeff

Please please please let the Puma era end on this!


I actually like this one way more than the home shirt. But can’t wait for adidas. Puma really is shit.


Bayern’s rumoured patterned home kit is something really special from Adidas. It looks really good. I really hope we sign with them, because Nike has been boring as of late, all using the same template.

Mayor McCheese

A nice shirt except for the stains on the sleeves. Still, better than the ‘gold’ away shirt of a few years ago, which was itself one big stain.


How complicated can yellow and blue be?!

Merlin's Panini

The red blotch on the sleeves is like red analogue tv static. It’s something like what I imagine is going through Shkodran Mustafi’s brain a lot of the time.

I don’t hate this kit like I do this season’s away kit although I really hope it’s Adidas next for us because Nike were pretty bad for the most part too.


Arsenal playing in Blue gives us blues. Never play in blue again


In fairness it is a pretty nice shade of blue. Much better than the light blue we were donning this season which could have easily been mistaken for a goalkeeper kit.


Aren’t we suppose to have a sleeve sponsorship next season?


Hopefully some stain remover brand.


Hey I am almost delighted with it considering how shit this season’s away kit was. It surely must be the least sold kit we have had for over a decade.

Mach to be you

Oh boy. But I like the V-neck and the marketing shtick.


Blogs, don’t mind the shirt but that marketing spiel you’ve made up is possibly the most cringe-worthy paragraphs of this, very poor, season.


It. Is. Supposed. To. Be. Yellow.

David Hillier's luggage

Who at the club gets the final say on kits? I recall stories of Graham rejecting a black kit Adidas designed for us, I’m assuming it’s Ivan or someone in marketing these days? Does anyone veto designs?

Or do Arsenal stipulate certain elements (i.e. white sleeves on the home kit) and Puma just hand us a kit? They couldn’t have given us a selection or variation as our kits have looked like generic templated shite from day one (bar this season’s blue kit, which looks like derivative shite)


After what we’ve been served this season, this isn’t half bad…. The shade is almost great! What happened to our glorious yellow away days?….
Oh puma! ?


Giroud woulda looked glorious in this though… ?

A Different George

My biggest issue is the insistence (presumably part of the contract) on wearing away kits when the home kit would work fine, or even be a better contrast with the other side–for example, when we play at Chelsea, Everton, Man City, Leicester, etc. The North London Derby seems the only exception.
Yesterday I watched Madrid–whose home kit, of course, is all white–wear black against Bayern’s red. What possible sense does that make?


Would have liked it with just the blue with white text. And that description. Cringe.

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