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Emery unperturbed by potential Torreira suspension

The prospect of a one-game ban will not affect Lucas Torreira, according to Unai Emery, who is weighing up whether to start the influential midfielder against Brighton on Boxing Day.

Should the Uruguay international pick up a caution at the AMEX Stadium he’ll earn a one-game suspension, which would rule him out of the Gunners game with Liverpool on 29 December, for hitting the five card mark before the mid-way point of the season.

“I don’t know if Torreira can even play cautiously, but I don’t want him to think about the possibility of a suspension against Liverpool for one yellow card,” Emery told

“I don’t want him to think about that.”

He added: “We are going to play [with] full [commitment]…the same three points are in Brighton that are in Liverpool.”

To ensure the 22-year-old is available for the trip to Anfield, Emery could make the tactical decision to bench the midfielder on the south coast, however, when you consider our ever-lengthening injury list – we appear to have eight players out of contention for the Brighton game – it seems an unlikely course of action.

For the record, Matteo Guendouzi is also one game away from a league suspension having also picked up four yellow cards in the Premier League.

The Frenchman already missed our 1-1 draw with Liverpool in November after picking up a red card in the Carabao Cup, here’s hoping he doesn’t make the same mistake this time around.

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Naked cygan

With our luck he will get injured anway, so no need to worry about a one game suspension.


Oh lord…. Love your optimism.

Thierry Bergkamp

That’s the spirit

Bob Taubman

Be positive man!


Lets push for early goals and take him off at half time


Would love early goals but this team is a 2nd half team


Do not play him against as simple as that…we can’t take that risk… If we are serious about the top four then we should have enough to get three points without torriera…damn it for God’s sake…

Lord Bendnter

What if we drop three points at Brighton due to not playing Torreira? Are you willing to sacrifice three gettable points against Brighton for 3 not as gettable points against a high flying Liverpool?


If we drop points at Brighton it’s not because we weren’t playing with the best dm in the league.
11 players in a team, Brighton shouldn’t trouble whomever is in to replace torreria.

Also emery is right if he is being literal. A win vs Brighton = 3 points and a win vs lpool = 3 points.

But come the end of the season lpool dropping 3 points and us getting them could mean the difference between top 4 and not.


Sorry, but I don’t think we re competing against Liverpool. They are playing for the titile, we for top 4. So even if we beat them, it doesn’t mean more to us than beating Brighton. Only ManC and, perhaps, Spurs would shake our hands in gratitude.


I have this sneaky feeling that Liverpool unbeaten run will end this year .


Like seriously??….so we can’t beat Brighton without torriera???… that how low we have fallen???…… Like seriously lord bendtner?

Dave Crawford

Well we couldn.t beat them last year without him


I agree, while we can’t take Brighton lightly the simple fact is that we need Torreira if we stand any chance at Anfield. Could go w something like this against Brighton

AMN Lich Pap kos kola
Guendouzi rambo
Laca auba


You really want to drop Xhaka?


Good point, I would drop Guendouzi for Xhaka. Then against Liverpool I’d go with midfield of xhaka-Torreira and Ozil as a 10.

I might even go with Rambo in the right flank against Liverpool


I agree,I think Rambo is more effective on the wing than anywhere else


Now that mkhitaryan and welbeck are out…we surely need a winger…get me one between Pepe, almiron and monito Vargas….. We badly need a winger right now……. Fernando calero isn’t a bad defender though…he is very calm… He plays like a more experienced holding


Cengiz Under… keep that name


I’d go for Sarr, he’s much cheaper then those other players, but fast as lightening, can beat a man easy and get to the byline for crosses all day long. He draws fouls like crazy because other players can’t keep up as well. We’ve got some leverage too, as his club wants Martinez.


We will get someone you never heard about and who will be 10x better than those on your list. In Sven we trust ?


I remember thinking after he scored against the spuds and he took off his shirt, that we may rue that action. needless getting a soft yellow like that but cant blame him for getting carried away.


What’s done is done, but I hate that kind of celebration. It’s selfish when you think about it, not to mention odd.

Ideally we can sit him vs. Brighton.


Aye it is completely bonkers. I can think of very few other walls of life where removing ones clothing is considered a socially acceptable expression of joy.

Dave Crawford

Never heard of sex?!


If i scored for my beloved club i’ll drop my pants as well while celebrating.i’ll probably run nude.


Nice,you might as well avoid a yellow card


Maybe to hate it but it’s a natural reaction and shouldn’t be penalised


I didn’t say it should be penalised, but since it is, it’s a selfish (and stupid) way to celebrate.


To be fair to him he did tell Robert Pores he would take his shirt off if he scored…at that point someone could have warned him it would be a card… sadly he didn’t do the same after his Huddersfield goal!


He could run naked for all I care as long as it’s against that shitty club


Should have taken a yellow in the last game.
Or i would rather play him in this match and get 3 points then not. Because getting even a draw at Anfield will be difficult.


He didn’t start at Burnley because Burnley are quite direct and Torreira isn’t the best at headers. He is also way better when the play is in front of him.

Not sure how Brighton play but Torreira will be the exact type of player we need for Liverpool. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him saved for that game.

Good observation blogs.


When will the press run the “emery’s yellow card shame” headline?


The 5 yellow cards rule is wiped clean on 31 December so hopefully Torreira can avoid a yellow before then. I don’t think Guendouzi is one yellow away from a suspension though, he isn’t on the list on the FA website anyway –


Did see Matteo on the PL site yesterday– with ‘4’.


Runcorn Gooner

4 Burnley players on 4 yellows. Big surprise. Dyche saying how other clubs are rough. Tough Ginger Whinger.


Dyche bag.


Good call; I stand corrected. I guess the FA website hasn’t updated since his yellow against Burnley. Never really noticed before but he seems to like a booking, 8 so far this season; 4 in the Premier League, 3 in the League Cup (2 in the same match), and 1 in the Europa League.


Football is a team game.No doubt he is a terrier,the person who steps
up must replicate his playing style.Of course not 100% at least 90% will do.


I’m perturbed if Emery’s not! I know it’s same 3 points on the offer for both matches but I’d rather torreira’s available for the pool match.
Hopefully if he starts we make light work of the first half of the Brighton game, he survives same half with a 2-3 goal cushion without a card and he’s subbed off….
I can only dream!


The great thing about the epl is any team can beat another one
unlike the other leagues.Brighton will come charging like greyhounds and
try to unsettle the gunners .
It s up to Emery to prepare the gunners unlike his predecessor
whose predictable style led to big losses nd even losses against lowly teams.
Coyg , Beat Brighton and Pool wont relish facing us though the defence
must be cohesive and kick any ball in dz danger zones far away.
That’s what happened in the OT and Saints games.


Let’s focus on 3 points at Brighton, then worry about Liverpool.


The best thing would have been he get a deliberate late yellow card against Burnley or an earlier game l, that would have him suspended in one match and then totally available for Liverpool.

Jibrin isah masha

But we have enerny to cover up for torriera

Braima John

It is better to play with Torriera against Brighton to get three points than to drop Torriera against Brighton not getting three point and play him against Liverpool also not getting three points. Also, there is a possibility to drop Torriera against Brighton and we win the match and play with Torriera against Liverpool and we win or loss. In all, let the will of God happen.

Sumeet Pradhan

Don’t worry… He’ll not receive his 5th yellow card until sokratis receives his 10th ???


Is blogs on holidays or what?

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