Emery: The team should have been able to win without Ozil


Despite returning to fitness and taking part in training this week, Unai Emery once again left Mesut Ozil out of the squad for an away game.

It’s the kind of decision which will always come under the microscope when you lose, as the Gunners did going down 1-0 to West Ham, but the Arsenal head coach sounded unrepentant afterwards, even as he admitted having more attacking options on the bench would have been useful.

The German’s absence was something he was quizzed about following the game, and the Spaniard insisted the players he picked should have been able to get the job done.

“We had enough players to win today and impose our gameplan, and impose our tactical quality against them,” he said.

“Maybe for the bench, some attacking players could have helped. We decided that the players here were the best for this match.

“We’ve won with him, we’ve lost with him,” he continued, referencing Ozil. “No one player makes the difference between winning and losing the game.

“Today the players who were here are the players who deserved to be in this match. We could have won or lost, like we can with him.

“We continue working with every player because they are all important, but today the decision was to come with these players.”

Hmmm. It remains an unhealthy situation, one that needs to be sorted, and Emery’s assertion that ‘No one player makes the difference between winning and losing the game’, doesn’t really hold true because that can often be the difference in a tight game.

West Ham 1-0 Arsenal – player ratings

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Donald's Trump

This is starting to get stupid now.


It’s quite clear. Ozil is refusing to sit on the bench. He finds out he’s not starting, becomes ‘injured’ and stays at home. This has happened for months.
It’s a classic Mexican standoff between him, the club and Emery, who is determined not to give in a la Neymar.


About as clear fog more like.


Enough with all these conspiracy theories please. Ozil is not a diva like Neymar and has never been known for tantrums if he doesn’t get his way. Stop pushing unsubstantiated theories just because you want to beat him up.

Gudang Pelor

I think you’re the kind of person who says quite clear as loosely as you say literally 😀
It’s not like Ozil always starts and never comes in from the bench in a match before.


I don’t understand why he wouldn’t just take him and an option. We were desperate for a player that can link the midfield and attack today. Iwobi tried his best. I thought not starting Ramsey and Torreira was a mistake too. We need to go back to something more simplistic. These 3421’s clearly aren’t working. Id like to see us go back to something more conventional like a 433 and play Ozil in the 10.. and we might create a few goals. I don’t think Auba and Lacazette is the answer either. I think he should pick one or the… Read more »


Can blogs send a copy of latest By the Numbers (in Spanish) to Emery to show where we are missing.


And we thought Wenger was stubborn..

A Fleeting Glimpse

I believe he had the same situation at PSG with big name players. I think he’s out of his depth. Shame he started well.


Neymar certainly seems to have left his mark.


Did he though? Aside from Neymar he never had these issues with players like Mbappe, who spoke highly of him


Why is it a shame he started well? Don’t we (true Arsenal fans) always want the best for the team regardless?


Emery is right though, we should be able to not only win, but create chances without Ozil. Man City do not seem to be falling apart without KDB and he is a more influential player, in game, than Ozil. It is his fault that his team is unable to transition from defence, to midfield and then to the attack with greater fluidity. It is he who sets the team up and the players are playing according to his instructions. If this is his game plan and its this flat, he should understand why Ozil will keep coming up in interviews.… Read more »

Emery in Aubalaca wonderland

You weren’t saying this during the 20-match winning streak that ended around four weeks ago. Ozil army gunners, please lay down your Arsenal.


Definitely was, even when we were winning, we Weren’t playing eye catching football we lack creativity at times especially when Ozil was out. It was a good winning but if you paid close attention the writing was on the wall with our defensive short comings as well as our creativity once ozil is not in the team


Most of those games were against teams we would expect to beat. Arsenal are more or less at the same level in points as they were last season and it looks as if the dreaded January slump could be making a reappearance. What, exactly, has Emery changed for the better since he arrived?

Reality check

If With “writing on the wall” you mean not leading in any of the 1st halves then yeh – you are right..

Kwame Ampadu Down

‘We are inept on both sides of the ball and lack a clear identity that we can stand behind for the long term’

Let’s not pretend this is as a result of Emery joining though. This is what he has inherited & his job is to fix it. Can he do it ? I don’t honestly know…but please let’s not pretend he has taken this team’s identity. It hasn’t had one for quite a while

Gooner Sam

Exactly! We are in a mess but we have been for a while


He accepted the impossible job that others who know the league better than him, like Arteta, walked away from. Did you ever think you would see a day where commentators frequently said the Bubbles had better quality midfielders than the Gunners? He got the job on the promise that he will squeeze water out of stones by improving the players he inherited along with the goal of making top 4. In an unforgiving league like the premier league his naivety is comical. Yes, he wasn’t given a lot of money, but he didn’t do good business either. You either move… Read more »

Emery in Aubalaca wonderland

Arteta knows the league as a player. As a coach, he has 0 minute of experience.


True, but I think most of us hoped that 6 months in Emery’s philosophy (beyond running around a lot) would be showing through. To date, however, the seems to be little consistency in formation, line up, personnel, style, etc.
Of course he has had injuries to contend with but still I don’t really have any concept of what the vision is.
Conclusions are either that the current players don’t understand/implement his instruction, or Emery is failing to give clear instruction.


Yes, but he got the job because he supposedly blew them all away with his ideas and knowledge of these players, and basically promised a whole load of things he can’t deliver. It’s up to him now, and I don’t like what I’m seeing. A good manager makes the most of a player’s good points and tries to offset their weaknesses. When Granit plays with Lucas Torreira it frees him up to play at his best, when he’s left with Guendouzi who’s all over the place, we see what happens. There was a nice partnership there which he broke up… Read more »

Irrational Gunner

Good post. Jury is out and winning covered up alot of sins. Now that the league has seen him one time through the pressure will be turned up, and this is a group that he could lose pretty quickly given their mentality.


Nobody had to tell Wenger it was a good idea to play his best players.

Ya gooner

Is it just me or does he look more and more like wenger wothevery passing photo

Alfred Baki

No Wenger was better


Yup. That’s the scary part. I think everyone agreed it was time for him to go. BUT even Wenger in his last 4 years was a better manager for arsenal than this guy.


Whatever side your on, this situation is a festering sore of a problem that needs to be resolved with the quickness or it will get a lot worse.


It probably explains the lacklustre performances tbh

Telling everybody we have no money isn’t the smartest idea either


Telling Ozil’s teammates (who by all comments respect him) that he’s not going to play him yet again has got to be doing something to the squad.


We should either sell Ozil in January or use him. This can’t go on


I’m sure this will get a lot of downvotes from Ozil crowd (fwiw I like him) but I really don’t think we can move him on at this point which is a major part of the problem. He’s on superstar wages – there are only a handful of players worldwide paid more than he is at this point (Neymar, Messi, Sanchez, Ronaldo and maybe a couple more but not many). Yet he doesn’t obviously fit into most top teams as they no longer play with a true number 10 or already have one at least as good already which means… Read more »


Wenger didn’t tell Ramsey he wasn’t needed anymore and allow him to leave on a free


But he did let him run down his contract until his last year, leaving the new team with the decision to immediately sell him or pay him huge wages


Neither did Emery, Arsenal board withdrew the contact

Emery in Aubalaca wonderland

Well said, you broke it down to atom level.


Nobody gonna buy him, unless we agree to a move that see’s Ozil get a similar pay packet (as in we give some percentage of his wages)


Then do that! But constantly putting him out of the squad is just so unproductive. Either learn to coexist or part. It’s like a broken marriage where they can’t find divorce or common ground and the kids are suffering as a result


Oh boy believe me mate if I coulda, I woulda.


I think it would be better to play Ozil and dump Emery. It’s looking increasingly unlikely that Arsenal will do better this season than last, unless we win the Europa cup. If not, the sad fact is we’re as bad, if not worse, than we were under Wenger in his worst season. How is that progress?


He should check at least the Leicester and Burnley games and tell us again that Özil can’t win us games.


What do I know, of course, but my general impression is that Ozil isn’t devisive in the dressing room. He seems to get on with individual players and the team groups at training. They respect him. I really hope he can play an influential role against the chavs, then can’t be dropped for the next away game. Lack of attacking creativity is stifling the strikers output.


Don’t see him playing against the chavs.

Alfred Baki

Yes, it is the stickers who suffer the most


Then check the Fulham one and see if Iwobi can’t win us games. Or check the Tottenham game to see if Torreira can’t win us games. Or Laca in the game against… You see what I mean? You have to select two games where Ozil did well to justify his place in the eleven? What of all those other days he was nonexistent Ozil? Today will have been too physical for him. We’ve seen him pushed aside in games like this in all the while he’s been here. True, he offers something going forward from time to time. But true… Read more »

Spanish Gooner

We were terrible against Fulham and many said so, despite the scoreline. Torreira was good against Spurs, but it was Ramsey more than anybody who was the main threat going forwards, and he is also not playing!


Manage the team rather than go on every time talking about Ozil. He is our most creative player & the best so why ostracise him? I think Emery is overrated!!


He’s answering a question posed about Ozil. How can he do that without talking about Ozil? Use your loaf.


What he is saying is that we have a team that should be winning the match without. After a match we lost without Ozil.

Just like when he was hooked against Brighton for tactical reasons only to witness a woeful second half performance where we couldn’t string a couple of decent passes together.

Winning is great no one is interested. Losing on the other hand…


The manager is dancing to the tune of the Press. Hate him or love him Arsene was adept at handling the Press & I dare say much more intelligent too. Hope that’s gets into your brick!


1. His Englishis not very good.
2. Everyone criticised Wenger, rightly, for his non answers and stream of bullshit bingo, empty platitudinous phrases.
I hope that explains it for you.

Emery in Aubalaca wonderland

The best and no team ever comes for him when he is not being used or when he is hesitating to renew his contract.


Ozil our best player which explains why he’s being frozen out of the current side and literally no decent team in Europe seems remotely interested in him


You spelled knob wrong.


Obviously the plan is to drive ozil out, make him want a move away, these little hints they do by keep dropping him aren’t working as it’s his last big contract and no is dumb enough to pay the stupid money (contract) we did for him and he knows he won’t get no way that much from anyone else unless a stupid Chinese club comes in for him which I doubt. What other big club ou t there gonna pay for a guy who does do it in the big games??


You are falling for the views expressed by the English Press & pundits who are not objective! If we lose they claim Ozil doesn’t do it in big games when we win it’s the team or the other players! Ozil is our best player & he must play NOT Emery’s little excuses. Emery thinks Ramsey is better than Ozil & that’s why the Manager’s ability to run a big club with superstars MUST be questioned. Whenever he holds his Press Conferences he falls for the Press line who don’t like Ozil anyway because he is not like their overrated local… Read more »


Ozil has by and large been very average the past 18-24 months. He’s not even in the top 15 in the PL in assists during this period. It would be one thing if he were consistently performing at the top of his game- but the Leceister game has very much been the exception and not the norm. He is our highest paid player, but it’s not clear he is consistently our best player either. He’s a complementary player – you need other outstanding players playing around him and everything working just right for him to be at the top of… Read more »


Assists are dependent on your teammates finishing. If I was a CAM and you were a center forward, I create 10 chances for you in one game and you miss them all and I end up with no assists, does that mean I had a bad game?

Look into our finishing in the past 24 months and his chances created, and you will see why people are so upset. We finally have clinical players in Aubameyang and Lacazette to put away the chances he creates, then Ozil gets dropped. How foolish is that?


It’s not like Ozil has been playing amazing and we simply don’t finish. His stats have been declining every year he’s been here.


Only Emery year is relevant here and the boy doesn’t get enough match time to prove himself while Guendouzi and Miki are given way too much of.

Ozil and Aubameyang are our really star players and he is just messing with them constantly.


I wonder if Emery know that millions of people are fans of Ozil as an individual and this sort of thing is going to turn them against him as a manager.


Fuck Ozil fans, Emery should only be interested in Arsenal fans right now.


I’m an Arsenal fan but also an Ozil fan. But it doesn’t trump my Arsenal support. What hurts me is unjustified agenda which is not being backed up on the pitch or in the press room. It just seems foolish by Emery. Or incompetent. I hope for Arsenal’s success but it’s clear what we are missing and that is Ozil


Millions of people are also fans of Arsenal football club. If Ozil leaves are you all going to follow him to fenerbache?


The thing that bothers me the most is apparently we have no money to bring anyone in who may be able to help us out, yet we will not play our most expensive player. That along with the withdrawal of Ramsey’s contract offer, the winding down of Welbeck’s contract. And the fact that a year ago we let a wealth of creative and attacking talent leave the club in Sanchez, Walcott, Giroud. Not to mention the departures of Wilshere and Cazorla in the summer. I’m not going to suggest it was all rosy a year ago, but what on earth… Read more »

Goonerooni 48

“Emery’s assertion that ‘No one player makes the difference between winning and losing the game’, doesn’t really hold true because that can often be the difference in a tight game.”

Well said Blogs.


That was a somewhat naive statement by Unai, and probably a reflection of the fact that he is still getting used to this league.

Irrational Gunner

This is also the same guy that said, “We are getting enough chances and scoring goals efficiently” just a few weeks ago. I think he believes he doesn’t need Ozil, and when this type of performance happens, ends up having to say something so utterly face saving.


That doesn’t really explain the ubiquitous substitutions.


Would Ozil have stopped Xhaka’s shit clearance from falling at the feet of a West Ham player? Would he have made Auba hit the target. He was shit last season and his attitude and lack of defensive effort are detrimental to the team.

He’s making an example of him so the others get it into their heads.. Same with Ramsey, they only run one way.

At the start of the season everyone was saying some players won’t fit into his system etc.. This was to be expected.

Donald's Trump

That’s fine. But what is his ‘system’?

Apparently he’s a tactical genius but I haven’t seen anything different in Arsenal apart from some absolutely awful playing out from the back.


Well said, I keep wondering what the ozil fuss is all about, he played over 30 league games past 2 seasons and we still finished outside the top 4

Michael Bolton Wanderers

I’m not a big ozil fan, but even I can see that we would’ve benefited from having him in today’s squad. And if there was one thing we lacked today it was creativity in the final third.

Qhubabi Mayeza

Ozil is the best compared to iwobi,the coach must retain Ozil to the starting line up so we can win games,he must talk to Ozil and resolve their differences and let the guy play


Whoever our manager is? They’re damned if Ozil plays, and damned if he doesn’t.

I’m not sure any manager can reignite the fire in Mesut Ozil, and it’s not in Emery’s interest to freeze out our most talented player, I think we have to accept that if Ozil isn’t playing? It’s got nothing to do with Emery looking for a problem just to have a problem.

Ozil doesn’t want to leave London or his giant contract, even if he’s not playing regularly, that in itself should tell us everything we need to know about this players priorities.


Hey Rich… Good to see you backing our man Ozil.
Tell me if this is the team & formation Emery should stick with :


Having a focused and consistent Mesut Ozil would be a fantastic thing, but the reality is the last time this happened was a 8 game run leading up to his new deal, and before that it was the first half of the 2015/16 season where he bagged 18 assists in half a season then got just 1 more in the second half of the season after Cazorla got injured. It’s nothing personal against Ozil, I just don’t think he looks motivated, and I also don’t buy into the idea that Emery is acting like a child, he’s not Mourinho, he’s… Read more »


No one player has ever won a match. Obviously he’s never heard of Messi.


If Emery siad no one player had never won a match is a fool, in football we have best player and sure player, best players are players like neymer, cotiho, Williams, Pogba Silva. Den sure players are players like, Ronaldo, mercy, aguero, hazard.


Or Thierry Henry.

Dobby the house elf

Ozil isn’t on a level with Messi


Mesut is not same level as Pogba, Hazard, KDB, Ericsson, Insigne, Firminio, Silva, … and the list could go on and on. If he were we would have won a premiership over the past years.


Just like Liverpool and Manchester United have won with Firminho and Pogba respectively, right???


This stand off is pathetic. We are suffering because of it. Either play him or sell him.

Make Arsenal Great Again

I’ve been saying for months that Emery is not the right manager for this team. Now, others are beginning to see it. By next Christmas, he’ll be on his way out of this club.


It’s so sad to see so many people already starting the campaign for Emery Out. The man has been with us for half a season and must be given time. Toxic Toxic Toxic


To be replaced by…….Alan Pardew ? Allardyce ?…Mourhino?…. I don’t think so. Emery is here for at least three years and we must hope he sees it out. If after that time it hasn’t worked – so be it ; we change or he leaves. But he needs time and transfer windows to mould this squad as he requires. There simply are not a pool of Managers out there waiting to come in. We were lucky to get Emery and have to work to keep him. And if anyone suggests Wenger’s return – I will counter with saying bring back… Read more »

Don’t Forget

The coach that won the last 3 champions league finals is available… just saying…


Mental! There is so much wrong at or club that this poor man has inherited. A poor squad so badly balanced. Over paying average players like mykhi 200k a week. We have wasted so much money of late we are now years behind the other top clubs I’m proud of the fact we are a self sustaining club, and in that case you think you would be smart with how you use your money esp as mistakes are so consequential. Ozil never deserved 350k a week, the club should have said what they said to Ramsey and no. No more.… Read more »

Dave Cee

Absolutely Greg! Spunking 70M on Xhaka and Mustafi should have been a sacking offence on it.s own. When we turned down 60M for Sanchez and then gave Ozil that fucking mental contract it was clear we were in massive trouble. It will take a long time and some inspired signings to get this club moving forwards again. History will not look kindly on the Gazidis and Wenger partnership. If we hadn.t wasted more money on Mikhi we could have had Felipe Anderson playing for us today too. It is just saddening really. Everyone wants to blame the Kroenkes but they… Read more »


Well said. The mistakes of the last few years are biting us back harder and harder. After the coutinho inflation it will take even more money to repair them.


With all the players (EPL Winners) that Pep inherited, he finished 4th in his 1st season at City, Klop with all the credit he gets hasn’t won a think at Liverpool for over 3 years now and 6 months into emery’s tenure you think he’s not the right man?


“We had enough players to win today and impose our gameplan”.
There was a game plan?


That’s not the point. He’s getting paid a fortune to do a job. If he’s fit he plays (no matter who the opposition is) and earns his wages. If I pick and choose what days I work and what days I stay at home I’d be showen the door.


?? It’s Emery that’s picking and choosing.


Who was supposed to be the creative amc engine today then? It was utter mess and disgrace to watch! Arsenal were never a threat, like a bunch of lambs waiting to get slaughtered. Guendouzi was like a baby and he starts to look badly out of his dept now. Then if you look replay of the hammers goal what u see Xhaka doing is shocking; just standing around wondering name of the indian restaurant he ordered mutton chicken few weeks ago. He had his man in sights all the time and could have prevented the goal with minor work, but… Read more »


Emery is a Spanish Rioch. Creates discord with one of the clubs best players and will find himself out of the club inside 12 months.
It’s a shame as Emery showed signs of promise but we are actually worse. Not his fault he’s not up to this level but like Man Poo we’ll have to wait for a proper manager


Man United don’t have a proper manager. He’s just a former player riding on rejuvenated team spirit. Wait for time to pass and tough matches to get through then you’ll see the real Man Poo come out. Pun intended


Sadly MU have players with better resale value

Spanish Gooner

Actually, I think late Mourinho is the best comparison for Emery. Both brought in Defensive football to clubs with attacking histories, both kicked out star creative players (Mata & Ozil) because they didn’t work hard enough, both started fights with key players in the dressing room (Ramsey, Ozil vs Pogba, Casillas, etc) and Banega would be Emery’s Matic if we had the money. Europa leagues aside (and at no point did Sevilla knock out a team as good as the Atleti side we were a Koscielny mistake away from beating last year) Emery’s only trophies have come with a Qatari… Read more »


Beginning to think Emery is a bit of a bluffer. What has he done to make this team and its players any better since he took over? Our two best results so far have been a 1-1 draw with Liverpool at home (the same fixture ended 3-3 last season) and a 4-2 win at home against Spurs (who we beat 2-0 in the corresponding fixture last season). So, again, what has he done? Our points total at this point of the season is only two more than last year which, let’s not forget, was Wenger’s worst season and so bad… Read more »


3-4-1-2 with Ozil as number the 1 seems perfect for this team. Not a big Ozil fan as other players have to work harder to make up for things he doesn’t do, but we are stuck with him and he is exceptional at creating chances, which is exactly what Lacazette and Aubameyang need.

Lord Bendnter

Could’ve would’ve should’ve but didn’t

Lord Bendnter

I’m waiting for Monreal, so we can finally get back to the 4-3-3 Bellerin Mustafi/Kos Sokratis Monreal Torreira Xhaka Ozil/Guendouzi/Ramsey Iwobi Auba Laca At least this sort of lineup is much more balanced. I cannot see the point of Guendouzi in the starting line up when you are playing Xhaka and Torreira. Look at Nasri today, he was doing so many one twos. That’s what we need. I don’t mean we need/want Nasri. But we need someone who can actually play quick one-twos. Ozil can do that, but clearly the manager isn’t a big fan, so can we sort it… Read more »


Any player regardless of how good they are need time on the pitch to build match fitness and form. Not a god situation for both club and player.


Fuck you. This Ozil situation is now absurd. And the Ramsey one isn’t far behind.

I might very well be dead before we get our Arsenal back.


We should be able to win without Ozil correct. We should not set up the team and esp the midfield to contain an older Unfit Nasri, a game but getting on Noble and a 6 month novice teenager in Rice. Auba spent more time back tracking than playing to his strengths, he is not a right winger. i could see Iwobi as the only one trying to link midfield an attack. if we are to play Auba on the wing we need at least someone who can play between the lines in midfield ahead of Gendozi, Torriera or Xhaxa. Ramsey… Read more »

Mr Arsenal

I still think Wenger would have done a better job this season with the same team Emery is having. Too bad he was rushed out of the team. I’m not saying Emery is bad but I don’t see him doing much with a low transfer budget, Wenger on the other hand is experienced in that he get results from an average squad. The two season he didn’t make the top 4 can’t justify that he is finished like people say. Plus it’s only one season that was really bad, the first season he was 1 point away from the top… Read more »


I wouldn’t mind having Arsene back in some capacity at some point. Wish he was our owner. At least he gave a shit about Arsenal and tried his best to fix things and make us competitive to the best of his ability.




I know the conventional wisdom is either play him or sell him – but I genuinely don’t see who we could sell him to at this point. Ozil on his current wage is one of the highest paid players in the world (Sanchez is the only player in the PL who makes more I believe) – he’s would be the number 1 or 2 earner at virtually any club in the world right now, and by a fair amount. That in itself really limits the clubs who would be interested in him let alone be willing to pay a sizable… Read more »


City have Sterling, Sane, Jesus and Aguero to take the chances KDB and Silva create. Spurs have Son, Alli and Kane to take chances created by Erickson. Ozil has only really had Sanchez as a double figures player. Giroud, Walcott and Ramsey were our top scorers and I think we all know how profligate they are. We didn’t go after Lacazette, Perez, and Aubameyang for no reason. Ozil has basically been working with one hand tied behind his back. Chances created though, that paints Ozil in a different light. Go ahead, tell us how much everyone else has created more… Read more »

Spanish Gooner

There are only 5 players in Europe on higher weekly wages than Ozil right now. De Bruyne, Silva, Erikson etc all earn at least £130k less than him per week, and for that kind of money teams will want more than somebody better than Ozil, even though he is very good. Erikson et all also score a lot more than Ozil ever has, and are all (bar Silva who City have been easing out over the last 12 months) younger than Mesut. I love Mesut, but he has had our pants down.


And therein lies the rub – Ozil is paid so much at this point that you could pretty much pick any two players on that list or have Ozil


It would help if the players knew what Emery was trying to do. Cos regardless of who is playing or not playing, we seem to be like a bunch of headless chickens with no direction.

Olivije Žirod

Have you watched City against Liverpool? Sterling, Aguero, Sane had very similiar “lazy” body language like Ozil has. Ozil would get in Man City team.


Where would he play? Debruyne scores far more goals and has more assists than Ozil does and arguably is a better player than Ozil already. He’s not beating out mahrez/sane/sterling on the wings as all 3 bring pave and score far more goals. It’s arguable if he could even beat out Silva who is already being phased out.


Where is #Rich ????? The biggest Ozil fan… LOL


Never mind Rich where is the chief of doom Fatgooner


Arsenal is ownmanaged by a pretender and a deciever called Kronke.for Arsenal to compeete and win the league they must pay for players in the transfer market instead of decieving fans with media messages of aggreement with buyable players and their clubs.Before loosing 5-1 to Liverpool they lost to Mancity Chelsea, C.Palace & lost many points to many draws . Enough lesson for all.Chelsea already paid for a player in January what is Arsenal waiting for.Besides if Emery cannot teach his players to make accurate passes at alltimes at all parts of the feild to put in more energy in… Read more »


WTF – this is pathetic


“We had enough players to win today”, Emery says. I don’t know if I agree. West Ham won rather deservedly. With the exception of Mtkharian, Welbeck and Õzil, pretty much the whole first team was in action or on the bench. Today’s team represents the quality of Arsenal right now. I think the self financing model is good, but bad contract management and some unfortunate signings under Wenger, has left a big need for investment, maybe to the tune of £200 million. If Arsenal intends to return to the top four in the premier league, the club will have to… Read more »

Chippys chip

Yeah put up or fuck off Kroenke

Tony Adams Nose

That was a very poor performance by Arsenal, the midfield we unable to get the ball to any of the forwards and West Ham just muscled us out of it. we are now mid table fodder and laying like it. Kozzy not ready. Mutafi not good enough. AMN is a winger not a right back. Torreria is burning out and can’t start with no suitable back up. Kolasniac not good enough. And the biggest problem of all is Ozil. If his wages IS the reason we can’t bring in any new players in then it is ludicrous he’s not even… Read more »


From my vantage point (on my sofa) it looked like there were quite a few Arsenal players that didn’t deserve to play today. Not fucking good enough!


Super super Jack


If Ozil was throwing a tantrum and refusing to sit on the bench… the club would be within their rights to fine him each week.
This is simply a case of the club wanting to get rid.
Ozil saying the right things and waiting for the big payoff.
The big losers are the fans who pay to see players like Ozil turn it on (rare, but fabulous when it happens).
We are years away from competing….getting rid of your most talented player won’t help us.

Monkey G

He is mediocre manager at best of times. At worst he is like today – little man without a clue. He will not get better. And Arsenal will suffer badly with Emery. Who will come and play for this man after mess in PSG and now Arsenal? Get rid of him asap. It can’t get any worse. Team is not playing for him because they do not believe in him. He managed to achieve in six months what took Jose 30 months. Get rid of slime. #EmeryOut.


Won 4 domestic trophies last year at that “mess in PSG”. Team not playing for him? The team that just went 22 games unbeaten? 4 game tough patch and you guys want to put his head on a meat hook ffs.

Monkey G

Monkey could win 4 domestic trophies with PSG.


I back Emery. It looks like quite a few people on this website have forgotten just how poor Ozil could be, especially in tough physical away matches like today’s. The reason why Emery began dropping him was because our German friend had a habit of not turning up unless it was an easy home match against a lower-league side. Mesut also had a nasty habit of throwing a strop whenever he was subbed. I strongly suspect that the Rubicon had been crossed by Ozil. He and the manager have probably had a massive dressing room bust-up and are now no… Read more »


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Now all hope is lost.

Irrational Gunner

Correct, Stan wouldn’t put any money into Arsenal, but he and his wife are worth way more than $7 billion!!


I like how we want “consistency from Ozil”, when nothing about our team is consistent. We don’t have a consistent formation. We don’t have consistent tactics. We don’t have a consistent team line-up. We don’t have a consistent back four, or five or three depending on the match/half. We don’t have a consistent midfield composition. We play players out of position every game, sometimes several in the same match. The only thing that’s consistent is guaranteed subs at half time cos the starting lineup is always wrong. And to top it off, we don’t even play Ozil, and we expect… Read more »


Wish I could thumb this up 100 times.


Stop being sexist.


The only thing that’s consistent is “Özil bashing” by the Press, so-called pundits (Carragher, Redknapp, Lineker ?) and the gullible Emery.


And several people on here.

Emery in Aubalaca wonderland

And these people know a lot of football.


That is a very fucking good point


Bottom line. Ozil will never be a defensive type player, but one thing he does great is create chances on the pitch for the “scorers.” Qithiut him on the pitch, our defense still has major problems. At least with him on the pitch our chances and ability to score increases dramatically. When he is not on the pitch, the team offensively seems stale. Let’s get better defenders, and let Ozil use the skills he has.


The earlier we get rid of Emery the better for the Club! He doesn’t know what he is doing ?


I also think Emery ia also trying to make a statement with the way he handles our so called “stars.” Thus not starting Ozil or Ramsey every chance he gets.

Mr Arsenal

The more Emery play Guendouzi the more I hate him. He’s just 19 and this Arsenal football club not Arsenal B or something like that. Give experienced player a chance to play and let the kids learn. First off Guendouzi is not better than Smith Rowe if it about playing young players and he’s definitely not better than Maitland Niles in midfield. This one of the problems we are facing, Guendouzi is not the answer to our midfield right now. It’s good to give him minutes but not to trust him with an entire 90 minutes. He will get that… Read more »


I don’t see hunger in this team. I see caution and fear. Last 20 minutes we are one behind but we elect to carefully pass the ball back and forth. We needed to go forward instead we were mollydawdling back to the keeper, short passes with ourselves as if possession wins you games. It was a tepid performance to say the least. I mentioned the issues we have do not stem from just Cbacks alone. The team as a whole was lacklustre from the start. The forwards (Auba in particular) were not sharp and conspired to waste chances when we… Read more »


Hes another mourinhio sigh …loada bollox to be honest


Picks fights with players for no reason other than his own Big Ego!


Osil is a busted flush and has been for years. I have nothing other than utter contempt for him


Who’s Osil? Basil Brush’s European cousin?


Rumours still on loan for Suarez with permanent deal done in summer. Hopefully this is true. Unai needs to assert his position more now with half a season in charge. The limits of the squad on hand is obvious and he is not going to be able to continue to conjure things up without added abilities both in midfield and Rwing never mind defense. Wait till the summer to do this when we are out of top4, and we will be asking for it. We will be 3 seasons out of CL and will likely NOT be attracting top tier… Read more »


Emery has no idea what he is smoking..stubborn cookie.


Although we can’t know for sure if Ozil would have changed the result, it’s time the club acknowledged something needs to be sorted out between the two. The fact we can only bring players in on loan means we need every first teamer to contribute – that must surely include our highest paid player.


Neymar fucked us. Bastard.


By going to PSG and forcing Barca to splash on Coutinho, thus inflating prices.