Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Henry sacked as Monaco manager

Well…that didn’t go to plan. According to the BBC, Thierry Henry has been sacked as Monaco manager after just three months.

It was always going to be a tough first solo gig in coaching. Monaco were languishing in 18th place in Ligue 1 when he took over in October and they’ve since dropped a place to exacerbate their chances of being relegated.

In total, Henry took charge of 20 games, winning only five. They still haven’t won a home game all season.

The last couple of performances seemed to particularly irk the 41-year-old who, after a 5-1 home defeat to Strasbourg and a cup exit at the hands of second-tier Metz, called out some of his senior players.

“We need guys who want to save the club, who don’t think about themselves. We’re going to war,” he told reporters on Thursday. Soon after he was suspended. 

Henry’s deal was set to last until 2021 so he’ll likely pocket a decent payout. Weirdly, it sounds as though Leonardo Jardim, the man he replaced, is being lined up for a return to the Stade Louis II.

We can only wonder what Cesc Fabregas, who joined the club this month, is thinking.

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Well, as a very famous manager often said about football management: “it’s not as easy as it looks”.

Lord Bendnter

Speak for yourself. I’ve signed both Messi and Ronaldo at Arsenal in different seasons

High gooner

speaking of that wonderful famour manager, does anyone know what he is up to??
First he told us he was announcing his decision in september 2018 and then he told us “he decided not to decide” (hahahah u gotta love him) and said he would probably know in January what he will do.. time is almost up and I havent heard anything about him.. anyone with the latest?


Hanging out with French pop stars, evidently:

Naked cygan

We dogged a bullet there with not appointing him. He is a legend and I hope he becomes a great manager in the future, but links with Arsenal manager position was a joke.


Never saw Henry as a coach anyway. Anyone know how Vieras doing?

Manuel Valladolid

Doing ok at Nice. 8th place. His team has only scored 16 goals though


Yes, and they all came from a central midfielder who tore into the box and slammed the ball and keeper into the back of the net ?

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Henry should have started with a club in good shape but it was impossible for him to say no to Monaco, the club where he started. He isn’t a guy who can resolve mental toughness Issues combined with lack of quality. He knows lot of football but he had an extremely unbalanced squad.

Faisal Narrage

Good decision making requires making a rational decision at key moments, not emotions. This job was a poisoned chalice, and though it could be argued the team was destined to fail, the fact Henry took it shows poor decision-making, which makes me question his ability to truly be a top coach.

He can still salvage his coaching career, but not Pep or Tuschel he aint.


Perhaps a little karma coming back, after all the shit he shoveled at AW.
Its a shame, but As magneto writes; it aint as easy as it looks.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

What shit at Wenger? He was a pundit ffs. Many times I heard other pundits telling him after a game, he was being too cautious not blunt enough about the performance. Compared to the personal things Tony Adams was saying and writing in books that you ignore, I would consider Henry too friendly to Wenger. Even Keown was tougher at times. As a fan, he hurts after a bad game, Carragher spews things onto people’s faces.


You can understand the people who find it painful being criticised by an Arsenal legend, but there’s a segment of Arsenal fandom that never respected him at all.

He was criticised from the day he arrived at the club for being too aloof, to the day we played in the Champions League Final because he didn’t win it for us single-handedly, to the day he left for one of Spain’s big two.

Henry helped build this club and I’m forever grateful to him. Wish him all the best of luck in these difficult days.


Yeah, it’s tough being a manager. There’s a team down the road that plays in white. They have “the best striker in the world” and “the best manager in the world” and yet they can’t win fuck all! ?????


And I know this is the wrong thread, but, The Arsenal Gent is absolutely top drawer today!


It’s so funny how pundits like him and Gary Neville used to lambast Arsene Wenger for his “tactics, being naive, yada yada” and have got their behinds nicely handed back.

I think being a manager should be a pre requisite for being a pundit as only then can one understand what a manager is going through, and critiquing them.


(Be manager to be a pundit)…well said.

Public Elneny

Wouldn’t save us from morons like Graeme Souness, Roy Keane or Dean Saunders.

You can have an intelligent understanding of football but lack the work ethic and/or force of personality to put it into practice.


Part of the reason places like Arseblog are now our primary source for Arsenal content is in the years before social media all we had were idiot ex-managers on the tv talking absolute rubbish. They had no idea how to analyse Wenger’s early success, the papers were just as bad, and people switched off and went looking for writers like Stillman and 7amkickoff who actually had a clue.

Did you see Mourinho’s car crash performance as a pundit on Bein for the Arsenal-Chelsea game? Jesus christ.

food for thought

but that wound disqualify the insightful Paul Merson and qualify the best ever England Manager, Fat Sam.

Faisal Narrage

I dunno, I like Alex Scott on tv. Why does she need to be a manager?

Junichi B

Henry never used the word “naive” talking about Wenger. Actually, he opposed to the “naive” of Neville the “belief”. I do not understand why everyone is so satisfied to see someone who tried fail. And, i’ the Monaco context, well, it was just a bad idea to enter this mess. With or without him, Goodluck for them.


Well when he was at sky , I thought he’d coach his club for 20+ years when he becomes a manager eventually. One of his several titles coming in an undefeated season….


I liked Henry as a pundit until he started eulogizing Pep Guardiola. Bald Pep is the biggest fraud in top flight football. I hate Maureen more but Maureen deserves credit for his work at Porto and Inter. Maureen was a glory hunter but bald pep is a trophy shopper.


no to everything accept “i hate maureen”.




Is this some kind of advanced sarcasm that im not getting?


All of the data shows that Pep is anything but a “fraud” where are you pulling this kind of shit out of? Any stats or facts to back up your pointless, retarded claim?


Pep had AN EFFING LOT of resource behind him though at City to spend and change what he didn’t like overnight.

It won’t be that way for most clubs…particularly at ours.

Whilst we can be spending better, its important to realise the difference.

Henry was a shite pundit too.

Özil Gummidge

We’d all like to see Pep at Stockport County to see if he could hack it. I turned them into European Champions in Football Manager in just five seasons. That’s management.


It’s a tough gig managing one of 2 teams who can win the Spanish league, the only team that can win the German league and a club with no budget which, like his previous clubs, is allowed to get away with murder by the people supposedly charged with policing the rules both financial and pitchside. The poor lamb.


Why do people keep grading Guardiola on a curve? If he’s truly an elite coach we have to judge him at the highest level.

He has an over-inflated rep because his team racked up 100 pts against teams whose entire wage bills couldn’t buy City’s subs bench.

But considering what he was hired by Bayern and City to do (conquer Europe) he’s been a failure for about 5 seasons now. He’s the ultimate chequebook manager. Nothing more.


Mancini had the same chequebook


I agree. Pep is high maintenance coach, lacking the essence of coaching; MAKE DO WITH WHAT YOU’VE GOT.
Not to say he is near being a bad coach at all, he’s actually very good, only when he gets his expensive toys.
As far as I’m concerned, Emery is having a better first season compared to his, relative to the available support from the each one’s club, and the legacy of their inherited (squads) and the form of rival top 6 clubs at their respective seasons (competition is much harder this season.)

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

I agree with you in the sense that Pep never managed a team that didn’t have massive quality across the pitch.


“Henry’s deal was set to last until 2021 so he’ll likely pocket a decent payout.” 10-15 millions euros.


I always had this feeling that he will be a shite manager.


Monaco has been stripped of their best assets but even so, there are enough quality players to be punching above where they are.


big hat, no cattle


Some people wanted him as our gaffer or Arteta. Goes to show wielding stats and tactics is only half the story at best for a manager. Its people management as well and that’s a far more nebulous thing. All very easy to snipe from the sidelines but when it comes to the real thing, easier said than done. Oh well, at least Henry can safely say he put his money where his mouth was and like Gary Neville at least had a go. Hope this humbles him a little and makes him understand better how effective Wenger was. Certainly considering… Read more »

food for thought

precisely. now all’s that left is for liverpool to win nothing, klopp leaves, club falls into crisis, steven gerrard takes over, slips up, gets sacked, and his assistant manager, jamie carragher takes over, and ends up having a short lived shit managerial career. we can then bring to a conclusion Neville, Henry and Carragher are all not masters of football management.


Unai has “punched” way above wenger in my book considering the squad quality they both inherited. Also funds were readily available for Arsene to buy players as he saw fit (first year) whereas I can’t say the same for Unai. I can’t speak for all our fans but in my eyes, Unai has been fantastic and a deeply coveted breath of fresh air, and if we honestly make top 4 come end of the season, Unai has seriously over-acheieved based on the hand he was dealt. You anyone thinks otherwise, they can just turn to klopp and peps first season… Read more »


Apparently word is Jardim is back in the frame for Monaco for the remaining 3 months.

What a circus.


He was destined for failure in this job unfortunately. Hope he bounces back


He was offered a coaching role at Arsenal by AW but he declined it to become a pundit then…it was a learning curve he could have opted to utilise. …..i can’t say i am sad he shown the door.


Actually he wanted to have his cake and eat it. Coach part time and also be a pundit. Quite rightly AW told him coaching was a full time role and off he popped to Sky as it paid more, showing yet again where his real desires lay.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Coaching job ? Really ? Deputy to U18 coach who was at his place being Henry’s deputy at Monaco ? Wenger tried to be tough with Henry yet gave one year of salary to Mertsacker doing nothing until he becomes head of academy with no experience and huge salary to Ozil causing big problems to the club and Ozil himself.


Now go back and take your seat next to G Neville, and tell us how other managers should do their jobs right.


I guess calling one of the opposition’s grandmother’s a wh*re didn’t help


Ha ha . At you thierry. Go get a pundit job

Jason daniels

Love this guy

Drew Dewsall

This was poison chalice, I’m not sure there are many experienced coaches who could do any better. The club have sold so many top players over the last 2 seasons and have a horrendous injury crisis, recently they had 13 1st team squad players out injured at the same time. Henry will learn from this and I hope he gets a chance to manager again at a club in better shape, but maybe another assistant’s job might suit for now.

Dave Cee

Wow, not a lot of love here today for one of our greatest players ever. Bit sad really.


I’m not at all surprised…
If his team talks were as boring as his punditry? Then this was always going to happen.

SLC Gooner

Unfortunate. This was a very difficult situation to try to start a head coaching career in. If that’s really what he wants to do, hopefully this doesn’t sink his future.

Teryima Adi

You live to fight another day Bro. It’s a learning curve. Cheers!


Something more to this. Jardim is coming back as Monaco day they didn’t give him enough time to adjust to the new squad. But Henry is fired with a squad he didn’t pick after less than half a season. Something not quite right there.

Junichi B

You can look at the results and say he’s a bad manager. Or look at the bigger picture, and ask why Jardim who led Monaco to the title 2 years ago was sacked. Why he, who is a good manager got no point last year in CL. Why he said at the beginning of the season that it would be hard to maintain in Ligue 1. Why in a professional club, you have to play with your Youth League team because there is more than 15 injured? They were in bad shape when he took over. He didn’t make them… Read more »

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